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Akira needed to transfer to a school in California , Her parents agreed to place her there to be prepared for her duties as an heir of their company. Ever since she left.. she always kept remembering him unsure that if she come back, there might be someone with him all , all she could do to him is to punch, kick ,and scream painful words to him.

Chapter 1


Akira's POV

I woke up early ready to go to the airport because after a year i convinced my parents for me to be back with my other friends ,and the whole S.A. I was just wondering , has kei made my angel hikari fall in love with him? Is megumi ,yahiro,jun and sakura doing well? Has ryuu been finally free of jun and megumi, and is enjoying with finn?...and him? I cant help not thinking about him all those months that seemed those nights where i dreamed about him and the whole S.A .

The boy who made me regret that i left and the boy whom i love very much can be possibly forgot about me? His killer smile, that attitude that i love ...I hope he still loved me ...knowing i left without him considering that decision nor let him think if it might be better for us to be apart.

I am looking forward to what othrs in the S.A are doing now .. all i need is to go to the principal's office to get my enrollment i walked to the office i saw the principal which is no other than the boy's mom , Tadashi's mom . "oh akira its been a year since you left , how are you? "said the principal ' "i'm fine ma'am , how are the other's doing"i asked ,. "akira , they are looking forward to see you , umm by the way do they know that you are here?"she said . "no one knows bur you. I want to surprise them"i said. "ahhhh, so i just need to sign this and done! You are now afficiall a hakusen academy's student...again"she said as she signed my papers. "you better go akira , "

" go "i said

As i walk down the hallway to the greenhouse ,i feel memories keep rushing back to me making me eager to see my friends .When i bumped to a girl exactly at my age whose hair was blonde and has a beautiful blue eyes. "i'm sorry" i said to the girl, "no its okay , its my fault that i keep on watching that flock of blue birds in the sky"she said apologetically. What i first noticed about this girl is her fondness on exploring just like tadashi and what i liked most about her is she is very kind. "i'm sorry again miss but i gotta go, by the way I am Akira Toudou"i said . "Ah so you are the one last,last year so you transfered here again huh?"she said . "yah, Sorta",i said. What does she mean about last,last year? I dont remember her before. Well i had no time thinking about that and ..without me noticing , i was right in front of the greenhouse,wondering what will i do.

Will they hate me because i did not say that i'll come?

I gathered up my courage and opened the door . I saw hikari which seemed like she's been challenging kei again. Ryuu sleeping beside jun and megumi in a shaded tree and him...Tadashi has been eating a big chocolate cake which i knew that he loved specially with a little touch of caramel ."seems like nothing has changed "i said without even realizing that my voice has been a little too lud enough for all of them to hear.I just stood there .Silent and when hikari glanced at my direction she ran to me and hugged me saying, "its been a while akira, you know i really missed you"she said ."me too, my angel hikari" i said as i caught a glimpse of everyone ,smiling at me even kei . I smiled at them cherishing all those memories i shared with them . Focussed ... not at them but with guy with the brown hair and whose smile is as bright as the shining smiled at me and i wondered ...so afterall he's not angry with me

Memory Flashback

I talked to him about that news

And i was just shocked that he just stared and nodded

And walked away

And without my concern and with my raging feelings

I said ,"why are you so being stupid and heartless!"

I saw him pause and she stared at me and because of angry i finally said,

"i should'nt have loved you ! You stupid Tadashi Karino" i said that, full of emotions

that even i am surprised to what i just said and started crying, covering my face with my hands and walking away . That night is my last night with the S.A before my departure

End of Flashback

"akira,how are you doing in california , and why oh why you transferred here again? "said hikari

Ryuu, megumi,and jun just woke up and are really surprised to see me

"akira , long time no see. So how is your life in california?"said ryuu

"i'm very fine there "i said

"how was the food here when i'm gone?"i asked

"they definitely did taste great but your cooking is the best "said tadashi

I blushed a little

And faced the others.

"Can i see the kitchen ?"i asked them

They're eyes seem to think if they will let me in the kitchen when tadashi said


He accompanied me to the kitchen

And i am very surprised because not far from the kitchen is a small house and i asked him what is that and said "That?when i am wandering around and is too lazy to go home ,I slept there. Wanna see?"

He dragged me to that place and when i am inside i saw a small bedroom , a closet and a door which is more likely to be the bathroom .I peeped through the window and i saw a beautiful view ,a lake which glitters in the sun . I go out to see the lake and tadashi said ,"want an apple?" . I nod wnd saw an apple tree just beside the lake with the fruits which are very red hanged .He started reaching a fruit which is just about three ft. above the lake and it would be critical sincee if you had a wrong move you'll be soaking wet and as i just said a moment later he splashed in the water and I could'nt stop laughing and when he come up he also both laughed hysterically of what seems like an hour and he stood up and began to strip his clothes and suddenly i got the urge to spank him and i screamed "ARE YOU TRYING TO STRIP YOUR CLOTHES RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!"I said .

"kay, sorry , , you are as violent as ever akira"he said with a smirk on his face while rubbing that very spot where i hit him. He walked inside the house .He accidentally dropped his phone on the ground and it seemes like he didi not noticed it .I picked it up but when i am going to give him that, his phone got a message


Hi, wanna explore?

Meet me tomorrow outside the greenhouse

It will be so much fun

~Kaoru = ))))))

Who is that kaoru ? A thought suddenly flashed through my mind and as i closed the message i saw his with a girl beside both looked happy and the background is a beautiful 's more that surprised me is that the girl in this picture is the one that bumped with me earlier that very same long blonde hair with the beautiful blue eyes . "i'm done !"said tadashi .And as we walked I kept on wondering who is that girl to him. He seems to notice my silence so i asked him who is the one that cooks for them. "it's kaoru"he said . "ahhh, so who is she? Is she the girl on your phone?"i asked him. "Kaoru is my girl...friend " he said. Upon hearing thet i felt that my tears want to come but i backed it up . And i said to him, "just a while she sent you a message" .I feel that cant no longer hold my tears and i just said goodbye to him and ran to the greenhouse.I sat with them ,very silent and carefully not catching a glimpse of him,because i know that if i will see his face and talked to him i may not be able to suppress my tears and overflowing emotions. After a while tadashi talked to me and asked "are you okay?" but i said to him "i'm okay" not facing nor looking at his face and i talked to hikari , pretending to ignore him.I continued talking to them but i wondered what is wrong with me that even my angel hikari cant make me feel better. And finally it is dismissal time and i asked my driver to drive me to the place where i confessed my feelings for him . When we are there i asked the driver to leave me alone and i sat at the foot of a tree and still i saw the setting sun and the city lights' starting to lit.