Dedicated to just1cause2im3amazing, it may be a bit crack-ish (in that, nothing serious happens and makes sense) and I don't do normally do these, but you gave me the idea so I hope you like it! It will have a bit of silly fluff, because I like fluff :)

Another explosion resounded throughout the Great Hall, Cho couldn't help but wince. It all became a joke in Ravenclaw, if you heard an explosion it was either the twins or poor Seamus. She never really understood why it was so hard to do simple charm work, at least to the point of not exploding the things.

"Bloody thimble," the curse proved her guess was correct.

"I like it," the voice of one of the twins murmured, as he looked at an abstract glob of metal.

"Yeah, it screams, I'm horrid at spells," the other chuckled at Seamus's frown, flicking a pea at Seamus's forehead.

"If ye don't have nothin' nice to say, can it," Seamus poked what use to be a thimble with the edge of his wand, leaping back when it gave a horrible screech.

"What in Merlin's name did you make?!" twin number one asked, his eyes never leaving the twitching glob.

"I-I-I dunno," Seamus looked about ready to pee himself.

At this point Cho saw she wasn't the only one who had enough of the sad excuse of wizardry, seeing Hermione approach as well.

"What did you get into this time?" Hermione snapped, Cho picked up the twitching metal.

"Nothin' I swear! I think it's… possessed," Seamus's voice was ominous as he stared at the writhing metal.

"Hahaha, I think it likes you," the more loud mouthed twin, Fred, said. He rested his elbow on her shoulder, leaning casually against the small Asian girl as he got a closer look at the thing Seamus accidently created.

Cho blushed lightly, glad the thing's shrieks had died down to a strange ringing, "how did you make this?"

Seamus looked shocked, staring intently at the pretty Ravenclaw he just then noticed, "I-I was trying Reducio, and this happen'd."

"Well, obviously it didn't work," Hermione frowned at the 'thing' in Cho's hands, prodding it with her own wand, making it's ringing start to rise again.

"You aren't helping," Cho snapped, Hermione quickly withdrawing her wand, "shush." The little metal thing quieted.

"I guess you have a way with metal things," George chuckled.

"And I can see why," Fred winked at the red faced girl.

"I-I guess?" Cho wasn't use to being the center of all this attention, at least not for something silly like shutting up an annoying metal blob Seamus transfigured.

"Hey, does that mean your it's mummy?" George looked up at her, his face as innocent as his voice, though there was no mistaking that wicked gleam in his eyes.

"I- no!" Cho dropped the thing on the table, only for its shrieking to continue, "no-no-no, I'm sorry." She quickly cradled the blob in her hands. This was NOT ideal, so she let Seamus know it by sending him a glare.

"Well, I think it's kinda sweet," Hermione said, "like one of those pet rocks you paint as a child." Everyone, but Seamus, looked to her in confusion, the metaphor wasted on them.

"Sweet!?" Cho growled, "I really don't want to carry this thing with me for the rest of my life, fix it," she stared Seamus down.

"Wait!" George looked excited, "does this mean Seamus is… daddy?" He flinched when he was swatted by four hands.

"Can it," Seamus grumbled, his face red as he avoided Cho's stares, "le's go to McGonagall."

"You better hope she figures this out," Cho grumbled, following him out of the Hall.

"Wait for me!" Fred called, "this is gonna be good!" he said to George and Hermione, before dashing after the lovely Cho and the dunce.

Hope you liked the bit of random, but I had to after talking about crazy pairings, even though there isn't much of an actual pairing here (couldn't bring myself to actually make any of the 3 end up together…)