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Your insolence fills me to the brim.
The reason why the mist of white is so delectable
is because of your naivety
you're so arrogant, yet so...


I managed a whole day without seeing that Michaelis guy again. Well that is, after that morning...While at lunch, that dolt and his curry-bread making friend (servant, no less) introduced (shoved me into) Edgar Redmond. He is indeed a tosh. I was told that his older sibling, Alabaster, or something, was even worse. The reason why they carried different surnames was because they were half-brothers – Elizabeth told me. When speaking about people that differentiate themselves in a way that can be gossiped about, I was afraid to find the same glint that Madame Red uses when she spills about the last girl who went out with the male alcoholic in Elizabeth's eyes. Another thing I could possibly notice about the blonde girl is that every person either loves her to full maximum or gets annoyed at her antics to the point of pulling on her pigtails irritably. Incidentally, I'm only noticing things about Elizabeth because I see nothing but her. Literally, and with no second cliché love sayings attached.

She has indeed gone all her way to greet me at every second, pull at my arm and commenting on the complimentary colours on another person's outfit. Oh, Ciel, isn't that cute? Though it doesn't really fit her...It would fit me more, I think! Right, Ciel? Hey Ciel, your outfit doesn't really suit your eyes...what if I give you this necklace? You'll look really cute! Cute, cute, cute! Ciel? Ciel! Ciel, Ciel, Shiely! Etc, such and such. It was nearing 6 pm by now, and I spent nearly most of my day getting dragged along by some pig tailed girl squealing about every single cute thing. Regardless, she showed me the blocks where classes were situated at, new students that I hadn't shown my face to and teachers that were friendly to all students.

Standing outside my dorm room, I turn my head to both sides steadily, ready to jerk back and run for dear life. Fortunately, no annoying little girl came into view. I was free, for now. About ready to depart, I passed the bulletin and that got me the idea of pulling out my timetable that McMillan personally handed to me. The day our classes were starting, was a Wednesday, and I had two periods of science, one period of find yourself, a double period of—

"Ciel! Catch me—oof!"


Then I was somehow staring at the ceiling, a repulsive blond boy adorning booty shorts sitting on my abdomen. My head seemed to advance collision on the ground, but I didn't receive any pain flares from the impact. That can't be good. Oh, there are some cracks in the ceiling. And the window isn't even positioned right – the room was meant for a soft blue, not any creams or whites, never any yellows, either.

"Hey, Cieeeel~!" There was a poke to my cheek.

Stupid ceiling-fixers and their shoddy workmanship.

"Phantomhive—oi," A light slap performs on my cheek and I whip my head downward, casting Alois the fiercest look I could possibly manage. He doesn't even budge, examining my face which was pelted downwards and hair splayed on the folds of the floor. "Have you possibly become more feminine—er? Like that's gonna be bad; people might actually think you're some chick," His slim fingers are twisting around the strands of my teal hair.

"Alois," I grit out.

"Why is your hair so soft? It feels like a damned animal—Hey Claude, come feel this!"



"Get off!"

It surprises me to no limit of how my history with Alois consists no longer than a mere 48 hours, and yet he continues to act like this. Robbinton Boarding School has got to be the most curious element in the bane of existence. It got me thinking of who I actually tolerate in this atmosphere. Wait...wait...Ah, John. John McMillan—now that's the closest sight I can get for sore eyes. Pity he's so forgettable. Doll was a bit too loud, and her roughened accent annoyed me to no edge.

"For an Englishman, you behave so poorly," Alois pouted and gradually rose from his current position. A temporary gleam in his eyes registered that he was about to jump again just for the sake of it, before he was pulled off by a snake-like grip on his arm.

I widen my vision by standing up and receiving intent looks from a pair of pale, dirty sapphire eyes, disgusting yellow orbs (how does that even happen?) and a prominent pair of crimson, so crimson hues. (once again, I make this point. Were they DNA disfigured as foetuses?) As I take an extended glance, two figures are outlined behind Sebastian, with menacing glares to make their presence known. One was rather pretty—pale skin that was a tone resembling mine, and her cat-like eyes were a creepy shade of violet, complimenting her exotic features with an almost angelic-like glow. Her hair was blanched by the poor lighting, but with a sharp eye, it gave me the sense that it would stay that way, even without any light. Next to her stood Grell, a rather flimsy-looking figure. All caught up in his own glory giving people time to appraise his attire. It was rather amusing to see both of them get stuck choosing whether to glare at the other, glare at me, or desperately preening for Sebastian. Something gives me the feeling that they do the former and the later nearly all time.

If McMillan served me correctly, the young woman must have been Angela. They painted quite the picture; Alois pouting and being held by the likes of Claude, Sebastian behind them with his arms crossed, looking rather displeased, Grell and Angela trailing after him, each holding onto either side of his blazer.

"If you keep staring, people might get the wrong idea," Sebastian, for the shortest of time, clicked out of his grumpy expression to enlighten me with an amused look. I scowl and shook my head as if snapping out of a transitional trance. His hues were too extreme, I had to look away. As soon as he finished the sentence, two twin glares stabbed me on either side. I could even feel it. I huff and turn my back, already finished by my daily dozing and figured that I could get some rest in my dorm room. A tug on my arm made me stop and almost topple backward.

"What are you doing?" I hiss at Alois who shoots me a malicious smirk.

"Without Hannah and the triplets, there's no one to keep us in line." He explains. "So now we can all watch a movie in Claude's room!" He clapped his hands once with his eyes slit, like a very happy cat.

"Sebasss~chaaan!" Grell whined, shaking his arm, and his sing-song tone made me wince. "This gauntly kid upsets me! Shall we go?" He says through pouted lips, his words getting meshed into one line.

"This is the brat?" said Angela, with a bite sheathed beneath her words. It looked like there was petty bile rising up from her bosoms to her mouth. "How dirty-looking. It's almost sinful." It was painfully ironic how she was saying all of that. As she was speaking, she gave Sebastian a protective glance, and then she threw me a hateful look, as if saying 'he's mine'. Apparently Grell didn't agree with that, as they initiated a weak slapping contest, Angela howling as she slapped Grell over the head.

"Not the face—Nyah! Contemptible, skanky little bitch-!"

"Cherry satiated, unclean fool!"

Claude, Sebastian and Alois looked bored at the scene, like it was a daily occurrence. It didn't put it past me to think so. As soon as their attention was off the blubbering pair of idiots, Alois threw me a hopeful look, his round, dirty eyes sparking with contentment. "So...?" Alois barked, and with the back of his hand, he gently tapped the underside of my chin. "How 'bout it?"

I stared at the obvious seniors of the room, and contemplated at why they would still be here. Perceptibly, Claude was the type of person you'd think, at first glance, who chose not to deal with most outliers. However, Alois was the outlier of outliers; it seemed he had bonked Claude on the head enough times to shower him in submission. It was ideally strange, wondering who was who's pet. Alois could be the puppet master, stringing Claude around like some toy, yet it could also be Claude, the unspoken one, whispering cosmic notes into his ear while the blond later states it cunningly out. The same air could be fondled around Sebastian, if you minus the latter blond scurrying through his body like a heartworm. There was something about Sebastian, the air around him that spiked up visibly, casting anybody into a saucy sleep. Everyone around him had gone to sleep with their eyes wide open, sucking in the delicious scent of his presence and getting high on it. One would wonder why he chose to hang out with these two. I thought he noticed that I noticed this, because he was now answering the unanswered question.

"Do you see anything better to do?" He states out with a uninterested drawl of voice, quiet but clear. Alois beamed at his encouragement, before smirking. Suddenly, the smirk dropped and the atmosphere fell so dominantly that even the two Sebastian-sticking imbeciles quieted down their pointless banter. Dirty eyes were staring over my shoulder, and I quickly moved to the side of Sebastian and Claude who were inwardly sighing. Swallowing dryly, the two figures before us visibly stiffened at each other, and Alois was looking into the deathly eyes of Elizabeth.

"You." Alois stated with major disgust, his face convulsing on emphasis.

"You can't take Ciel!" Elizabeth cried out. I calmly stared as my hand made its way to pinch the bridge of my nose in silent exasperation. "He's coming with me – hi Sebastian!" Her giddy voice was knocked up a few octaves, and beside me, said devil smiled forcibly. Elizabeth reminded me of a girl I encountered at the age of eight. This girl was not over the top, unlike Elizabeth, but her bawls and wails were. Something had given me the idea that this person always got what she wanted.

"Good evening, Miss Lizzy." He said in an equally flattering voice, and one could give him credit for his smile didn't falter one bit.

The girl in question smiled before her dog-like senses straightened out her tail, cast me in the eye and her posture was rigid. Alois scoffed over dramatically, his smirk penetrable and his hand waving in a manner of mischief. He dismissed the girl with a wave of a hand and closed his eyes, his mouth in the mere shape of smugness. "Now how did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?"

Dear God, it was blonde against blond. It made me wonder if they had a bad past together. Yet then, I realised Elizabeth's irritating pigtails, and Alois's booty shorts, and assumed they'd disliked each other since the moment they laid eyes on the other.

"Your dirty, stupid words don't hurt me! Ciel, come on, let's go! I picked an outfit for you," She turned to me, her eyes pleading with confidence, and her arms outstretched towards me.

"Oh, I get it," Alois almost choked back a cruel laugh but chose to release it near the end. "All the decent dicks that lay their glory here are either taken, or too beautiful to pick up the likes of you." I immediately stiffened as his eyes, manic and unaffected grazed my line of presence only to shoot back at Elizabeth with a bad bark. "Every single time I see you, you infuriate me. You should just die. Every single one of your petty little friends. They should all just die!"

I widen my eyes and frantically look to the side, giving Claude a questionable stare which he somehow ignored.

"You're terrible!" Elizabeth exclaims. The tugging on my arm became persistent. "Ciel let's just go!"

"How pitiable." His expression was truly bored out of his hiney. "Controlling him like some mutt on a collar. Are you going to spare us the vivid blessings, or do we have to ignore that like the rest of your shit-like-spouts now too?"

"You fool!" Her eyes started brimming with fresh tears, the true mockery of a woman. "Ciel is the one that I love! He is the one that I love!" My eyes widen at that, and I helplessly watch as the sobs racked through her tiny frame. I rolled my head powerlessly to stare at my upperclassmen who didn't think anything, hastily shoving the shits that they gave down their bronchial tubes. Alois was the one grinning with mirth; his laughter was always hidden in his words. I have known Elizabeth for under—you know what, I'm not even going to calculate the number of hours.

"Honestly, people look so ugly when they cry. Yeah, Claude? Don't you just want to sell her to a shit-den, for the quality of her hideous face?"

Beside Sebastian, Claude shifted as he took his place behind Alois and straightened out himself. I can see him at the corner of my eye, fixating his glasses and leaning down to whisper in the boy's ear. Whatever he said, Alois agreed with no hesitation, laughing wickedly as he praised the huge figure with a sloppy kiss on his face.

Sebastian was picking at his fingers. "Happens every damn time," He mouthed to me, a look of lax directed.

Swallowing down a sigh, I approached the girl. "Hey, you." The pig-tailed brat didn't even lift up her head from her sobs-catching hands, her person shaking uncontrollably. "Oi. Stop crying. He's right, to say something like that. You are ugly when you cry. It doesn't suit a lady like you," She sniffled noisily before lifting her face, her eyes blurred red and her expression revolting.

Casting one last look at Alois who was staring at me with slight anger, it reflects back onto myself. He doesn't control me. "Let's go," I said before leading her into what I thought was a game room. The small ambience was fortunately empty, and as soon as the door closed, I got bombarded with a hug. Grunting surprised, I hesitantly pat her on the back.

"I'm s-sorry, Ciel," She sniffled her curls bouncing as she made every motion.

Working with the flow, I decide to backtrack on our past conversation. Words were powerful when used correctly, so use them correctly, my Dad had said. And I used what my Mother had said. "I remember one time, when I was nearing my fifth birthday,"

Elizabeth peered up at me in curiosity,

"My Uncle who lived in New Zealand had just died. I was sobbing so hard. That was when my Mother heard all of it, and said that you shouldn't get caught up in the newly deceased. She said that you should cry if only you, yourself are dying." Despite my words, that moment her eyes filled with obese tears, just like when she had mentioned her adoration to Mothers.

When she kissed me on the cheek, a door slammed open. "Elizabeth-! I was looking for-" A young man stood there, no older than Sebastian with wide eyes the size of an inflated balloon. His face adorned a sharp jaw line that would have been a factor of total beauty but had avoided it with a gash on his left cheek. His face was elongated and rare bronze strands pooling down his forehead. He was built with a sudden rage as he made his way like a true marauder. His eyes were frenzied as he hauled Elizabeth off me carefully and shoved a dirty finger accusingly at my face.

"Now just who do you think you are, huh? Advancing on someone as poor and cute as my little sister!" The boy was about to prod me in the chest but I backed away at last minute, my teeth gritted. It didn't take a genius to know that Elizabeth had a cruse – not when she practically shouted it loud enough to bounce of the walls of the hallway. I'm not sorry to know that what she was aiming for is zero.

"I did nothing. What are you, her keeper?" It was people like this that irritated me the most. During my short time of life, I've learnt that all humans display their insolence and follow that path blindly, as if a cool demon was making a 'come hither' motion near the end of it. Yet this boy seemed to reflect the insolence at a three o'clock turn, twisting the flagstones beneath his feet, and encouraging people to come walk into his unknowing trap.

"Edward, no!" Elizabeth jerked at his arm, whining. "You can't hurt him, he was comforting me as I was crying! You shouldn't hurt Ciel, Edward, stop!" It was quite funny to see her fussing about as Edward stood still, glaring at me with a thousand daggers.

"Stay away from her." Elizabeth's older brother growled. "Ciel, was it? I'll be remembering that name. Lizzy, let's go," His hand clasped hers rather fondly, but before he could pull her away, Elizabeth surprised me with one more kiss on the cheek.

"Goodnight Ciel," Her smile was so dazzling, it gave me a migraine. Edward huffed and proceeded to glower at me as if I had somehow mind-controlled Elizabeth into kissing me on the cheek. And on the cheek for Christ's sake. As they left the room, I was left alone, in an emptied room. It took me about thirty minutes to find my way back to the dorm room. Conniving, pigtailed blonde, I'll get her for that. I walked in, completely obvious to the dozing Redmond on his top bed, Soma who was drooling a river and snuggling onto his pillow, and fondly enough, Alois was out of bed. It made me realise how reverse-strict the curfew was set out to be. It seemed that Alois was still watching a movie in that spider's room. Now why was he a spider again?

Not taking any chances, I had crept into the bathroom to change my clothes, idly listening to Soma's mumbling in his sleep. It made no sense whatsoever so whatever he had been doing during the past few hours knocked him completely out of it. I sighed wearily, but also in relief as I sunk into the soft talons of the mattress, my pillow fluffed up and the sensation of refreshers. My pained head hit the pillow, and my eyes shut for a period of five seconds, because –

"I was wondering if you'd ever come back,"

Trying to suck in a deep breath, but finding out the oxygen was sucked out of the room, I flipped onto my side in quick succession and sure enough, "AUGH—" Sebastian was right there next to me. His slim fingers clamped my mouth shut in order to prevent the quick gasps coming out from my mouth. I didn't think he'd understand the severity of that situation, my heart nearly hammered out of my godamned chest. Inhumane, perverted bastard! Humongous, shady twit!

I slapped his hands away, and I sincerely hoped it had hurt. A devastating sense of déjà vu hit back at me in reprimand and I was breathing so heavily because this guy...infuriates me so, so—"So bloody much!" I snap at him, my jaw aching from the amount of power it's receiving to clench. I imagine gnawing him at the rear end, grinding him with molars. "What the hell are you doing in my bed!?"

Sebastian stared at me with wide eyes, glancing a onceover around the room and clamping my mouth once again. "SSSHH!"

" the...custard...guh," Soma tossed and turned in his sleep, mumbling his words a little louder in volume, but other than that, and with pure relief, no one had woken up.

"Really, to act like that before thinking," Sebastian chided in a quiet voice, tsking with disappointment. Rage welled up inside of me. "You do not want your friends to find you in such a...position, don't you?"

I grab his hand with fury and threw it forcefully at his side. "What the hell do you think you're doing in my bed again?" I hissed under my breath again, the quilt now knocked down to my knees as we rose into a sitting position. "Get out."

"Without hearing an explanation first? How cruel. Weren't you the one devoting himself to courtesy?" He was mocking me, the bastard.


"Calm down, little lord. Surely you can't kick out a poor, bed-less individual like myself out of one as luxurious and as big as yours?"

I grasp my hair in a hand and clenched, my mouth quivering in irritation. "You can't be serious."

"Alois managed to convince Claude into letting him sleep beside him. And by doing that, the door to our dorm room has to remain unlocked to let Alois make for a quick retreat."

"Get out of this room-"

"I'd rather sleep with you than with Grell."

"You sleep with Grell?"

"No, I sleep. He just finds a way into my bed whenever the door is unlocked, and I'm getting blisters on my hands from throwing him out. I'm sure that in comparison to my daily terror, this surprise must have been more pleasant, don't you agree?"

"No!" I demand.

"No?" Sebastian looked surprise. "If you like, I can arrange Grell to sneak into your bed instead,"

"Augh, just!" I cross my arms as flames embed my pupils. "Shut up and sleep on the floor."

"That's hardly a way to treat a guest," His voice went a lower octave and I was shaking out of fury, not anything else, no.

"You're. Not. My. Guest!"

He stares at me, and I growl.

"Can't you sleep on Alois's bed?"

"I don't want to get contaminated,"

"Then you stay here and I'll sleep on Alois's bed!"

Sebastian paused for a second, and I gave myself a small victory before he smiled sweetly at me. "That can be arranged, yes. Well, goodnight Ciel." His arms reach above his head in a welcoming stretch, causing his nightshirt to haul up a good couple of inches. I cover up a blush by ducking my head, yet when he falls back on the bed, his sleep-deprived eyes staring back up at me, I stare at him in disbelief.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Sebastian's voice was reeling me in, a smirk situated on the bounds of his face. "Doesn't Alois's bed look inviting enough?"

"No way!"

"You suggested it,"

"I didn't mean it, now shut up and don't touch me!" I bare my teeth as I fling myself onto the bed, facing the wall and away from him. The majority of the quilt is bunched by the tight grip of my hands, and I pull it up to my chest, huffing in complete anger. I hear a breathy chuckle behind me, and it urged me to turn myself over and kick him. Twenty minutes in, the silent was overwhelming and I stopped my debate on whether to sleep because he's sleeping and it's safe, or stay alert the whole night because of the creep. Rubbing at my drowsy eyes, I feel myself getting pulled in to the blanket of sleep. Instead, I got pulled into Sebastian's chest, his arms encircling my flanks tightly. I held in a cry and fidgeted furiously, strained breaths coming out of my mouth.

"Unhand me you pervert!" When I heard no response, I listened closely to his quiet snores. "Are you awake? ...Sebastian?"

His reply was to bury his nose on the nest of my hair. Warmth befriends me and his legs were locked into place with mine, and I could feel his chest rising to signal his breaths. I release an exhalation and let my body relax. This felt...nice.


"Yes?" I reply offhandedly.

Hot breath induces the top of my ear. "...I'm awake."


We're harshly separated as I nearly push him off the bed and haul the sheet off both of us. Prodding it into a barricade between both of our bodies, I'm revealed to night air, but that's fine, knowing there's something in between us and he couldn't reach over me to do whatever the hell he does. It's furiously painful trying to decipher the boy's wordings and motives. It makes me want upright ask him what in God's name was he trying to achieve. But I do know one thing. Sebastian Michaelis was a total, enigmatic nutcase.

Another thirty minutes passed, and I irritably wondered if I was ever going to get any sleep in my future years of school.

"...Ciel, I'm cold." Sebastian informs me quietly.

I know he is, because I am too, with the quilt between us. I shut my eyes and ignore him, and he audibly sighs.

I squeak, almost rising up in alarm as the quilt is pulled up, but I'm quickly back down again as Sebastian sets it just above my shoulders and climbs in too, shortly afterwards. Opening my mouth to protest with a frown, he budges in with his annoying voice.

"Come on," He whispers with reassurance. "I won't touch you, just go to sleep Ciel." True to his words, he didn't touch me for the next forty-five minutes. Though after said minutes, I swung around, unable to take it anymore and got up from the bed, my tired muscles protesting. Without taking another look at Sebastian, I settle myself on Alois's bed, not caring if I got 'contaminated' at that moment. It seemed that Sebastian noticed the lack of presence because, without turning my back, I hear him shuffle on the sheets. "Goodnight, Ciel." He says, and I get lulled into a deep sleep.

"Ciel. Cieeeeeel!" Bed-warmed hands roughly grip me by the shoulders and awakened my previously sleeping form. I glare at the blurry face. Before two slim hands could slap me wide awake, I grip them by the wrists and shoot my eyes wide open, searching for the accusing person.

"Watch your balls, Soma," Alois shot at a distance from the bed. "Ciel's shit cranky in the mornings."

I groan, grimacing at the proximity of Soma's face to mine, and in retaliation, I swipe for his face. He easily dodges and tugs at the sheets draped over me. Couldn't they just leave me alone for once? Prats.

"Why were you sleeping on Alois's bed?" Soma pondered with a finger tapping on his thin lips. A smile encased his face just after he said it, and he glanced over me with a debatably mischievous expression. "Was it that you got lonely, little brother?"

"Oh my, really?" Redmond was climbing down the ladder of his top-bunk, his in-tune voice still active in the morning. "I've made my decision, then! Ciel, my junior, next time you're lonely," He placed a hand to his heart. "I will definitely let you sleep in my bed!"

"No way!" Soma countered. "I'm his bigger brother, he can sleep with Agni and me!"

"Agni and I," I corrected him with a hoarse voice.

"Ciel, you have an interest in Agni?" Alois chirped. "I know, like he's hot and all, but what would Bassy say?"

My head hits the sheets once more, and they're met with a groan.

At first morning meal, Alois had lazily told me, in front of our cabin mates that Sebastian had escaped near six am, and had to go back to his own bed in trade-swap with Alois. He said it so casually, it made me splutter. First period was science with Charles Grey, but advised to call him Mr. Grey. His teachings were strict and he seemed to favour McMillan (who had linked arms with me at breakfast). The guy was small compared to Sebastian and Claude and it was humorous to think him a teacher when the students were like that. However, as soon as he started speaking with that numbingly sickening voice, it made me remember he was indeed one. His sun-bleached hair was an appealing combination to his lonesome, calculating eyes. The way he held himself was contradictory to his teacher position, though. It was a mystery to why he decided to teach young kids when he could do so much more, something more ambitious, on the major side. After all, who wanted to teach snotty-nosed, undeveloped, arrogant little devils?

His eyes held mine for a brief second, acknowledging me as a new student and asking me to introduce myself. Then the class was immediately launched into focus, and if it wasn't this teacher at this time, the volume would have been full blast in the welcoming classroom. To my left, Alois was fidgeting with his fingers, obviously bored out of his mind. To my right, ironic enough, I find Alois's official opposite, unkempt and antisocial John McMillan who was furiously scribbling his notes as he attempted to keep up with his approving teacher.

He briefly went over the introduction of Science class, which may or may not function similarly to other schools. Our first element of unfortunate study was Biology, and got the class groaning. With one expectant look, they were silenced, and McMillan actually smiled at this.

Halfway through period two of our prolonged class, we were forced to read a share of passages. I remember this because of the blond terror at my side.

"Eyes at the front, Mr. Collin." Mr Grey commanded, his eyes firm and unrelenting. As the boy blushed in humiliation, he cleared his throat to read the remaining paragraph.

"Good." His eyes flashed around the room, choosing his next suspect, and as he rested them on me, I straightened obediently on my seat. "Phantomhive, come draw the diagram on the board from page 41 of your book. And draw it big; some people in this class are short-sighted." I nod and stood up to take the marker he offered me. "And short-cut from class if they decide to keep talking and gift themselves with a detention note." His obligatory tone lashed people out from their lazy postures, and Alois was the last one resting his head on his palms.

Mr. Grey cleared his throat as I finished up the last of the animal cranium. "Very good, Trancy, I see you are awake. Would you like to bless us with your voice when you read us the second paragraph from where Miss Linton left off?"

"Yes, sir, I shall bless all of you," His back was immediately straight but later, revealed that he wasn't intimidated for he gave the front part of the class a salute. He turned his book the page in question noisily, and with every page turn, I could practically hear Mr. Grey's eyes snarling. "Hurry up, will you please. I will not tolerate for lousy students."

I almost snorted at that, but Alois cleared his throat, squinted his eyes and complied. "—Does not precisely differentiate with human breeding, as bears-"

"Wrong page number," Mr. Grey snapped, instantly silencing the kids who started to giggle.

Alois threw him an innocent look. "Whoops, I'm so sorry for my mistake, sir." His words flowed up expertly as he slammed his book open to the nearer page, McMillan who was two seats to his side glaring at him.

"Mammals such as dogs and cats—wow it shouldn't hurt to be a least more creative, shit. Dogs and cats have an offending structure that supports their stance. However, from the latter section, orgasms-"

"Organisms." Mr. Grey's eyebrows twitched.

"Organisms have a strategic plan of survival. For example, an eagle will live independently whereas the marine life equips a few organisms that stay dependent with a partner. Now isn't that juicy?"

"Mr. Trancy, please."

"No, look sir! It's actually in the text, I swear. Who do they think we are, like some kind of idiots? This is legit 99% crappy puns that are more degraded than an antisocial prostitute and 1% bull-shit-"

"With this kind of behaviour, you are proving them right, Alois." The man had his voice raised and I nervously stepped to the side.

It was apparently so that Alois had noticed this because he closed the book with cautious hand and glanced back squarely at those intimidating eyes.

"I like your sweater, sir. Do you have a date after class?"

After that particular statement, Mr. Grey adopted a sinister smile that had the class quivering. It didn't even bring out a false sense of security, because we could hear it straining to unlock at the ends of his stretched lips.


A focus on human anatomy, animal anatomy, the differences, the similarities...white blood cells, and skeletal structure, I was dead out. That was all I could remember for Science class.

"Ciel, psst. Will you tell me I'm pretty?"

"'re not."

"I am!"

"You're not pretty."

"I am pretty!"

"Alois, go away."

"Please, please, please - pleeeeaaaaaseeee?"


"Ciel. Ciel? Ciel! Ciiiieeel!"

"Yes, you are so pretty, my irises can't focus on the sheer level of elegance you possess. My head can't contain your true beauty and instead tricked my mind-sight into thinking up of such gruesome features my mind is implicating on you right now. It makes me want to spit on your grave that the heavens are digging this moment. It makes me want to vomit. You make me sick. Now leave."

"...Alright! I'm telling everyone that you called me pretty!"

"What - oh for God's sake."

Find yourself class struck me well differently. For our teacher, we had the clumsy Mr. Abberline who was appealing spirit-wise. It occurred to me that he was acting this way to get our affection, but a short visit from another teacher deemed him to be like that every second. Oh, and another thing. This class was shared by a particular group of seniors. Yes, Sebastian is sitting next to me. Well aren't you the smart one? Why don't you fetch that lollipop up your arse and eat it as a reward?

"Alright then, everyone please!" He desperately yelled over the hollers that were students. "Can I have your attention to the front, thank you!" The noise gradually died down, but the remaining students looked bored. Sebastian accidentally bumped his elbow with mine and I pull my body back to rest on the frame of my seat, making a point to not look at him. As soon as every pair of eyes rested towards the front, the clumsily dressed man with auburn hair beamed. A comical one, I daresay, as no one would beam like that on the first day back.

"Welcome new students to 'find yourself' class." Abberline followed on. "The next few hours of f.y will entitle you to get to know yourself better. Or at least, that will be everyone's aim here. You will also learn to expand your friendship, because as you know, the principal is very upset with our current group-unity that's happening at our school." The teacher frowned as he recalled what must have been a fight two or three years ago. "Right," He claps his hands loudly and a few students jump. "So our first task allows us to vulture outside instead of on school-grounds. Isn't that going to be fun?" A few calls of approving sounded across the room and he chuckled.

"Right, now if you'll all draw a paper slip out of the hat, I will tell you your new assignment. The slips you acquire from the red hat include your environment for the weekend. For only one day, you will go to that place and the next slip from the yellow hat proposes an idea of what you might do there.

"For example, if you get 'Mall' and then 'challenge' you can either participate in the game section and challenge yourself., you might want to visit the news agency and solve a series of puzzles there. Seems easy?"

A few whispers were shared, yet the majority of the class was already dozing.

"What's the catch, doc?" Ronald shouted from the back of the room, his chair tilting backwards as his legs rested in a comfy position of his table top. On the table next to him, William scolded him and he was set back to sitting straight in a oppressive mood.

"You'll all be getting together with your default-selected partner!" Abberline initiates a bright smile that had him comically closing his eyes along with it. The groans were nonexistent – because, I assume, the class was to busily staring at him in disbelief. "That's right; whatever environment-slip you got matches with another person in this room! When you find each other, you'll both draw out a single card from the yellow hat."

The class was deadly silent, and this made me figure out that the teacher was stepping on heavy flooring, and he knew that. Most people knew for a fact that the left side of the class didn't like the remainder of the class, and so and so on. It didn't take me hours to learn that this school was one with heavy issues, with not only students, but dangerous affairs as well. My mind flashes back to Alois threatening to kill Elizabeth and her crew. At the time, I thought he was being immature, but now when I replay the solemnity of his words...When Mr. Abberline apologized and excused himself, as he forgot to obtain the yellow hat, the classroom erupted in jeers, taunts, and compassionate calls, and for a second, I forgot where I was.

"Alright, cuntwads!" Alois was standing on top of Mr. Abberline's desk, hastily ignoring the unimpressed looks he got from Sebastian and myself. "Who's got pool?"

I unravel my slip hesitantly, and I cursed when it indeed read pool. I cried out when Alois jumped from the table desk to mine, a near heart-attack developing inside of my chest. He dropped down to his knees to face me with serious eyes.

"Why the wrong face, Ciel?" Alois outstretched his hand and made a 'hand them over' gesture. "Don't tell me you have pool,"

"I don't want you," I whine, cursing the angels sitting down on solid infortune.

"What, pfft," He spits at the last second. He leans over me with a glare. "What makes you think I'd rather go with you than Claude?" His forehead nearly touches mine, and I sense a falter. His timely switching attitude confused me to no point, so instead I raised an eyebrow.

"Claude got pool, and I want it." He said, but his tone itself added an 'or else' at the end, nodding at my closed hand. Not wanting to deal with a bespectacled prune, I complied, and another slip was placed on my hand. Immediately, his face softened at the sight of me, and he flounced away.


I sigh and unfold my new one, just as Abberline made his entrance, a frumpy, upturned and yellow hat dropped onto his table. 'Library' my note read. I think I mentioned before, that I wasn't too fond of fictional books and the whole ordeal, but a quiet place like that was at least tolerable.

Leaning over my chair, I swipe the last yellow card and unwrapped it.

"Myth," A voice read my yellow note over my shoulder and I yelp, almost jumping up, but hands placed firmly on my shoulders kept me down. My chin was knocked up to find Sebastian's face hovering over mine, his expression slick and cunning as he spiked over the next words.

"Library and myth," Sebastian waved his own paper note in front of my upside-down face with new delight. "Won't that be romantic?"

I push my chair back, effectively gutting him as I turn my head to notice that everyone was paired up bar Sebastian and I.

"Ow." Sebastian placed a large hand over his stomach and casted me a stern look. "Fucking hell."

Yep, that's where I'm going.

Fucking hell.

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