AN: I'm extremely sorry for the delay in the story, I know it's been awhile and if you don't want to continue reading the story I completely understand. I just sort of lost my Calzona inspiration until recently, writing about them being together when they were falling apart on the show was hard. Also I'm sorry for not making sense in the last chapter, but I've read somewhere that the victims of domestic abuse will defend and love their attackers. That they are under the delusion that their abusers are only doing it because they love them, the victims become attached and never feel good enough. Anyway you guys deserve another chapter so here you go! :)

Arizona had noticed the control that Erica had over Callie, the way that she had defended Erica when Arizona was trying to show her than she deserved better than all of this, that she deserved to be treated as a human, not a punching bag. The blonde started to feel more and more anger towards the woman who kept hurting the woman she held so close to her, that she fell in love with. She couldn't sit there and feel sad about the fact that Callie wouldn't listen to her, that she was protecting Erica.

What she knew was that when Callie was defending her fiance, she could see the fear in the chocolate eyes that used to be so much brighter. Arizona didn't know how to get her out of the mess, but what she did know is that if she didn't - the worst could happen. She could lose her best friend, if she didn't get her away from Erica, she needed to protect the only person she had felt so strongly about.

The words that Callie had said when she had become defensive, hurt Arizona because in a way she could see that the brunette was telling her that she didn't know what love felt like. She did, it hurt her because she had to sacrifice her own happiness to let the person she loved be happy.

Arizona couldn't help but blame herself, if she wouldn't have been so scared of being hurt and able to tell Callie how she felt then maybe things would be better. Instead, she told her that things could never be more than sex, that's all they were supposed to be. But she broke her own personal rules for Callie; staying the night, sleeping in Callie's arms. At first she believed that it was because she trusted her but now she had come to realize that everything that she had broken the rules because Callie wasn't just someone she slept with. She was someone that she had fallen in love with somewhere in between the sex and everything else that their friendship had entailed.

She couldn't lose their friendship or Callie after everything that they had been through together. Arizona had become dependent on having her in her life. Callie was always there for her when she missed Tim, every time. She couldn't lose the only person that had actually cared for her, to someone who hurt her best friend over and over. Arizona had to stop Erica from hurting her, she had to find a way.

The blonde cleared the tears that had spilled from her eyes when Callie left, back to the person that had hurt her. Arizona had to fix the problem at hand, she couldn't stand back and wait for things to get worse for her best friend. After a moment, she got up and went across the hall; to Callie and Erica's apartment. She knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer; she expected it to be Erica but to her surprise it was Callie.

"Hey," Arizona tried to make her expression seem bright, but Callie gave her a look to indicate that she knew she was lying.

"I'm sorry Arizona, I shouldn't have snapped at you." Callie's brown eyes met Arizona's. Arizona could see that she meant the apology.

"You don't have to apologize, you were right I've never been in a serious relationship." She took a deep breath and shook her head, trying to shake the thought off. She looked into the apartment for a moment. "Where's Erica?" Her voice was a bit surprised that she wasn't there.

"She took the night shift." Callie took in Arizona's appearance before she pulled her into the apartment and shut the door. "Arizona, it's not that I don't want to see you. I just can't lose her, but having to choose between the two of you is painful. I don't want to lose you either, but I'm getting married."

The words came at Arizona like a knife, she was getting married to this woman that hurt her over and over. "You're really going through with this Callie?" Her eyes met the brown ones in front of her.

The brunette furrowed her eyebrow in confusion, she hadn't called off the wedding. Nothing had changed, except the fact that Arizona knew about the abuse. Callie believed that it was her fault that Erica hit her, she cheated on her so every time she talked to Arizona and her fiance caught her, she would get hurt. "I know it's hard to believe but I lost her once and you know how much it tore me apart. She's changed, she drinks more but that doesn't mean the person I love isn't in there."

At the mention of Erica being the woman that Callie loved, it made her sick to her stomach. The fact that Callie could love someone that had hurt her in more than one way made Arizona wonder how much control over Callie, it worried her. Normally, she was great with words but when it came to her feelings towards Callie, she couldn't describe it but she knew that she loved her more than anything. A moment passed before Arizona said anything, "If she doesn't stop hurting you - you can't do this." She shook her head, she had to finally say something. She couldn't keep hiding.

"Arizona, stop. You're overreacting, it's only a couple of bruises. If this is the worst of us - I can deal with it." Callie shook her head. "I need you to support my decision. I need my best friend to be happy for me, that I found someone that I can be happy with, despite the pain she makes me happy."

The blonde took a step closer to Callie and lifted her shirt up. "What if it gets worse Callie?" Her hand gently touched the bruise, she saw the brunette flinch from the pain of the bruise. "You shouldn't have to be in any pain. If she loved you, she wouldn't do this. She wouldn't have left you if she loved you. You love her so much you can't see what you deserve." Blue eyes started to water as she stared into Callie's.

She was going to start another argument but when she saw that this was hurting Arizona as well. "How would you know anything about love?" Callie kept her voice soft, she didn't want to make her more upset but she couldn't let Arizona tell her something she had never experienced.

A tear fell down her cheek, her hand was still on Callie's stomach as she spoke. "I know that you don't deserve to be hurt because even if you did cheat, you don't deserve this. You made a mistake - but that doesn't mean you should be treated like this." Her hand brushed over the bruise.

"That night wasn't a mistake, it was worth the pain. I would do it again." Callie took a moment to remember the night with Arizona. She hadn't felt so amazing since that night, but she knew that it had to be the last time.

"You deserve someone as amazing as you." Arizona's breath caught in her throat as the next words spilled out of her lips. "I know that if you love someone, you don't hurt them because I love you. I love everything about you, Callie. When I see you in pain, it hurts me too." She looked into her eyes and took a step closer.

A shocked expression took over Callie's face at the confession, she loved her back. Hiding her feelings for Arizona had never been successful, every time she saw her she realized that the feeling she had for her would never go away. "Why didn't you say anything?" Callie's eyes met Arizona's, she could see the hurt in them from her not saying that she loved her back.

"I was afraid. You love Erica, I could never expect you to feel the same way towards me." She paused for a moment, "And you don't." The slight hope that Callie would feel the same was gone, maybe all that they were was supposed to be was in the past.

"It's more than that. I love Erica, but I've always been in love with you. You never wanted anything more so I settled. But things are different now, we can't." Callie took a step back from Arizona.

When Arizona realized that she had been too late, that even though the feelings were returned they still couldn't be together, she turned around and headed towards the door. Before she could take two steps, she felt Callie grab her wrist and she pulled her into her body. "I'm not going to lose you, Arizona. I love you." Her lips pressed against the blonde's, letting everything she felt for the blonde be poured into that kiss.