Hi everybody. I just wanted to say one more time Thank You for reading Hanyou Romance. It was longer than I actually expected and it had a few twists in it that I didn't have in the original writing, but it turned out great.

Thank you so much for reading and for all your wonderful reviews :)

Before you ask, no, there will not be a sequel. I'm officially done with this story. However, if someone wants to do a sequel for me and have me simply beta their work to make sure it all fits in with the original, I'm open to that idea so send me a PM.

Anyways, thank you again. Read my other stories :) I have a new one on the way soon.






By the way, here are the meanings of some of the names in this story and Inuaysha in general:

Inuyasha: Dog forest spirit or dog demon

Senshi: Warrior

Machiko: Beautiful, wise child

Rin: oddly enough, this one means cold, dignified, and severe. Leave it to Sesshoumaru to name a child that.

Muteki: invincible

Sesshoumaru: killing perfection or the google translate version: raw killing circle

Higurashi: Sunset