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Chapter 1: Loopy Luna Lovegood

Great Hall - Hogwarts, Less than an hour after the defeat of Voldemort

Harry had awoken minutes earlier, he was now making his way through the mass of people standing in the hall. Several people were on blankets on the floor, even more people were under blankets on the floor.

Harry finally spotted the one he was looking for. She was standing next to Arthur Weasley. Her hair matted with sweat, grime and blood. Clean streaks were visible on her cheeks where tears had washed dirt and grime away. Standing there in front of four people covered in white blankets, trying to console the man who had lost everything.

Ron had been the first victim of Voldemort. Back in their second year, the cave-in in the Chamber of Secrets had crushed his ribcage, squeezing the life out of his first friend. Ginny had never forgiven herself for the death of her brother. It had taken Harry and Hermione two years to get her to open up again.

Charlie was the second victim; Death Eaters had ambushed him while he was tending a dragon in Romania. The dragon got loose and killed Charlie as well as the Death Eaters. Not much was known about the circumstances, the dragons in the reserve did not leave much evidence about what had happened in the feeding frenzy that followed.

Bill died protecting Harry on the eve of his seventeenth birthday, struck by a killing curse cast personally by Voldemort as they attempted to move Harry to a safe location.

Harry went up to the two and looked at the four still forms on the floor. Bellatrix Lastrange had killed both of the twins. Mrs. Weasley had unleashed everything she had on the woman that killed her children and had after avenging them died from overloading her magic core.

She grabbed the lapels of his robe and cried into his shoulder. Arthur turned to the two young people standing next to him, tears rolling down his cheeks.


Arthur took a shuddering breath, and in a shaking and hoarse voice continued. "Ginny died ten minutes ago, they couldn't stop the venom." Arthur stopped for a moment, the pain and sorrow overcoming him for a moment. Ginny had been fighting Nagini together with Neville and Luna. "Neville got bitten as well. He, he is still alive, but they aren't sure if he will make it."

Hermione looked up, horror painted on her face, as she breathed. "Luna"

They quickly left the broken man; they needed to find their remaining friends. Their hands found each other, as they had with increasing frequency over the last year, ever since the horcrux hunt. They hadn't really talked about what happened, and now certainly wasn't the time.

They found Luna staring down at Neville. A witch was in the process of covering him with a blanket. Luna stood sobbing, her normally dreaming and light voice, hoarse and broke as she tried to say something between sobs. "No... No... It wasn't supposed to be like this... Everything is worse, what went wrong, they're all dead."

Hermione let go of Harry and ran over to Luna, pulling her into a hug before her knees would have given way.

"It's not fair; I'm going to be alone again." The blond girl sobbed into Hermione's sweater. "I finally had friends again, and now they're all gone."

The last statement struck home for Hermione, they had been to the Lovegood residence on the wild goose chase for the Deadly Hallows. The gigantic mural painted on the walls of Luna's room, depicting them with tiny gold script repeating friends over and over again linking all the portraits together. The feelings overcame Hermione as well; the smaller girl had been as alone as she had before coming to Hogwarts.

Harry seeing the last two of his friends breaking down crying against each other, in a gesture profoundly alien to him enveloped both in a hug. Harry had always had a hard time relating to others especially when it came to physical gestures, growing up with the Dursleys he simply didn't know how to react.

Hermione tensed a little as she felt the arm around her shoulders, she lifted her head a little and was about to turn it to face the boy who had wrapped his arms around both of them. The grey eyes of Luna interrupted her capturing her own, pain and sorrow evident, tears still making their way down her cheeks.

"I-I don't think I can handle being alone again..." Luna looked between both of them.

Hermione's features softened, she studied the face of the younger girl and resolved herself to keep being a friend worthy of the mural, then whispered in a soft voice. "You don't have to be. You still have us."

Harry echoed her sentiments. "We're still here Luna, we aren't going anywhere."

Luna looked at the two faces that were in close proximity to her own. "Do-do you mean that?"

Both gave a solemn nod.

A small tear rolled out the corner of her eye, as it landed on her cheek a soft blue glow suffused the trio, signifying a binding magical contract. Luna opened her mouth to say something, but was cut short by an intense pain wracking her body.

Silver particles were projected from her. Whirling around the three as the magic started moving faster and faster, the particles started landing on her two friends. Slowly at first but more and more silver glimmers filled the air around them, holding them in place with the out-worldly magic.

Both Harry and Hermione felt as if they were burning up, but were unable to scream, as it grew more intense. To Harry it felt close to the pain he had experienced when he were almost given a Dementor's kiss all those years ago.

Everything flashed silver for a moment before all sounds disappeared as everything went dark.

Harry, Time and place unknown

Harry awoke with a gasp and quickly sat up; he banged his head into something and fell back down clutching his head. "Shite!" He spent a few minutes lying still; taking in his surroundings it was completely dark. A slight smell of dust and mold permeated the air.

The pain from having bashing his head against whatever that were, were slowly fading to a dull throb. Moments later his scar started throbbing as well, sending pulses of pain into his skull. A blinding pain shot through his skull and he fell unconscious.

He awoke to a distinct noise of a doorbell. Sitting up in a start, he banged his head again. "Bloody hell!" That was twice now; he was awash in a sea of pain.

He heard voices outside of the cupboard. 'Cupboard... I am in the cupboard, what am I doing here? I haven't been in this thing for over seven bleeding years.' Forgetting the splitting headache for a moment as he fumbled for the lightswitch. Feeling a bit woozy, he sat up without banging his head against the shelving, fumbled for his glasses for a moment before blinking adjusting to the light from the naked bulb. Everything was strangely blurry, he briefly wondered if he had gotten a concussion, before turning his attention to the conversation outside the cupboard which was rapidly devolving into a full on shouting match.

An unknown male voice that sounded vaguely familiar boomed from the hallway. "He lives here does he not?"

"I will not have your kind here, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Harry could just imagine the porky face of his uncle turning new and interesting shades of red.

An angry edge tinted the other voice. "BRING HIM OUT OF SO HELP ME I WILL..." The voice trailed off.

Harry pressed himself to the cupboard door trying to make out what was happening. He heard a small voice that he couldn't make out what was saying.

Suddenly the cupboard door flung open, Harry tumbled out. Woozy, head spinning and a massive headache on top of just tumbling to the floor had Harry disbelieve his eyes for a moment. A small blonde girl was pointing towards the cupboard. Behind her a tall blonde man with his face set in grim determination, swung his wand from the cupboard directly to the face of Vernon.

The blonde man sneered at Vernon, trying to control his temper he hissed more than spoke through his teeth. "You kept a child locked in a cupboard?!"

The girl put her arm on the chest of the wizard pointing his wand at Vernon. "Daddy... Please..." The angry features of the wizard relaxed a little, wand unwavering from the face of his Uncle.

Harry pressed his eyes shut for a moment gritting his teeth trying to make sense of it all, working through the headache. He righted himself and pushed off the floor, wobbling a bit as he stood, resorting to place a hand on the staircase to avoid falling.

The girl had stepped around his uncle. He blinked a few times. She was familiar; her voice was lighter and slightly squeaky. Her face rounder, but he recognized the long blonde hair and the almost dreaming look in her eyes. Not the girl her knew from moments ago covered in grime and blood who had been a friend for the last three years. No, a younger version was standing in front of him; he wasn't quite sure what was happening. She shot him a pleading look. "Luna..."

Relief washed over her face. "You remember me..." As Luna suddenly stopped standing three yards away and now had him wrapped up in a bear hug, almost clinging on to him like the world was going to end if she let go, settling her chin on his shoulder.

Harry's eyes narrowed, they were the same height.

"Thank you Harry..."

Harry was reeling, there was something completely off about this. "Luna... What is going on?" He suddenly managed to place the face of the man holding his uncle at wand point. "What is Xenophilius doing here? Why do you look like that? And-and..." His voice trailed off for a moment. "And what is wrong with my voice?"

Luna finally released him and took a step back, the small smile and dreaming look was back in full force, as she ran her hands over her cheeks drying her tears. "I will explain everything, but not here and not until we have gone see if Hermione also remembers me..."

"But..." Luna grabbed his shoulders and forcibly turned him towards the full-length mirror hanging in the hall.

His head swam at the movement then he saw himself. Not the teenager he had been earlier, but the scrawny child he had been before he started attending Hogwarts.

Luna whispered to him. "Details later." Before she in her normal voice continued. "Come, we're going to go find Hermione, I assume you know where she lives?"

Harry turned towards the door again and then stumbled, the world refused to align itself properly.

Luna looked at him with concern, then she reached out and brushed his hair away from his forehead, two angry welts were visible, one with a bit of blood smeared out around it from where the edge of the shelve had broken skin.

"DADDY!" Luna exclaimed with a hint of panic in her voice.

Xenophilius strode over to them, took a quick look, and then placed a hand on the shoulder of each of them. The world seemed to compress around them and the three were no longer in Privet Drive.

Harry, thirty minutes later, St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

Harry had a bad taste in his mouth after the potion he had been given. He had indeed gotten himself a concussion, thankfully there was a potion for that, magic truly was grand. When he had taken the potion, it felt like having a cooling cream applied directly to his throbbing brain.

With his head clear, he was running through the rather bizarre morning, Luna was a child again, so was he. Xenophilius didn't look as worn down as he had when they had met him while figuring the Deadly Hallows out. He mused that it might be time travel. That would certain explain the looks the nurse had given him. If it was, then this might have been the first time he would have been seen by the magic community, since that fateful day all those years ago. It probably had something to do with that strange magic that had coursed through them just hours earlier. A few things were warring with the conclusion, he had traveled in time before, so it was certainly possible; however they had traveled backwards in the same spot. Then there were the fact that they were younger as well, which didn't make sense at all. If Luna had not shown up, he would have convinced himself it was all something he had made up.

"Bollocks" He swore silently to himself, as he ran towards the waiting area where Luna was. They needed to get to Hermione fast, before she either had a breakdown or worse were shipped off somewhere by her parents. The Grangers weren't exactly the most rational people when it came to magic, and this would be before they had gotten the Hogwarts letter, he had been moved out of the cupboard when the letter first arrived.

As he arrived in the waiting, area Luna was standing with her arms crossed smirking at him. "Figured out we're in a hurry to get to Hermione's house did we?"

Harry gave a quick nod, the perceptive Ravenclaw, 'well... future Ravenclaw anyways', would of course have figured it out way before he would.

He walked over to Xenophilius who was holding out his right arm, Luna had already latched on to his left, and with that it was back into the void, feeling that sickening feeling of being compressed from all sides.

Shortly after, Outside of the Granger residence

Harry stepped up to the door and rung the doorbell. He managed to ring a few times before the door was answered.

A very irate looking man was looking down on him. "Hello Mr. Granger, I was wondering if Hermione is home?"

The man scowled at him. "Who are you?"

Harry gestured towards Luna. "We're her friends, sir. We would very much like to speak with her."

Mr. Granger frowned. "I haven't seen you before; in fact I don't recall Hermy ever talking about friends, much less that she would have them visit today. Besides that, she had been acting odd all morning and is in no state to entertain guests."

Luna joined Harry on the doorstep. "Please sir, perhaps you could tell her that, Harry Potter" As she gestured to the raven-haired boy next to her. "and Luna Lovegood." pointing to herself." Is here to see her."

Mr. Granger let out a sigh. "Alright then, just wait here." He wasn't entirely comfortable with letting the door be open, that man with the shoulder long hair was giving him some strange vibes, and was wearing something that hadn't been fashionable since the sixties. However, it would be rude to close the door in the face of people, especially if they were indeed friends of his daughter. His wife had often expressed her concern about her daughter being isolated in school.

Harry and Luna watched the father of their friend ascend the stairs in the entrance, up to what would presumably be Hermione's room. Moments later, they heard a yell from up there, and a missile with brown hair trailing behind it zoomed down the stairs emitting a sound that was on the edge of what the human hearing could pick up.

Harry and Luna found themselves sitting on the doorstep. Hermione had instead of taking the last few steps towards them, launched herself into the hug. As they had collapsed into a heap, they could hear Hermione more chanting than whispering. "It's real, I'm not crazy. It's real, I'm not crazy."

Hermione eyes locked onto the green eyes of Harry as she pulled back from hugging the two. She hovered for half a second with their faces a few inches apart, before sitting up on her knees, poking Harry on his shoulder. "You guys have no idea how relieved I am. I thought I had gone barmy."

"Sorry it took so long." Luna replied.

Harry blinked; it had been an hour at most.

Hermione shifted into what Harry had come to call her inquiry mode. If they weren't sitting on the step in front of the door like they were. He was sure she would have put her hands on her hips, tilt her head a little, narrow her eyes and then bombard them with questions. "What is going on?"

Luna shook her head slightly, and then mouthed "Not here."

Hermione's eyes widened a little, gave a small nod, and then got up off the ground. She turned to her father. "Dad, would it be okay if I went to hang with my friends today?"

Mr. Granger was about to open his mouth when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turn his head and caught the eyes of his wife. Who was shooting him a look that promised consequences if he refused. "Right" as he turned towards them. "Supper is at seven."

Hermione hugged her father and turned around to face Luna. Harry and Xenophilius had already made their way down the path of the front lawn and was standing on the curb.

Xenophilius was about to raise his wand, but was stopped as Harry grabbed his arm. Wouldn't do to call the bus here if they haven't received the letter yet. Instead, they set off down the street to call the Knight Bus outside of the view.

Hermione and Luna were trailing a good few yards behind. Luna leaned towards Hermione as they walked and whispered. "You almost kissed him." As per default Luna manner, it was a statement rather than a question.

Hermione gave a terse nod; she had indeed almost done that. The blonde girl was as always annoyingly perceptive. Keeping up with the whispering she replied. "Barely managed to stop it, would have been bad, right in front of my father, he would have grounded me until I hit thirty. Not to mention it's rather strange with us being children again."

Luna let out a small sigh, "I know what you mean." Hermione quirked an eyebrow at her. "Neville... He is the small boy that has crippling self-confidence issues and not the hunk that slew a snake five times his size." Luna flashed a small smile, and managed to whisper in her normal dreamlike way. "Oh well... We have time." And with another small sigh muttered. "Lots and lots of time."

Luna noticed that Hermione was staring at Harry, and broke into a grin, she never had a chance to poke her about this before. "It's completely blatant that you more than just like him, you know."

Hermione drew a deep breath and exhaled. "Yeah, I know. I was finally getting somewhere with him and now this." Hissing the last word.

Harry turned to look at them since the last word was high enough in volume to travel to the two in front. Hermione felt her face flush a little. Harry just shrugged and turned again, they had finally come to a spot where hedges blocked the views from the houses in the rather nice neighborhood Hermione resided in.

"Daddy, could you hide that he is you know... Harry Potter?" Luna's tinkling voice sounded from behind them as the two girls caught up.

Xenophilius frowned for a moment, flicked his wand and hit Harry with a glamour that hid his scar and gave him shoulder long blonde hair. "That ought to do it." He held up his wand and the Knight Bus appeared with a loud crack and a blast of wind. "Four to the Leaky Cauldron please."

"'Allo lads n' lasses, four to the cauldron, ya heard that Ernie? The Leaky Cauldron." Stan looked at the three children. "Didn' know yer had a son mister Lovegood."

Luna jumped in. "He is my cousin, twice removed"

Stan looked at her. "Ah" turned and walked off to the front of the bus as they had been seated in some surprisingly comfortable armchairs.

The Time Traveling Three and Xenophilius, Private room, The Leaky Cauldron

Xenophilius had entered the room as the last person; he regarded the young boy who had sat down on the bed next to Hermione. 'He looks dangerously malnourished and kept locked in a closet. Dumbledore has a lot to answer for, allowing a boy to be treated like that.' He let out of a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose. His daughter had been right to urge him to go there as soon as possible. He wasn't quite sure how she knew what was going on or how she knew the boy, but it was blatant that they had known each other for a while. He had originally gone along with Luna's request because she had been lively this morning, something he hadn't seen in a year since his wife had died. It was a year ago to the day, so he had initially thought it had something to do with that. Then she had been running her mouth about friends, after having withdrawn into herself for the last year, he thought that she had finally snapped. He had just gone along to humor her, but then it turns out that she did have not just one but two friends. When he realized that, the boy-who-lived actually was her friend seeing him treated like that had stroked the fire of his rage even further. If it wasn't for the emergency trip to St. Mungo's, he would probably have done something terrible to that pig of a man that called himself Vernon.

He had bought Harry some breakfast as they arrived at the inn, the boy probably hadn't had anything to eat since the previous evening and it was almost ten in the morning.

It was probably safe to leave the three children here, they couldn't go into Diagon Alley alone, but he needed to go have a word or two with a certain bearded wizard. "I've rented the room until tomorrow. Harry I would like for you to stay here until I have sorted something out with the one that was supposed to be in charge of you."

Luna rose from the chair she had been sitting in and put a hand on her father's arm. "Remember my request. Before you hop away think we could get a few wards on the room?"

Xenophilius shrugged, his daughter had always had some strange notions about things it couldn't hurt to humor her as he whipped out a few spells to protect the room.

Taking out a pinch of floo powder from his pocket he threw it into the fireplace. "Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts" Then stuck his head into the flames.

The last thing the three heard was "Right, coming through then." Before Xenophilius disappeared into the fire.

Hermione and Harry looked expectantly at Luna after the senior Lovegood had disappeared into the floo network. Finally, Hermione could not reign in her nature anymore. "What exactly is going on? Is this time travel? Why did it happen? How are we kids again?"

Which was as far as she got before Luna shot her a look so she could get a word in edgewise. "It doesn't seem to be as much time travel, as it is a time loop. I have been through it a few times. It always starts on this day. When it starts over varies, but I think it has either sometime to do with Voldemort or you Harry. It happens on the day Voldemort is defeated, or... if you die without having the stone Harry..."

Harry looked white as a sheet. That was a bit much to comprehend.

Luna looked passively at the two as they digested what she had just said, before continuing. "I suppose I should just start at the beginning, I'm not going to tell you everything that happened but I will tell you some rules I've made about this thing and about a couple of loops "

She moved her chair closer to the two who was looking at her with rapt attention. "First the rules. Rule One: Do not tell anyone about the time loops. A padded cell in St. Mungo's Spell Damage ward is a rather boring place to spend two years. Took me two loops to figure that one out, it becomes even more boring the second time."

She let out a small sigh. "Rule Two: Beware Dumbledore and For The Greater Good. Do not let on that you know about what is going to happen, if Dumbledore becomes suspicious of you he will act, a padded cell in the Department of Mysteries with Unspeakables to keep you company and prod you for four years is rather unpleasant."

Both Harry and Hermione looked at the girl in front of them with empathy at that rule. Hermione couldn't believe that Dumbledore would do such a thing.

Harry then told her about him manipulating Harry into sacrificing himself to stop Voldemort, which put things in perspective.

Hermione frowned for a moment before whispering. "The need of the many outweigh the need of the few."

Surprisingly Luna continued "Or the one."

Hermione looked the girl with in surprise. "Wha..."

Luna cut her off. "Spent some time learning about muggle stuff. Time is a commodity, and we have been given a blank cheque. It would be silly to not spend time absorbing as much knowledge as you can."

Harry grinned. "Spoken like a true Ravenclaw."

Luna laughed hard at that, and then shook her head at Harry before continuing with the rules. "Rule Three: Do not assume that because you did everything the same way last time that the outcome will be the same."

Hermione looked thoughtful at that. "It that because of the butterfly effect? I mean even if you're trying to do something the same way it has happened before, you are not the same person anymore and there is bound to be things that will be done slightly different, which changes everything else."

Luna gave a sad smiled at her friend. "Took me a few times to figure that one out."

Hermione looked at Luna is a soft expression. "You don't have to tell us about the loops if it's too painful."

"No, no, it's not that. I am happy you two are here, so I am not alone anymore. It makes me feel selfish though, now you guys might have to go through things again and again as well..."

Hermione was about to say something, but was cut off by Harry. "Luna it's not your fault, in fact I'm glad we're here as well. Trying to deal with all this alone, I'm sad we haven't been there for you until now."

Hermione chimed in. "It's true, we meant what we said yesterday. You are our friend! Who knows what happens to everything when you loop. There is no way to know how the universe works, time could continue on where you just disappear, you could be traveling to a parallel universe or even where everything but you is erased where you start over. The latter is a rather chilling thought, I like who I am and the thought that I might disappear and have done so several times is scary."

"Oof" Was all Harry managed to utter, before he for the second time in a day found himself being crushed in a bear hug from Luna. He took solace in the fact that Hermione looked like she had trouble breathing as well. Luna was surprisingly strong able to crush them like that with a single arm.

Luna broke into a huge smile as she sat back on the chair. "Thank you."

Luna proceeded to talk about attending Hogwarts before everything went loopy, how she had been sorted into Gryffindor. Hermione had just smiled at that, it made sense. How she become friends with Ginny, convincing her to get rid of the diary, only to have her go get it again when the compulsion was too much for her. How Harry had valiantly protected her from a Dementor during the express to school, by yanking her away from it, only to almost be kissed himself. Cheering for Harry in the Triwizard Tournament and helping Harry learn the Bubblehead charm. Fighting in Dumbledore's Army, then almost being killed in the Department of Mysteries. Dealing with the aftermath of Dumbledore's death, and then fighting in the battle of Hogwarts.

"The big events from outside of the school seems to repeat themselves somewhat consistently, but the outcome of each vary a lot it seems." As Luna finished telling about how things were between loops. "Of course I was ranting and raving when I woke up the day after the Battle of Hogwarts, which landed me in St. Mungo's for the first time. Rather unpleasant that place. Luckily, everything loops after just two years, after which I landed there again for another two years. On the third loop, I figured out why those loops only lasted two years. Apparently, since I wasn't there to get Ginny to throw away the diary, it had a much stronger hold on her and Tom Riddle killed you in the chamber Harry. I only found that out after the fact since the hat had sorted me into Ravenclaw for some reason."

She let out a small sigh. "It loops when you die, and it seems to loop when I die as well. I wake up and it is the next loop. It is a bad way to reset though dying is rather unpleasant. Especially some of the more violent methods like drowning, being hit by Confringo, or by Sectumsempra. The latter of which is especially nasty. Surprisingly Avada Kedavra is the best way to die, it doesn't hurt or anything."

Hermione let out a small "eep" at the implication of Luna knowing firsthand how it is to die like that. Not to mention that it seemed like the first three examples were just picked at random, and not the full scope of what she had experienced.

The pained look on Luna's face told the two others that they probably shouldn't delve more into her experiences for now.

Xenophilius, arriving at Dumbledore's Office

Xenophilius dusted the soot off his cloth as he stepped into the Headmaster office of Hogwarts. "Headmaster thank you for seeing me on such short notice."

"Ah don't mention it Xenophilius, it sounded like it was urgent." The headmaster peered at the eccentric over his half moon glasses, as he gestured to the large comfortable chair in front of his desk.

Xenophilius quickly sat down. "I have come here about two issues to be exact. First, I would like to know if my daughter could get dispensation to start Hogwarts this year instead of the next; it is a matter of three days for the cutoff so I doubt that her age would pose a problem. I ask of this for two reasons, the first is that since my wife died a little over a year ago, she has been withdrawing into herself and I fear that the continued isolation isn't healthy for her. Which brings me to the second reason; this reason is also related to the second issue I am here to discuss with you. My daughter has made a friend that will be attending the school this year, I believe you're quite familiar with him, he lives in a small town called Little Whinging, at Privet Drive 4 to be exact."

The wizened Headmaster straightened in his seat as much as his old body was capable.

"I brought my daughter there to visit him this morning. Imagine the surprise when I found the person you claimed was in good hands, locked in a cupboard under some stairs. Not to mention horribly malnourished, the boy is nothing more than skin and bones." Xenophilius shot Dumbledore an angry look.

Albus stood up in protest. "Now wait a minute, he is supposed to be with his relatives. There is a protection on him that will keep him safe."

Xenophilius narrowed his eyes and likewise stood. "Ah a blood protection, protecting him against others, pity it doesn't seem to protect him against his own blood."

Dumbledore seemed to shrink at the words. He hadn't checked up on Harry, wanting him to have a normal childhood away from the fame, so he hadn't interfered. Had he gone wrong? He felt a slight headache coming on. "I assume you came here to do something about it..."

"I did, I would like to extend our hospitality to the first person my daughter has ever called a friend. We have a spare bedroom he could reside in for the rest of the summer, until he starts school later this year. I hope that you will also grant my daughter the boon of being able to attend this year instead of the next. I saw my daughter smile for the first time in a year today, and I fully believe that it would be beneficial for her to attend school with a friend."

The Headmaster sat down again and rifled through some papers on his desk. "Very well, I will allow Luna Lovegood to attend Hogwarts this year. Would I be right to assume that Harry Potter is no longer in Little Whinging? I would like to meet the boy before I decide anything about his living conditions; in case of having him living with you, I would also need to upgrade the warding of your house."

Xenophilius smiled. "That would be most welcome. I would request that we put off the meet until tomorrow however. He could use a good meal and a nights rest on a bed that isn't just a piece of plywood."

Xenophilius bid the Headmaster a good day and floo'ed back to The Leaky Cauldron, where he sat in the bar for a few hours before buying lunch to bring up to the kids.


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