Chapter One

The fire crackled and sent up little sparks as Kagome watched it silently from her place a few feet away. She stared into the orange and yellow flames as she waited in the middle of the dense forest. The warmth from the campfire did little to protect her from the chill of the night air, and a shiver went down her spine as a breeze blew by. She looked up from the fire now, sighing heavily. How long was he going to make her wait?

The sound of a twig snapping nearby reached her ears. Kagome quickly turned toward the sound, worried that some yokai was about to attack her. She sighed in relief when her eyes noticed the long silver hair, red haori, enchanting golden eyes, and adorable puppy ears of the hanyou known as Inuyasha as he walked into the clearing. He strode towards Kagome and the fire and briskly sat down, sighing heavily.

"There isn't a single rabbit in this forest. There's nothing here to hunt." He grumbled as he reached into the sleeve of his haori and pulled out an apple, holding it out to Kagome in his clawed hand. "This is the most food I could find. I'll go look again if you don't think you can hold out until morning." He glanced at her, a look of genuine concern gracing his face for a moment. Kagome took the apple and smiled lightly at him.

"Thanks. I'll be fine until morning, Inuyasha." She assured him with a sweet smile that expressed her gratitude for his efforts to find her food. He stared at her for a moment before turning to look into the fire, his golden eyes lighting up as they reflected the flames.

"If you get too hungry just tell me." he told her. Kagome nodded and bit into the apple. It was tart and not yet ripe; it had probably been hanging on a very small apple tree, the only one not yet eaten by whatever happened to pass by. But still Kagome was glad for the food. Now if only I was warm, she thought as she shivered from the cold. Suddenly she was enveloped with something warm. Kagome looked up to see Inuyasha putting his haori over her shoulders. "Don't catch a cold, stupid. If you're cold you can tell me." he frowned at her as a light blush came to her cheeks at his gesture of kindness.

"Thank you." she mumbled quietly before returning to her apple. They sat in silence for a while after that, only the crackling fire disturbing the silence. Kagome finished off her apple and tossed the remains into the fire with a yawn. "How long until we reach Jinenji's farm?" she asked Inuyasha sleepily. "We've been traveling a few days now. How much further?"

"Hm… we should make it there by noon tomorrow." Inuyasha said. "Maybe later depending on how late we wake up."

"So we're not too far away." Kagome smiled happily. She hadn't seen Jinenji in over a year. After the old well closed up, preventing Kagome from returning to the future, Jinenji had become her teacher for about a year. He had finished teaching her about medicinal herbs within that time and left to tend to his village and aging mother. After that she only heard from him through the occasional letter. Now she was going to surprise him with a visit. Although her true intention was to get a certain herb that only Jinenji could grow, she was going to enjoy seeing him again.

"You should go to sleep, Kagome." Inuyasha said after a while. Kagome merely nodded in agreement. She started to lie down on the ground but Inuyasha stopped her, pulling her onto his lap. "You'll be warmer here." He told her as he wrapped his arms around her. Kagome blushed lightly and then smiled, resting her head on his chest as he leaned back against a tree. She began to drift off to sleep, but Inuyasha's voice woke her slightly. "Kagome?" he asked quietly, almost in a whisper.

"Hm?" she replied sleepily, keeping her eyes closed.

"Good night." He whispered, his warm breath tickling her ear. Kagome smiled and mumbled a good night in return before finally falling asleep. She was fast asleep when Inuyasha leaned down and kissed her neck, watching as a dull red light began to glow around the skin where his lips touched. He kept his lips there for a few seconds before sitting up with a smirk, watching as the glow began to fade from her skin. Then he leaned back against the tree and fell asleep.

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