Tank Police Division 195


The year is 2090 AD. The bacterial cloud that has covered the planet for decades has become more noxious and the people living under it are now only moderately affected by the toxic fumes. Despite all the complaints and protests of the past (never mind the present), the tank division of the police department is still going strong. There are now two thousand divisions of tank police worldwide. This is the story of one of them…

Representative Relena Peacecraft fidgeted with her portfolio in the elevator. She really hated doing this every week but it was her job as the mayor's representative to address issues that her employer was unable to do in person. Well, that was what her job description said anyway. The mayor had actually gotten tired of coming to this precinct every single week and she got picked because she was new. But there was another reason she hated to come here: she didn't believe a word she was saying.

Relena didn't believe for a second that the criminals and terrorists that attacked this city on a regular basis could be stopped without causing any damage whatsoever. Even the most efficient precincts had at least a few damaged buildings on their records, but these precincts didn't have the same crime level as this one so it wasn't fair for the mayor to compare them. Of course, she wasn't about to try and tell him that.

//Eleventh floor, time to put on my game face.//

Down on the fifth floor, one of the warrants for today's visit was drinking coffee with two other tank police officers. Captain Douglas Scot, the terror of division 195, tank fanatic, and personification of the term "trigger happy." Accompanying him today were Sergeant Milliardo Peacecraft and Officer Lucrezia Noin (usually just called Noin).

"It's time for your sister's weekly visit to the Chief, isn't it?" Scot asked the sergeant. Milliardo looked at his watch.

"Hmm, she should be there right now if she hasn't been delayed."

"Wonder what's bugging the mayor this time."

"Probably the seven blocks of damage caused by that arrest two days ago." Noin mused. "Then again, it could be that fire we caused by accident at the museum yesterday."

"You don't think it was the destruction of the mayor's statue the day before?" Milliardo put in.

"Oh you two are really funny." The captain snorted. "Anyway, I heard we're getting some new officers to compensate for the recent promotions."

"…and one firing." A woman with blonde hair done in twists approached the table.

"Hi Sally, care to join us?" Noin greeted the newcomer warmly.

"Don't mind if I do." Sally sat down in the empty seat between the captain and Noin. "I heard one of the recruits was with the Red Commandos before the division picked him up."

"The division didn't pick him up exactly." Scot corrected, sipping his coffee. "He didn't like working for the Commandos so he quit. Apparently his sister is a motorcycle cop and she told him to apply."

"How many new recruits are there and when will they be arriving?" Milliardo asked.

"Five, and they should be here later today."