I don't know if Francis/Eric is a popular pairing, or if I really like it all that much myself, but I thought of writing this after Pete sets the mood. (^,^) I don't have a beta so expect mistakes.

"I'm sorry, Francis. This is all my fault," sobbed Eric.

"Stop crying," said Francis, sitting down next to Eric. "It's ok, man," he assured, rubbing Eric's back.

"No it isn't. God you must hate me," continued Eric, covering his face with his hand.

"Oh c'mon, you're my friend. I can't hate you," assured Francis with a smile.

Later that night, they were all in bed ready to fall asleep. Their other roommate, Pete had fallen asleep and was snoring loudly. Francis was struggling to fall asleep. He wasn't used to the cold temperatures of Alaska. He squirmed on his small cozy bed. Still, the small whimpers and sobs of Eric were heard. Even though Francis assured him that he wasn't mad at him, Eric still felt responsible. Francis had his eyes closed, trying to ignore all the sounds around him. Occasionally, a wolf howling outside. Suddenly the whimpers stopped. Francis grew worried, what if Eric had like died? He turned around hoping to see Eric asleep in his bunk, but instead he came face to face with Eric.

Francis held back a surprised yelp. "Dude, what are you doing," whispered Francis.

"Can I sleep with you," asked Eric.


"I just feel so cold and alone," Eric replied, letting out another sob at the end.

Francis just figured Eric was still feeling sad and he felt bad for him so he let Eric slip into the small space with him. Even if Francis was uncomfortable, he had to admit that Eric gave off body heat and it was instantly warmer. Francis turned so he was facing the wall; however, Eric started spooning with Francis.

"Eric..?" whispered Francis into the dark.

"Shhh," shushed Eric.

Francis felt uncomfortable so he figured he would wait till Eric went to sleep so he could sneak into the other bunk. He lost track of time after a few minutes and started falling asleep himself. He was almost asleep when he felt something behind him that wasn't there before. He shifted a little, when he realized in what position he was in, and with whom. He realized it was Eric's dick. Francis started to panic, he wanted to throw Eric off the bed but he felt so bad for his best friend that was crying earlier. He got up on elbow, thinking of what to do next, when Eric whispered.


"Uh, yeah?"

Eric moved and maneuvered Francis so he was on top of him.

"Eric, what are you doing?..!"

"I've just been very lonely…" said Eric, softly.

"Are you gay," asked Francis, sounding more shocked than intended.

"No," Eric whispered back, harshly, and a little too quickly. "Just….please?"

Francis felt stumped. But he mostly just thought about how he was in a hell hole in Alaska, miles away from home, and Eric was the only thing he had, with him, right now, keeping him warm.

"Ok," replied Francis.

Francis closed his eyes expecting Eric to kiss him, but instead Eric pushed Francis's shirt up under his chin. Even though it was exceedingly dark, the dark silhouette of Eric was somewhat visible.

Eric ducked down and licked one of Francis's nipple. Francis shivered, and thought it felt really good. Eric continued lapping at and nipping at his chest, until Francis began to get hard. Finally, when Francis saw Eric lift his head, he shot out his hands to hold Eric's head and guide him to meet in a kiss. The air was cold but Eric's lips were wet and warm. They kissed and pawed at each other for a few minutes. Francis realized that it didn't feel as weird as he expected. Eric started to get really aroused, and he started grinding down on Francis; applying pressure to Francis's groin with his own. Francis had to pull back for air.

"Uuunnh…Eric" susurrated Francis.

"Francis, please…"

"Please what," asked Francis, leaning up to graze his lips against Eric's. He was really horny too.

"Let me suck your dick," said Eric.

Francis was stunned, but he didn't want to say no.

"Wait, what about Pete," asked Francis, looking over at him.

"Oh, don't worry about him. He never wakes up no matter how much noise you make," assured Eric.

And with that Eric slipped down Francis's abdomen, under the covers.

Francis held his breath, waiting until he felt Eric's tongue swirl the head of his cock before he put his lips around the whole head and sucked it into his mouth. Francis lay back on the pillow and let out a guttural groan. It had been a while since he had anything but his own hand touch him. Eric was bobbing his head now, visibly making a shifting mound under the blanket.

Francis was just beginning to get lost in the feeling when he felt the pressure of release upon him. "Oh shit, Eri…Eric!...I'm gonna..I'm gonna c.." Francis moaned, unable to keep his hips from moving and fucking into Eric's warm mouth. He heard a muffled sound of encouragement from under the blankets. He hesitated for a second, but when Eric slipped his tongue out to lick Francis's balls even though his mouth was already full with his cock, he came. He felt Eric's throat squeezed him and milk him off every drop. Eric emerged from the blanket, gasping for air.

"Uh, Eric, do you want me to..?" Francis wanted to return the favor but he wasn't sure he was ready to suck a dick just yet.

"No, it's ok," Eric said, with a smile.

What are the odds he already came?

They fell asleep, spooning.

If anyone wants me to continue it, just let me know ┗ ( ・o・)┛