The results are in!

A recap on what the vote was for...

~ Tell me, dear readers, in this day and age, is it appropriate for a groom to wear a leather collar and leash under his wedding day tux? ~

As it stands, we have 41 votes for yes and 13 votes for no.

However, amongst that number were quite a few suggestions.

I've picked out my faves.

- Perhaps Bella could buy him a slim one, one that won't be quite so 'seen' under his tux?

- What if Bella finally decided she wanted it to be Edward that collared her for the first time, and on their wedding day because it would mean so much, she walks down the aisle in a collar and Charlie holds the leash?

- Edward could have his collar bedazzled for the wedding.

- What if instead of exchanging rings they exchange collars?

- What if, instead of the ribbons being tied around their hands like in Jewish ceremonies, they have the leash from his collar wrapped around their hands?

I must say people, where were you when I was brainstorming in the middle of the night? Huh?

Come on, fess up, you're all secretly doms or subs behind closed doors, aren't you?

Would've saved me having to dump my internet history after I finished the book if you'd have all stumped up suggestions like those above. Hows does one explain why mummy has the words, 'what is a spreader bar' in the drop down Google box?

Thanks for playing along everyone who did.

This story was so much fun for me, and I hope you've enjoyed it too.

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Cheers all,

love and best wishes to you and yours,