Title: Fear

Author: csiphile

Rating: PG13 for now, it WILL change and I will mark it when it does.

Category: G/S RST, Angst Summary: Will a stalker destroy the tenuous relationship Grissom and Sara have started?

Disclaimers: Sigh.look, I don't own em. Don't sue me; all I have is a computer that works half the time and a really big mortgage. Archive: Wherever your heart desires, just please let me know. Of course G&S.

Notes: Words of wisdom, don't try to get into a stalkers head, its not a good idea, they are strange, unpleasant people who are really not forthcoming with information about how their brains work. Especially when you realize that your obsession with a television show probably borders on a psychological problem. Heh. This not a case file fic, exactly, so any cases they work on are only there to forward the story, if you don't hear anything else about said case, assume its been solved. Its better that way, otherwise this would be way longer then it already is. The name of the stalker is borrowed from a (relatively) famous sports personality. If you can guess who he is.. well I don't have anything to give you, didn't you read the disclaimer? Ok, I will be really impressed, how's that?

He stands watching the activity with throngs of other people; there has been a murder in one of the upscale apartments a mere four blocks from his small house. He is talking to an older lady next to him when he sees her for the first time. She is walking out of the apartment, followed closely behind by two men approximately her age. He is immediately transfixed by her, her long brown hair blowing in the dry Vegas air, the way she turns to the shorter of the men and tries not to laugh at something he just said, the smooth way she walks. Moving closer to the front of the crowd he strains to hear the conversation between them.

"Nicky, you're an idiot sometimes you know that? That has to be the stupidest joke I have ever heard in my life." She says with a smile.

The younger man returns her smile, "Yeah, but Sara, you laughed. I saw you."

He follows them through the crowd until he is standing a few feet to the side of the LVPD issued Tahoe. "Sara, what a beautiful name." he thinks and goes back to listening to the conversation.

'Really Nick, not the point, I laughed at the stupidity." She says with a semi-serious face and places her kit carefully in the back of the Tahoe. Shrugging off her blue jacket with FORENSICS stenciled on the back in yellow, Sara quickly scans the crowd; it is a habit that Grissom has taught her. Starting at the opposite end of the crowd and moving to the couple stragglers closer to her, she gives a brief glace to every face, but stopping and looking at the young man who seemed to be staring at her. Sara stares back for a moment before something about the look he is giving her makes her uncomfortable.

"Sara, hey Sara. Ready?" Warrick asks from the front seat as he closes the door.

"Uh, yeah. Lets go." She says and gets into the back of the truck, closing the door but not before giving the young man once last glance. He is still staring at her with an odd expression on his face and it causes the hairs on her neck to stand up.

He watches her drive away a sudden emptiness in his heart. He now knows what love at first sight is, he didn't even have to talk to her to know she is the one for him. He isn't sure how to find her again, but is determined to do it.

Sara tries to shake off the uncomfortable feeling the entire way back to the lab, but is wholly unsuccessful. Taking the prints she lifted back to the print lab, Sara works in silence. The unease she had been feeling slowly lifts as she falls into her normal work rhythm. Working quickly Sara transfers the print into AFIS and waits for the results. With her back to the door Sara is unaware of the other person that enters the room.

Grissom watches her unnoticed as she rolls her neck to loosen the tightness that had settled in while she had been collecting evidence earlier that night. Taking a quiet step forward, Grissom thinks about the young woman in front of him. Lately they have started a tentative personal relationship, kept separate from work. Not one to do anything the normal way, especially where Sara is concerned, he has never taken her on an official date. Grissom had recently taken Sara to the body farm, after much pleading from her, but usually they went to his townhouse and just enjoyed each other's company. Moving even closer to her, Grissom is surprised when she turns and looks at him; he didn't think he had made any noise.

"Hey Gris." she says brightly.

"Hey. How did you know I was even here?" he asks, curious.

Her eyes dart off to the side momentarily and then return to his. "I don't know. I just knew you were standing there." She shrugs at the end of the sentence.

Grissom considers this for a moment then continues, "You guys get anything?"

"Couple prints, they're running now. Nick got a footprint and Warrick found some blood on the door leading out; think the suspect was injured at some point. He's running that now with Greg."

"Very good." he says and then leans into her, talking in a low voice so only she can hear if anyone walks in. "You coming over after work? I may have something of interest for you."

Sara raises one eyebrow at him. "No, I can't today, I have a pile of errands to run and if I don't do laundry, it's not going to be pretty. Will whatever you have hold until tomorrow?" She smiles conspiratorially at him with the last sentence.

"Yeah, no problem. It can wait." he replies and lightly grasps her should with his hand, giving it a light squeeze. They had agreed weeks ago to keep their budding relationship to themselves, allow nothing to seep into the work environment. Every once in a while though, they will touch or stand in each other's personal space a little longer than necessary. These small gestures, however, never occur with an audience, only when they are alone. Grissom is especially conscientious of this and has stopped himself more than once from doing something that could be construed as inappropriate.

"Ok, plan on a visit tomorrow." She smiles as the computer beeps behind her, indicating a match. "Yes, Danny Alder. Oh, he has a file; a big one too. Talk to you later Grissom; I'm off to Records."

"Okay." is all he gets out before the tornado that is Sara with a lead is up from the chair and out the door.

Several hours, and one cranky Greg Sanders later, Sara and Warrick have confirmation from CODIS that Danny Alder was the bleeder on the door. Writing up their warrant, Sara finds herself briefly thinking about the strange man at the crime scene that night. The look he was giving her is enough to still creep her out, even now in the safety of the lab. She can't really define what had bothered her so much, probably it was nothing, but she can't shake the feeling that he had been sizing her up. Sara is used to men looking at her - it happens all the time - but this is different, this look had been more menacing. A voice from the door startles her and Sara jumps almost off the stool.

"You almost done with that?" Warrick asks and watches as Sara starts from his voice and almost falls flat on her ass. Moving closer, Warrick notices the odd look on her face. "Dang girl, you are wound tight tonight. What's going on?"

"Nothing. You just startled me, War. I was concentrating on the warrant, which, yes, I am almost done with." She recovers and gives him a small smile. Sara isn't even sure where the reaction came from herself.

"Concentrating on a warrant? Yeah, okay Sara." he says, the disbelieving tone evident in his voice. "Brass is looking for it though, so I would concentrate a bit harder."

"Fine, fine. I will be done in a minute and will hand deliver it to him. Ok?" She says to his retreating form and receives a nod in response.

Shaking her head, Sara finishes up the warrant, quickly signs it and goes in search for Brass. Twenty minutes later she is back in the labs, thankful that it's time to go home and that no other cases have managed to come through at the last minute. She hadn't been lying to Grissom earlier; she needs to do laundry badly and grocery shopping is at the top of her list before she heads home. Finding Grissom in his office, Sara walks in and says goodbye.

Grissom looks around her to be sure no one is walking by and responds in a low tone, "Hey Sara. You sure you're not interested in what I have to show you?" He really means it literally, but as soon as it comes out of his mouth, Grissom knows he is in trouble.

Giving him a seductive look, Sara replies, "Why, yes I am interested in what you have to show me, but not tonight." 'Grissom may play the game' she thinks, 'but I play harder.' Smiling at the look on his face Sara, continues the torture. "Remember, I have to do laundry, its that or I come in naked, and while you may enjoy that, no one else will. Have a good night Gris." She says and laughs as she walks out the door.

Grissom stares at the empty space she just vacated, wondering what the hell happened. Somehow she took a perfectly innocent question and warped it into something else, but that's part of the reason he enjoys being around her. She makes him see things differently.

Sara hates grocery shopping, almost as much as shopping for clothes. Unfortunately at this point it isn't an option; her entire fridge consists of orange juice, cheese, and something unidentifiable. She needs the basics at least to survive; take out Chinese doesn't cut it everyday. Quickly making her way through the store, Sara doesn't notice someone quietly following her.

He cant believe it when he sees her again, his prayers of seeing her again have been answered, he has been thinking about her all night. He has been thinking about her all night. She is perfect, everything he is looking for in a woman, she must be smart to work in forensics, funny, and beautiful. 'It must be fate' he thinks and carefully shadows her movements through the store. He is fascinated by everything about her and is now more determined than ever to be with her. When she gets to the produce department he hangs back a bit, not wanting to be seen just yet; it isn't the right time, the moment isn't perfect. He is watching her every move when suddenly she looks up and scans the few patrons in the store, a look of confusion on her face.

Looking up, Sara get a feeling that she is being watched, but scanning the store she sees no one looking at her. 'But they will soon if you don't get a grip, Sidle.' she thinks to herself and speedily completes her shopping. The feeling that someone is watching her, however, doesn't fade until she is out in the parking lot and safely in her Tahoe. Sitting in the imposing vehicle, Sara thinks about her strange encounter earlier that evening and decides that just has her on edge and her feeling the store is just a manifestation of her unease. Shaking her head and laughing out loud at herself, Sara easily navigates the streets of Vegas, not giving another thought to the man or her feelings.