"Hey Jeff, is that your real laugh?" Oliver chuckled.

As a matter of fact, while it wasn't, Jeff did have an abnormal laugh.

When little Jeff climbed out of the birthing pit, he was soon adopted by a recently married goblin couple.

Everything was okay for the first few seconds while the newly turned father, Stephen (Goblins had no last name as it was in their culture) signed the adoption papers. But then the turned mother, cradling her new baby in her arms, scratched his chin lovingly. Jeff, as he was to be named, gave a dark, evil laugh but one that was still obviously joyful.

Simply, it had a ghastly tone to it but still sounded happy. The mother reeled away from her baby in fright, dropping it on the floor. Stephen gasped and quickly collected him. He held him closely and rubbed his head, trying to calm the babies cries.

Over the years Jeff quickly learned to mask his laugh with a forced 'chist'. Overall, he tried to not laugh at all. In fact, not even his wife was supposed to know, but the incident went down like this.

His wife (Via) was out with her friends while Jeff relaxed around the house. He gave his genuine laugh at the TV when something funny was going on, but Via walked in just at the moment and almost fainted. Much explanation was the result of that, and she eventually shrugged it off. Just a little, okay, big quirk.

Which is why Jeff was so defensive about Oliver (his best friend who even at that position, didn't know) asked, even jokingly.