OK I was holding off posting this until I could write the counterpart that goes along with it. But since it was otherwise ready to go, due to popular demand (Hi Athlete's Girl! Gidday Peta 2! Howdy Buster's Jezebel!) I have decided to post it right frakkin now. So it's short but sweet.

Be warned it's definitely earning the M rating, so if fairly explicit sex is not for you, well just go elsewhere. But if you are into the smut, this chapter is for you.

*************WARNING*****EXPLICIT SEX**********DON'T SAY YA WEREN'T TOLD******


Carol slowly drew her closed hand up around Merle's hardness, then followed the same path with her tongue. Merle let out a quiet sigh. Carol trailed her tongue back and forth, up and down his prick as it rested against her hand. Carefully she ringed the head with just the tip of her tongue, holding her mouth away and just allowing her warm breath to mist over him. She flickered her tongue along the opening, incidentally tasting the salty slipperiness that had begun to moisten the tiny fissure.

Merle adjusted the pillow to a more desirable position under his shoulders, crooked his right arm behind his head in order to get a good view, and dropped his hand to the back of her head, lightly drawing his fingers through her soft curls. He resisted pushing her head down onto him, or making any effort to control her motions, simply letting her pleasure him as she willed.

Her tongue made long slow strokes upon him, then she fastened her mouth over him, gently but firmly sucking as she drew it back and forth along the upper part of his length. Suddenly she plunged her mouth down as far as she could go, taking in as much of him as she could. She revelled in his immediate harsh gasp. There hadn't been many men before Ed, but every one had made the same noise when she'd made that move. Carol kept her lips tightly around Merle and for long moments sucked and stroked him strongly back and forth, using her hand to gently squeeze his balls in time with her strokes. Merle's breathing became rough and uncontrolled, his hand now tight in her hair.

Carol broke away suddenly, continuing to caress his balls, but gasping a little for breath herself. She took advantage of the brief break to drag Merle's pants and underwear down, Merle helping out by lifting his hips, and then kicking off the clothes once they got to his ankles. Both arms went up to rest behind his head as he shamelessly displayed his body for her admiration, the move causing his biceps to flex and bulge. Now refreshed, Carol renewed her attack. Her tongue was everywhere, up, down, running along the faint crease in his scrotum between his balls, mouth covering his prick and sucking him hard, hands echoing the movements of her mouth, a flurry of activity and sensation.

It was turning her on almost as much as it was Merle, her head down and her ass up in the air, the elbow of her spare arm resting across his belly, Merle's gasps and pants taut but increasingly unrestrained, as he muttered the occasional profanity. She found herself getting wetter and the sudden tense grip of Merle's hand into her hair only served to excite her more.

"I'm gonna come!" Merle warned her abruptly, intently, then gasped in disappointment as she moved her mouth off his prick. She slid her hand up it, a few quick hard strokes.

She looked up at Merle with purpose in her eyes, said, "Good," and in moments her mouth was back on him, determined to bring him to completion. Suddenly there was a choked sound from Merle and his body went rigid then jerked as her mouth filled with salty sticky liquid. She did not greatly care for the taste of come, and the fastest way to get rid of it was by swallowing.

"Jesus," Merle exhaled in stuttering breaths, stomach muscles jumping a little, eyes wide as he watched her lightly stroke her tongue a few more times along his still-firm cock, gathering up her spit and his lingering come and swallowing again. He dropped his head back, closed his eyes and allowed time for his breathing to return to normal.

Carol smiled a little archly. There was no doubt Merle had enjoyed that. She'd thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Now, she was willing to give him a few minutes to recover and then she expected some attention herself. She planted a few kisses on his body as she made her way up to lie along beside him, draping a leg over his, and her arm over his sturdy sweaty chest. He pressed a kiss into her hair and draped his arm over her too, the prosthesis not entirely comfortable but not so awkward that she was going to ask him to move his arm. Despite her level of unreleased arousal, it was very pleasant to lie there with him, as he sighed in contentment.

"That was damn good."


To be continued…. Shit yeah!