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Silence; that was the best way to describe their reaction, they were, confused and outright surprised. Happy and Lily looked at one another not really knowing what to say;

"you mean Dragon Slayer, right Wendy?" Happy responded, the girl shook her head, memories of her horrific past returning,

"no, I don't mean Dragon Slayer" she said quietly "when I say dragon I mean a fully fledged dragon like… Grandine" Happy and Lily jumped in surprise, while Carla the ever so cautious one, noted the way Wendy hesitated at Grandine's name but didn't push it, rather she along with her fellow exceed was highly surprised by her close friends declaration.

"how is that possible, I mean, you've told me about your childhood many times" Carla said in a frantic voice, "and I know your mother was the Sky Dragon Grandine, but you've always said you were human!"

Wendy remained silent, she was collecting her thoughts, and once more images of blood and death flooded her mind; she could remember it, that terrifying cry of pain echoed in her ears,

"yes I am human, however I am also a dragon" Wendy explained,

"you aren't making much sense, how can you be both a dragon and a human?" Carla asked, Wendy paused again, trying to collect her thoughts together, she looked at the three Exceed with a darkened expression,

"It all happened four hundred years ago during a civil war between dragons; it was a ruthless war, friends and family all gone day by day, and when the humans joined the fray, things only got worst; I was a healer at that time, everyday countless bodies would be sent my way, and every day I would witness the death of another" Wendy glanced at her audience and noticed their awed states, listening very closely to her words, "the day came when I was asked to participate in battle"

"but I thought you were the healer, wouldn't it have been better for you to stay away from the front lines?" Lily asked, what he says is true, and Wendy agreed, but the sadness in her eyes told Lily that the scenarios were worst than he imagined if they couldn't afford decreasing their number of forces,

"we were outnumbered, and with my very own eyes I witnessed the horrors of the battle field" she could remember it as if it had only happened recently, the smell of dead bodies, the sound of cries and screams; everything was so clear in her mind, "it was on that day did I discover that for my very own survival I could not be soft, I had to be as ruthless as my enemies" as the three Exceed heard those words, they did not like where her story was headed, "I slaughtered thousands of people in that war, to the point where killing felt like a second nature to me"

"is that what happened back then?" Carla asked, Wendy nodded,

"I had a reminisce of my past, and my instincts started to take over" they sat in silence, and as time passed strong winds started to blow as the sky darkened; then Happy spoke up,

"but you haven't explained why you are dragon and human" eyes were all on the girl once more,

"dragons who are drenched in the blood of humans slowly take their form" Happy jumped up in surprise while Carla and Lily could only look shocked, "I died in that war, but when I was reborn, I awoke as a human with all my memories intact", and just as she spoke those words there was a sudden rustle coming from the bushes behind them; Wendy quickly stood up surprised, but when she saw a mop of pink hair, she relaxed, Happy flew towards Natsu who was carrying Lucy on his back,

"Natsu!" Happy cried out, "did you find what you were looking for?" Natsu nodded his head,

"I did, but they got away", he set Lucy gently on the ground, Wendy rushed over noticing the bruise on her ankle and began healing,

"did you gain weight Lucy?" Natsu asked, the blonde girl looked angrily at the Fire Dragon Slayer,

"what is that supposed to mean!" Happy stood next to her trying to suppress a laugh,

"Lucy, your becoming more and more overweight" he sneered, the girl started to cry a waterfall,

"how is the Master doing?" Natsu asked,

"he should be fine, just a little rest and he'll be back on his feet" and it was at that moment a man teleported right before them, Natsu raised a brow and walked towards him,

"where did you go you bastard!" he called out,

"this is Mest from the council?" Lucy asked,

"my real name is Doran-balt" he looked at Wendy who had a look of worry, "do not worry Wendy, I have come to help you guys; with my magic power I can transport all Fairy Tail members off this island"

"I refuse" Natsu responded almost immediately, Doran-Balt was taken aback by his response,

"Why do we have to accept help from the council?" Carla asked,

"yeah, our guild takes care of our own problems" Lily responded with a smile,

"That's not the point!" he tried to protest, "if HQ gets wind of what is happening on here they will attack the island"

"are they going to fire Etherion again!" Happy jumped frightened at what could happen,

"then we will settle things before that happens" Natsu replied calmly,

"Makarov's been beaten! There are even more terrifying mages in Grimoire Heart; you cannot win!"

"So what? Does that mean you should blow the island up?" the Dragon Slayer looked really bored with the conversation,

"This island is the sacred land of our guild, our First Master's grave is here too…" Wendy trailed off, tears were forming on the corner of her eyes,

"I don't believe this! If the council does that, it will be a disaster" Lucy responded to the situation,

"we came here to protect our guild" Happy said, all of them were frustrated with the council's actions,

"are you planning on going against them? You're just a mage guild!" Doran-Balt cried out, by this point Natsu was getting infuriated, he stepped up to the council member,

"Listen up; I don't care if its Grimoire Heart or the Council, it makes no difference to me" his voice was low and menacing, "anyone who lay's a finger on our Guild is an enemy, and I will destroy them all" everyone was speechless, Lucy and the three Exceed have never seen Natsu act up this much before; sure they have seen him angry when his friends are hurt, but this was on a whole new level, they were actually kind of afraid of him. Wendy looked up at the darkened sky, and became suspicious of how it was forming,

"this air…" she whispered to herself, "it's like the sky's going to come down".

Rain was pouring heavily, as the group decided to take shelter inside a cave, the group decided now would be a good time to rest for a bit, Carla and Lily decided to head out in search for their comrades once more. Lucy summoned Virgo, and asked for some spare clothes for her and Wendy to change into, since their own are completely tattered. Doran-Balt sat quietly on the side, and Makarov still lay on the ground unconscious. Natsu stood by the mouth of the cave and stared at the dark sky, ominous thoughts consumed his mind, he clenched his fist, right now he so wanted to just run out towards Grimoire Hearts Master and beat the life out of him, he could not forgive him for what he has done. He saw Carla return, waving towards her, the cat flew towards him,

"Carla where's Lily?" Happy asked,

"we ran into another camp set up not too far from here, apparently Gajeel and Mira are there in critical condition, Lily decided to stay and help" Natsu was inwardly concerned, he knew Gajeel well that he wouldn't let Grimore Heart get the upper hand over him, something had to be wrong,

"another camp?" Natsu wondered aloud,

"why don't we stop by for a bit, Cana might be there" Lucy said as she walked up from behind with her new clothes,

"that's right! I think it would be a good idea to meet up with everyone else" Wendy pointed out,

"there is no way…" Doran-Balt muttered, Natsu turned to him,

"stop the council for us" Natsu responded, "you said you wanted to help us, then stop the council from attacking the island"

"there is no way it can be done" Natsu walked over to Makarov and put him on his back carrying him out of the cave,

"all right, then buy us some time I'm counting on you" the man stood up,

"I'm not talking about myself!" he shouted out, "I'm talking about you! How do you expect to handle this insane situation we're stuck in?" Natus continued walking, the others following close behind him,

"With all our might" was his reply, "that is all" Doran-Balt stood completely astounded by his determination, there was no hesitation nor was there fear; the power in his words almost made him believe the Dragon Slayer.

The trek felt long and endless, the heavy rain didn't help either. Natsu and co followed Carla as she led them towards the camp, there was a strange presence in the air, but Natsu couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was, however there was one thing for sure, whatever it was it was dangerous; Natsu looked left and right, it was getting closer, he stopped walking and took a closer look. A figure in the distance was walking towards them, Natsu narrowed his eyes,

"whats wrong?" Lucy asked, but Natsu didn't respond, he was on full alert not daring to take his eyes of the figure, the ominous energy was coming from him no doubt,

"who's there!" he called out, but the figure didn't respond merely continued to walk closer towards them. And that's when they all felt it, a powerful wave of energy flooded out of the figure,

"why is the rain only pouring down near him?" Carla asked,

"I don't know but it's like a gushing aura around his body", a man with a large coat draped around his shoulders, his dark hair was tied back into a very long pony tail, this man is known as Bluenote Stinger

"who the hell are you!" Natsu called out once more,

"I wonder if you can fly?" the man said, he raised an arm, "Nope… still can't fly; Fall" and as he said those words the land around him crushed beneath them, all of them forced to the ground as if a powerful gravitational force was pushing them down. Natsu gritted his teeth, but stood up with Makarov still on his back,

"I'm not interested in Fairy Tail, and I couldn't care less about Zeref" he said, "But there is one single thing I do want and it's here" he looked down, as Natsu stared angrily back, "where is the grave of the first Fairy Tail Master Mavis Vermillion?" Natsu's eyes widened, but in turn glared at the man,

"and why do you want to know?" he asked, setting his Master down gently on the ground next to Wendy knowing that the situation at the moment may cause him to take action,

"Fairy Glitter" was all he said, that was something Natsu hadn't heard of in a long time, but not something he would tell someone so loosely, "its written about within Fairy law, it is one of the three great magic's of your guild" Natsu stepped forward,

"what do you want that for" Natsu questioned,

"that 'Radiance' is a merciless light that rejects the presence of any foe" Natsu was surprised that he would answer so freely, "I want that magic" Natsu was beginning to get irritated with Grimore Heart, all of them wanted something to fulfill their selfish desires, "that magic appears to be sealed in Mavis' grave; you will tell me where it is" and that did it, Natsu clenched his fist and charged at the man, however was quickly thrown back by a mysterious force, crashing into the rubble, Lucy and Wendy screamed out in horror,

"you seem to know where it is" Bluenote said, he suddenly heard laughing, Natsu climbed out of the rocks and grinned dangerously at the dark mage,

"and what if I do?" he responded, the expression on Bluenote darkened,

"you will tell me where it is" Natsu chuckled, before glaring right back at the man, everyone jumped in fright when they saw Natsu's eyes, they were almost demonic,

"you will have to beat it out of me" Bluenote stared menacingly at the Dragon slayer,

"so be it" and with that Natsu charged at his opponent. The Dragon Slayer sped forward at so much speed that Bluenote did not even have time to react as he was kicked in the stomach, stumbling back he looked up and glared at the pink haired mage, his expression could not mask the surprise that struck him; however that will never happen again. Standing up straight he took a good look at Natsu, before realization struck him,

"so you are the one that Hades talked about" he said, Natsu narrowed his eyes unsure of how to react, "the one he hailed as stronger than Makarov" at this Lucy, Happy and Carla perked up, finally able to move they stood up and glanced between the two, they were shocked by the dark mages words, they knew that Natsu was strong, but stronger than their Master? They couldn't believe it,

"and what did that bastard say about me?" Natsu asked, Bluenote raised both his hands,

"a man who's power exceeds the gods" he replied, "however I will not believe it until I witness it for myself" and without even hesitating forced the earth down once more, crushing Natsu and the others to the ground. Natsu using all his strength stood up and looked around, the blast radius was much larger than before, almost as if a giant meteor had crash landed on the island; gritting his teeth he looked back at the others and was glad they were alright despite the powerful attack,

"everyone get to the camp, I will try and stop him" Natsu called out, everyone looked at him in disbelief,

"you can't be serious!" Lucy shouted, Natsu didn't respond; Wendy stared at the Fire Dragon Slayer with much thought, but soon made up her mind she stood up and grabbed Makarov putting the Master on her back, she looked back,

"be careful" she whispered, Natsu waved in acknowledgment,

"Lucy-san, we must take this chance to get to camp" Wendy told the Stellar spirit mage, Lucy could only turn and look at her stunned,

"what! We can't…" she was immediately cut off,

"right now, we would only be in the way" Wendy said so seriously that it surprised the girl a bit, "we can return with the others once we meet up with them" Lucy turned silent, she agreed with Wendy's logic, however it just didn't feel right for her to just abandon her comrade, however she too made up her mind, she nodded and began following Wendy; the two Exceed didn't say anything, ever since they heard Wendy's story they started to notice an unusual aura around both Dragon Slayers, they looked at Natsu and could feel the ever growing power coming from him and with that alone they were certain that Natsu could defeat the dark mage.
Now alone, Natsu glared darkly at Bluenote, knowing fully that if he made a single mistake, it could very well cost him his life, igniting his fist into a brilliant orange flame he stepped into a fighting stance and got ready for his incoming battle.