5 years later

I sigh in content while playing with the two rings on my ring finger the one he gave me that day on the beach and the other one. The one that marks me as his wife while in the progress of doing this my other hand was rubbing small circles around my stomach gently.

How the years passed by so quickly, for right now I am 5 months pregnant and a teacher as well. Married to the same person whom I thought was nothing more than a best friend, but it turned out that he was the right person for me.

I hear a bark next to me, and I glance at the direction of said bark to stare at the same color of eyes as mines. I smile warmly at the puppy that has the same eye color as me to notice his white fur was a little darker meaning he was rolling around in the dirt.

"Reshiram, you really need to stop doing that," I scold the puppy gently making him bark once again, and point with his snot my stomach making me roll my eyes at him. "You really are a smart dog…. But we are both fine so don't worry," I add making him whine softly.

Reshiram a puppy that Marina and N gave to me and Touya when we moved from an old run out apartment to a new house in which took us by surprise since the little fellow had a brother. In which said brother called Zekrom is with N and Marina….. I don't know how they could live with that dog since it has weird red eyes….

I felt a soft tap on my lower leg making me look down to notice Reshiram giving me a blank look making me sigh, and bend down a little to pick up the puppy, and start walking to the rocking chair that was outside were the backyard is.

I sit down on in, and place Reshiram in a comfortable position for the both of us, and stare at the backyard where my little garden is. I sigh sadly knowing that I can't work on it anymore due that I am pregnant and Touya is over protective of me now.

I close my eyes not wanting to look at the small garden anymore knowing that if I did I will start working at it. Instead I start remembering the old times with a content smile on my face while petting Reshiram softly. The times I spend with him throughout the years we meet, and then the painful one's that I had during my times spent at the University. Didn't know being apart him for so much time would hurt that much.

I open my eyes to look at the garden once again trying to forget about that pain since he did unexpectedly appear in front of the University I attended with flowers in one hand and with a huge grin on his face while his clothing was a white suit with a black tie. I blush remembering that day due that it was a surprise for my birthday that my friends and parents wanted to be.

I suddenly hear the door that leads to the backyard crank open in which Reshiram turns its head to the side to look at the person who opened it while I stare at the clouds with a warm smile on my face knowing who it was already. I hear it close and then suddenly feel arms wrap themselves gently around my neck in a loving way when that was done I felt soft lips on my left cheek making me giggle softly.

"Hil, why are you outside? You're supposed to be taking a nap inside at this time," I heard Touya say in a disapproving manner of me being outside. I pout, and place my hands on his arms that were hugging my neck softly.

"I was just looking at the sky with Reshiram," I tell him softly while said Reshiram 'barks' in agreement to what I said. I nuzzle my face into his arms as if they were a scarf making me sigh in content. It was summer, but it was a little bit chilly outside making me wonder maybe perhaps that was worrying Touya a little that I might catch a cold?

"Are you sure? Not working on your garden?" Touya asks me in a suspicious manner.

"No, you told me to take it easy didn't you?" I pointed out with a warm smile on my face. Touya lets go of me and walks in front of me while Reshiram jumps out of my lap to sit next to the rocking chair while staring at Touya with a blank look on its face.

"I sure did, but sometimes you break the rules," Touya points out sounding like a parent in which makes me giggle knowing deep down he will make a wonderful dad. He gently places his hands on both sides of my face stopping me from giggling. I look at him with curiosity written in my eyes while he gives me a warm smile.

"I do?" I spoke up in an innocent way making Touya roll his eyes at me making me pout.

"You sure do! I hope none of our kid's turn out like that," Touya says while muttering the last part to himself making me chuckle, and place my hands on his arms giving them a little squeeze making him sigh.

"I think he or she will come out that way," I whisper to him with my eyes closed and a huge grin on my face just imagining our kid being quite the troublemaker.

"Don't say that Hil, but first thing first…. Go inside and take a nap, and then we can continue this conversation," Touya says changing the subject while commanding me at the same time. I sigh when his hands leave my face making my hands let go of his arms.

"No," I stubbornly say making him give me a half glare with his chocolate brown eyes.

"What was that?" Touya asks with an icy tone making me tense up, and give him the puppy eyes.

"I hate you," I blurted out making him look at me shock and hurt making him knee on the floor while placing his hands on my knees making me roll my eyes at him, but mentally sigh in relief. Only time he will stop acting over-protective was when I utter such words to him.

He coughs and suddenly stands up quickly me his back in the progress I could notice he was a little bit mad and sad at the same time. I suddenly felt a stingy sensation at the corner of my eyes making me stand up gently to hug him from behind tightly.

"I'm so sorry Yaya!" I blurted while shedding tears like crazy while deep down in my mind I was screaming profanities at my stupid hormones for making me act like that. He pries my arms away from him making me look at him shock to squeak in surprise due to like a flash of lightning he hugs me tightly. When did he learn to turn so fast like that?

I look up to have my blue eyes clash with his chocolate brown eyes to have mines close softly when I felt his lips on top of mines gently making me grunt angrily knowing he was doing that on purpose. He chuckles into the kiss making me growl menacingly at him wanting to bite his lower lip. He then breaks the kiss and starts cleaning my face taking the tears away like they weren't there to begin with.

"Now can we go take a nap together?" Touya asks me with a warm smile making me nuzzle my nose to his neck making him sigh. "Hil, don't you dare dodge the request," Touya adds making me stop what I was doing to look at him.

"Let's go then," I say happily while grasping his hands and starting to drag him inside with Reshiram carefully walking behind us.

"Now you're eager to take the nap?" Touya asks confused while I continue to drag him up the stairs when we reach the second floor of the house was only 3 rooms were located in which it was 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. I look at the first room to smile fondly and place my free hand on my stomach.

"Soon," I mutter happily to myself feeling Touya gently squeeze my hand making me look at him to notice he was giving me a warm smile. "What?" I ask while puffing my cheeks angrily.

"Nothing Hil," Touya playfully says while letting go of my hand starting to walk to our shared room making me walk behind him like a lost child. I look at his back, and then at his neck some of it is exposed making me gulp nervously having this feeling to bite it.

I quickly shook my head to the sides ignoring the hormones that were acting up making me groan angrily at myself. I quickly notice that I was left alone in the little hallway to walk quickly inside to notice Touya already prepared our red bed sheets and as well the pillows for us to jump in and just sleep.

I start taking my shoes off while keeping my eyes on Touya for some odd reason to blush scarlet red when he strips out of his shirt even though he has an under shirt it still felt as if I was looking at him half naked.

"Alright Hil is nap time for us, so come on," Touya says making me jump a little, and walk stiffly towards the bed. "Are you alright Hil?" Touya asks concerned while walking to the other side of the bed. I nod stiffly and climbed the bed gently before lying down on it.

"I'm fine Yaya just having hormone problems," I bluntly say while looking at him to giggle when his face turns red as a tomato and he quickly looks away. After all this years he is still has that innocent mind in him.

"Well then um…. Just sleep it off," Touya says while jumping into the bed making me pout and scout closer to him.

"No…. Right here right now," I icily said making Touya gulp, and wrap his arms around my waist making me grin.

"To tired," Touya mutters tiredly making me growl menacingly at him, but decide that only for today cuddling up to him was fine for me.

"Alright, but you're going to be my teddy bear for this nap," I childishly said making him chuckle while nuzzling to my hair and giving a sigh of content.

"I'm your teddy bear every night Hil," Touya states while giving a big yawn before closing his eyes making me sigh in content when his cologne and scent hit my nostrils making me hug him tighter to growl knowing my stomach won't let me.

"You're going to be a wonderful dad Yaya," I quietly say with a warm smile on my face.

"Mhm?" Touya mutters making me blush in embarrassment do that I was thinking he was already fast asleep. I sigh and look down to see my plump stomach and grin, and back to nuzzling my face into his neck happily.

"Nigh Yaya!" I say childish while giving a loud yawn making him chuckle when I felt the rumble of his chest.

"Alright, night Hil," Touya says happily.

I smile in content really glad that this happened to my life. You know why? For my best friend turned into my boyfriend in high school, and then the finishing touch into my husband who unfortunately is over-protective of me do to the pregnancy. In which really I only fainted once and he had a panic attack since that day he has being like that, but I don't blame him at all.

"I love you," I mutter.

"I love you too," Touya says in a soft tone in his voice making me have tears in the corner of my eyes do to how happy I was with him.

Thinking way back in high school wandering if I never confessed would we still be best friends? If I never knew about my true feelings for him thanks to that whore Clarissa would we be like we used to be? I don't regret making him my husband, for we are still the same just that we act lovey dove. Sadly if Clarissa never appeared in my life I wouldn't be here with him right at this moment cuddling each oh! I can't forget May's push as well! She did also help me so much in which I still need to repay in a way sadly only Brendan will know.

I smile warmly knowing that Touya brightens my day every day, and at the same time mentally laugh nervously knowing his mom is waiting like a hawk for the birth of the baby same with my mom and other people as well. Well life couldn't get better right? A new light is coming to our world in a few months and I can't wait.

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