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As the two men ventured on into the mummy's lair they heard laughing, a cold raspy laugh. They both presumed that it was the mummy and they were right. The mummy was stroking Alex's hair, the two men watched in disgust from behind a corner.

"Ok," Justin whispered, "we need to get in there. I am going to put these goggles and I will grab him. I want you to go in there and get Alex."

"But Mate, I can't let you. I will come back for you." Mason said his brown eyes bore into Justin. Justin knew that it was no use arguing. "Ok, but before you do make sure that Alex is safe."

Mason nodded; Mason crouched down ready and waiting for Justin. "Ok, when I say 'now' come out and get her." Justin repeated as he put on the old but still usable Mummy hunting goggles. Walking backwards but still being about to see behind him thanks to the goggles he makes way to the mummy who had his back turned to Justin. Justin grabbed the mummy pulling his arms behind his back, twisting up the mummy's arms making them both stagger back.

In the confusion Justin managed to yell, "Now Mason."

Mason ran over to Alex, whom was still in her coma/trance like state. Mason picked her up bridal style her arms hung uselessly over her side. The wig that was placed over Alex's head was coming off after the gold hair piece had fallen off.

Mason had run off to the end of the lair's corridor. He was trapped, but Mason did the only thing that he could do- he busted through the stoned door. Mason crashed through the door and got a sore shoulder and dust all over him and Alex.

Mason laid Alex over to the side of the building in a somewhat grassy area, he kissed her head and went back to help Justin. By the time he ran back to Justin he had turned into a werewolf.

The mummy had broken free of Justin's grasp and Justin was being held by some of the minions of the mummy. Mason saw the goggles lying by the far wall; Justin had his eyes close and his head bowed.

Mason took a few steps back, his muscles tensed. He could make a run for it and leave Justin. He could tell Alex some bullshit lie about how Justin died. How would she know, she was in a coma. But instead Mason darted to the far wall and pulled the goggles on.

Using them with quick precision Mason managed to free Justin. "How do we defeat him mate?" Mason asked Justin. Justin still with his eyes shut answered. "We I will have to cast a spell on him. But I need the goggles."

"Ok, here." Mason said as he handed Justin the goggles eyes closed. Justin groped the goggles from Mason's hand. He felt the smooth aged wood beneath his fingers. Justin pulled on the goggles and blinked, he saw stars, but quickly gained clear vision.

Pulling out his wand from his back pocket Justin readied it. The end began to glow red then green. Waving his wand in a circular fashion he began to chant the spell. "Mummy, mummy here there be gone you go!" Justin pointed his wand at the mummy and made the mummy glow then eroded away leaving only his bandages behind.

Justin Russo stood there; he slowly pulled of the mask and looked at his surroundings. All of the minions around him stood there in a daze, helping out one another. Justin turned to Mason whom still had his eyes closed.

Justin shook Mason's shoulder, "Mason we did it!" He said proudly. Mason looked around and smiled. "We did do it mate."

"Now go to Alex, I will stay behind and clean up here." Justin said as he gave Mason a push.

Mason began to run to Alex, she was beginning to wake up. Her hair was becoming messy her makeup was smudged and a sleeve on her dress was slipping off of her shoulder. She slowly sat up confused, "Where am I?" she murmured.

Mason came to Alex's side; he cradled her in his arms and hugged her. He places a hand on her abdomen and buried his head in her shoulder, tears wetting her neck.

Alex who is a little confused wrapped her arms around him and kisses his head. "Mason what happened to me?"

"You were kidnapped by the mummy and I didn't have to for two days. I thought I had lost you and my baby." Mason said as he ran his hand over her abdomen.

"Oh Mason you know I can't be kidnapped, I am invincible." Alex said with a slight giggle.

"That you are my love that you are." Mason said with an amused smirk.

"Ok, well can we go home please? I want to shower and eat." Alex said with a disgusted tone.

"You are the wizard my dear."

"Oh yeah, duh." Alex said with a wave of her hand.

A few days later

Mason and Alex presumed a normal lifestyle or a normal as they could. They didn't talk much about the mummy incident though it was mentioned a few times. But due to the fact that Alex was in a coma for two days there really was nothing to talk about.

On the course of the few days Alex's family came and saw her. They were relieved that she was ok, Harper also come along to see how Mason and her were doing. She was very pleased to see that their relationship was stronger than ever.

A few more weeks passed and Alex was 18 weeks pregnant and that's when she started to feel her baby kick. Alex was painting a portrait when she first felt them. She dropped her paint brush, it clattered and Mason heard it. He turned his head in alarm.

"Alex what's wrong?" Mason asked.

Alex turned her tear rimmed eyes toward him. "It's the baby."

"What do you mean?" Mason asked confused, clearly not aware of what was going on.

Mason walked closer to Alex, hoping to find out what she was talking out. "Here give me your hand." Alex said as he gently pulled Mason's left hand and pressed it against her abdomen. Mason stood there and waited, just about when he was loosing interest he felt a small 'thump'. He pulled away a little then placed his hand back on Alex's abdomen.

"Alex, was the baby just kicking?" He asked wide eyed. Alex nodded with a smile growing on her face.

"Yes she just kicked, I was a little worried because usually the babies start kicking around 16 weeks but I am so glad she just kicked."

Mason pulled Alex into a hug, it blew his mind on how there was a little life form growing inside his one and only love. And this little life form they he helped create. With their bodies close together they both felt the kick. It was a little stronger this time.

"Alex I never thought of this but what are we going to name the baby?" Mason asked still hugging Alex.

"Hmm, I really don't know." Alex answered.

"I like the name Riley." Mason said.

"Ahh, it's too over used." Alex said with a frown.

"Ok, then how about we think of a name by tomorrow then we share it and work at it from there." Mason suggested.

The Next Day

When the next day finally approached Mason and Alex both had an idea of what they wanted to name the baby. Though they were having doubts about the names the chose.

"Ok, Mason you go first."

"What why me?" Mason cried distraught.

"Go." Alex ordered.

"Fine, I chose the name Alya Raine Greyback." Mason said quite proudly.

"Ok, my turn." Breathed Alex, "I chose the name Juno Harper Greyback." Alex said with an air or ignorance.

"Ok, how about we combine the names somehow." Mason said.

"Ok, well I really want Harper to be a middle name. She has always been there for me."

"Ok, well I agree."

"Mason dear I am sorry, but I don't like the name Alya, it's cute for a dog." Alex said apologetically.

"Ah come on that was the name of my first dog." Mason pouted.

"Oh I am sorry dear but I like the name Raine for a middle name."

"Ok, I can agree to that."

"So her name will be Juno Raine Harper Greyback?" Alex asked.

"Yes, I think that that will suit her quite well."

"Ok well Juno, you finally have a name." Alex said as she looked down to her abdomen.

"Welcome to the family, Juno." Mason chimed.