*Author's Note: The final chapter! Rose returns to the Doctor's room and, well, yeah. Hope you liked my take on this episode. Reviews appreciated. Thanks for reading!*

The Doctor's breath evened as he stood rooted to the spot he was standing in when Rose left the room. He knew she wasn't being literal when she told him not to move, but he didn't want to do anything that might risk breaking the spell behind what was happening between them.

For the first time, he had a chance to wonder at the TARDIS bringing them to a time and place about 100 years and more than 100 miles astray from his intended destination. Had she known this would happen? He realized his beloved ship could sense that he was lonely, more than ever before. Perhaps she had detected some similar feelings in Rose too. Maybe she knew that, finally, it was time for them.

His internal clock told him that, based on Rose's average walking speed and the distance from his bedroom to hers, she should have been back 97 seconds ago. Whatever she had to retrieve, and he assumed her room was where she went to fetch it, it required more time than simply picking it up and bringing it back. To pass the time, the Doctor began calculating pi and made it to the 274th decimal place when he heard his bedroom door creek open.

His jaw dropped as he regarded the creature walking over the threshold, feeling so overwhelmed that he wouldn't be able to get to 3.14 if he had tried to start his calculations over again. But equations were the furthest thing from his mind now, with the entirety of his brain consumed with cataloging every millimeter of the figure that stood before him.

"You're being rude again," she said, tongue peeking out of the corner of her smile.


"You're gawking."

"I'm- Oh, sorry," he said, closing his mouth and refocusing his eyes on her face with effort.

Earlier that day, upon seeing the werewolf for the first time, he had remarked that the hybrid being was beautiful. But in this moment, he realized that use was a bastardization of the word. In fact, every other time he had called something, somewhere, or someone beautiful it had been a false idol. It wasn't until she stepped through his bedroom door in the Torchwood Estate that he truly understood the meaning behind that word.

Blue velvet. The lush fabric encompassed the Doctor's vision. It was the dress she had found in her bedroom wardrobe, the one she was holding when he came to her room before dinner, the dress she had been intending to put on when she found the hiding maid and was taken captive. After everything that had happened that day, the dress was simply waiting for her, laid out on her bed as she'd left it. And it was made for her, clinging in all the right places, flowing in others, the white lace inlay accentuating the most tempting parts of her.

She twisted at the waist, making the blue fabric of the skirt flow like ripples in a pond. The Doctor felt a thirst for something else rise to the surface inside him, but he didn't dare move from his spot on the floor, couldn't take his eyes off her. Rose began to grow a bit self-conscious under his gaze.

"Are you gonna tell me I'd be better off in a bin bag again?" she asked, remembering his words from this morning.

"Absolutely not," he said, voice deeper than she had ever heard it. The longing evident in his tone made her stomach flip. "Rose, come here." He extended an arm, beckoning her. Picking up the front of the skirt, she slowly made her way to him, remembering where they had left off when she'd fled the room. This dress was more voluminous, but at least it had much more give than the denim overall skirt.

Rose reached the spot in front of him, standing toe to toe, and looked up into that face that she had so quickly grown to love. She trusted him more than ever and felt an affinity for this man, this Time Lord, that she hadn't felt for anyone before. She looked into his eyes, hoping to communicate these feelings, and was surprised to see the same thoughts flowing out of him. He raised his hand, backs of his fingers brushing along her cheek, until he lightly took hold of her head, his thumb stroking the lobe of his ear.

"You look-" he started, and she thought she heard his voice crack a little. "You are," he corrected, "magnificent."

She blushed and looked down, uneasy with the intensity of the compliment.

"No, Rose, you... Oh, how can I make you understand," he said in a hushed tone, mind racing, trying to decipher how to describe exactly how he thought of her. For some reason, he didn't know why, his thoughts went back to their first adventure together, five billion years into the future, waiting for the end of the Earth. The look in her eye when she realized it was gone and that no one had noticed, they were too busy saving themselves. That look was something he'd never forget and one that he suddenly related to. Rose had been there, holding his hand, all that time and he'd hardly noticed, hardly realized how he felt.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, shaking his head, his other hand coming to rest on her cheek.

Rose looked at him questioning, not understanding, but seeing the anguish written across his face she needed to comfort him. Stepping closer, she slipped her hands under his jacket, rubbing his back soothingly. "S'alright," she said softly. "Whatever it is, it's alright."

He slowly brought his lips down to hers, needing her to know, needing to make her understand. His lips moved with such passion, such emotion, that had the Earth been breaking up in that very moment Rose wouldn't have noticed. She melted into him, her lips, her hips, her arms all searching for contact with his skin. She whimpered into his mouth as their tongues met and he knew what she needed. Holding her waist firmly he walked her backwards, never breaking their embrace, until she was sitting on his mattress. She moved back on the bed, supported on her elbows, and he climbed on top of her.

The weight of his body on hers nearly made her moan again and she parted her legs, needing him to be that much closer. Rocking into her, he kissed her earlobe, her jaw, her neck, and licked down until he found the sweet spot he had liked before. He again set to work sucking and nibbling at her skin, leaving marks for the the next morning. Rose gasped at the feeling, which traveled much lower, and she unsuccessfully tried to pull his jacket off his shoulders.

Holding himself up on one elbow, then the other, he discarded the jacket and was about to go back to devouring her neck when she shoved his shoulder, catching him off guard, and rolling him over onto his back. Smirking as she straddled him, she quickly went to work at his tie and Oxford, ripping the shirt open toward the bottom when she grew tired of working the small buttons. He roughly pulled her down to him at this display of desire, smothering her mouth with his, needing her to know an inkling of his feelings for her.

He ran his hands up and down the soft blue velvet covering her arms, delighting in the slight shiver his touches brought forth. She worked her hands down between them and undid his belt and trousers. Breath catching, his arms left hers so he could push his slacks the rest of the way down, kicking his trainers off in the process.

He couldn't believe that this was actually happening. That the wonderful woman who had already given him so much was now going to give him what he desired most. What he didn't deserve. Part of him wanted to tell her that he wasn't worth of someone as precious as her, but that part was overruled by the new-new hormones raging through is body.

Rose caught his plush bottom lip between her teeth and she arranged the skirt of her dress around him. She slowly rubbed herself along the length of his hardness, cursing that she hadn't previously discarded her knickers. Regardless, she needed him to feel how wet she was, that she'd been burning for this all day. The Doctor moaned at the contact and marveled at how slick her pants were against him. When she was over his tip, he couldn't help but buck his hips upward, pushing into the lacy fabric of her underwear. She gasped at the sensation, however slight, as it was the most she'd ever felt him there.

Steeling his control the Doctor pushed her gently backwards, onto his thighs, and he sat up, meeting her lips once again. "Turn around," he whispered, and she did, trembling slightly in his lap. She didn't know what he was playing at, but whatever he said in that moment she would do without a second thought.

The Doctor slowly began to undo the corset string that ran up the back of her dress. Starting from the top he worked the string downward, each brush of his fingertips against Rose's skin sending a shiver down her spine. Soon her shoulders were exposed and he lowered his mouth to one, sucking and lapping at the soft skin there. Rose gasped, throwing her head back against his neck. He pushed his cock against her lower back, eliciting a soft moan, as he furiously worked to free the rest of the corset.

Rose marveled at the tenderness of his touches. If this wasn't happening to her right now, she never in a million years would have believed he could be this man. This day had been riddled with horror and tragedy, but the times she'd spent alone with the Doctor felt like a dream. With his help, she had finally come to terms with his regeneration and was amazed that he was finally reciprocating her deep affection. She was still in awe that he needed her as much as she needed him, that they were taking it this far.

Having finally succeeded in undoing her corset, he lifted his head and fingered the neckline of the dress, which still hung loosely around Rose's shoulders. She froze in anticipation, needing him to have more of her, all of her. A soft noise escaped her throat as he began to pull the dress down, his nose nuzzling against her ear. He pulled the fabric off her bare breasts and down her arms, never touching her, until the top of the dress came to rest in her lap. His hands circled her stomach and she turned her head to find him there, waiting to capture her lips once again.

His hands began to rise up her waist and she gasped in at the thought of him touching her higher, but he stopped when his fingers brushed the bottom of her breasts. Before she could sigh in frustration, in one swift movement he flipped her onto her back, pulled the rest of her lovely dress off, and discarded what remained of his shirt as well. They would only do this for the first time - the first of many, he hoped silently - once, and he was determined to do it right. The way she deserved.

Propping himself up on his side next to her, he took his beautiful girl in with his eyes first. So firm, yet soft, and growing rosier by the second. He tried to memorize the way her breasts moved as she breathed heavily, never taking her eyes off his face. Lightly, he ran two fingers down the space between her breasts, continuing down to her navel. Rose arched her back into his touch, needing more, so much more.

He brought his hand up to her right breast and circled the soft mound of flesh, squeezing it gently, fingers skirting around the peaked nipple. She whimpered and one look at her face told him what she longed for. He hadn't meant to tease her while he memorized her body, but her needy look told him she could be mapped another time. He ran a finger over the dark peak, first lightly, then harder, a throaty moan leaving Rose's mouth. He continued his motions on that breast while bringing his mouth down to the other, running his tongue over and around the hardening nipple. He sucked and Rose cried out louder, grasping his shoulders to her.

The sound made him grow harder than he ever thought possible and he knew he had to speed things up, for both their sakes. Taking her other nipple in his mouth and lavishing the same attention that he did its twin, he ran a hand down her torso to the spot she wanted him to touch her most. She was all bare and completely smooth, and for a nanosecond he wondered how and where she had accomplished this. He ran a finger along her slit and was again overcome by her wetness, all of it for him. He moved his between her folds and prodded her entrance, eliciting yet another throaty gasp and hip thrust from his lovely girl.

His mouth released her breast and he quickly kissed his way down her, stopping briefly at her ribs, her bellybutton, her hip, until his tongue found that swelling bundle of nerves just above his finger. He gave her clit a long lick and he thrust his finger in up to the third knuckle and Rose almost came right there, unable to stop her legs from quivering. They hadn't done that since her very first time with Jimmy Stone, and that was more out of fear than arousal.

Rose pushed up on the Doctor's forehead and for a split-second he was afraid she was going to tell him to stop, that this was all a mistake, that she'd see him in the morning. But the words that fell from her mouth next pushed aside any and all remaining fears.

"Doctor I- I need you inside me," she panted, her eyes pleading. In an instant he crawled back up her body, crushing her lips with a deep kiss, Rose tasting a hint of herself on his tongue. He positioned himself over her and she spread her legs wide, lifting her right ankle to rest on his left hip. She could feel his cock hovering at her entrance and had to swallow away the feeling that she would go over the edge before he was even inside her. She dug her nails into his shoulders.

The Doctor took her chin in his large hand so she would look into his eyes. She saw that look again, the one he had just before he kissed her, just before he said he was sorry. But this time she understood the look, everything it entailed, everything it offered. Tears began to spring from behind her eyes and she whispered, "Me too."

He bent down to kiss her so slowly, so tenderly, at the moment he thrust into her. He restrained himself as much as he could, but he pushed all the way inside her in one swift movement. He stilled there and let out a shaky sigh as he met Rose's eyes again, watching her expression as she adjusted to his size; watching her expression as she urged him on for more.

He bent his head and pulled out slowly, almost all the way, before thrusting back in at an equally slow pace. His face, against her neck, contorted in concentration at the control needed to move at such a pace, but he was determined to do this for her. After three thrusts in this manner Rose was right at the edge of orgasm, panting loudly, soft noises emanating from the back of her throat. Sensing this, the Doctor reached a hand between them and rubbed his thumb over her clit, perfectly timed with his fourth slow, deep push.

She came hard, grasping at the back of his neck, the wave of the sensation washing over her like surf. And in that moment she saw him, all of him, completely. Not the man he was before, and not the man he looked like now, but just him. My Doctor.

She moaned this last thought out loud and the Doctor quickened his thrusts as she rode out the orgasm. Soon, he was pounding into her, the sound of her coming stripping away the last of his control. She circled both legs around his back, wanting him to reach as far inside her as possible, until he moaned loudly against her neck. He stayed there for a moment, two sets of lungs panting, three hearts racing.

Finally he lifted his lips to hers for a soft, lazy kiss, slowly slipping out of her. She smiled when she felt the sticky warmth trickle out between her legs. He rolled onto his back and she nestled into his side, fitting together so well both wondered why they couldn't put this puzzle together before. They drifted to sleep like that, without uttering another word, completely sated in every way.

The next morning, when Rose's consciousness was struggling between sleep and wake, she heard soft words whispered into her ear. Sleep lost the battle and Rose opened her eyes, contemplating what she just heard and what she saw before her. A certain Time Lord with gloriously disheveled hair was leaning over her, nearly nose to nose. She smiled as her lips met hers. When he let her come up for air she said, "I love you, too."