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Alex was now nineteen months pregnant and though she didn't look it, she felt it. Alex's feet began to swell up and she got horrible mood swings. She would go from lovingly kissing Mason to nagging at him. Poor Mason didn't complain and endured it.

But one of the things that embarrassed Alex horribly was the fact that her breast swelled up. They grew at least 2 cup sizes. Even though Mason did like it Alex wore very modest clothing.

Mason and Alex were visiting Alex's parents when the question was asked out of the blue. "When are you guys going to get married?" Theresa had asked Alex.

Alex gave her mom a confused look. Mason and Alex were engaged and things were so hectic lately that they hadn't thought about it. "Oh, I don't know we haven't thought about it."

"Alexandra, you are almost five months pregnant that baby is coming soon. You have to get married soon. I will not accept it if you have that baby and you aren't married." Theresa said with her arms crossed as she gave Alex and Mason a look.

"But, we can't just plan a wedding out of the blue like this." Alex protested.

"Actually, I would like to say that my mum has been planning my wedding for the past 100 years. We could all go to England and do the wedding there. And Mrs. Russo can make a few tweaks here and there, with our supervision of course." Mason suggested.

"Actually Mason, I would like to take you up on that offer, please let your mother know." Theresa said to Mason. He nodded and turned to Alex who conjured up a portal that led to England.

The entire Russo family that included Jerry, Theresa, and Alex went through the door following Mason. Mason led them to the grand castle's doorstep. "I thought werewolves lived in caves." Jerry said.

"Well yes for the most part but we own both and my parents live in either or." Mason explained as he knocked on the door. The grand woodened door swung open and there in the doorway was Mason's mom, Linda.

Her face was twisted in an expression of surprise. "Oh, Mason what are you doing here?" She cried. But before Mason could answer she pulled him into a bone grinding hug. Then she went over to Alex and hugged her but more gently. When she caught the eye of the strangers her eyes blazed in understanding.

"You are Alexandra's parents, no?" She asked.

Theresa came forward and extended her hand, "Hi I'm Theresa Russo, and this is my husband Jerry. And well the kids were talking about getting married soon since the baby is coming soon. So, Mason told me that you already had something in mind and I was wondering if I could at a bit of my Latin flair to it. You know, like maybe the style of the dress." Theresa said as Linda shook her hand.

"Oh, yes I do think that would be lovely, why don't you stay for dinner so we can discuss it." Theresa nodded and stepped inside the house. She looked around and gasped, the Greybacks obviously had money. You could tell by the way they decorated their home.

As the two moms went off to discuss the wedding Mason and Alex went to Mason's old bedroom. They sat on Mason's old bed, it was clean and made, as if still awaiting its owner. "Mason, has all of this been really happening? Am I just living in some dream?" Alex asked her voice hazy.

"No, my love, this is our reality." Mason said with a chuckle.

Alex opened her eyes to add on to what Mason had said, but the baby had kicked. "Oh, Mason the baby."

"Did Juno kick?" Mason asked as he pressed a hand to her abdomen. Mason felt the soft kick that belonged to his daughter.

Jerry Russo was wandering the halls of the Greyback manor. His eyes wide when he saw all of the expensive relics. Then he heard a small squeak that sounded like Alex. He picked up his pace and came to the door way of Mason's room. There he saw Mason smiling with a hand on Alex's abdomen.

"What happened?" he asked in alarm.

"Oh dad come here you have to feel this." Alex said waving her dad over to her side.

Jerry consciously came over, and hesitatingly places his hand on Alex's stomach. He pulled away when he felt the small kick. His eyes wide with tears, his baby girl was growing up. "Aw dads don't cry." Alex chimed.

"I don't wanna but my baby girl is having a baby." Jerry blubbered. Mason stood up and patted Jerry on the shoulder. "Don't worry Mr. Russo; I will take good care of them both."

"You better." He cried.


A few hours passed and Linda and Theresa were planning the wedding, they wouldn't let Alex or Mason look at the blueprints. They kept saying, "Soon, soon." But then to only shut the study's door behind them.

Finally at 10:00 PM England time long after Mason and his family turned into Werewolves Linda and Theresa finally let the young couple see the wedding design. Mason and Alex both agreed on the wedding plan.

The wedding was set on July 7th three weeks from the present day. As the weeks went on Alex and Mason both became very busy, Alex with the wedding dress fitting and Mason with tux fittings and work.

Finally when the day came both were a nervous wreck. The past few weeks went by in a blur, when Alex was getting ready for her wedding, Harper the braid's maid was doing her hair.

"Oh Alex the day has finally come. I only knew the day would come soon." Harper chimed. "I mean this is like one of the most important milestones in your life. And if you were to screw it up then that would traumatize you-""Harper, this is not helping." Alex said in a slight panic.

"Sorry Alex, you know how I get." Harper apologized

When it was time to walk the bride out Mason got into position. The pianist started to play then Alex walked down the aisle being escorted by her dad. Everyone was turned to look at them, everyone from Alex's childhood was there, professor crumbs, tutor, everyone.

Mason gave a smile when he saw his beautiful bride. Alex smiled back when she saw him. Finally the crying Jerry let Alex go to her soon to be husband. The priest said went through all of the traditional I dos and finally he said "Do you Alexandra Russo take Mason Greyback to be your loufly wedded husband."

Alex's eyes filled with tears, "I do."

"And so you Mason Greyback take Alexandra to your loufly wedded wife?"

Mason turned to Alex, "I do."

"I pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride."

Mason leaned in and kissed Alex. Everyone began to cheer and clap. It was official Alex Russo was now Alex Greyback.