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Head Over Feet
Chapter 3

When the alarm went off, Naruto awoke nestled in heat. Sai's arm was thrown over him, his chest pressed comfortably to Naruto's back. Stretching, he felt Sai nuzzle into him for a moment before he laid a chaste kiss on the blond's cheek.

Rolling over to face him, Naruto said, "Good morning." He rubbed at his eyes before smiling sleepily.

For as far back as Naruto could remember, there was never anyone there when he woke up. He imagined that when he was a baby and a little child, before he was tossed out on his own, someone had been there to get him up and feed him but, given how the villagers used to treat him, Naruto doubted that person was very nice. But now, having Sai here, it somehow felt right. It felt amazing to be wanted and cared for, to not be seen as the demon that killed the Forth. Naruto thought it was definitely something he wanted to get used to.

"Good morning," Sai murmured back.

Scooting closer, Naruto felt Sai's arms wrap back around him and their lips met for a slow kiss. When Naruto pulled away, he asked, "How are you feeling today? Are you okay?"

They both knew he was referring to having anal sex for the first time but, even after everything that transpired the night before, he was still too shy to mention it even though he was worried.

Sai smiled. "I'm a ninja, Naruto. It's nothing I can't handle."

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "That's just your way of saying it hurts."

Sai shrugged. "Maybe," he admitted.

"Will you be okay for training? We'll have to go soon."

"I'll be fine, Naruto," he said, cupping the side of Naruto's face. "You worry too much." He sat up then and Naruto didn't miss the way Sai winced slightly. "Come on, let's get up. We'll have to stop at your apartment before we go to the training grounds, right?"

"Yeah," Naruto admitted, "the clothes I wore last night aren't exactly good for exercising in. And all my gear's at home."

Sai swung his legs out of bed and stood, stretching. Naruto watched him appreciatively before getting out of bed himself, striding over to the other boy. Naruto wrapped his arms around Sai, bringing their bodies flush with each other's. He kissed along tops of Sai's shoulders.

"After training today, how about I buy you food this time," Naruto said, smirking into the space where Sai's shoulder and neck met.

"I'd like that, Naruto," he said, sighing as Naruto's hand wrapped around Sai's flaccid dick.

Nipping at Sai's neck, Naruto said, "We still have a little time before training. Besides, Kakashi's always late anyway, right?"

Breathing heavily, Sai replied, "You're definitely right about that, Naruto."

"Well look what the nin-hound dragged in," Kakashi said when Sai and Naruto finally arrived at the training grounds.

Sakura's eyes widened when she saw them, noting their flushed faces, the almost bruise-like marks on their necks, their rumpled clothes. Throwing her hands over her mouth, Sakura began to giggle madly, squeezing her eyes shut tight.

"You two are so stupid," she managed to say between giggles. Naruto looked mildly offended, but Sai only smiled.

Kakashi raised an eyebrow, though he wasn't sure if it was more towards Sakura's hysterics or the fact that Naruto and Sai looked like they just got done doing it every which way they could think of. Which they probably had, he added in his mind.

That day, Kakashi worked them hard. While he had noticed the way Sai was around Naruto, he wasn't sure if the feelings would be reciprocated by the blond. It was a pleasant surprise. There was no doubt in his mind that the two worked well together. Even if they hadn't been teammates since they were genin like Naruto and Sakura had been, Sai and Naruto had the seamless teamwork that came with working with someone for a long time, from knowing them so well that they were able to read even the smallest gestures and changes in body language.

While Kakashi was pleased that they had found some happiness in each other, he wasn't sure how it would affect their teamwork. At this point, while they were still training and not actually out in the field, it was too soon to tell. There were some people that were able to put aside their feelings while on a mission, but it was rare. Kakashi had seen firsthand how things changed on a team when shinobi began to date each other.

Sighing while he watched the two boys weave in and out of each other, kunai clashing, he knew he was going to have to report this. Of course, it would eventually get out and reach the Hokage's ears, but she would raise hell if she found out about it from someone other than Kakashi. He supposed he should go talk to her today.

"I think that's enough for today," Kakashi said, looking up from his book. He hadn't really been reading it, but found it comforting to have in his hands anyway. Naruto was going to be pissed when Tsunade called the boys into her office. And that wasn't going to be pretty. Kakashi could already feel the headache that would ensue.

"We're done?" Naruto asked, dropping out of his fighting stance. Sai had to save himself from continuing his attack, nearly tripping in the process. Naruto grabbed him by the back of the shirt and hauled him back up.

Kakashi's eyes widened slightly at the way Sai smiled gratefully at Naruto and the way Naruto's hand lingered on Sai's back before dropping back to his side. Oh yeah, Tsunade was going to be furious.

"Yep," Kakashi nodded, "we're done. I have to go talk to the Hokage, and I'm sure you all have other things you could be doing."

This set Sakura off into another fit of laughter. Kakashi merely shook his head, disappearing in a poof of smoke.

After finally recovering, Sakura grabbed her bag and walked up to her teammates. Neither had moved yet, their chests still heaving from hard training. Naruto noticed the wry smile on her face and was waiting for the teasing to begin. Not that she was malicious about it, but sometimes it made him feel like he was twelve again.

"So," she said, "you two. Together, huh?"

Sai wasn't able to pick up the droll tone of her voice or the teasing smile. He took half a step closer to Naruto as they were already standing quite close, and grabbed the blond's hand. "Naruto says that we must still have a discussion, but yes, I think we are." His voice was very serious, face almost that blank mask he always used to wear. Naruto knew now that it was a sort of default expression whenever Sai felt threatened or unsure of what to do.

Leaning in close to his ear, Naruto said, "Sakura's just teasing."

Looking surprised, Sai said, "Oh, okay. But what I said is still true."

Naruto gave his hand a squeeze. "You're right. And we're going to have that discussion soon, later. But in the meantime, we should get some food. I don't know about you two, but I'm starving. Sakura, you want to come with us?"

She smiled and shook her head. "No, this is still new for you guys so I think you should be alone. But how about we double this weekend? That sound good?"

Naruto frowned. "Double? Are you seeking someone, Sakura?" She hadn't mentioned seeing anyone since things didn't pan out with that chef guy a while back.

She looked a little embarrassed. "Yeah, I am. But it's still pretty new and we haven't told anyone about us yet."

"Can you at least tell us who it is?" Naruto begged.

"You'll see who it this weekend, Naruto," Sakura said as she began to walk off, throwing one last mischievous smile over her shoulder at the boys.

"So who do you think it is?" Naruto asked as they headed back to Naruto's apartment. The plan was to get cleaned up before Naruto took them for lunch. That way it was a bit more like a date, one they both knew they were on.

"I don't know, Naruto," Sai replied, wondering if this was how it was with friends. Being concerned over who they were dating. Was that normal? Or was it because Naruto used to like Sakura? Maybe he still did. Sai supposed that was something they would have to talk about too.

"Did you know she was dating anyone, Sai?" They had just reached Naruto's apartment. Naruto quickly unlocked the door and they stepped inside.

"I didn't. She didn't say anything to me." Sai kicked off his shoes and set his bag down on the kitchen table.

"I wonder why she would keep it quiet."

"I'm sure she had her reasons. Sakura never does anything without a reason."

"Yeah, I know that, but-"

"Naruto!" Sai yelled, surprising them both. Naruto's eyes widened and a crease formed between his eyebrows. Sai didn't like this feeling roiling around in his stomach. He didn't like the Naruto kept asking question about Sakura. He wanted Naruto focused on him. But what was this feeling? It wasn't anger, not exactly. Maybe a little, but it was also something more than that and it unsettled Sai.

"What's wrong, Sai?" Naruto asked, stepping toward him. "Did I do something wrong?"

"I-I don't know," he said, his frustration growing. Clenching his fists, he added, "I just didn't like it."

"You didn't like it? Didn't like what? Me talking about Sakura so much?"

Sai didn't say anything, just crossed his arms over his chest and stared hard at the blond. Naruto was at a loss over what this was really about. As far as he knew, Sai had come to view Sakura as a good friend and ally and respected her talent. He couldn't imagine why Sai would…

And then it clicked. All those times Naruto used to talk about Sakura, how he used to flirt with her and try get her to go on dates with him. Sai saw her as an obstacle.

"You're jealous," Naruto said, realizing it was true. He placed his hands on Sai's shoulders. "It's okay, Sai, it really is. You have to talk to me."

Sai let out a deep breath. "I don't know what I'm feeling to be honest."

Naruto wrapped an arm around his shoulders and lead him over to the couch. Lunch was going to have to wait for now, but that was okay. This was much more important.

"Well, let's figure it out then. Maybe if you describe it to me, I can help you."

They sat down next to each other, Naruto laying a hand on Sai's knee.

"Okay, so tell me what's going on."

Sighing and burying his face in his hands, Sai said, "It's hard to describe. You just kept talking about Sakura and I didn't…like it, I guess. I've never felt this way before."

"Maybe we should have our talk now rather than later. I think what you're feeling is jealousy. But you have no reason to be jealous, okay? I don't like Sakura like that anymore. I just sort of see her as a sister now, a best friend."

Naruto reached over to Sai's face and turned it so the dark haired boy was looking at him. "Maybe it took me a while to realize it because I can have a bit of a thick skull or so I'm told, but you are the only person I have feelings for. And I really like you, Sai, I do. And I want to be with you."

"Do you mean that?" Sai asked, voice low.

Face thoughtful, Naruto replied, "I mean every word of it. I've never had a relationship before or anything, but I think we can make this work if we try."

Sai leaned forward and kissed him briefly before pulling away. "Does this make us boyfriends?" he asked, voice so naïve that it made Naruto's heart swell up at how cute it was.

Naruto grinned at him. "Only if you want to be boyfriends."

Sai nodded fervently. "I do," he said, voice eager. "I want nothing more than to be your boyfriend."

"I'm glad to hear it," Naruto said, smiling widely as he leaned in for another kiss.

After a few chaste kisses, Sai pulled back and said. "You have to let me know if I do anything wrong, if I'm not being a boyfriend right, okay?"

It took a lot to keep himself from laughing, but somehow Naruto managed to swallow the laugh. Sai's statement was absurd and heartbreaking at the same time, but Naruto knew that Sai was being honest and how hard that had to be for him.

Brushing his fingers lightly over Sai's cheek, Naruto replied, "I'll do anything I can, okay? But I've never been in a relationship before either. This is all new to me. So we just have to be sure to talk to each other a lot, okay? Like if anything bothers us and stuff. We just have to talk about it."

"That sounds good," Sai murmured, mulling it over.

"And," Naruto said, taking his boyfriend's hand securely in his own, continuing on, "if you ever have any questions, about anything, I want you to just ask. Even if it's weird or whatever. I just want you to be able to talk about me."

The smile that spread across Sai's face made Naruto's heart clench, painfully sweet, and he found himself pressing his lips into his boyfriend's soft lips yet again.

After a moment, Naruto pulled away and said, "Why don't we take a shower?"

Grabbing Sai's hand, Naruto hauled the other boy up and lead him to the bathroom. Shutting the door behind him while Naruto turned on the water, Sai began to undress, his eyes never leaving Naruto's. When he was naked, he stepped toward Naruto and helped him shuck the last of his clothes and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into another kiss.

"If we're together," Sai asked innocently, "does this mean we can do this whenever we want, Naruto?"

Eyes heavily lidded, Naruto nodded. "Yeah," he said breathlessly, "whenever we want."

Sai's smile was both lazy and enticing and Naruto's mouth was on his again instantly.

They tumbled into the shower, hands groping everywhere, searching for more feeling. At one point, Naruto found himself pushed against the shower wall and then Sai was on his knees, his mouth there and damn if it wasn't pure fucking bliss.

The summons came later that afternoon. They were lying in bed eating something Sai whipped up from whatever he found in Naruto's cupboard and fridge when they heard the tapping. Naruto set his bowl down on the nightstand and stood. At the window, he untied the scroll from the bird's leg and watched as it flew off back towards the Hokage's tower.

Unrolling the scroll, Naruto quickly read it and groaned.

"What is it?" Sai asked, watching the blond.

"Tsunade wants to see both of us in her tower. At once." Naruto grabbed clean underwear from a drawer and pulled them on.

"Does it say what it's about?"

Naruto shook his head, tossing another pair of boxers to Sai. Sai picked up the orange toad printed boxers and blinked up at Naruto. "You don't have any clothes here and we probably don't have time to stop by your house before we go so…"

Sai laughed. "I know why you gave them to me. I'm just trying to figure out why an eighteen year old has froggy underwear."

"I'll have you know that those are not frogs, they're toads," Naruto said, unearthing a pair of pants and putting them on.

"Oh, I suppose that is a big distinction," Sai replied, standing up to slip them on.

"I summon toads," Naruto muttered, throwing pants and a t-shirt at Sai, who snatched them with ease.

Naruto felt Sai behind him, fingertips ghosting across his shoulder blades. "And you do it so well," Sai whispered in his ear.

Naruto groaned again. "You can't keep doing that, Sai," he said, leaning back into Sai's touch.

"Doing what?" he asked, knowing perfectly well that just what it was doing to Naruto.

But Naruto didn't answer, just let out a long, shaky breath as he felt Sai's hands move from his back to his chest.

"I never thought of myself of a very sexual person," Sai admitted, running his fingers over Naruto's collarbone, his pectorals, his stomach, and down, "but I just can't seem to get enough of touching you."

"I-I don't m-m-mind."


Then lips were at the pulse just below Naruto's ear, a tongue flicking out to lick a stripe down his neck, a—

"Sorry to interrupt you boys," they heard Kakashi say from the living room, never hearing him appear, "but Tsunade does not want to be kept waiting." They heard the poof that signaled his departure.

"I'm going to kill him," Naruto said, stepping away from Sai to tug a shirt on.

"Unadvisable," Sai said, grabbing the clothes Naruto was lending him.

"It was a joke," Naruto explained. "It's just an expression."

"It's not a very nice one, is it? Joking about taking someone's life."

Naruto smiled at the boy while he painfully adjusted the front of his pants. "I suppose you're right."

"Get in here, brat!" the boys heard Tsunade say even before the guards had a chance to open the door to her office.

Raising his eyebrows at Sai, Naruto grabbed the doorknob, turned it, and opened the door. As they stepped into the office, Naruto could immediately tell that the Hokage was not happy with them.

"What's going on, baa-chan?" Naruto asked as they walked into her office. He noticed Kakashi standing in the corner, arms crossed as he looked down at the floor. He looked wrong somehow without an Icha Icha book in his hands.

"Do you have something you need to tell me, Naruto?" she asked, lips pulled into a tight, tense line.

Frowning, Naruto glanced at Sai briefly before he said, "Like what?"

Sighing deeply, she asked again, "Is there something you both want to tell me?"

"Oh, um, that." Naruto raised his hand to scratch at the back of his head.

"Yes, that," Tsunade said sharply.

"I don't understand what the big deal is," Naruto said honestly.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Tsunade muttered, "Of course you don't." Naruto could tell she was frustrated but he didn't understand why.

"You know I had to tell her, Naruto. For your own good," Kakashi said, looking hard at his former student.

"Okay, but I still don't get it."

"Naruto," Sai said quietly from the blond's side, "Hokaga-sama doesn't want you to get into trouble. If the counsel found out we were dating while on the same team and it wasn't reported, they would have grounds to keep you from being her successor because it paints you as a dishonest person."

"Is that true?" Naruto asked, looking from Tsunade to Kakashi. They both nodded.

"In the past, there has been a lot of problems with couples being on the same team," Tsunade said, thinking briefly of the day Dan died. "Since then, it's been mandatory to report it when shinobi of the same core team are involved with each other. Kakashi was looking out for you, for both of you."

"So what does this mean now? What happens now that you know?"

Again, Tsunade sighed. "One of you will have to be transferred to another team."

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