I was rewatching all the parts in the episodes with Francis and Eric last night and I started thinking about how Eric's parents would react to him being gay because his parents are gay. And when Artie mentions Eric had a third nipple, I wondered what Francis would have said about it. Lol

For the record:
Third nipple comment- s3-ep20 'Jury Duty' (17:00) (also Eric makes a comment about catching his dads making love at 5:00)
You see Eric's dads- s2-ep22 'Mini-Bike' (7:13/19:00)

Francis lied on top of Eric, both partially under the covers. They were covered in sweat, naked, and tired after finishing having sexy fun time-again.

"I think next time we're doing it the way I want," sighed Eric, breaking the silence.

"No way. You always get to have all the fun," said Francis, getting up on his elbows to look at Eric's face. "So what did your dads say?"

"They were proud," replied Eric. How ironic that his dads were proud he was gay.

"Guess it runs in the family," teased Francis. He leaned down and licked a stripe over Eric's nipple.

Eric involuntarily groaned, feeling the blood pump to his dick. "No, Francis. I'm tired." Eric added a roll of his eyes for emphasis. Though he was tired.

Francis had a high libido that Eric himself matched. They were still teenagers... Besides this would be their fourth time today-if you count the quickies.

Francis wiggled, knowing how easy it was to convince Eric.

Eric bit back a moan that Francis caught anyways. Francis continued kissing Eric's chest until he suddenly stopped, pulling back.

Eric looked down at Francis. He asked "What?"

"Dude, I didn't know you had an third nipple." Francis sounded partially disgusted but mostly trying to hold back his laughter.

Whenever they had sex it had always been dark or Eric had left his shirt on.

"Shut up! It's a mole!" Eric batted Francis away.

Francis sat up, straddling Eric's hips, attempting to stifle his giggles by covering his mouth. "Oh my God, dude."

Eric scowled at him but it only egged Francis on.

"That's it, come here!" Eric grabbed Francis and manhandled him onto his knees.

Francis attempted to protest but he loved nothing more to get a rise out of Eric.

Eric positioned himself behind Francis and bit his back, almost hard enough to break the skin, leaving a perfect set of teeth marks.


"Shut up."

Eric draped himself over Francis, spitting in his hand before rubbing it over his cock. He entered Francis without warning.

Francis's laugh turned into a moan. Eric fucked into him in hastily. Francis was breathless in a matter of seconds. The sound of Eric's thighs slapping against Francis echoed in the cabin.

"Mmmm," Eric moaned, threading his fingers through Francis's hair, pulling his head back. He pressed rough kisses to Francis's exposed neck. "Do you want to come," he gritted out into Francis's ear.

"Yes, please," whimpered Francis.

"Too bad." He leaned back and pulled Francis back by his thighs. "Fuck yourself on my dick," he ordered, spanking Francis.

Francis moaning became shallower as he attempted to balance himself on his hands and knees, working himself on Eric's cock. "Please," Francis begged. Eric loved nothing more to see Francis so helpless. He came in a short burst making Francis cry out. Sometimes they would make love, but this was fucking, and they both loved it quick and dirty.

"What do you want," sneered Eric, running a hand on Francis's lower stomach, while catching his breath.

"Please, I wanna come." Francis was talking in short tortured words.

Eric got back on his haunches and sat Francis on his lap, until Eric had bottomed out inside him. He pressed a soft kiss to Francis's jaw. "Ok." He wrapped his hand around Francis dick and began to jerk him quickly. Francis came within seconds. Letting his head loll back on Eric's shoulder.

Eric snickered and nuzzled into Francis's neck with another quick kiss. He lowered Francis on the bed before lying down next to him.

"I love you," mumbled Francis, nestling closer into Eric's chest.

"I love you, too," replied Eric, wrapping his arm around Francis, as they both fell asleep.


They said it (/˘Д˘)/