A/N: This wasn't what I originally planned, and by the time I realized I'd written a rhyming eulogy, I liked it too much to go back.

He tried,

He tried to fit in, to make friends,

He tried to prove himself,

But always screwed up in the end.

At first, he tried,

And failed every time.

He cried bitterly,

But now he's all cried dry.

And no one wants to be his friend,

No one will reach out to him,

No one gives him the time of day,

Except a dragon.

And now Hiccup soars over Berk,

The wounds have healed, but the scars remain,

Reminding everyone that this awkward screw-up,

Could come out again.

And then the young outcast,

Killed a dragon they call the Green Death,

But it seemed a happy ending was not in store,

He fell off his dragon and breathed his last breath.

It all happened so quickly,

It all happened so fast,

They all hung their heads in grief,

Watching as the boy breathed his last.

His funeral was nice,

They shot flaming arrows into the sky,

It's said Stoick still grieves,

And shamelessly cries.

No one had the chance to make things right,

No one could make it up to him,

The boy lived and died,

His best friend a dragon.

Goodbye, Hiccup,

You've been a brave lad,

I'm sorry you never got,

To make things right with your dad.

Goodbye, Hiccup,

I'm sorry your dad ignored you.

I'm sorry you had to die,

When everyone most needed you.

Goodbye Hiccup,

Snotlout's feeling guilty about being such a jerk,

Goodbye, Hiccup,

The screw-up and the hero of Berk.

We barely knew you,

Before we had to say goodbye.

I'm sorry, Hiccup.

I'm sorry we never noticed you try.