Where in Merlin's name was it? With an exasperated sigh, Hermione tucked a snaking brown curl underneath her red beanie and fished in her bag. She produced a small note ripped out of a potions book.

"Statue of Archibald the Forgotten. 10 pm"

Yes, it was a week before winter holiday. Yes, she was out after hours. And yes, she had planned a tryst with Ginevra Weasley. But now, that seemed likely to end before it ever began.

"Because there's no such thing as sodding Archibald the Forgotten!" Hermione keened, kicking the small statue beside her of a squat monk named Brother Arcturus, a minor fourteenth century alchemist.

Hermione collapsed in a heap on the snow. What had she been thinking, running off to hook up with Ron's sister in the middle of the night? What if he found out?

But she was interrupted by a vision of that Lavender girl snogging Ron. Hermione wiped her cold nose with a golden glove as tears welled at the corners of her eyes.

From one corner of the sky to another, a shooting star streaked across the heavenly firmament, softly fading into a bosom of stars.

"Leo," Hermione whispered, observing the constellation.

"Five points to Gryffindor," A voice whispered beside her.

Hermione shrieked as a hand cupped around her mouth. Ginny raised her other hand to her lips to signal silence, one eyebrow raised.

As Ginny drew her hand away from Hermione's mouth, Hermione hissed venomously, "Do you have any idea how long I've waited out here in the cold?"

Ginny tilted her head, "I was waiting for you, silly thing."

"Where? The nonexistent statue of Archibald the Forgotten?" Hermione huffed, sitting up and dusting the snow off her jacket and beanie.

Ginny stood up and wrapped a black scarf around her hair and head. Emblazoned at one end of the scarf was an embroidered lion and the initials "D.T".

"C'mon then," Ginny responded coyly, helping Hermione get back on her feet, "I'll take you there myself."

The two ran softly through the castle, hand in sweaty hand. Hermione had no idea where she was being led. They dove into a small passage that echoed the sounds of water running and murmurs.

"Are we by the Hufflepuff dormitories?" Hermione asked, amazed at herself for never venturing by the house of the badger.

Ginny nodded, "We're by the Hufflepuff showers. I may have snuck in once or twice to try them out. If you sing, the walls harmonize."

"And exactly how did you manage to 'sneak into' another house?"

Ginny turned around and gave her a wink.

"I have a fondness for warm, wet things I suppose."

Hermione was thankful the darkness hid her beet red face.

The two girls ran through the dark castle, criss-crossing across staircases and hallways. Finally, they reached the stairs that led to the entrance of the Ravenclaw tower, which was quietly lit by a pair of blue fire lanterns.

"You mean," Hermione panted, bending over slightly to catch her breath, "You could have just told me to meet you here?"

"Are you kidding me?" Ginny whispered pointedly, hands on her hips, "I just gave you my patented Walk of Shame escape route! Do you know how long it took to figure out?"

Hermione bit her lip and crossed her arms, "I wish I'd been a normal teenager. Sounds nice."

Ginny stuck out her tongue, "You old lady. Follow me. I picked this up from Daniella."

"Who's she?"

Not answering, Ginny strode confidently to an ugly potted plant beside the hallway. She parted the leaves and Hermione gasped. There was a slender, statue of a man's face, eyes gazing up in a melancholy fashion, a fist propping up his stony head. It had to be Archibald the Forgotten.

Ginny bent down and whispered tenderly, "I remembered you, Archy."

A soft click echoed further down the hallway and Ginny slid aside a wooden panel, revealing a tunnel. Hermione was stunned, eyes wide, lips parted. Ginny ducked into the tunnel. She quickly reemerged, poking her head out.

"Quit looking so damned adorable. I know I'm amazing. Get in here."

Hermione followed the tenacious redhead. The tunnel led into a softly lit library. Within the chambers of her scholastic heart, Hermione could hardly contain herself.

"A secret library!" She squealed, placing a hand on her chest.

Ginny leaned casually against a bookshelf.

"Have I thoroughly seduced you yet?"

Already with a book in hand, Hermione replied, "Oh, Ginny, this is the most astounding thing I've ever seen! I haven't even heard of any of these titles before-or-or-"

"Yes?" Ginny asked, stepping forward, the wooden panel quietly sliding closed behind her.

Hermione snapped the book closed, "Ginevra Weasley, these are all erotic books!"

"Is that so?"

Hermione playfully pushed Ginny away, "You took me to a dirty library! I mean, really! That's something I would expect Ron-"

Hermione trailed off abruptly.

"Oh, sod him," Ginny replied hotly, her hands gesturing around them, "This place isn't for the crude and tasteless. Archibald was a fine collector and patron of the erotic and romantic magical arts."

" 'Love Songs of Spanish Witches of the Seventeenth Century'? 'Twenty Nine More Parisian Love Potions'?" Hermione read aloud as she perused the extensive shelves.

"I found this one," Ginny began as she slid a slim red volume from her bag, "last year."

It was titled, in cracked, golden script, "Elements of Sapphic Pleasure" by Anonymous.

Hermione felt something inside her pulse gently.

"Yes, it seems like the thing to study if one were to-"

Ginny swiftly took her around the waist and kissed her hard. Hermione felt herself melt in her arms. Ginny tipped Hermione backwards until she fell, but she did not land on the ground. Instead, there was something soft.

"Do they really have a bed in here?" Hermione laughed.

Ginny shrugged her shoulders, "For research I suppose."

Hermione nodded, laying down on the bed, her head propped up by a small pillow.

"Like this one," Ginny said as she took out her wand. She brought her hand up and flicked her wrist.

"Wait! What are-"

But before Hermione could finish, she cried out at the sudden cold. Looking down, she cursed and hid herself.

"Ginny! You know that's not funny!"

"Oh, hush," Ginny responded.

The spell Ginny had performed instantly stripped both down to their bras and knickers. Hermione would have made a mental note of Ginny's expertise of nonverbal spells, but Merlin's beard, with a sight such as a scantily clad Ginny before her, one could easily forgive the slip.

"You had far too many layers on anyway," Ginny admonished teasingly, "What did you think we were going to do? Play backgammon at Hagrid's?"

Hermione blushed. It was true. Ginny, on one hand, was outfitted in a matching black lace bra and thong that paid homage to her beautiful, womanly breasts and hips. Hermione, on the other, was wearing a white cotton bra and boyshorts that had golden snitches flying across it. Not exactly the stuff of corset-rippers.

"No matter, anyhow," Ginny purred, crawling towards Hermione and planting a kiss just below her bellybutton.

Ginny looked up at her and their eyes locked. Heavens, Hermione thought, how did I overlook such a marvel as this stunning redhead? With freckles that looked as if kissed on by angels and eyes that burned emerald, Ginny could have had any boy or girl in the school.

"And could you just do one thing for me?" Ginny asked delicately, her head resting on Hermione's stomach, one hand poised with wand.

Hermione nodded, biting her lip, "Yes?"

"Can you promise to behave?"

With an expert flick of the wand, golden chains leaped from the four corners of the bed and shackled Hermione down. Hermione was now totally naked, her smooth skin glowing iridescently. Her pale pink nipples hardened. She shivered in ready anticipation.

"Amazing what a good book can teach you. Isn't that right Ms. Brightest Witch of Her Age?" Ginny asked wickedly, her wand circling Hermione's supple right breast, producing a tingling sensation.

Hermione let out soft bleat, electrified by Ginny's touch.

"Is that so? Haven't even started, really." Ginny replied, her other hand absentmindedly fondling Hermione's other breast.

Hermione took a sharp intake of air as Ginny had both nipples slowly teased by the spell. It was as if Ginny's fingers still traced slow circles around them. The redhead brushed a hair from Hermione's face and kissed her again on the mouth. Ginny's tongue was sweet yet ravenous. It explored Hermione.

Hermione fought against her restraints.

Ginny tsked her and travelled south, kissing the area between her breasts, then her stomach, then her pelvic area. When she reached Hermione's lovely, pulsing sex, she once more took out her wand. This time, however, she pointed it at herself. Kneeling down, she nuzzled the area between Hermione's thighs with her lips. After brief kisses around her thighs and labia lips, Ginny pried Hermione open with her tongue.

"Oh!" Hermione gasped, closing her eyes.

Ginny let out a satisfied moan as she licked Hermione like a delicious peach. Her tongue, with the help of a spell, sent wave after uncontrollable wave of sensations that turned Hermione into a puddle of lust. Her body rocked with pleasure as Ginny's tongue gave her the finest oral sex she had ever received. Ginny responded to Hermione's every move, meeting it with a flick on the clitoris or a daring exploration of Hermione's slick hole, which now begged to be pleased.

"Ginny!" Hermione moaned, curling her toes, her hands restless behind the shackles.

Her body throbbed madly. Her breasts continued to be stroked by the spell and Ginny's tongue licked her sex. Ginny once more took out her wand. The chains on Hermione's ankles moved and spread her legs out wider. The shackles around her wrists moved until her arms were above her head.

"I've fantasized so often about how you'd look in this position," Ginny whispered dangerously, taking one of Hermione's breasts in her hot mouth.

"Please," Hermione whispered, "Oh, please Ginny."

Ginny flicked her wand casually and Hermione felt a warm, stroking sensation along her inner thighs.

"Oh!" Hermione said as she writhed.

Her whole body was being satisfied except the one area she was being driven mad to see taken care of.

"Does this little lioness need a good fucking?" Ginny said, her hands reaching under Hermione, grabbing her backside and raking her nails across them.

Hermione released another moan as her eyelashes fluttered.

Ginny stood up and removed her black thong, revealing her smooth sex, like a pale oyster shell. The redhead knelt down and pointed with her wand to the area between her legs. At once, she was endowed with more than Hermione had ever seen in her limited experience.

"Yes, Ginny!" Hermione cried.

Already fully erect, Ginny knelt down and slid herself into the ready Hermione.

"Oh FUCK!" Hermione moaned, arching her back in response to her hole being so splendidly filled.

Ginny stroked in and out, going so delectably slow at first, Hermione could only shutter.

"You are so beautiful," Ginny said, reaching out a finger to stroke Hermione's jawline.

But Hermione was totally lost in the sensation of Ginny pounding her silly. Ginny smiled and grabbed Hermione's curly hair and started to move quicker, her own eyes rolling in the back of her head. Penetrating Hermione was a wholly unworldly experience.

The two moved in sync, Ginny bending over and whispering fiercely naughty things to the moaning girl beneath her. Hermione could only respond in lustful moans and cries.

"Come for me," Ginny said at last.

Hermione toppled over the edge, a long piercing moan released. Her orgasm was too much for Ginny and she came as well.

Ginny returned to her true form and Hermione was released from her restraints. They slumped together, wet and lost for words.

The next morning at the Great Hall, Hermione and Ginny exchanged nakedly obvious looks across the table. Dean Thomas, who had one hand around Ginny and the other wrapped around a spoon as he dug into his oatmeal, was completely caught up in his heated debate with Cormac McLaggen over who had the better bludger line-up for this year's Quidditch World Cup. Harry, however, had noticed the coquettish glances, causing his tea to slip out of his hands and onto his lap. As he muttered a curse and set to wiping off his front, Ron stormed to the table and threw down his potions book.

"Someone tore my book right at the only bit of homework I was gonna do tonight!"