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Bella loved her father, she really did, he was a kind and quiet man who lived the simple life of a lonely bachelor and Bella had no problem with living him. The problem ensued with it being her last year of High School and she was being thrown into the world of the unknown; she hadn't been in Forks for nearly seven years, having decided at the age of 11 that the dreary raining weather of Forks was not her dream vacation spot. Her and Charlie had agreed to meet somewhere in the middle or he would visit her in the warm Arizona climate; those facts aside she was unfortunately heading to Forks for the remainder of her High School career. Bella wouldn't be starting school until next week however, summer break being in progress the school opened back up on the 4th of September, it was August 29th. Bella couldn't complain though, it was her choice she didn't want to hinder her mother traveling with her new husband, Phil, for his baseball career.

Charlie was waiting at the airport in the inconspicuous car that he owned, the police chief cruiser, leaning against the door awaiting Bella's arrival. Bella thought he looked good, a bit older with more wrinkles spread throughout his face and hair more gray than before, but still the same moustache and awkward smile adorning his face. He pulls her into a one arm hug when he sees her, taking her luggage with the other arm.

"It's good to see you Bells" Charlie's voice is deep and gruff, exactly how she remembered it.

"You to Char- Dad" she corrected; that was something she would have to get used to as well.

"Yeah, well um let's get going" Bella chuckles at his awkwardness knowing she inherited it from him.

"I know it has been a while since you've been here Bella, the town hasn't changed all that much" She's knows this, she can see it as they drive by the town.

Whether it's the unchanged scenery of lush green trees and moss, the light constant drizzle falling from the sky, maybe 20 stores in the city, or the same people gilding around on the streets; it was all the same. Bella didn't mind too much she enjoyed the peacefulness that Forks would bring, even while she was living in Phoenix Bella was never really outspoken or had many friends, it's not that she is a complete outcast, it was more so that she choose the life of living in the shadows. The group of friends she did have known the real her, the one who loved to read, Wuthering Heights being her favorite novel, the girl who loved music and who had never once been interesting in dating anyone. Ever.

"This is it, home sweet home" Charlie's words bring her out of her musings, Bella gazes up at the familiar old white house, it was a decent size two bedrooms and one bathroom the perfect size for her and her uncomfortable father, a large dead tree placed directly in the front lawn the leaves probably never growing in this area of town. The windows were each covered with a white curtain blocking the inside interior from the outside world which was great; Bella and Charlie were private people.

"You coming Bells?" Charlie murmurs bringing Bella back to reality once again. I should focus on my surroundings Bella thought wouldn't want to fall on the moist ground.

"Yeah Dad, sorry" Charlie nods in response taking Bella's bag, only having the one with the proper attire for Forks, walking to the front entrance.

"That's um for you" Bella halts her movement glancing in the direction of Charlie's vision noticing for the first time the sleek silver Camaro in the driveway. Bella didn't know a thing about cars but being a fan of 'The Transformers' gave her that much knowledge about the vehicle.

"It's a 2009, I had money saved up your mom and Phil pitched in, I know you didn't want to ride around in the cruiser"

"Thanks Dad, I love it" and she did, she was never one for material things but something told her this car would be important to her. It is kind of sexy; although I would have chosen a different color.

Walking inside of the foyer a feeling of nostalgia washes over Bella, memories of childhood accidents, visits resulting in scars that will forever remain on her skin; she smiles at the sensation. The house hasn't changed the same pictures are hung up on the wall, Charlie's favorite red chair still resting in the corner, the green paint Renée chose all the years ago still covering the walls; the only improvement is the updated television set . Charlie comes down the steps, the stairs creaking under the pressure of his boots, keys jingling on his belt clip.

"Your bag is in your room" Charlie goes to kitchen leaving Bella smiling to herself. That's the great thing about Charlie Bella thought he doesn't hover.

Arriving in her room, Bella realizes that this is the only room that has changed; her once small single bed has been replaced with a larger queen sized one purple sheets and pillows covering the mattress. A new dresser has been placed on the adjoining wall equipped with a large enough mirror that you would be able to see your body if you stand a sufficient distance from it. What stood out the greatest was the computer desk near the window a small notebook in the center, it looked fairly new and Bella briefly wonders how much money Charlie spent on her. It seems jet lag caught up to Bella as the sudden urge to sleep overcomes her.


The knock on the door interrupts Bella's dream and she groggily lifts her head rubbing her blurry eyes. "Are you awake?" "

Yea-Yeah, Dad" she calls out.

"I'm heading to work there's food in the kitchen and your keys are on the counter. Your mom told me that you have money from your summer job so you can go into town to gather up your school supplies"

"Okay!" her voice rings out following Charlie's foot steps down the hall. I won't be able to fall back asleep now. With a sigh she gets up from her bed grabbing the first thing out of her suitcase and her toiletries to take a shower.

Dressed in a pair of a black jeans and a simple white shirt Bella grabs her black boots and gray jacket going downstairs. Time to explore the city. She walks in the kitchen checking the refrigerator and the cabinet sighing at the lack of food. Guess I can go grocery shopping as well Bella thought gathering her car keys off of the table exiting the kitchen.

The inside of the car, much to Bella's delight, is equivalent to the outside, the feel of the leather seats makes her grin; starting her car Bella back out of the driveway heading for the town. It only took a total of maybe 30 minutes to map out where each store in Forks was located, an extra 45 minutes was spent on shopping for clothes, Bella had never been much of a shopper and at the rate her life was going she would never be, and another 15 minutes of getting basic essentials to cook for the next couple of days. Renée was under no circumstances the best of cooks, though she did try, so Bella learned early on how to cook and provide for herself. Maybe Renée does have the attention span of a goldfish but Bella loves her and all her special quirks.

Simple, fast, and tasteful, this checklist equaled out to one thing; Tacos. When the preparation was complete Bella made two tacos for herself, plopping down at the kitchen table waiting for Charlie's arrival.

The morning of the 4th Bella was extremely exhausted; she tossed and turned all night anxious for her first day at Forks High. She awoke took her shower and dressed in dark blue jeans a white t-shirt covered by a red button up, the outfit was completed with red and white Chuck Taylors. Grabbing the blue back pack filled with her school supplies, skipping breakfast, Bella is on her way to what she hopes to be a normal day of high school.

The first thing she notices parking her car in the parking lot is that her exceptionally nice car stands out against all the other old cars in the lot. Each car here looks as if it was handed down and had been in families for years, Bella blushed at the attention being drawn to her newer model car. Ignoring the stares Bella made her way to the main office building, chancing to receive her schedule early so that she can find her classes before the bell has a chance to ring.

Trigonometry, Room 201 – Mrs. Blight

English, Room 305 – Dr. Williams

History, Room 115 – Mr. Holmes


Biology Room 315 – Mr. Banner

Art, Room 212 – Ms. Point


Gym – Coach Clapp

By the time lunch rolled around Bella had her schedule memorized as well as the layout of the school; each hallway consisted of a different 100 number and the classrooms ranged from zero to fifteen. Everyone it seems wanted Bella's attention, girls and boys alike, approaching Bella with various questions on the reason for her move, did she like Forks, does she have a boyfriend, and does she want a boyfriend, all the constant attention made Bella wish that she suddenly got sick enough to leave campus. However this wish did not come through so here she is sitting among a group of people, whose names she does not remember, as they discuss Bella and her stay at Forks.

"So this must be like really different from living in Phoenix right Bella?" a blonde haired girls asks, Bella can only nod in response waiting for the questioning to be over.

"I think we should stop with all the question today you guys, we'll have plenty of time later to talk" a quiet girl, Angela if she can remember correctly, steps into the conversation receiving a very grateful look from Bella.

"Here they come" Mike whispers, his name is only recalled by the amount of times she has heard it today. Looking up Bella's eyes also lay upon the four unbelievably good-looking student to enter through the cafeteria doors.

They all could be runaway models she assumes noticing the fashion sense and the focus that they receive but the beauty isn't what draws Bella in; it's the presence of them that has her enthralled.

A short pixie like girl is in the front, seeming to be leading the cluster, in spite of the weather. she is dressed in a black skirt and yellow top oblivious to the light rain outside; this girl seems free-spirited but cautious of her steps watching everyone closely. Attached to her arm is a disgruntled looking gentleman only gazing straight ahead, he doesn't look happy to be here but at the same time he is if only for the woman committed to his arm.

Trailing behind them was a body builder, well at least to Bella he was, the man looked to be a bear with his stature but the playful glint and small smile on his face led Bella to believe otherwise. This male also had a guarded air about him, his eyes scanning the room as he walked constantly looking behind him at the finally person trailing the group.

The finally person is a girl, no woman, with curves that any girl would want, the height of a super model and long flowing blonde hair hanging down past her shoulders. She's wearing black heels adding to her height, blue jeans and a green sweatshirt, her head is down gaze focused on the floor until the bear-man touches her arm, immediately her heads jerks up eyes searching the room. And instantly Bella wants her, like nothing she has ever wanted before this girl is her future her past and everything in the middle; whether it's the pain hiding behind her eyes that makes Bella want to comfort her. The frowning face that Bella wants to bring a smile to, or the inclusive beauty of the woman with the sad blue eyes, she doesn't know but Bella feels the pull and as the mysterious woman's gaze land on her Bella knows she feels it too.

"Those are the Cullen's and Hales" is whispered in her ear. She nods eyes unmoving from the girl.

"The Cullens are the small girl and the large one, they're cousins. Emmett and Alice, both of them live with Emmet's parents on the edge of town, Alice's parents died when she was three and her aunt took her in. There usually is another one, Emmett younger brother Edward but he's not here today that's Angela's boyfriend" Bella glances towards Angela to see the small blush on her face.

"And the others?" Bella finds herself asking

"Those are the Hale twins; Jasper, who is dating Alice, and Rosalie, they live with their Mom next door to Cullens" Rosalie Hale Bella muses how the name sounds in her mind She's perfect, like an angel.

Lunch continues for the next 15 minutes and not once did Bella's gaze waver from Rosalie's form. The object of her desire was facing the opposite direction she never once perceived Bella staring but Bella noticed everything about her; like the way she never once ate anything no matter how her brother tried to get her to, she fidgeted in her seat a lot body constantly in motion. The thing that stood out the most to Bella though was how everyone at the table seemed to be protecting the blonde as if at any moment someone could come and snatch her away; the fear implanted in Bella just thinking about it.

Art, as it turns out, would be the class of great importance to Bella; though she never took particular care of it before today, not because she couldn't draw but because writing was her way of expression. Bella walked into class and rapidly stopped in the doorway; there in the back of the classroom was none other than Rosalie Hale, her brother and Alice, sitting next to her. The light push to her back restarts her moving towards the teachers' desk to hand over her slip to be signed, the gaze on her back while she speaks with the instructor is scorching and Bella knows that her angel is watching at her.

"Here you are" she smiles softly in thanks, locating the first empty seat near the window assigning herself there. Bella sits there wondering if she should meet the gaze of her new obsession.

"Do you draw" the quiet voice asks. Gazing up Bella is once again met with the kind green eyes of Angela.

"Yeah, it's not really my best talent though" chuckling quietly Bella runs her hand through her hair, a habit often done when she feels stressed.

"I've never seen Rosalie look at anyone so intently before" Bella's attention is back on Angela "I have been to their house plenty of times since Edward and I starting dating and she has never looked at me for more than one minute."

Ms. Point starts the lecture asking each student if they did the summer assignment; every student replies with a yes taking said object out of their sketchbooks, Bella of course does not. Ms. Point goes around the room asking each student individually also taking the attendance, when she arrives at the back of the room however Bella notices that she skips Rosalie as if the girl wasn't there. Spinning to face her Bella sees that Rosalie does indeed have a sketchbook and Bella spins forward confused.

"She doesn't talk" is said lowly in her ear


"Rosalie" Angela repeats keeping her head forward "She doesn't speak" her gaze turns to Bella "Ever."

Is anyone interested?