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A family was torn apart that day. It was all because of one person who had no intention to do that. She was just a simple old lady who stuck to her morals. But, what was even sadder was the fact that the family was torn apart at a time like this.

At a time when many new and great things were happening, a new life was about to come into the world. That little baby would be the being that closed the gap between two very different races, Wizards and Werewolves always at conflict with one another.

It was a thing unspoken war, tension. One always tried to outsmart the other. Though the Wizards were at unspoken war with all the other creatures of the world the tension between the two was the greatest.

Werewolves always seduced young Wizards, there was always conflict. It was not simply because the people weren't right for each other or that there were problems between the two creatures. It was the social pressure.

So things just collapsed on their own. That was all there was to it really. There were also complications with the offspring, that is if the relationship lasted that long. During the pregnancy the mother, if a Wizard often had immense pain.

Though not always the case, the mother often had cravings that a Werewolf had. She would find herself acting on her primal instincts. What was even more intriguing was the pregnancy of a Werewolf mother.

She would find herself taking up the scent of a Wizard or inhibiting a magic like aura. Though the child was always born healthy enough, but with some sort of disability. It seemed like the magic or the hormones were too much for the child so the powers sometimes canceled out, making the child human-like.

Though what was often the case the child favoured one parent over the other. Thus showing no traits of the other parents magic at all. So that child would often live with the parent that it took after. Thus having no other connection with the other parent in most cases.

Though this case is a very different and special case. This child that was about to be born would change everything that we knew about the Werewolf Wizard relationship. She would one day create her own legacy.

A week or so had passed since Justin's break down, he and Juliette cut off connection to the Russos for the time being. Justin was in his study when Juliette walked in. Looking up Justin gave Juliette a small smile.

"How are you dear," Juliette asked as she leaned over and kissed Justin's head.

''I am fine I suppose, I just can't shake the image from the head of last week."

"Justin, you freaked out, you are only one person. No one is mad at you." Juliette with the efforts of comforting him.

"No, my parents and grandmother are made at me."

"But, your siblings aren't."

Justin laughed and nodded, "That is so true my dear."

Juliette could see that something else was looming on Justin's thoughts. She had her suspicions to what it was, but she was scared to upset Justin more.

"Justin, I uh heard what you and your dad said. The thing about the potion." Juliette said her mouth moving with a slow grace. Justin looked away from his girlfriend whom sat in his lap.

"I can't risk you." He whispered, he held his head down further tears escaped from his closed eyes. Juliette sighed and pressed her lips against his, causing him to kiss her back.

"Justin, I want this. You want this.'"

"No, I don't want to lose you after I just got you back. I love you Juliette and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, forever eternal right?"

She gave a small laugh and remembered what she had promised. "Justin, I know and that time will come soon, but before that let's have a child."

"It is too risky, I love you too much."

"You know that I won't let this go so easily so might as well agree." Justin's eyes adverted away from Juliette's. He knew that, that was true. He wanted so much for him and Juliette to have a child, but that could never happen without the fertility potion.

The only problem with this potion is that it is a very dangerous potion. The potion works in three stages, each more dangerous than the last. What the position does is make Juliette fertile form the time of conceiving and the time the child is born. During that time, she would have to take she different types of the potion. Each becoming stronger because the body tries to revert back to its original state.

If that were to ever happen the child would be killed and forever stay in the state of a fetus. The potion is also potent to the mother during that state, but even more to the unborn child. That being the reason why the potion is never used.

But what is even more complexion is the fact that the child does take up the genes of the mother, making it half of whatever the mother is. Only once the Wizard World has seen a half wizard, half vampire child.

It grew like a human, but had the blood drinking urges of the vampire and inherited the ability to use magic and to move like a vampire along with a few other abilities. Though it did not have the Vampire's weakness to sunlight and garlic.

The child was only sensitive to those things. Knowing this Juliette wanted to try, even though it could harm the child.

Justin sighed and gave Juliette a small nod of his head. "Ok, we will try."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I want this as much as you do." Justin said as he handed Juliette the potion that he had premade just in case.

She brought the drink to her lips and drank the sweet tasting potion. Then as it slid down her throat she dropped the glass. She felt something change in her. Something that she hadn't felt in many years. Her heart began to beat once again; though it was slow it brought her back to life.

She began to give off this lively glow. Justin stared at her, she looked so beautiful. Juliette's fangs protruded even more. She closed her mouth and tasted blood. She was bleeding for the first time in years. She ran her bleeding tongue over her sharp fangs.

Still having the taste for blood she swallowed. "So this is what it feels to be alive again."

"Yes, now this state will last for a few hours then, you will revert back to almost normal."

"Well let's get started then." She said with a devilish smile. . . . . . . . . .