7:43 PM

He hated the mobile head-quarters. It bounced back and forth with every little bump as if it was a sink hole. But it was the price to pay for having to be on the move rapidly as Godzilla continued to sweep forward like as incubus of destruction. Hagans began to look at photos on his tablet; each covered in flames, and crushed buildings. Lynn was not that far away anymore, and the city was nothing but a cluster of panicked civilians, and the oncoming reinforcements Hagans had requested for his new operation.

The downfall to these new numbers of support was the lack of movement. Roads were bogged down by either troops or civilians making a mad dash for their lives. Transport trucks, and local busses had all be used up early on, people packed in every little craves. But there were simply too many people to deal with. This resulted in many being left behind, and McTavish was the one who was overseeing their evacuation. Those blessed with escaping early on did not have to deal with rain, no electricity, and no running water. The only thing the public had was what they could carry on their backs.

Shellburn was going on with Hagans, and proving his loyalty. The General felt blessed that McTavish was gone most of the time. There was now no one to be down his neck constantly, questioning his every move.

The screen on his tablet lit up, footage of Godzilla reaching a major electrical station showed. His body massive, skin black with against his glowing red chest. Every step the ground shook, sending cars in the parking lot jolting upwards like small toys. Footprints dug into the pavement, nails pushing down the mud and soft soil, tail moving back and forth behind the colossus. The occasional tracer of an armed unit would strike the beast from either the right or the left, but it paid no attention. The Kaiju continued forward, head moving around, looking for something, teeth showing, face snarling, eyes full of anger.

Godzilla reached the first line of electrical towers, each going up to his thighs only. Without any trouble, he walked through them, sparks flying, wires thrashing about. He then looked around, and continued moving forward, feet stepping on the main power sources, small explosions and fires started. A helicopter then flew over, a light shining down onto the behemoth. Godzilla peered up on it, two fangs sticking down from its upper jaw. He snarled, and turned to head towards Lynn again, one footstep at a time, smoke creating an aura around him.

Hagans put the footage away, understood that a lot of power had just gone out around the area because of what he just saw. Nothing was deterring this creature. The situation was about to become dire. Despite the bogging down of their forces, he is going to have no choice but to push things forward despite not being ready. Godzilla had to be slowed before reaching Lynn as the already doubled number of civilians were still evacuating.

"Shellburn," he broke out.

The Major stopped what he was doing and turned.

"Tell the forces to be ready by 6:00 tomorrow morning."

"Sir," Shellburn asked with a confused look on his face. "Are we going to be ready?"

Hagans did not feel like answering. He turned and crossed his arms. No matter what he did, the results were not going to end well. People were going to die, but it was up to Hagans to decide just who. Will more civilians be killed, or will the people he's taught most of his life, people he taught to fight?

"Just," he then took a breath. "Just do it, Major."