My eyes fluttered open, a smile wide across my face. It was time. My great friend and present-day girlfriend Amaterasu and I had taken off on an adventure three months ago. Our job- which consisted of protecting Nippon of monsters- took a turn for the worst when a powerful being made itself apparent to us- and he immediately managed to steal the brush powers from Amaterasu. We made it a personal mission to get them all back and beat the being, which we soon found to be a Yami incarnate.

We went through Amaterasu's previous adventure, laughing, having fun, growing stronger. And as time went on, our bond grew. We began on our path to victory as we began to destroy the demons that plagued the face of Nippon. It soon ended with Orochi falling before our feet, with the assistance of a rogue imp named Gage, and Amaterasu's previous partner Issun. We came back to Kamiki, where we rested for two months.

I stood up, looking around the dim room. Amaterasu, who was curled up next to me, stirred. I stopped dead in my tracks, trying not to wake her. She settled back down- Issun was in her fur as well. Gage sat with his staff in his hand, sleeping against the wall. Every member of my team, we'd grown so close. It was almost like it was destined for us to be thrown together.

Today, our adventure continued. I'll admit, I'm one for memories, and symbolism. So, I snuck out the front door and walked my way slowly to the top of Kamiki Village's mountain. I reached the top of it, and I watched slowly as the sun rose over the horizon. "It's the sunrise." I said to myself, reminding myself of how beautiful the world was.

"Beautiful, huh?" I heard a voice behind me- startled, I turned around, looking upon the most beautiful girl in the world. It was my Amaterasu. The one that had started with me on an adventure, the one that took me in when I was abandoned, the one that stuck with me the entire way.

"Almost as beautiful as you." I said, smirking. She replied with a roll of her eyes and a playful smile. She walked over and sat next to me, looking at the sun as well.

"Do you get any less cheesy?" She asked. I looked at her, yet her gaze was still fixed on the horizon.

"It's not cheesy when it's a fact." I said, kissing her lightly on the cheek. I watched her entire face flush red, the smile on her face growing. "So, what's on your mind? I know something's up." I said, looking at her again.

"Are you ready to continue?" She asked, her smile fading.

"Of course. The faster we can wipe Yami out, the better." Her smile didn't return. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I just… It's almost impossible to think that we need to continue again. It seems like the last two months went too fast. Are we doing the right thing?" She immediately began to justify herself. "I mean, it's for the greater good… but… we have to die…"

Oh… did I forget to mention that? Yeah, prophecy says that Amaterasu and I wouldn't make it out of the final battle alive.

"I know. But I know that we will only be replaced by the best. Trust me."

"Will we get to be together?" She asked, her gaze still focused on the sun.

"Of course. Now, come on. We need to get Gage and Issun." She stood up, and we walked silently back to my house. We opened the door, and Gage already had breakfast cooking.

"There you two lovebirds are! I was up, so I made you guys some breakfast. Oh, and I thought I'd let you guys know, as a reverence to old times, I got you two something. He pulled two Holy Bones out from behind its back. He threw them in our direction- and I, in perfect fashion, leaped towards it, captured it, and began to go to town.

"Aw, thanks Gage! It means a lot." Amaterasu said before digging into hers.

"Thanks, bro. 'Preciate it." I said, having to TRY to pull away from it if only for a moment.

"Is everyone ready to get moving?" Issun asked. "Oh, I'm so excited! Furball, Dusty, Gage and I, all out on the trail again! Kicking baddie butt!"

"Hold on Issun. We're not even packed yet." Gage said, smiling. He pulled out his staff. "In the meantime- considering I AM packed- I'm going to train."

"Have a fun time, bro." I said, my teeth still focused on the bone. I decided I would save some for later, packing it in the knapsack that we were bringing along. Blankets, spare food, a coin purse, Issun's scrolls and brushes, some memoirs of Kamiki, and finally, spare clothes for Gage- we were packed.

We spent about a half-hour training as well. Amaterasu and I, dodging, tackling, but not trying to kill each other. With each maneuver, my mind became more and more sharp- back to its previous state. Even Issun managed to use Denkomaru (his sword) to slash through a scarecrow- that's impressive. Then, we spent an hour reminiscing. Our past adventures, all the way back to our past.

I was the only one who didn't speak- for me, it was still too painful to relive. We went back to the house at 11:30. We made sure we were all packed, said goodbye to all the villagers, and began to the Shinshu Field.

We stood at the border between Kamiki, and Shinshu. "Are you guys ready?" Gage asked, his arms crossed.

We all replied positively- and within seconds, we had the entire village cheering behind us. "Looks like it's time." I said, smiling. We took the steps into Shinshu field, and we watched the entire field open in front of us.

We stepped out, feeling the fresh air, beholding the beauty that was Shinshu Field. Even two months later, it was as beautiful as ever. As our entire team exchanged looks. I smiled. "Everyone," I started. "Welcome to Shinshu Field, round two."