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Jerry was pacing the length of his room; his wife who lay on the bed sighed and looked at him. "Jerry what are we going to do?"

"I don't know that's the problem, I think we will have to get Alex and Mason to help us." Jerry said with a worried expression.

"But Jerry they won't help us after what we did to them. I mean they have every right to be mad at us," Theresa said as she ran a hand through her thick brown hair.

"I know Alex. She will be angry but she won't turn her back on us."

At the Greyback household Alex was crying into the arms of her husband Mason. Her makeup was running down her face. Stress surged through her body. Her muscles ached and she her heart ached as well.

"Shsh, Shsh. Calm down my love being stressed like this is not good for the baby." Mason said as her kissed his wife's head and comfortingly rubbed her hands that were clasped in her lap. She sat length ways across his lap leaning against him.

Mason was very concerned for his wife. It did hurt Mason that her parents acted the way they did, but he was sure that it hurt Alex more than it hurt him. As she sobbed into his shoulder even more the makeup that was once on her face was wiped off onto his shirt.

Alex and Mason decided that it was time to go to bed and maybe this whole thing would blow over. Then just as they were about to climb into bed Alex's phone began to ring. "Let me get it, Love." Mason said as he reached over and grabbed the iPhone from the bedside table. His eyes widened at the sight of the caller, he tapped the screen and answered.

"Hello?" Mason asked with a steely tone.

"Hi, Mason. Can I talk to Alex?" Jerry asked nervously. Mason glanced over at his wife who still looked heartbroken.

"Uh, yeah I don't think that, that will be a good idea."

"Please Mason. You don't understand I have to talk to her. The fate of this family's secret is at risk."

Giving a tired sigh Mason handed the phone over to Alex. "It's your dad. Do you want to talk to him?" Alex looked over at Mason and took the phone from him.

"What do you want?"

"First I just want to say that I am sorry. I truly regret what we did. I just want to say that I am sorry and I want you, Mason and Juno all to be in our life, my life."

"If you say that then why did you do it?"

"Alex, I am sorry we are running out of time I will explain when this is all over. But I need you to go to the Wizard World and get Justin and Juliet."


"Long story but will you help us?"

"Yeah, sure dad but can I do it tomorrow? I am tired."

"No, please do it now. Call him with your wand. Go to Wiz Tech. I don't care what you do talk to him though."

"Ok, I will. Goodbye." With that Alex hung up.

"What was that about?" Mason curiously asked as he climbed underneath the sheets.

"I have to call Justin, why I am not sure." With an annoyed sigh Alex grabbed her wand from the bedside table and dials the number of Justin. With a few short rings Justin answered.

"Hi, Alex, What is it?" Justin asked with a hint of surprise in his voice. Alex barley called him- unless something was wrong.

"Justin, it seems like we have to come and save the day again." Alex said her voice becoming dry and mundane.

Justin was caught off with a mix of shock and amusement. "But, why would the great Alex Russo need my help? I am just an underling compared to you." Justin said sarcastically.

"Hey, I am serious and I am a Greyback now. Nowhere in my name is there a Russo anymore." Alex protested.

"Whatever, but what did you need help with?"

"Its dad something to do with Grandma, I have no idea what it is; they kicked us out before we could find out. But call dad." Alex huffed, still very much mad about what her family had done.

"Yeah, I will call him now. But first why were you kicked out?" Justin demanded slightly concerned.

"I don't know ask him. But goodbye, I'm tired." With that the line was dead and Justin Russo sat in bitter silence was he began to dial the Russo household home phone number.

"Hello?" Answered Jerry, he wasn't sure to who it was.

"Dad, Alex asked me to call you. Are you ok?"

"Okay and no things aren't ok; we told grandma that you and Juliet live in Canada. And she insists that we come and see you. And you know how she is so we cannot do anything. So can you conjure up a house that in Ontario, Canada?"

"Dad, you of all people should know how complicated magic is. I can't just conjure up a house and poof everything is ok. That will require a lot of magic and we going out of our already planned schedule will be hard. I am already as busy as it is. With Wiz Tech and Juliet and the baby-"Justin was cut off there by Jerry.

"What,' the baby'? What do you mean by that?"

"Shit, just forget it dad and besides this is about you not me."

Giving a well deserved sigh Justin shook his head wanting to kick his dad. "Ok, I will call you with the directions tomorrow. Just stall Grandma as long as you can."

The line went dead.

Justin leaned back in his office chair. Running his hand through his black hair he sat up and called Juliet.

"Hey, Juliet,"

"Hey, Justin,"

"Guess what, I have great news!"

"What's the news?" Juliet nervously asked.

"Were moving to Canada," Justin said in hopes that Juliet wouldn't freak out.

"What," Juliet cried Justin heard the breaking of a vase in the background.

"Calm down it is pretend. My parents need my help and I need to make a house in Canada. So clear the rest of your agenda!" Justin said with a fa├žade. Juliet saw right through it.

"Why are you helping your parents?"

"They need me and it might be fun! And a new place where we can do it." Justin said with a smile and a slight chuckle.

"Shut up." Juliet said as she blushed a deep crimson. Justin laughed at her reaction.

"Ok, well I have to go prepare for our 'move' talk to you later my dear." Justin said with a laugh and hung up.

Well now I have to go read up on building spells, Justin thought to himself as he flashed out of his office to the library.