Admittedly, I did completely forget about this story for a time. But then I remembered! So, yay!

A short installment so I could remember what exactly what I wanted to do with this fic. I gotta say, a broken up Zutara is actually kind of fun to write. Fixing it should be even more fun. ;)

Hope everyone likes, and sorry for the delay!

The guard that had been knocking suddenly threw the door open, a panicked look on his face. His sudden appearance made Katara scream even louder.

And then she realized what kind of noise was coming out of her mouth. It was not feminine and high-pitched. It was low and scratchy and not hers and there was a penis between her legs

"Get out of the way!" And then the shocked guard was shoved to the side and in stormed… Katara.

And Katara, the actual Katara, suddenly started sobbing because this was the worst nightmare ever. She watched herself kick the door closed and then sigh, a grouchy look on her own face.

"Zuko?" she called out, reaching up with a now muscular arm to swipe at a tear.

The eyes were blue now, but Katara could recognize the glint and similar tilt to his mouth anywhere. He grunted, although the sound was much less impactful, now.

"What did you do?" he accused, finger pointing at her. The other hand hung by his side, as if he didn't realize that he now had wide hips to prop them on.

"I didn't do this!" she screeched, the hysterical feelings all rushing back to her. She was naked in her ex-boyfriend's body, a body that was fully equipped with his male body parts

"Get it off!" she suddenly shouted, gesturing between her legs and then wincing. "Get it off!"

And Zuko… Zuko looked downright offended. "What do you mean get it off? It's not an insect!"

Katara whimpered, the sound of it unimpressive with her new, masculine voice. She yanked a red sheet off the bed and wrapped it around herself before slumping down on the bed.

And then Zuko was standing in front of her, and his soft hand palmed her cheek and gently forced her to look at him. "Katara, do you know who might have done this to us?"

How he managed to remain to calm and collected despite the fact that he now had boobs, she would never know.

She shrugged, pale shoulder rising up and down. "The Spirits are damning us for something, I suppose."

There was another knock on the door, and a moment later a hesitant voice called through, asking the Fire Lord if he wanted his breakfast tea.

Zuko and Katara froze at the same time.

"Uncle Iroh," Zuko snarled, dark pink lips pulling back to reveal perfectly white teeth. He straightened quickly, hand falling away from her face.

Katara stood as well and hurried to the closet. "Don't talk to him without me!"

"Then hurry up and put some clothes on—"

"What do you think I'm in the closet for?"

The bickering continued for another moment, and then Katara stepped out in a simple red tunic and black pants.

Zuko's eyes narrowed. "Those are commoner clothes that I wear when I go out. I wear more formal attire around the palace. You're going to have to—"

"I'm not changing. Your Fire Lord uniform always looks so hot and stuffy—"

"Yeah, well, that's what I wear as Fire Lord."



"No. If I have to have a penis for the next twenty minutes then I'm going to at least be comfortable."

"Oh come on," Zuko snapped, exasperated. He gestured to his now full, soft looking, curvaceous chest. "I have these now, but you don't see me complaining!"

"You don't have to pee with those, Zuko!"


"Besides, boobs are significantly more low-maintenance then penises."


There was another knocking on the door, and this time the servant's voice sounded a little more desperate and concerned.

"Let's just go," Katara ground out, making her way toward the door.

"Wait!" Zuko grabbed her wrist in order to still her, and she scowled as he stood up on his tip toes in order to yank her shaggy black hair into a top knot. Then he stuck in his crown. He pushed her forward and she squared her shoulders and yanked open the door.

At least twenty servants and guards had their room surrounded.

Katara froze, golden eyes going wide as a servant bowed low in front of her.

"Fire Lord Zuko, are you and Lady Katara all right? There was a commotion and quite a bit of shouting—"

"We're fine!" Katara explained, attempting to plaster a reassuring smile onto her face. "There was just um, stuff happening. That's all. Excuse me." She stepped forward and the small crowd parted for her easily. And then Zuko was right beside her, steps quicker than her own in order to keep up.

When they reached Iroh's quarters, the guard stationed outside shook his head. "The Dragon of the West has asked not to be disturbed this morning."

Zuko frowned. "I need to speak to my Uncle immediately. It's… an emergency."

The guard stared at Zuko as if he was insane, and Zuko, quickly realizing his mistake, backtracked. "Um, I mean, Iroh, the Dragon, Iroh of the West, um—"

Katara coughed and nudged Zuko with her foot in order to shut him up. "I really need to see my Uncle, please."

The guard blinked at her, as if confused by her tone. "But, the Dragon of the West has asked not to—"

"Tell my Uncle that if he doesn't let me in, then I'll kick down this damn door myself and then burn ever tea bag in this Spirits forsaken palace. Got it?" She moved to place her hands on her hips; her palms slipped down her torso a bit and she grit her teeth in irritation.

The guard's eyes had gone as wide as saucers. "Y-Yes, Fire Lord Zuko. Right away."

Zuko was now pinching the bridge of his nose and shaking his head.

And moments later Iroh opened his door. "No need for threats, nephew." He grinned, opening the door a bit wider. When he beckoned them in with an open hand, Katara was the first one to plunge through the door.

"Iroh, I don't think you understand. I have a penis now."

Iroh was beaming at the both of them over tea.


Zuko seemed to be getting angrier and angrier by the moment. "Uncle, as you can clearly see, whatever Spirit World shenanigans you've…you've cooked up are not helping matters!"

Iroh seemed unfazed and blinked at them innocently before bring his teacup back to his lips. He sipped slowly, as if basking in the heated glares coming at him from both Zuko and Katara.

Finally he peered up at the both of them and smiled. "When you finally see each other through open eyes, then you will see finally see through your eyes again."

"That doesn't make any sense!" Zuko burst out. "Uncle, I have a country that I'm responsible for. I have meetings to attend to! An ambassador from the Earth Kingdom is due in two days! And I have to be me for—"

"What, are you saying that I couldn't run the Fire Nation in your stead?"

Zuko looked like he wanted to scream. "That's not what I meant—"

"Because I'm not an idiot, Zuko. What do you think I've been doing the entire time I've been here? Entertaining you?"


"Did you really think that I was going to become Fire Lady without studying your nation's politics?"

"Stop inter—"

"Did you really think that?!"

"Stop talking over me!" Zuko shouted, slamming a small fist against the table. It rattled, spilling tea.

Katara crossed her thick arms over her now flat chest and glared moodily down at the now stained table cloth.

"Uncle, I have to be myself in these meetings. I have to."

The expression on Iroh's face was pleasant, but Katara could see the tint of disappointment in his wise gaze. "I cannot help you, Fire Lord Zuko. I cannot help either of you. You both must help yourselves and each other."

Katara squeezed her eyes shut and swallowed. Her throat felt thick and dry and suddenly all she wanted to do was go home and escape this place. Escape Zuko.

But now there was a crown on top of her head.

And hair on her chest.

"So, what do I do? Just grab it and aim?"

"Essentially. Just, be gentle with it—Not that rough! Agni, Katara. It's not a toy."

"You know, I don't think you've told me to be gentle with this before."

"Shut up."




"Um, I thought you had to pee…?"

"Look away, Zuko."

"Are you…are you serious?"

"Just because these are technically your bits and pieces doesn't mean that I'm no longer entitled to some privacy. Look. Away."





"Did you just piss on my shoes?"

"Technically they're my shoes."


"That's for thinking that there's no way I could stand in for you at one of your meetings. Jerk."

"You're impossible! You're—"

"Did sparks just come out of my—your mouth?!



"Well, shit."

And Katara was waterbending. She smiled, working a pale finger in circles over her bowl of soup.

"Must be some kind of spirit energy thing. We're still us, spiritually, so we can still bend our natural elements," Zuko said, manipulating a fireball between his dark palms. "Interesting."

Katara nodded, brow furrowing. "Zuko, we have to switch back before tomorrow."

Zuko sighed, long, dark waves falling over his shoulder as he leaned forward. "I know. The meeting is going to be a disaster—"

"That's not why," Katara said, rolling her eyes. "We have other problems to worry about."

Zuko shrugged and glanced in her direction. "I don't see what else there could be. I mean—" he gestured down to his new body—"besides the obvious."

"Zuko, I get my period tomorrow."

All the blood drained from Zuko's face, but he put on a brave expression. He shrugged casually. "So? Nothing I can't deal with. It can't be that bad."

And then Katara burst out laughing.