Where am I?

I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore.

No… if this could be considered Kansas, it would probably be some kind of warped replica seen in a Heinlein novel.

In fact, I don't even know when I am. The landscape around me is barren, tattered, destroyed in some gruesome way; buildings have been reduced to rubble and what was once a park has been clear-cut. Not even the car I stand on is safe, floating on a deep river that in a way kind of reminds me of Gotham.

Did it work?

Did I manage to kill Darkseid, preventing him from using the Anti-Life equation to turn the world into literal zombies?

Was I killed in the process?

Not something I want to think about.

Doesn't seem to matter, though. Nobody is here; everything's silent. Too silent. Darkseid would have flaunted his prowess at any opportunity. There has to be something else at hand here.
Joker? This seems too extravagant for him.

Luthor? He wouldn't do that.


Might actually be Ra's. Destruction of this kind is his fortitude.

I didn't think he'd actually be able to do it, though…

My god.

I stay on top of the car for a while longer, contemplating what I should do. This city is flooded. Everything has been annihilated. I can't possibly go to the Batcave; I'd drown. The Justice League is probably not coming anytime soon.

I sigh. Time for some prep.

I honestly don't know why I'm writing this. I was just reading The Hunger Games when the thought suddenly came to my mind- what would Batman do if he was in the Hunger Games?

If you weren't aware, this takes place after Final Crisis- in that series, Darkseid has discovered the Anti-Life Equation and uses it to turn the majority of the world into his slaves. The heroes work to beat him for a while, but after realizing it is near impossible, Batman steps in, uses a gun, and kills him, only to be killed himself. Chilling.

He's not actually dead, of course, and the Omega Beam that gets him sends him to the distant past (he has to claw his way back home,) but for the sake of the story let's assume it took him to the future instead. Welcome to Panem, Batman- hope you survive the experience...