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To make things worse,
I want you so bad


"Hey Ciel, Bassy? Let's swap?" Alois is once again bugging the hell out of me, which seemed to double in take, when my hands were over my head in a shocked phase. My forehead was pressed tiredly into the face of my desk, and exposed my back, where I assumed Sebastian was hovering over, and suggesting ideas of our 'getting out together'.

"Don't you have your own slip?" Sebastian didn't at all sound impressed, and it took me until then that I realised how much Alois irritated Sebastian. The thought made me quite content for some reason, maybe that I had finally obtained proof of Sebastian being as human as everyone else was. Then I thought again, and I realised the reality: impossible. His eyes didn't support it either. Those damned, inhuman eyes. Once again, I felt those stupid, slim fingers of his ghost a trail down my back, and without moving from my position, I released an arm and slapped it away. It seemed that the participants of Robbinton didn't seem to understand when a person wanted them to go away. Let alone personal space.

"But ours is so disgusting. Look," Alois' annoying voice continues, and I groan, raising my head up. I jumped up in a short lived breed of shock as he thrusts a yellow note in front of my face. On it, in neat scrawl was 'sticky'

"And I'm not doing anything sticky inside a pool, I mean...brats piss in there, you know?" He chirped irritably.

"It doesn't necessarily have to be a swimming pool. What about table pool?" I suggested tiredly.

"Yeah but that's freaking 'boring' as." His nose crinkled. "The worst idea for any type of date,"


"Butts! Where?"

"Not even remotely sticky?" Sebastian raised an eyebrow.

"Why, Bassy? Do you have some kind of sticky pool fetish – now hold on just a damn minute." Alois' dirty eyes squinted then seemed to expand within two seconds, enabling a flinch from yours truly.

Suddenly, Claude intervened, quickly rushing forward and with rapid succession and fishes the note out of Sebastian's hand. "Sorry." The word had the same amount of sincerity as a word such as 'table' or something. "Since no one protested, we're taking it."

"Oooh, myth!" doesn't seem perturbed at the idea, Alois leaning two palms on Claude's forearm ad staring over his chest. "That sounds romantic, don't you think, Claude?"

"Yes." He replied robotically. The two walked off, finally.

The background chatter was welcomed in my ears, anything to avoid the giant-looking crisis behind me. Releasing a sigh, I bend down on the seat once more, my head pressing against my lanky, sweater-clad arms and hands clenched onto my pencil-case. Abberline had dubbed the activity on the weekend, ignoring the protests but otherwise looking grim himself. Then he strictly specified that students were to fill out a form if they went any further than the town near campus, and that a trusted senior could drive them with a school hired car but not their own. God knows how many imbeciles decided to drive on their rickets.

A soft aroma filtered my scent, and I sat up straight, a common habit one could get from spending too much time with Angelina Durless. Sebastian's nose bonked my cheek with an unpleasant feeling, and I whirled away quickly, the faintest mark of a smirk present on the senior's lips.

"I suppose you know how to drive?" With one eyebrow raised, I slumped forward once more, my chin resting snug on my two palms on top of each other.

Amused, an eyebrow was raised. "Well—"

"Hell no." A croaky voice interrupted. "I'm not letting you kill the kid, Sebastian you bastard. Listen Ciel, whenever he drives, all hell breaks loose. He's already got death threats from that Soma guy for doin' over twenty pigeon murders behind the wheel. If there's anywhere you gotta go, you're driving with me, kay kid?"

I blinked twice, before relaxing my position to tilt my head upwards, finding our intruder. It was Bard with his reassuring grin, Finnian to his side who was looking rather ecstatic about something. He probably found the opportunity to have Bard as his partner. The new information didn't surprise me one bit, which would have been humorous in someone else's eyes – not mine though, seeing as this 'pigeon murderer' is now my project partner. Hastily, I thanked Bard over a relieved look, and he did seem greatly amused over that alone.

"Really Bard, that wasn't necessary at all." Sebastian noted with a fond tone, funnily enough.

"Excuse me, I believe it was." I said, affronted. "Had he not come in the nick of time, I would have been killed."

"Nick of time?" Sebastian quoted with a grin. "I really do find your verbal input on situations endearing. Although I'm a bit disappointed; I would have never passed you on as someone to judge scenarios without experiencing them."

"So you want me to be killed?"

"Now you're just being immature." Sebastian tsk'ed.

"Shut up."

"To make things worse, you really are-"

"Shut up."

To my annoyance, Bard was scratching his head, chucking at himself as he watched our little exchange. Finny looked confused overall.

"Oy, you." Bard nudged Finny on the shoulder, causing us to stop our forbidden dialogue and stare. "Let's leave them two lovebirds alone. Otherwise we'd just be two big cock-blockers offering car drives and all of that."

Finny, still shocked at the interaction quickly complied, his face in a smile that could be permanent. I sighed.

I do not think I want to go into explicit detail on how my day went. Just know that it had been just what I pictured for school. Goddamn tiring, stressing to the bone and simply sucks out the remains of your energy. Really, if this went on, I might, might just obtain the tiniest respect for my classmates who have been enduring this for years. When period six ends, the day was done for everyone, except for, As I was a new student, along with a few hours, it was my duty to clean the period six classroom first. Then it rotated into the order of the role, uncaring if I'd have to do it twice.

My last class had been history, where the peculiar being, Undertaker substituted for an actual teacher. He had apparently been a trustworthy student, regardless of the many times he elicited a daily reaction of classmates shitting in their pants after feeling the eerily twisted aura tangents that spun around him like some whirlpool of retardation. And I'm not saying this to flatter myself – not at all. But it wasn't just me who thought that he had been hovering near my shoulder for the majority of class time.

When the bell struck, he conjured a bucket of water and some soap.

Now that was weird, at least, I wondered. It hurts my pride to say that I had no knowledge of this, but wasn't soap what rebellious hellions used to graffiti neighbourly windows in a harmless way? There should have been another supply of, I don't know, window cleaning detergent and products. Well, useless digressing aside, I got to work. I scared myself by thinking how amusing it was, decorating the windows with soft soapy trails the splodged its way down, and leaving me to catch it with the speckled towel.

"Hey, Phantomhive." A voice came over my shoulder, and welcomed heat pricked my back.

"What?" I answered in irritation. If this was Undertaker, I swear to God he's going to have it. It was already the fifth time he had ambled in and asked for a joke, and claiming to refusing to move unless he got one. He did move though, despite me keeping my lips shut, only to come back minutes later.

When I was met with upbearing silence, I spun around in aggravation. "What?"

"...don't drop the soap." The voice whispered.

There was a second silence. And cold, big grips on either arm appeared, cruel and unrelenting and hoisting me against a broad, covered chest. I screamed. It was all an eruption of period mayhem, a blurry visual of kicking legs and one heavy-ass, chuckling jerk. I brought my hand up in an attempt to punch the offender, but it was hastily blocked. Furiously, I spun around as soon as the hold was dropped and cast a livid face on my attacker.

"Why would you even say that? Who says that!?" I roar. "Are you trying to be funny!? Sebastian, what the h-"

"I see you're familiar with that term," Sebastian's perfect teeth sparkled.

"And it definitely isn't a surprise that you should know it!" I snarled. Sebastian Michaelis was in the perfect running for the 'most infuriating' prize, in fact he should receive a standing ovation. You know actually, it was so bad that Alois was second to him.

"I don't actually," Sebastian said in a nonchalant tone. "Alois suggested I ask you what it meant. Though it could be a harmless ploy to get you all riled up like you are now."

"I don't believe that for a second," I shot back, even though it was highly likely that Alois was the one to teach him it, despite him being older by several years.

"You're right; it's very popularly spread around our 'sort'." Sebastian replied happily, his fingers tapping his lips to stifle his words slightly. "Though I do not think for once that our audience has any knowledge on it. Would you like to humour him, Ciel?"

My eyes rolled to the side gradually, sparing an inch to curse the curiosity. It was Undertaker, half of his dangly sleeves displayed in the view of the welcoming open door that was presumably swung to the side. No doubt there was a huge grin etched upon his face like he just won jackpot of the century. Now if for some reason one's misfortune was amusing and that 'one' was the same person Undertaker had been bugging for the last twenty minutes, then yes, in his terms, I guess he did just win jackpot. He didn't, nevertheless, explain his presence in which case he'd just watch instead. Sebastian was suddenly at my side, startling myself.

"Very well, if you're not going to say it, I will." His eyes closed and pleased, looking like a very happy cat. "Does it not refer to the homosexual impulse that a man gets as another man obliviously bends down in front, or near him, with his rear in the air? The familiar 'soap' setting was originated in the olden day, only male jails, in the open showers I believe. When weaker criminals accidentally drop the soap, the burly convicts would then take them from behind. Hence, do not or don't drop the soap."

A sudden eruption of loud laughter resounded from the doorway, and it was still intact after ten seconds of silence on both Sebastian and I's part, as opposed to Undertaker's who was attracting attention from the other side of the hallway. When the booms reduced into small snickers, and our intruder was mumbling something along the lines of 'I knew I'd find something if I stick around him...' he was slithering away from the classroom leaving bits of his creeper residue, and thankfully away from my presence. Which I advise everyone should have been doing, right then.

I closed my eyes for a very long time before deciding to open them. "Utter bastard."

"Yeah?" Sebastian perked up from this. "Well. I thought it was rather fitting."

"Because I'm trapped in this hellhole jail of a school or because we've both committed serious crimes?"

"The latter. You stole my heart, and I'm aiming to steal yours."

"I really can't believe that more than half of the school male population look up to you."

"Well you're lucky I refuse to sink to the level of Alois who would go for virginity instead of heart. Incidentally, I'm planning to steal that too."

"Way to be subtle about it," I sniffed.

"What better situation to character-build by showing vanity?" Sebastian responded calmly.

I twitched. The mad idiot possessed the irritating ability of abruptly shutting down conversation only to drive it further, a mile off at least.

"That's not character-building."

"Yes, it is."

"No, it isn't."






I gritted my teeth as a hand ran through my hair. "No."


"Shut up!"

"From the moment I saw you, I knew you'd have a short temper. It's cute, did you know? Almost like a girl," The way he said it so lightly made me want to release the killer hold I had on my hair, and perhaps resume it around this prat's neck.

"Character-building means a series of good traits." I replied angrily.

"Bad traits."

Breathing in deeply: "...good traits."

"Bad traits."

I snapped. "Damnit, Sebastian! Have you not once looked at a dictionary in your life?" By then all I wanted was to leave my nail clippers unattended, bury my tensed fingers into Michaelis' face and work gauges of flesh out. Keep them as mementos, just for the glory of it. Pretty boy's balls of flesh in jars, how about good business for that? It was a comment that lacked, anyway. Moreover, it was in depleting vain when referring to the way he talked. He more likely would have swallowed a said dictionary and never shat it out as a giant adolescent

To my chagrin-no. To my disgust, two sneaky fingers were registered as a rapid blur and suddenly, there were coincidentally two fingers pinching my nose. Letting out an undignified squeak of outrage and surprise, he gave me no time to protes—speak my mind.

"My, my." There was a touch of amusement and fascination in his voice, his high cheekbones prominent under the classroom light, and only highlighting as he tilted his face sidewards, almost smugly. "It really is so easy to get the little lord all hot and bothered."

Why that—smug bastard! Black haired cow-lick tress owner of a pretentious narwhale! Conniving little...little—little bastard! Bastard.

"Ah. You're overly-aggressive as well." He idly pointed out, his fingers quickly retreating.

"I'm not doing anything! I'm not even touching you!"

"What of the soap you're murdering in your hand?"

Oh. Yes. What about the soap I was holding in my hand? I damn nearly forgotten that. Funny as it is however, I had produced some soft dents in it from gripping it too hard. The middle bit was breaking off. As soon I drifted my gaze away to fire back at him, the weight in my hand loosened and I was looking back at the milky, mini cream sculpture I shaped. We both watched in silent fascination as the unsupported side of the soap fell from its slim root, leaving its partner secure in the palm of my hand. It made a 'splat' noise as it slumped on one of the many tiles of the room.

"Why, little lord..."


"It appears you have dropped the soap."

Sebastian had to duck and run away to prevent a half bar of soap from assaulting him.

Once I was finished, I found that I could do as I wish. Good, that was – well, really well. I was fortunate to get a little time to myself, especially convenient, it was. My mood was lifting a little, and I was so hungry just to crawl into my bed, grab a book or two and start reading. Now I won't get into those clichéd litanies; those sayings really piss me off. For example: books take you into another world, where you can escape your troubles and possess the thoughts of the protagonist in the story. Really? It's a book. Two hard covered flaps with hundreds of whispers written between them. Let me say it again, briefly: it's roughly three hundred pages with words printed onto them, and plastered together so it forms one huge unity. Who had the ability to transfer one to another galaxy? Definitely not an author, that's for sure. Readers are just too influenced that they get a little overdramatic.

I guess if you were to enter another world, it would be in a dream. Although then, I take it back; usual dreams happen inside your own head. It's to say that dreams are prejudiced by your daily rituals, however. Most people find their dreams occur in a special place that they had been in, meaning that they enter a dream-like state of reality. A bit oxymoronic perhaps but all the same, in my opinion. I often wonder about this. Because human imagination doesn't stretch over that far to reach that of a divine creature's. In some respects, what we've seen and imagined is really quite brilliant but definitely lacking. What I'm saying is, try inventing a different colour. Go on, try it. A different colour completely. You can't, right? And your reply? What about monsters, then, nobody has seen them. I could strike back to that: Cyclops with one eye? Mermaids with fishy tails? Sphinx? Dragons? Humans had eyes. Fish had tails. Sphinx was an alteration of different animals in unison. Dragons had scales and tails.

It's what we often do; mix and match. People will find that their subconscious conjures random ones, usually resulting in nightmares. This is personal experience talking. I hated nightmares, as everyone should. It defies logic—no. The truth is, it sadistically plays with logic, twists it, contorts it, reducing it to a pile of lifeless mass. I'd imagine Mother there, sitting on Father's throne as she sweetly burned in a destruction of flames. Father was there too. They were stitched together. It was something my mind had produced at the age of ten – I solely created a monster. I mixed and matched and haunted even myself for a long period of time. It wasn't the peril that made me wet my bed, conversely; it was that they seemed so beautiful, together like that. To tell the truth, I'm still slightly haunted even now. It was still there, though. That is what makes them truly terrifying, like a dominatrix master punishing their slave, their view written in sentences and carved into the ivory skin of the underling's limbs. The day we humans find something completely out of the norm will be the day we all die. I guess this could apply to a heaven ground context, though I'm not sure if I believe in God. I know that Mother did, so did Father-

Who killed my parents?


This was always a subject that ran through my mind every once again:

Who killed my parents?

How unfair it is.

I crossed my arms in a way that could be self-comforting instead of accusing, idly clenching the clothing.


Mother...Father...who killed you?


There was a light tapping on my shoulder that elicited a violent flinch. The hand immediately recoiled, but the face didn't look the least bit perturbed as I turned around rapidly to gaze at them in question.

"Come, Ciel." Agni was beaming fondly. "Soma has requested curry bread."

I discovered myself sitting in the midst of the Indian boy's warmer presence. He worked with quick progression and nearly no faults, giving you the impression of someone with more experience than talent. I suppose he was fairly talented though, to give him merit. He was a valuable, capable individual that acted like the glue to Soma's body structure. Speaking of, the boy was sitting on the chair next to the working counter, sitting the reverse way on the chair while looking at me with calculating eyes, his little pink tongue sticking out of his foreign shaped lips.

As Agni cooked, a familiar tune escaped his wellbeing, the hum a low rumble that was vibrating in his chest. I listened carefully, the softly fluctuating tones leaving something in its wake.

"The Pied Piper?" I questioned within five seconds to my easy examination. It was nothing sentimental in its purpose; I thought once, that when Mother would lie down beside me and sing me a tune, would be a day that I'd laugh hard. It was just one of those tunes that people would look at you funny if you didn't know it.

Instead of confirming it, the dark, handsome face relaxed into a visible smile and his eyes fluttered shut and the soft lyrics threaded through his voice. "They followed the music bright and gay..."

I found it peculiar that his accent was softly laced when he was talking; though it seemed to disappear equally as he began to softly sing.

"Over the hills and far away..."

Madame Red can keep her lips shut forever, for all I care.

The only reason she was keeping her silence must be so I could come to the most obvious conclusion.


Who killed you?

"...Like merry-go-rounds in a jolly spin, calling the children of Hamelin..."

"Psst. Ciel." Someone hissed, colliding with the darkness. "Psst." The voice was fierce and irritating, causing a bristle. "Ciel, you awake?"

I answered with a groan. "Alois..." I whisper softly. On the bed on top of mine, Soma shifted slightly but didn't chide us with the notion of quieting down and going to sleep, and that it was nearing midnight and he needed his beauty sleep.

"Shut up," I say quietly in correspondence, rolling to my side.

"Come on," Alois replied. "You know you want a bed buddy. Scoot over."

"I don't, though."

"Yea you do. Come on!" He pleaded with slight edge to his tone. "I feel like...fucking wrapping my arms around something."

"You have your bear."

"Mr. Tiddles is missing," he sniffed. "Claude probably took it. Inhale my scent while he's-"

"Alois, tomorrow is a Friday school day. I'll humour you in the weekends. Now goodnight."

"That's a bit sly, don't you think?" He mused. "We've got our dates to think about in the weekends."

"Alois, goodnight."


"Goodnight, Alois."

"Fine, goodnight."



"Alois, get out of my bed."


"Get out."


"Get your hands off me."


"Can you at least move over a bit—thanks."


"AH! Don't touch me there, damnit!"


"—And so hopefully you have learnt something about anatomy as you will be needing it for this approaching exam."

A number of protests filled the room. I internally gritted my teeth. It was still the first week back after all.

"Now don't you dare," Grey answered with sceptically. "I've had my fair share of whiny students today."

McMillan piped up beside me, to which we all were currently grateful for. The students seem to recognize that the kid was the kind of student that which the majority of teachers had a soft spot for. "Do we get revision sheets?"

Charles Grey raised an eyebrow for a moment's silence before clearing his throat dismissively. "How about I give you an ultimatum? If you take an offered revision sheet, I will drop your overall grade down one mark. However, if you choose not to and settle with your own knowledge you have acquired during class and your own studying, you will be able to receive full marks. Is this fair enough?"

There was a series of pleased murmurs echoing throughout the classroom, but I couldn't find it in myself to care enough. There was hardly any time! Madame Red had uncaringly warned me about this, commenting on messy schooling schedules and how everything just collides with each other with no consideration at all, from the teacher's part. It led to students thinking that each teacher was targeting them.

On the weekend, we needed to participate in our f.y hands on project. After the weekend, spot on in the next two periods, we had a biology exam.

Yes, I was smart. Yes, I received straight A's for full years in my past. Yes, I had an arguable advantage from being homeschooled for two years. But I'm not some genius. Every once and then I needed some revision. Every once and then, I wanted nothing more than to goof off of homework. Just zone out of a lecture, as per normal for a student. People often forget this. It was almost flattering as it was annoying.

"So why don't ya go an' ask Sebastian about it?" Doll asks one dull afternoon, leaning over one of the tables of the dining room.

Beside her, Ronald snorted in amusement but quickly found it was a bad idea as he spluttered out the residue of his drink. It seemed to be a chain reaction; Bard rasped out a laugh and strongly slapped his unsuspecting back, good-naturedly. McMillan visibly frowned as he sipped the rest of his soda before retreating to get seconds.

"Excuse me?" I inclined politely.

"Rack off, guys! I'm serious!" The ginger haired girl scolded the pair who chose that moment to laugh. She then turned back to me, "Sebastian is known to be a great tutor. Blimey, he even taught lil' Al a thing or two about trigonometry!"

"Miracle worker, that man." Bard commented with a grin.

It did get me thinking. Regardless, it didn't take a genius to know where this conversation was taking a stir to. It needed a serious change of topic.

"By the way, Bard." I addressed solemnly. "Do you live on campus? I don't think I saw you on the cabin list."

"Nah; cabins suck real bad." Bard said with the lower part of his grin jutting out. "You should know that by now, yeah, kid? Maybe I'll even take you there sometime.

"It's not really that much a pain walking to and fro' once you get used to it." The older man shrugged his shoulders. "Just a tiny five minutes ought to do it. It's an easy sacrifice once ya' get to learn you're going to be bunking with guys like him,"

Ronald yelped as Bard's finger rudely prodded his shoulder and he entrusted a mock offended look. "Come on, man." He turned his pouting face to the audience of the table. "Do you guys even see how rude this bloke is to me?"

"An' yet ya' still stave off the food here an' then!" Doll added with a cackle. "Can't cook his own food for a livin'," She said, nudging me on the flank.

"Damn cheapskate." Ronald somehow said without moving his lips.

"I heard that!"

"I know."

"Well excuse me if we don't have the luxuries of flashing designer goggles and colouring one part of our thick heads with carrot ooze." Bard crossed his arms with a guffaw, knowing that it would trigger an upset reaction.

"Yes, I'm actually curious with that." I spoke up thoughtfully. "What do you hope to gain by dyeing your hair?"

"He wants to look like a babe." Bard snickered.

"Hey, I resent that!" Knox scowled, leaning closer so a strand of hair fell forward. "And I actually need these glasses so go screw yourself, Cook."

"Eh, don't ye' dare worry, dye top!" Doll reassured cheerfully. "You'll always be a babe to me!"

"See, this is the reason why I keep such lovely ladies around." Knox grinned, baking in the praise.

"What?" Bard added in an amused tone. "Just so you can-"

At this point in time, I decided to zone out of their pointless banter. It was actually quite comforting to see such a display of two bold personalities mingling with the other. Their persons so open, and out in the public too. The people around us seemed to be in their own idle chatter, and otherwise paid the duo (and added Doll) no mind. Perhaps it was something usual.

As much as I wanted to cut to the chase...Alois learning did turn out to be the breaking point. And really, what was the worst that could happen? The boy's grades were flawless, from what I've heard. McMillan is a trustworthy source, too. Sebastian's group didn't intimidate me at all. Except for maybe Sutcliff's show of stingy clothing. And Alois's. Presently, I sighed in strain. My hands supported the heavy fall of my head. Good God; I was desperate. But what choice did I have? What kind of demon made an ultimatum like that? It was the sort of person I am – if I knew there was a different alternative, something that was other than the easy way that could achieve better results, then I'd take it, regardless of the consequences. I just can't look at myself after I'd take the shortcut. And to top it all off, I really had experienced the smug look on other's faces as they were handed top marks.

In big flashy familiar numerals: '7:43' on the cafeteria clock. The dining hall closed in seventeen minutes, and it was lights out at eleven. Grimacing, I pushed myself out of the once comfortable sitting position and bid my "friends" goodnight. Not even waiting for their cheery replies, I tossed my tray into the pile as soon as I walked out and headed down the west campus.

It wasn't exactly that hard to find the idiot's cabin. There was a swarm of a female hive hovering above their door, giggling and pushing each other, but all eyeing one subject. The door itself. After all, it could be the gateway to all things glory and the innocent wall that blocked them from it. Yes, it was understandable – though I don't mean that I agree with them, just understandable. It hosted four good-looking men, didn't it? Aleister, Claude, Will and Sebastian. A pervert, a pervert, a tightarse and another pervert. There was definitely a lot of portions that were confusing besides the main point, really. Like, didn't the harlots know that the spider was all over the blond hellion? And that Aleister was nothing but just weird in general? And Sebastian was another despicable, bastardly, unnerving little-

Surely one of them had had the guts to come out and ask Sebastian to tutor them in hopes of having him all for their selves. Yes, why didn't I think of that before I barged through them and knocked on the door? The women circled around me, watching intently but with a pinch of possessiveness in their eyes. Yes, I'm pretty sure one of them yelled out, 'Will is mine!' before another group of girls tackled her to the floor. On the other side of the door, I heard a recognizable voice.

"What's the password, skank?" The tone was smug and full of laziness. It was the smugness that made the ladies behind me growl, and something told me that Alois did this just to provoke them. It was a tone that said 'that's right, I'm here and you're not. Suck it.'

"Open sesame?" I replied dully.

A slight pause refilled the booming voices before it wrung out clearly once again.

"Ciel, is that you?" Alois chirped, I could almost hear him bouncing from his seat. "I knew you'd come into the dark side! Claude, get him in!"

The door opened for a brief second to produce a visible slit, then somehow an unyielding grip caused my arm pain and I was vaulted in, in a manner of seconds. I could hear the loud protests as the door shut right behind me.

I was hastily shoved into a sitting position on a bed that positioned to me to look at four males, lacking the one that I was looking for, to my chagrin. Before I could study anyone else—

"Alois, what the devil are you wearing?" I tried really hard to hide the mortification in my voice.

Standing to the side of the bed I was placed in, Will in his glasses glory was picking something off his sleeve and placing his accessories on his own dressing cabinet, nose scrunched in displeasure from having yet another intruder into his domain, no doubt. Claude was walking back to the kitchen counter, something sizzling in the stove as Alois was on the bottom bunk, grinning at my statement.

"Why, it's my sleeping wear." He said in a high tone. "Come on, you've so seen this before!"

He arched his body to the side as if to give me more view on the behinds of his shoulders, highlighting the design of cartoon flying pigs imprinted on purple material. "No, I haven't." I groaned. "If you were wearing it back in our cabin, Redmond would have surely kicked you out."

"Pardon me," Will interrupted, looking anything but impressed. "But do you have any business here?"

I took a breath and faced my superior. He was looking the best so far, in this room. "I'm-"

"Of course he does; he's Sebby's new bum spouse."Alois looked agitated at having to answer to the young man.

Something in my left eye twitched.

"Boy, you don't jest do you?!"

A majestic-like voice swept in and I tilted my chin up in surprise to face someone who was sitting on the top bunk, his presence unannounced as he was examining the paper resting on his knees. He had a high resemblance to his assumable half-brother, Edgar Redmond. This was Aleister Chambers, I can now confirm it. It would be taken in offense if someone was to mistake the both of them, but judging by their uncanny actions, it must have happened a lot. I can see now that Aleister was a bit fuller in the chest and broader in the shoulders, his hair longer and his tone more dramatic.

"Yes, yes, I see it now! I'll observe you to my heart's content! There's no wonder as to why dear Sebastian has set his sights on you!" Aleister's mouth opened in an elongated circle and he was somehow on the ground as opposed to on his top bed, surprising a gasp out of me. To my horror, he had my chin in his gentle clasp as he pushed his own forward.

"Such a beautiful face. That of a dashing young lovebird. No. My little robin, yes, yes! Playful," He struck a pose, his other hand pulling me forward. "Majestic! Elegant! Oh, how divine! Feathers that harmonize lovingly with dusted pink, smiling lips. Cherry flowers decorating perfection! And the smell-"

As his face reeled in, I automatically cringed away, eyes widened as he got in close enough to cool my neck as he inhaled. He took two steps backward, his eyes the size of dinner plates.

" sweet." He finished, his eyebrows raised to above his hair shadow.

My gaze swept to my left. Will's back was so straight; it was like a delicate ruler. If someone touched him, he would be sure to snap. Literally. His fuming halo added to Claude's whose face remained as poker as the daylight, but if you studied hard enough, it was obvious he was on the verge of breaking someone's neck. Alois was playfully giggling as he studied his nails, and pressed his lips into a firm line.

Rumour has it that the cabin rooms and its roommates were 'strategically picked to fit the curriculum'. Yet there were four bold personalities already, excluding Alois and including Sebastian. Each one could be the little flame that would ignite an explosion worthy of a room sweep. I found that it was entertaining trying to mentally determine how things had went once each of them found out who they were going to be living with. Bard was a good example of someone who must have snapped. It was almost logical now; taking sacrifices in order to escape opposite ends of magnets.

How many weirdos has this school attracted?
Enough to make a school out of them.

"I'm going to go." I hopped off the bed, jerking my wrist away from the supercilious hold."Tell Sebastian I—"


I froze in my tracks, and despite the certain someone being the reason I wanted to come, my face blanched. Well, I'm sure it did. I knew because I was glad it wasn't heating up like some dim-witted high school girl.

"Someone's gonna get some lovin'," Alois whisper-sang to his side mate.

"Alois, leave now." I heard Sebastian say as he tossed his hairbrush onto his bed.

"What, no fair!" The blond whined. "Why does Ciel get to stay here?"

"Alois, get ready for bed and I'll see if I can come down soon." Claude reasoned.

"But that usually means noooo!"

Claude sighed. "I need to go shower."

"Why can't it be a shower for two?" The blond's dirty eyes gleamed.

"Because it's a single shower, leave now." William replied rapidly, his fingers twitching in front of his glasses.



After casting a pleading look to Claude, one that was denied instantly, the pajama-clad boy huffed, spun around hotly and marched out the door. From the way the flock of girls screamed, he must have spat on one or two. I couldn't get myself to care, anyway.

I turned around, only to spin right back, my mouth agape.

"Ciel?" Sebastian's tone was mocking. "What's wrong?"

"Put some clothes on!" I say to the offending figure who only had a towel wrapped around his waist.

Behind me, I heard Aleister in bed, already snoring. Though it was a nice sound compared to the snort Will produced, the silence that Claude emitted and the chuckle that resounded through the devil's deceivingly beautiful lips.

"Why should I?" Sebastian answered as he stepped closer. "We're all men here."

Claude made his way out of the room and into the bathroom as he and Aleister slowly shrunk from the picture; the latter already dozing off. Will was doing some late-night study, but his ears were already perked, it made me scowl.

"If you want me to stay, then put some clothes on." I announce firmly, the heat rising to my neck.

There was a soft, defeated sigh that sounded exaggerated. "Fine. Wait on my bed, will you?"

I regained my wits to comply, my posture slouching and my lips in an undeniable pout. The young man opened the doors to an extended closet and changed there, the ruffles of sheets background music as my eyelids started to droop.

"Don't fall asleep on me." The muffled voice said gently from around the cupboard doors.

It snapped me up and elicited a scoff. "Just hurry up."

"So testy." Sebastian replied. My ears indicated that it wasn't muffled, and Sebastian had exited the cupboard doors, only in a loose black shirt and some grey nightwear trousers. For some reason, it looked so inviting to see him dressed so casually. No. No shut up.

"So what's the reason for your visit, little lord?" The man damn well near hummed as he climbed atop the bed, crawling near me and making me instinctively edge back to give us both space. His gaze was so concentrated, it made me look away.

"I...have a biology exam coming up."

"Oh really?" Sebastian commented, interested. "The one about human anatomy."

I nodded.

"Oh yes, I could definitely help you there." He said with a charming smile. One that would have lured in dozens of faithful women. "Only for a price."

I swallowed dryly. "Go on,"

"You agree to attend whatever proposition I have for the week after this one." Oh, little bastard. He was planning something.

I lifted my head, rising up to the challenge. "That's it?"

A slow smile crept onto his face. "Sleep in my bed for tonight."

"What!?" I yell, flustered. "No!"

He placed his finger vertically down his lips as if to shush me, and cocked his head towards the sleeping Aleister before smirking at me.

"That's fine. I can do something else on the weekends rather than tutoring some young, pretty boy who needs help."

"No, wait just-" I groaned with distaste, especially after knowing how side-tracked I'd be if there wasn't anyone to keep me in check. It's how I learnt, in time of a dire timeline. "Fine." I sighed, relenting.

"Great." The tone was light. "Go grab your sleeping gear and come back here."

"Absolutely not." Will paraded in, his stance defensive. "Maybe you do not, Michaelis, but I require sleep like any other human being."

"Please." Sebastian courted in an offended tone. "I am not so unrestrained as to pose as another spider and pet."

I winced. A new sort of respect developed in me for the persons in this room. Just how many nights did they have to endure Alois and Claude within a metre radius of each other, on the bed, loud and unreserved?

When Will turned to me, I glared. "I'd rather die."

With an irritable nod, he told us both off with a warning and climbed into his covers, his glasses perched, abandoned on his bedside table.

"You'd rather die, would you?" Michaelis chirped from his lying position.

"A slow and painful one." I nodded, really too tired to deal. "Will you keep to your side of the bed?"

There was a grin and a nod. "Promise. And you have to stay here until morning. We do have our dates after all."

"It's not a date." I felt like a parrot.


"I still hate you."

"I know."

"Hey...what if I get into trouble?"

"Calm down; I can hide you in my shirt."


"...what? Oh relax, you can pass for a doll, you know?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Do you want to get some sleep or not?"




"Goodnight, Ciel."



"...I still hate you."

"I know."

"I really do."

"I know."

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