The morning came and went and Rapunzel suddenly found herself sitting in the dungeons between two Ravenclaws she had never met nor spoken to before. Thinking it was about time she spoke up for herself, she had hardly begun to introduce herself when a figure came billowing into the room.

"Hello, first years. My name is Severus Snape and you would do well to remember it. Please take out your potions textbooks immediately and place them on your desk, covers closed. I will now begin roll call," the man who stepped into the room snapped before pulling out a long parchment from his robes. Rapunzel looked around the class to see who else was in it. To her dismay, the Rider boy was sitting in the back of the class, legs propped up on the table, staring into the ceiling as though there was nothing interesting in the room. That is, until he caught her eye.

He looked at her for a moment before recognition flooded into his eyes and he smirked at her before throwing in a smouldering look. How pathetic! Rapunzel thought to herself before whipping her head around, refusing to give him any reaction. Snape called her name and she quietly motioned her presence by raising her hand. He looked at her and blinked. Turning his head in Flynn's direction, Snape thought for a moment before looking down and nodding to himself. He then carried on the roll call.

Desperately curious to find out why it was that Snape had looked at her so strangely, Rapunzel chanced another look in Fynn's- Rider's direction. Now he was holding his book sideways and making exaggerated confused faces, much to the amusement of the other Slytherins. At this point most Ravenclaws wre looking over to see what the fuss was before glaring at Rider in disdain before returning to their own work. Again Rapunzel snapped her head around before telling herself to focus on the assignment they had were given. Snape had passed out a small parcel to each of the student and they were now supposed to be sorting the contents in whatever way they wanted. Of course, there was a "right" way and a "wrong" way, but that's precisely what the assignment was going to be graded on.

Working quietly and diligently, Rapunzel used her book to aid her on the right path. When she had finished, she looked up to see how the rest of the class was doing. To her surprise, almost no one had completed the task. Even her fellow Ravenclaws were still working away furiously, flipping pages of their textbooks in order to procure the information they needed. Glancing around the classroom caught her Flynn's attention again, and apparently he had noticed that she had completed the task. Throwing her another smirk, Flynn stood up, swung his legs over the desk, and made his way over to her table. She looked down at her book and determinedly avoided making any eye contact with him, but alas, he was incredibly determined.

"Hey Punzie, looks like you're all done. Wanna give a buddy some help?" he asked her, leaning down to peer up into her eyes.

"Don't call me that, and no. Do your own work. Didn't I tell you not to speak with me ever again?" she responded, her voiced measured and even.

"Well I couldn't help but notice how, ah, concerned, you seemed to be for me. I mean, why else would you be looking at me so much, hm?" Flynn responded, smirking as he thought he had trapped her. Unfortunately for him, such was not the case.

Looking up and him and batting her eyelashes dramatically, Rapunzel responded, "Well you were making such a fuss over there I couldn't help but wonder if someone had been injured by your insufferable stupidity. I certainly do hope everything is alright."

Squinting his eyes at her didn't seem to help Flynn at all, so he began to retort when Snape billowed into the room from his office once more.

"What seems to be the problem here? I do not see how you could possibly be speaking to each other about an individual assignment," he said sternly, looking down at the pair.

"Well, sir-" Rapunzel began, only to be cut off by Flynn.

"I am truly sorry, sir, I just came over to ask the lovely Miss Rapunzel for some help, as she seems to have completed the task while I can hardly make sense of the textbook," Flynn tried to excuse himself.

"I suppose then that the illustrious Miss Rapunzel should be your tutor, so that you do not disturb the class ever again," Snape sided with the Slytherin and looked down at Rapunzel, who again opened her mouth to speak and was again cut off by Flynn.

"That sound like a great idea, sir. I would certainly improve my Potions skills if Miss Rapunzel helped me," Flynn said, turning and smirkin at Rapunzel.

"Then it is set. You two will study together down here every Tuesday and Thursday until Mr. Rider can complete his assignments on his own," Snape stated before marching over to his desk.

Flynn snickered and threw one more smouldering look at Rapunzel before returning to his seat. His best friend, Jack Something-Or-The-Other snickered and offered him a high five.

Rapunzel just groaned and put her head down on her desk.

This was going to be a long year.

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