A Beautiful Wife

After an hour with his latest prisoner, Ibiki had pretty much mapped out where the weak spots lay. The secret to a good beginning interrogation was to let the prisoner lie his head off, just as long as he was talking. Information gathering was like fishing. Let the fish swim to and fro trying to dislodge the hook, then reel the fish in when it tired.

It was time to reel this man in.

"You have a beautiful wife," Ibiki drawled, circling the enemy ninja' chair.

The man's face drained of color.

Ibiki smirked. "Long, chocolate tresses. Big blue eyes. She's a knockout, Renza." Using his victim's first name, sans honorific, was a sure way to dig into the man's skin. "Men would kill for a wife like that. Don't you agree?" He stopped in front of the Iwa nin and tilted his head.

Renza's bloodless lips moved, but no sound came out.

Ibiki paused. "Would you like to see her again?"

His eyes flew wide. "You leave Minami out of this!"

"I'd love to," Ibiki said.

They stared each other down.

Ibiki shrugged. "But, I don't always get to do what I like." He allowed a small smile to form on his lips. "Though, you do have a beautiful wife."

The man cracked.

Ibiki left the room after a twenty minute confession, shaking his head. Still, the job required that he lace his prisoner's mind with all sorts of implied horrors. Usually, the worse the person, the more they were running from, the more terrible things they had experienced or inflicted on others. And, the more easily they believed evil of others.

Which was why Ibiki frequently got away with his unsubstantiated threats. The prisoners he interrogated believed that he would kidnap a man's civilian wife, would believe that he would torture her for the sake of collateral damage to the person he actually wanted information out of, would believe that he would force himself on another human being, simply because it was a sick and vengeful thing to do.

Perhaps they even thought he was like them; that he would enjoy it.

But it didn't matter. What mattered was that raids on Fire's border would stop again, and that meant fewer men, women, and children would wake up to bloody blades and burning homes. The kidnappings and rapes would also stop.

Renza's precious Minami had been married to a young man in Fire, until the Iwa nin had kidnapped her in a raid that killed her husband.