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Benezia could remember it clearly, the day she bought her first human pet. It was a cool autumn afternoon when her good friend and fellow matriarch, Trellani Massa, was finally able to convince her to go out and purchase a companion for herself.

No matter what the other races said, the asari business of sexual companionship was not slavery, not really. All companions had entered into service willingly and enthusiastically. Added onto that were contracts preventing psychological or physical abuse from befalling any of the "pets", though said contracts usually only applied to krogan and batarian clients.

When Benezia and Trellani arrived at the companion villa, a large, lush estate with a sprawling garden dotted with fountains, they could feel an air of excitement among the gathering crowd of potential clients. Individuals of nearly every species, from high profile actors and actresses to respected politicians and officers, had converged in one of the villa's gardens, waiting to be led into the show room. Hushed conversations and lewd gossip was rampant enough for the two matriarchs to eavesdrop. As it turned out, the excitement was generated from the rumor that the villa had taken in a large group of humans, both male and female, a few months back and had since been training the new recruits in the ways of pleasure.

Humans, Benezia mused, the most recent addition to the galactic community, After their rather… explosive introduction to the turians due to a most unfortunate misunderstanding, the asari had stepped in to mediate a truce before things escalated further and caused more damage. While Benezia herself had not had any experience with the "barely evolved primates", as the turians referred to them, the asari diplomats who did told the matriarch of a brash, impulsive race.

Humans were impatient, way too emotionally driven, and, as one matriarch so eloquently put it, insane.

Many asari, including Benezia herself, would shake their heads in disbelief when they discovered that many of humanity's "Great Feats" were achieved for practically no other reason than to prove that they could do it. It just seemed so… petty.

But despite the Alliance's less-than-stellar introduction to the galaxy at large, many maidens (and a few matrons and matriarchs) couldn't help but be curious about this new upstart race. The turians called them primitive, hairless apes. Brutal, uncivilized pyjaks who got lucky at relay 314. The salarians simply referred to them as "krogan-lite".

With descriptions like that, they were practically daring young adventurous asari to flock to alliance space. These maidens were eager to discover new things, to learn about new cultures, and, most importantly, to add another dangerous alien to their list of "conquests".

With their return to asari space, each girl brought back a story of learning or of illicit romance and sex. They bragged about how they introduced some curious nubile native to the legendary asari grace and to the joys of xenophilia.

One such story came from one of Benezia's own followers, much to the Matriarch's surprise. Shiala was part of her security detail, a respectable and skilled commando with at least a century of experience under her belt. To walk in on her telling her tale to a group of the younger acolytes came as something unexpected.

Shiala had been bragging to her cohorts about her experience with one young human male, a C-Sec rookie to be specific. The commando told of how she spotted her prey in the midst of a lively nightclub, celebrating with his fellow officers over a recent big arrest. Shiala eventually lured the poor boy away from his herd, catching his attention with "looks", a subtle flirting skill most asari had refined into an art form. When she had him all alone, had him away from his friends, away from any that dare take his attention off of her, the huntress struck.

It was methodical, almost a surgical strike against his defenses, against his ability to think rationally. She whittled away at him, bit by bit.

First were the drinks, the key to getting rid of the tension. He obviously had not had much contact with asari prior, judging from how tense his body was, so she had to use something soothing.

It was a rule not to use hard liquor, like batarian scotch or volus rum shots. The goal was to get him relaxed, after all. If asari wanted to have fun later, it would help if your intended partner wasn't passed out drunk on your carpet.

In the end she chose to use a type of honey mead. It worked like a charm.

Next, she used her own movements, distracting him by accentuating her toned body. She fluttered her eyes a bit, did a bit of lip-biting. She even pushed her ample chest out, a part of her body already brought to attention by her form-fitting clubbing dress.

Poor thing never stood a chance.

Shiala smiled lecherously as she recalled slamming him against her apartment wall, kissing him ferociously until both of them could hardly breathe, their lips swollen. The hair growths that covered the skin on his chin, jaw, and around his mouth had tickled her, not an unpleasant experience. She told of how she had stepped back and ordered him out of his clothes. He had reacted immediately, treating his ruffled uniform as if it were poison, tearing it off with desperate haste.

Shiala proceeded to brag about making the strapping young man use his mouth and tongue on her, about how the so-called primate treated her like a queen, a goddess, lapping her up as if she were a delicacy. In return, she had used her mouth on him, a rather, in her words, "illuminating" experience.

Finally, she described how she rode him like a one would an enraged nathak, squeezing him tight until he had "popped like a bottle of warm champagne". That had drew some giggles and laughs from the group, even a getting a smile from Benezia herself.

A bell chime drew the Matriarch from her thoughts. She was in the companion villa once more, with her friend, Trellani, amongst a crowd comprised of the rich and powerful. The gathered party was being led into a large showroom, where the companions were being put out for all to see.

At the front of the room, before several dining tables with chairs and candles, was a large stage with a small walkway. Once everyone had been seated in the comfortable chairs and served expensive wine, they "pets" began to be brought out. There were the asari, young and graceful, the drell, lean and limber, the turians, proud and loyal, even a few krogan, strong and… durable.

Finally, after the crowd had gone through many bottles of wine, the humans were brought out before the crowd. They stood in a row, many of them, both male and female, naked as the day they were born, everything they had, out on display for all to see.

It was surprising to Benezia and Trellani how much variety there was in just this group of humans.

Tall and short.

Muscular and wiry.

Curvaceous and petite.

Dark and light.

And that wasn't even counting hair colors and styles.

Benezia's eyes roamed over the naked bodies before her, taking in the sights. The female humans obviously caught her attention first. Their full, curvy forms were very pleasing to the eye, as many asari would agree.

But there was something else, something nagging at the back of Benezia's mind. The human women were very similar to the asari, to the point where it was almost… unsettling. Benezia would later find that the humans had a term for this: uncanny valley. So close, yet not entirely there. It was a fitting description.

Trellani, on the other hand, held no such thought, gleefully (and shamelessly) "inspecting" each female specimen when the remaining clients of the night were allowed up close. These "inspections" were allowed, so long as the companions agreed. Apparently, these humans had no qualms over being inspected by potential buyers.

As time went on, the number of people in the show room dwindles, humans being bought and quickly leaving with their new masters or mistresses, most likely racing home to test out their skills.

Benezia was honestly surprised to see the young Vakarian boy, who had been just a private the last time she had visited Palaven, walk out of the show room with a red-haired human female in tow.

Even more surprising was what Benezia and Trellani saw further down the row of humans. The two matriarchs had always thought the Primarch of Taetrus to be a serious, no-nonsense type of woman. To find such a character in a place such as a companion's villa was astonishing. Both asari were close enough to hear the turian woman converse with the villa's Madam over the human she was inspecting.


"Yes, Primarch. He's as full-blooded human as you can get. Former Alliance military as well. He's very good at taking orders." The asari matron chirped.

The Primarch hummed thoughtfully, turning her eyes down to the male's waist, eyeing the muscle hanging between his legs.

"He's not very large. I'd say he's more average than anything." The Primarch stated, tilting her head as she regarded the limp organ.

The human made a face at the blatant disregard for his person and the Madam quickly came to his aid.

"Humans aren't like turians, Primarch." She spoke cheerily, "Human genitals aren't internal like turian men, as you can obviously see. As a result, you can see them when they are flaccid. However, when aroused, the human penis grows longer."


The Primarch perked up at that, mandibles clicking slightly.

"And thicker." The Madam added, her voice low and suggestive, "Though, like I said before, the males need to be stimulated for such things to happen."

"I see," The turian woman said absently, eyes still on the burly male before her, "May I?"

"So long as it's okay James here." The Madam answered, eyeing "James" expectantly.

A moment passed and, eventually, James nodded.

Wasting no time and without one ounce of shame, the Primarch reached down and wrapped her hand around the young man's member, slowly stroking it. The effect was the human's body visibly tensing at her touch, his breathing clearly becoming more and more labored.

"Your talons have been dulled, correct?" The Madam inquired.

"Always." The turian replied, not deviating any attention from her task at… ahem… hand.

It did not take very long for the human, James, to reach his peak. The Primarch's eyes grew wide at the sight of the organ swelling with the human's pumping blood, growing in length and in girth. A few moments of the turian females ministrations and he was standing at attention, like any soldier should.

And it was a sight to behold.

"Oh my," The turian gasped as she held the human's fully erect cock in her hand, the warm, thick appendage throbbing against the sensitive skin of her palm, "most impressive."

"Not so average now, huh?" The human remarked haughtily with a devilish grin. He and the Primarch locked eyes and the entire room felt something spark between the two.

"He certainly is a bold one, Madam Dantius."

The Primarch's mandibles were spread wide into a lecherous turian smile.

"That he is, Primarch. Would you like to bring him to release?"

The woman's eyes widened considerably as she swirled around to face the asari, an expression of shock on her face.

"Wha- here? Now?"

"You've already brought the soldier to attention, Primarch. Why not put him at ease?"

The turian's mandibles clamped shut as she looked from the asari to the human, whose cock she still gripped in her hand, her eyes showing her to be rather conflicted.

An instant later and the Primarch made her decision.

"Alright then. But not here. You have rooms, correct?"

Ah, Venata, thought Benezia, always the one to make things sound so… business-like.

Madam Dantius gave the Primarch a knowing smile and, without another word, led the odd pair out of the room, through a set of large doors, deeper into the large house.


Recovering from the shock of witnessing such an odd event take place right before them, the two matriarchs continued their trip down the line of human companions, taking in the sights as they did.

Benezia found herself more interested in the males of this new species. They were… strange… so similar to asari, yet alien enough to be something entirely different. They were also rather… large. And broad.

They were like something akin to a fusion of asari and turian.

After witnessing Asari pop singer, Aleia T'Nola waltz away with, not one, but two human females, Benezia saw him.

Farther down the row of human pets, near the end of the stage, stood one particularly tall human male. He was large, even by human standards, possibly the most physically imposing human in the room aside from the one the Primarch ran off with.

He was naked like the rest, sporting broad shoulders even a quarian man would be envious of, along with a pair of thick, muscular arms one would expect to see on a krogan. But what caught most of Benezia's attention were his eyes: A pair of icy blue orbs that seemed to stare straight into the elder asari's soul.

Human males were an odd bunch. They possessed the pleasing body shape of drell and batarian males yet none of the more alien features, such as the scales and hallucinogenic skin or razor teeth and extra pair of eyes. They were so asari-like, yet so alien. Benezia just found it captivating, the merging of asari grace and human masculinity.

The Matriarch was curious, to say the least.

Once the madam returned, looking a bit disheveled from undoubtedly joining the Primarch in easing James' tension, Benezia caught her attention.

"Yes, Lady Benezia?"

"Who is that over there?"

The Madam looked to where Benezia was pointing before breaking into a large smile.

"I see you've taken an interest in John. Understandable. Human male have seen a surge in popularity as sexual partners among the women of the galaxy. Something to do with 'finally having male asari', from what I've heard. Though you are the first to not be intimidated by the boy's… figure."

Benezia only picked up the human's name from that, effectively ignoring the Madma's babbling.

John. Simple yet fitting.

The Madam led the elder asari down the row of companions, over to where John was standing. The young male immediately took notice, his posture straightening into an almost soldier-like stance.

"John here, is my one other full-blooded human. Both he and James are the only two of this batch actually born on his species' homeworld. While James enlisted, John found himself growing up in the slums of his planet's cities. Eventually, he realized he wanted something better than a dinky shack. So, he hitched a ride on a thessian freighter, and now here he is."

Benezia said nothing, giving the male a once over while trying to keep her stoic expression in place. She could feel how warm he was, even from where she was standing.

Goddess, this human is like a furnace!

The Madam continued speaking, assuming her refined saleswoman persona.

"He's obedient… so long as you give him a reason to be so. And he's got a bit of a rebellious streak as well. Something I've personally experienced…"

"Unprofessional of you, Madam." Benezia remarked.

"Can you blame me?"

The elder asari glanced down to the human's waist.

"Not really, no." Benezia replied, "You make him sound like a maiden."

Benezia cracked a small smile, John returning it in kind.

"A bold maiden. You may have to assert authority at times." The Madam suggested before adopting a more mischievous tone, "Or, you may not. Have you ever had a human male dominate you?"

That was all it took for the matriarch. Benezia broke eye contact abruptly, turning to her fellow asari with a hard stare.

"How much for him?"


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