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Alex Russo looked up at her fiancé, Mason Greyback. Her glossy curls bounced as she looked up at him. Mason held her against his chest.

"What is that you have to tell me?" he asked in his English accent,

biting her lip Alex. She couldn't tell him she knew that this would bring disgrace to both their families but she wanted so much for this to happen.

Turning around Alex bore her head into his chest; tears fell from Alex's brown eyes.

"Love, please tell me what is wrong; I can't bear to see you like this. What has gotten you so upset?" His soothing voice fell over her coaxing the words out from her lips.

"I'm pregnant."

The world froze at that moment for Mason. Slowly he wrapped his arms around Alex, placing a hand on her head pulling her into his shoulder. Bearing his head in her shoulder, standing like that for several moments as Mason tried to process what Alex just told him. Recollecting all of his memories from the past month he tried to think when that could have happened. Then it hit him the night of their anniversary. But, it seemed impossible for her to be pregnant.

"Are you kidding?" are the only words that he would manage.

Shaking her head Alex chocked out tears. "Mason, I'm sorry this is my fault."

"No, no love this isn't your fault but, I'm just surprised. "

"I knew that you wouldn't want a child."

"No, I am just caught off guard. It's rare for a wizard and werewolf to have children it is hard for them to reproduce together." Explained Mason.

"But it happened." Alex cried, pressing her face to her hands.

"Yes it did."

"What are we going to do?" Asked Alex, "I mean whatever you want to do I will do."

"Alex," Mason sighed, "we both know that you want to keep it. And I will do anything that you want to do. I don't want to give up our little life form up for adoption, nor abortion."

Alex raised a hand to her small rosy mouth, "oh thank you Mason." She embraced him in a tight hug. "I love you so much."

"And I you." Returned Mason in a soft whisper.

A few days passed and Alex and Mason made an appointment at the doctor in the wizarding world.

Alex and Mason sat side by side in the yellow sofa, as other couple came and went some wizard some not. They finally reached their turn.

"Alex Russo." Called the fairy nurse, she had sparkly makeup around her eyes with her curly red hair pulled up in intricate twirls.

The young fairy shook Mason and Alex's hands. "Hello, I am Sasha and I will be your nurse; please follow me."

Following Sasha, Mason started to feel sick to his stomach. Running his fingers through his hair he heaved a great sigh. Alex looked at him and laced his hands between hers. And nodded as if to say "it will be ok".

Leading them to a room at the end of the clinic Sash closed the wooden door behind them. Alex and Mason both say in the wicker brown chairs and shifted in nervousness.

"So," began Sasha, "I can tell that you are new parents. So tell me about you too how it all happened, what are you concerns, what race are you guys." Sasha gestured with her hands.

"Well I am a wizard and Mason and a Werewolf." Began Alex, shifting her weight in the chair glancing at Mason.

"Ah I see, well that is quite rare. And I hope that you know that since your child will be half Werewolf this will be a difficult pregnancy."

"Yeah we know." Alex nodded,

"You still want to proceed or will you like get an abortion?" Asked Sasha,

Then as soon as Sasha asked the question Mason leaned forward and jammed the words out of his mouth, "we want to keep it!"

"Well, do you agree?" asked Sasha,

Nodding her head Alex turned to Mason and took his hand.

"Ok good now if you would please lay on the examining table-"

Interrupted by Mason he asked, "What will you do to her?"

"If you let me finish I was going to say that we would how far along she is and the gender of the baby." Sasha finished nervously.

"Oh." Mason said embarrassed.

"Ok, now please lie on the table and lift up your shirt so we can see your abdomen."

Lying on the cold examination table Alex slowly lifted up her shirt so all could see her flat stomach. The Sash placed her warm hands on Alex's stomach, and then a soft light began to kindle from her hands.

Mason who began to flinch but then he saw how Alex flashed him a look.

Sasha's eyes closed as she contracted, then her eyebrows contracted then relaxed.

"Well I know how far along you are and the gender. Which would you like to know first?"

Alex looked at Mason and they both nodded, "We would like to know how far along I am first."

"You are one month exactly and the gender of your baby is a girl."

A few days later

Alex and Mason have no told any of their family members of their child though they decide that they must soon.

"Alex please we can't tell my parents, you know how they are." Mason nearly screamed,

"Well Mason I don't want to lie to any of our parents I want them to know about the baby."

"They won't accept her and I don't think that I could live with that."

"You don't know that, and I want them to be aware of the fact that they have a grandchild."

Mason sighed; he knew that she was right. "Ok, ok we will but please I want to tell them by myself and we have to tell your parents first."

"Ok I actually called my parents today and told them that we were coming over."

Mason gulped and nodded his head. "Ok Love whatever you want."

At dinner

The whole Russo family including Mason was sitting around the table in Alex's parent's dining room. They were all laughing and having a great time though the one thought about the baby loomed in their minds.

"Oh daddy this breakfast for dinner is the best." Said Alex with a laugh.

Jerry gave a small laugh, "Thank you Alex."

"So Mason what are you doing for work?" asked Justin Russo Alex's eldest brother.

"Umm well I am an artist for a local gallery."

"That is very good." Said Theresa with a smile.

Alex and Mason nodded at each other and decided that it was time to tell them about the baby.

"Umm, guys Mason and I have to tell you something important." Alex said with a swallow.

Max, Justin and her parents all stopped and turned their attention to the couple.

"What is it Alex?" asked Max,

"Oh god you're not going to tell us that you put something got two got evicted because of Alex and need to stay with us." Said Jerry,

"No, no it's not that it's just that-"Mason stopped scared to go on.

"What is it? Are you in some kind of trouble?" Asked Theresa, shaking her head in worry.

"No, not exactly." Alex began

"Oh good, I was scared for a second that you were going to say Mason got you pregnant or something." Jerry said with a laugh. Everyone joined in.

"Dad it actually is that." Alex whispered, looking down.

The laughing stopped as soon as it started.

"You aren't kidding are you?" asked Jerry,

Shaking her head Alex grew a somber look.

"Oh my Mija is having a baby; I am finally going to be a grandmother." Theresa gushed and went to give Alex and Mason both a kiss on the cheek.

Justin sighed, "Mom this isn't something that you should be happy about."

"Why?" asked Theresa,

"Because when a wizard and werewolf mate the chances of the female getting pregnant are like 1000,000 to 1 and the pregnancy is very dangerous. That is why you rarely see werewolf/wizard relationships."

"We know that and I know that I am out of line here but I love Alex and I am glad that she will be having my child." Challenged Mason,

"Do you know that you have put Alex's life in danger?" Justin asked furiously.

"Yes I know that and I will take that risk. I had the choice to abort this baby but I chose to keep it on my own choice no Mason's." Cried Alex,

Everyone went silent.

"If that is how you feel then I will help you if you need it I will help you but if you die, I will kill Mason with my own hands." Justin said through gritted teeth.

Mason swallowed, and flinched.

"Alex I think I speak for Theresa and myself but we will support you through this all."

"Thank you dad." Alex took her dad's hand and leaned over to give him a hug.