Well, this is the end. It's been fun. This is neoneco, live from the Comfy Chair.

She is of the personal opinion that he doesn't need any believers.

He's a nature spirit, so why?

She doesn't think he needs believers. She knows he doesn't need believers. But he wants them.

He does. He really does. He wants them, and the moment he gets one, she can almost see why.

The boy makes him happy.

Their games in the sky make him nimble and quick, but even so, she doesn't expect him to be so startled, enthusiastic, when he realizes the boy can see him.

He is able to float, always. Not fly, exactly. Not like her. But he can float.

Like a snowflake.

He does that, flips and shouts and laughs, and even looks like he wants to cry, when his first child, not his first believer, perhaps, but his first child finally, finally, believes in him.

She can hear something whisper, sounding like her mother, but crueler, without the kind edge. It whispers that nature doesn't need believers, that this is wrong, and that he's going to be terribly upset when the boy dies, and humans always, always die, and wouldn't it be kinder to stop it now?

The thought makes her uncomfortable because it is the truth, but the truth can be twisted and mangled, until it's nothing like the truth at all, even if it is. This is one of those truths, the dark truths, the truths that aren't and she shivers as she watches because she knows, she knows, it really would be kinder to stop this belief where it is.

She doesn't want him to be hurt. He's been hurt so much. Too much. Any hurt at all is too much, and he's been hurt much more than that.

But the boy makes him happy.

She wonders if a little momentary happiness is worth the heart break later, and the regret she'll feel for letting this moment proceed.

She comes to a decision.

What is life if not momentary happiness?

Damn the consequences.

The Boogeyman scowls as his black sand slides to the ground as she rises to the sky once again.
If he's aware of her or not, Frost, it seems, has always had a Guardian.