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It was around 11:00 when Alex got home; when she arrived she had bags and bags of baby things. Alex was pretty sure that she would be set for life with baby clothes.

"Welcome home, my love. How was shopping with your mother?" Mason asked his calm English drawing out the words.

"Eh, it was ok; except for the fact that my mom, freakin' interrogated me." Alex said as her hands flourished her feelings.

"Oh really? Did it happen to be about the fact whether or not the baby is mine?" Mason asked with face suspicion.

"Yes, yes that is what it was about exactly; w-wait how do you know? Did they say something to you?" Alex asked with her eyes narrowed.

"Actually yes, your brother Justin came by and started like getting all mad, in the end he believed me and he confessed that he was actually just scared for you."

"Man, it just makes me upset when people think that I could have cheated on you. Like, I mean I love you with all my heart."Alex said with tears coming to her eyes, looking at Mason for comfort he sat down next to her on the black leather couch and pulled her onto his lap.

"Alex, my love I never once suspected you and I will always love you and the baby." Mason held her close and kissed her head.

One week later

"Mason, dear did you ever end up telling your parents?" Alex asked one Saturday when the couple was doing nothing in particular.

Mason was caught off guard with that question, he had been avoiding tell his parents about Alex and the baby. "Umm yeah, about that. The thing is that I never actually told them anything."

"Mason! You swore that you would."Alex cried in anger,

"Yes I know dear, but I am just scared of what they will say."

"Mason, we lived through the time they found out that I was a wizard and we will live through this." Alex said as she laced her fingers between his.

"You are right, I will call them now." Mason pulled out his cell phone and called his parents, Mason had convinced his parents of getting phones since they moved back to the UK and Mason would be staying in New York.

"Hello Mum, Dad I have something to tell you." Mason began nervously, "Ah well you see the thing is that Alex is pregnant." Mason's cheeks went pink when he said it. After a few more "mmmhmms'" and "uhh huhs" Mason hung up.

"So what did they say?" Alex asked with a nervous tone.

"Ah well they want us to come to dinner." Mason said.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked.

"What I mean is that they want us to come to London and eat with them tonight."

Mason explains, "And I told them that we would come."

"Ok, fine its 12:00 now so it is 5:00 there I guess that we should leave now." Alex said,

"Thank you love." Mason hugged Alex as she flashed them both to Mason's parent's house.

When Alex and Mason arrived at Mason's house Alex looked up and surveyed the Victorian styled castle in the middle of the country side. The castle looked very old and decently kept up.

"Ok, well we are here let's go in." Mason said with an assured voice.

"Wait Mason," Alex said as she pulled him close, "this is just a dinner right?"

"Uh yeah of course," Mason said avoiding eye contact.

Inside the house the couple was greeted by the two elder Greybacks, Linda and Grant Greyback. "Oh hello Mason, Alex how is the young expecting couple?"

"We are good." Alex said with a well mannered smile.

"That is excellent, how far are you along?" Linda asked,

"I am 2 months." Alex said as Mason conformed his body to her's and placed a hand on Alex's abdomen.

"Ok well, we have dinner almost ready for you. Linda said as she leads them to the dining hall.

"Mason will you give Alexandra here a tour of the castle?" Grant asks his son with a tight thin lip.

Mason nodded his head and took his love upstairs to show her his old room. While they walked upstairs Alex whispered to Mason, "I thought that your parents disowned you."

"Yeah, so did I but they told me that they wanted to reunite with me because they don't want to miss the birth of their first grandchild."

"But what if. . ." Alex's voice trailed off.

"What if they want to harm you?" Mason finished,

"Yeah." Alex agreed.

"Don't worry they won't hurt you; I will protect you." Mason embraced Alex, pulling her head to his shoulder.

Mason led Alex to his old bedroom. The room was on the 5th floor and took up half the floor. Being the only child had its advantages. The room was painted a light blue and had a queen sized four poster bed with dark blue hangings. On one of the walls Mason had painted a mural of the forest.

"Mason this is beautiful." She breathed,

Mason gave a slight nod as he whispered something to her. Alex giggled and nodded and waved her wand and cans of paint appear.

"Let us paint?" Mason asked with a laugh as he dipped one of the paint brushes into the can of black paint.

Alex stepped forward and did the same; soon they both began to paint on the empty wall opposite of the other one. After a few minutes passed Mason and Alex both looked up to what the other was painting.

"Love please don't look just yet, a few more touches." As Mason painted more furiously as he dipped the brush in even more in the can of paint, mixing the different colours.

"Can I look now?" Alex asked,

"Yes you can, dear." Mason said as he took Alex's hand and gently pulled her back.

Staring at the painting she gasped, it was beautiful. The picture was of Alex holding a little bundle in her arms with a small smile on its face- their baby.

"Oh Mason it's beautiful." She said as she pulled her hand to her small mouth.

Alex turned to her painting; it was just a small model of a mural that she and Mason painted together.

"Yours is beautiful also." Mason said as he pulled her close and kissed her head.

Mason's mom came and told them that dinner was ready. Alex gripped Mason's hand and sighed. This was the moment of truth. . .