Author's Warning: This story contains rape, non-consensual sex, physical/mental abuse, and murder. It was extremely difficult to write for obvious reasons; but mostly because this came from my mind and that means something about me that I'm not terribly comfortable with. Please do NOT read this if you are underaged or a sensitive reader. Thank you.

Note: For the purposes of this story, Chloe went to Lex's penthouse to find Lana and get to safety (without running into Lionel, nor did Chloe know that Lex was the vessel. Lana only saw Lex as Super!Lex in the Castle after he was 'taken' by the black ship, and agreed to meet him in Metropolis. I switched their meeting location from LuthorCorp to Lex's penthouse.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dark Attraction

Chapter 1

Chloe picked the lock on the door to Lex's penthouse, grateful that the building still had power, due to a generator in the basement, otherwise she would still be climbing the 50 flights to his floor, and she was already exhausted from fighting her way through the streets of Metropolis which were full of rioting and looting, fire and violence. She'd had to use every bit of her somewhat limited fighting skill to make it there.

Pushing the door open slowly, she looked inside cautiously. "Lana?" She stepped inside, looking around curiously, knowing that the Castle had been decorated to Lionel's taste, not Lex's, except for the den and, she assumed, Lex's bedroom, which she had never seen. Lana had sent Chloe a text, just before everything went crazy, saying that she was going to meet Lex at his home in Metropolis. Chloe didn't know where Clark was, or Lois, her dad or Mrs. Kent, but she knew where Lana had said she'd be.

"Lana, are you here? We need to go. The city is going crazy, we should get back to Smallville. Or a police station." More quietly, "Anywhere but here."

She walked farther into the penthouse, each room tastefully decorated in an understated style and neutral tones, with what Chloe was sure was real million dollar masterpiece art on the walls, providing the only color. Bright vibrant slashes of color that spoke of passion. And pain.


"We are alone here."

Chloe whipped around to see Lex standing between her and the front door. He was dressed all in black, and his expression was colder than Chloe had ever seen. "Lex… I wasn't… I was looking for Lana."

He assessed her, his gaze raking her from head to toe, leaving Chloe feeling uncomfortable. "And you must be…" he seemed to search his memory, "Chloe."

He circled her slowly, his eyes making a thorough study of her body. She resisted the urge to tug her blue knee length jacket tighter around her to cover her chest better. It was ridiculous. Lex had never thought of Chloe as more than a friend a best, a pesky reporter and enemy at worst. But he'd never looked at her like this before either.

"This vessel had much lust for you," Lex said almost as if to himself. Chloe's mouth fell open, first in shock due to the declaration, then in fear and horror as she processed the words 'this vessel.' "For myself, I find you much more appealing than the child he consorted with," Zod said with nearly robotic tones.

"Lana?" Chloe questioned, trying to buy time to find an escape route. He continued circling her, and Chloe swiveled to keep him in sight, taking the opportunity to search the room for exits as she did.

"Her name is inconsequential to me." Zod had access to Lex's memories, but the flashes of soft skin, dark eyes, and vapid self interest that defined his memories of the girl in question didn't interest Zod.

"Right, that's why you've been panting after her like the rest of Smallville's male population for the last year," Chloe muttered under her breath too low for Lex to hear, but he did hear her.

He sped over to her, his hand closing around her neck tightly. "You dare to mock me?" She gasped up at him, but while she was frightened, she was not overly so, her suspicion that Lex was Zod's vessel, confirmed. "Are you not surprised at my speed?" He punched a hole in the wall beside her. "My strength?"

She stared up at him wide-eyed, but her voice didn't waiver. "Should I be? This isn't my first rodeo."

"You know Kal-El," he deduced coolly. His fingers stroked her neck and Chloe could feel the heat from his body, which was plastered to her front.

"Who?" Chloe tried to play dumb.

Zod released her, stroking his hand tenderly down the center line of her chest, dipping his finger into the shadow of her cleavage revealed by her white lace up shirt. Chloe slid along the wall, putting space between them, trying not to cringe at his touch when his hand tangled in her hair then closed around the collar of her jacket. Chloe quickly pulled at the belt, slipping the jacket off her shoulders and putting several feet of space between them. "Lex… you have powers now. The city's tearing itself apart. Our city. All those people, we have to help them."

"Help them?" he mocked derisively.

"With the powers Fine gave you," Chloe said, having made the educated guess to how Lex now had powers comparable with Clark's. "You could end the riots. You could save people, Lex." She continued to put space between them, hoping that an opportunity for escape would present itself. "You could be a hero. Metropolis's hero."

"Lex Luthor is dead. My name is Zod."

Startled at the finality of the statement, she froze momentarily, but then made the decision to ignore his ominous words. "Lex, we have to get down there. People are dying."

"I already told you, Lex is gone. Zod doesn't take orders, he gives them."

"It's pretty duchey to refer to yourself in the third person, Lex," Chloe sassed, hoping to see a spark of the man she'd known since she was 14 years old. But there was nothing familiar about this man, despite the fact that he looked exactly like Lex.

"Be careful little one, you do not wish to face Zod's wrath." He continued to stalk her, herding her farther into the penthouse, farther from the door, and Chloe felt her chances narrow down to zero. "Displease me and you will face the same fate as the rest of your primitive species."

"Lex, it's Chloe… we were friends. You don't want to hurt me."

"Lex. My vessel for this... visit. He is gone."

Chloe paused. "No. I don't believe you." The idea that Clark might have to kill Lex had been hard to accept, but if Lex was really gone, the equation changed. "You're here in his home. If there wasn't some part of him still alive inside you, how did you remember this place?"

"I have access to his memories. He admired you." He kept pursuing her around the penthouse, enjoying the pretense of the game, certain of a successful outcome. "He found you intelligent, curious to the point of your own detriment," he paused and assessed her body, his lip curling up on one side. "Attractive."

"Yeah, right." Chloe side stepped around Lex's couch trying to put the large, heavy piece of furniture between them but he tossed it aside as if it were a toy, sending it crashing into the wall.

"Do you deny your own beauty or think that he did not see it?" In a quick move, he had her trapped between his body and a wall. Chloe gasped and pressed her palms against his chest, struggling with all her strength, but he didn't budge, his fingers tangled with the tie dangling from the bottom of her shirt's V neck, loosening it, and revealing a bit more of her clevage. "He wanted you, but thought himself too weak to protect you if he took you to his bed as he wished." Zod stroked his hand down her cheek then tore her shirt and jacket clean off of her in a move too quick for her to see, leaving her skin stinging in the spots where the fabric had caught then given way to the force of his strength.

"No!" Her hands beat against his chest, the pain reverberating up her arms as she did so.

He captured her hands in one of his, pulling them up above her head and lifting her off her feet completely. Her heels slipped off her feet leaving her barefoot and nearly bare chested. His gaze dropped to her cleavage on display in a tasteful black bra. She continued to squirm against him, the need to fight ingrained in her DNA.

"All the things he imagined doing with you... I will do." He gripped the waistband of her pants and ripped them off with barely any effort, then forced her legs to spread to accommodate his presence.

Stunned by the turn of events, Chloe stopped struggling, gasping for air as she stared into Lex's face, but knowing it wasn't Lex she was dealing with.

"I find my goals for this night have changed," Zod said softly.

"Your goals?" She swallowed hard seeing her chances for escape dwindle to nothing. Tears filled her eyes, but she blinked them back.

"You had feelings for this human."


"You should not attempt to lie to me. His feelings for you were also strong. Even now I can sense them, long after I have consumed his essence." Chloe's eyes filled with tears as she realized Lex might really be gone, and her fate was in the hands of this maniac. "You know my abilities, what I can do to you, to your world if I so desire." She breathed heavily, her fear palatable. "There's nothing to be afraid of. The fate of your race will not be yours if you give me what I want."

"What do you want?" she whispered, fear making her throat tight.

"An heir."

Her mouth fell open in shock, that being the last thing she had expected. "Never."

"Your spirit is to be admired, but do you really think you have a choice?"

Chloe felt the walls begin closing in on her, her arms going numb and her wrists aching from his rough hold. "Why waste your time, why sully your DNA with a primitive like me?" Chloe questioned, trying to buy some time, and knowing from Zod and Fine that they viewed humans as a subspecies barely worthy of their time or recognition.

Though Zod seemed to have discovered a use for her at least. His hand stroked up her stomach, closing over one full breast. Chloe bit her lip to hold back her whimper of abject fear.

"You will provide me with a child and bear witness to the end of the human era and the rebirth of Krypton."


Zod squeezed her breast harshly earning a squeak of pain from Chloe, which he enjoyed if the smirk on his face was any indication. He lowered her to the ground but didn't release her, running his hands down her body possessively then fisting one hand in her shoulder length blonde hair and pulling her head back. Chloe gasped and he forced his tongue into her mouth, his other hand exploring her curves. Chloe struggled against him, even as her body respond to him, no matter now unwilling her mind was. He released her mouth, stepping back from her, before closing a hard hand around her wrist and dragging her through the French doors to the wide balcony that edged one side of Lex's penthouse.

"Krypton. A shining jewel in a vast, dark universe. And you have the privilege of playing a part in its resurrection." Chloe shook her head, looking in despair at the burning cityscape below her. "There's no escaping what's about to happen."

"Why destroy our world if you're just going to remake it into yours?" she asked weakly. He shrugged, unconcerned with the loss of lives that he deemed beneath his notice. She swallowed hard. "Stop this… Stop this… and I'll… give you what you want," she offered haltingly.

"You would give me an heir, willingly?" She nodded, tears spilling down her cheeks. "Perhaps I've underestimated the females of your species."

Chloe remained silent as he led her into Lex's bedroom and striped off his clothes then the last bits of her clothing. Zod looked her over lasciviously, cupping her breast in his hand again. Chloe was ashamed that both fear and desire were coursing through her veins. He pulled her into his chest, kissing her demandingly, but he didn't hurt her.

Zod pushed her down onto the bed none too gently and was covering her before she could blink. She more than half expected him to just force himself on her, but he ran his hands over her body seemingly knowing how to touch a woman despite his harsh words and threats. Chloe lay tensely underneath him, trying not to feel anything, willing her body not to respond, but it wouldn't obey her. She wasn't worried about being the unwilling mother to Zod's child. Or Lex's. She was on Depo-Provera, which was good for three months, and she had another seven weeks before she was due for her next shot.

She felt unsettled, as he manipulated her body with apparent ease. She knew she was responding to him, arousal coiling tightly in her stomach, and looking at him, she couldn't help but see Lex.

They'd been acquaintances. Then partners. Then friends, or so she'd thought. Zod had said Lex had wanted her once, but hadn't acted on it. She had always found Lex attractive, even as he'd spiraled into darkness. And now he was kissing her, his hands on her skin, his body pressed between her legs. She couldn't say that she'd never thought about being in this position, with Lex, but she'd never really thought it would happen. Especially like this.

When Lex pushed his fingers into her she moaned, his fingers seeking and finding a spot inside of her that set her head spinning. "God, Lex."

"I am Zod."

She stared at him, naked and writhing beneath him, but still not willing to concede control. He curled his fingers and she cried out, feeling a burst of pleasure take over her body, leaving her lax and unresisting. She'd never had an orgasm before, and the intensity of the experience was shocking.

Chloe focused on Lex's face above her, Lex's hands on her, and Lex thrusting into her. She cried out again, feeling him stretch her as he entered her body. And it was Lex's mouth that smirked down at her.