Book Two

"If Gojira could survive the blast from that of a hydrogen bomb…

… then what makes you think bombs and bullets can do anything to hurt him?"

-Doctor Kyohei Yamane-hakase


August 5, 2029 10:41 AM

Sailors gathered what they could from the rubble and turmoil caused by the spectacle the night previous. Archer moved about thinking rapidly about saving his own hide. Passing back and forth, he watched each man picking up the ruins of the camp, and passing them along to a pit where they were throwing the stuff into.

Archer threw his hands behind his back, accepted the feelings being held in his head. His camera was gone, everything he had shot, everything he has scene for proof was now smashed beneath a footprint. But, his own mind had created a scheme. It can only happen once, and only once. His mind raced to craft the plan as best he could with the blistering sun shining upon his already blistered head. This is a one shot deal, he thought ignoring the pain. One for all the money in the world…

Sailors were taking no chances. John Archer saw this. They moved about with their weapons constantly at the ready. Those with a gun were loaded. There was no making a mistake like the night before. Archer simply continued to march his body across the land beneath him.

He then looked up; saw Sweet standing by the shore giving others their orders. Archer smiles, moved for him, and prepared what to say.

"Sweet," Archer shouted limping.

Sweet turned with a grim face, and a long scowl.

"What is it, Archer?"

Sweet seemed to be ignoring him. This annoyed Archer as he watched Sweet moving about, trying not to look at him.

"I have an idea," said Archer with enthusiasm.

Sweet then turned immediately after the words finished. His anger was present in his face. Archer saw his redness.

"I have had enough of your plans!"

Archer shook his head and retorted.

"Listen, Sweet… I've lost the camera… everything we say here is gone. I have a plan to make up for it."

"And get more of my boys killed right?"

"God no," stated Archer trying to hide his anger. "Just hear me out."

Sweet hesitated. Archer was on edge enough already. I have no time, Sweet needs to hurry up, he thought.

"Alright… what is it?"

Archer smiled.

"We capture, Kong."

"Kong…" Sweet began to laugh soon after. He continued with, "… what is that some name you conjured up for that ape?" Sweet continued to laugh wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"Not me… people from Indonesia. Many spoke of legends of a giant ape… they named it Kong… don't you think it fits?"

"I think you're a damned idiot… that's what," stated Sweet.

Archer cringed at that. No one ever spoke to him like that. Not even his producers, or executives. He always got what he wanted, and no one would stand in his way. Sweet was the first, and this feeling was new to Archer. He thought of a politicians approach.

"Sweet, the name doesn't matter… but my plan does."

Sweet shook his head, then looked at the ground. His mouth flattened, clearly thinking of something. Archer saw this, and took the opportunity to sway his opponent's opinion.

"I saw the bulldozers you have on that ship, as well as the stock piles of chloroform. We can raft them over here… dig a pit. Then, you can tell your sailors to cut down the surrounding trees to cover it… make a trap for Kong."

Sweet interrupted.

"And just how will you attract him?"

Archer gave his answer.

"Every time we were in danger, Kong was there. Those worms, that red creature… Kong was there. We can attract him by firing our guns in the air. Sweet, come on. Fill that pit with the chloroform, lead Kong to it, let him fall in," John could not help but smile at the image. "We'll be famous the world over."

"You're a lunatic," stated Sweet waving him off. He began to walk away.

Archer followed closely.

"Sweet, come on! Think of it. Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World. The tale of how Captain Josh Sweet and his gallant crew caught the beast. We'd make millions, and I'd share it with all of you! His name up in lights on Broadway, London, Paris… Sweet just think of it!"

Sweet stopped, swallowed, then turned to look at Archer in the eyes. He took a deep breath as Archer waited in anticipation.

"So many of my boys died here because of you, Archer…"

"And with the camera gone," Archer interrupted. "They would have died for nothing."

"Out of the question. Don't you dare pull that bull shit on me" exclaimed Sweet with furry.

Archer saw this, and thought of only one thing to say. He knew it would persuade him.


Sweet's face went from furry to pure sorrow. Archer gave a crooked smile. He had won again, and to drive his point home, he would pull of the finishing blow.

"Do you want him to have died for nothing?"

Archer made sure his voice sounded caring. I do not care about him at all, he thought. He died from his own fault. Not my problem.

Sweet straightened his back, blinked several times trying not to show his tears dripping from his eyes.

"Alright, Archer. You have one chance… don't you make my people die in vain."

"I won't," Archer stated to reassure Sweet. "No one else will die here."

Archer's victory was final, and all chances of failure had slipped his mind. He felt in a bliss, and he walked away to find Richard, ignoring Sweet who was still standing with wet tears falling to the rocks below.