A/N: Like I said I'd do, I'm attempting the start of the Digimon Fusion (Kai) movie series. I already did Mutalior's Vengeance back in September. This time I cover that story's (non-canon) sequel: Return of Mutalior!

The intention for these movies is building hype for DFKai Season 3 and a possible Battle of Gods adaptation.

This movie fic will adapt Return of Cooler and borrow tidbits from the third Digimon movie, Digimon Hurricane Touchdown.

Anyway, enjoy!


Summer 2004/Colorado

"Kokomon!" A boy called for a Digimon he had seemingly lost after a portal and a beam of light pulled said Digimon inside. The doorway shut right in this boy and his other Digimon's faces leading them to take a journey to find this 'Kokomon'.

The boy, a young boy around 11-12 years, with blonde hair and a Terriermon both stared at the sky lamenting over their missing friend.

"Willis, he could be anywhere."

"But, where? There's no reason for us to be here, Terriermon," the boy said, tightly clenching his backpack. Narrowing his eyes as sun got in his eyes, he veered away and pulled out his Digivice, a first generation model the original Digi-Destined have.

Terriermon approached his partner. "Maybe we need to ask help. You know, like the famed Digi-Destined in Japan. They were known for saving the world. You're just like them... they can help us find Kokomon!"

Willis, despite his great efforts, was still adamant about letting others get too closely involved in the Kokomon case. "I just don't want others to vanish like Kokomon. I don't want to endanger people not involved with me."

"Well, last I heard doesn't one of the Japanese Digi-Destined live in New York? We can ask her to help us? And she might get her friends to help us find Kokomon. He has to be in the Digital World, right?"

Sighing deeply, Willis took his partner's suggestion. "All right, New York it is then, but I just hope they can help us, Terriermon."

"Me, too, Willis."

As an eighteen wheeler came by, Willis and Terriermon hitched a ride and set off toward their long journey toward New York City to meet with a certain Bearer of Sincerity.


Western Digiverse Sector/New Planet Spira

While Willis and Terriermon began their trek, somewhere in the Digiverse the entity that took Kokomon was slowly descending on the New Planet Spira. The planet was slowly consumed by a shadow casted by a planetoid-sized metal ball of gargantuan proportions.

The natives of said planet helplessly watched as the metal ball grew tentacles that overlapped the planet. The sun was even blocked out for a moment as darkness descended across the planet.

"What is it? An eclipse?!" A Spirian Digimon exclaimed as a group of villagers came out of their homes to gaze in terror.

"Not during this time of year," another Spirian said, equally as surprised.

Baronmon, the head elder of the Spirian people, emerged from his sanctuary accompanied by Apollomon, Neptunmon, Dianamon, Minervamon, and Falcomon.

"Grand Elder, look!" Falcomon cried out as he pointed to the entity engulfing the sky.

Apollomon turned to Baronmon. "We'll go and investigate this, Grand Elder. If this is an incursion, we'll intercept these invaders! Olympus warriors, deploy!" With that, he and his three colleagues propelled toward the looming planetoid object covering the battle.

"Wait!" Falcomon pleaded as he dashed off to see them head into the metal planetoid. He was quickly restrained by Baronmon.

"Falcomon, surely they can handle this. They're our planet's strongest defense."

"But, what if they can't...!" Before Falcomon could finish, an series of explosions bombarded the ominous planetoid. The child Digimon and the other Spirians witnessed the Olympians launching an attack on the object. "But, if they can't stop that thing, I know who can help us, Grand Elder." He looked up to the sky as he witnessed the Olympians engaging an army of metal invaders. "Tai and the Chosen."


(Cue Dragonball Z OST – Kimi Ga Hero by Hinoboru Kageyama)


Return of Mutalior

Act I: Attack on New Planet Spira!


New York City, New York/August 1, 2004/11:30 AM

Having departed Japan for a brief summer vacation, Tai and Agumon used Instant Movement to take the new Digi-Destined across the United States, including a trip to New York to visit Mimi and Palmon. Joining Tai and Agumon were Davis Motomiya & Veemon, Kari Kamiya & Gatomon, TK Takashi & Patamon, Ken Ichijouji & Wormmon, Yolei Inoue & Hawkmon, and Cody & Armadillomon. The group amassed outside of a fashion agency building to wait for Mimi and Palmon.

In the mean time...

"SMILE!" A group of kids shouted together as their group photo was taken by Kari's camera.

Kari picked up her digital camera and scanned it. "Perfect. I got all of us!"

"Lemme see, lemme see, Kari!" Davis quickly slipped behind Kari and jumped up around excitedly. "I bet ya outshone all of us, Kari, like you always do!"

"You won't know until you see it, noodle brain," Yolei sighed, palming her face. "I hope Mimi gets out here soon. I wanna take pictures of me, Kari, and Her in Times Square!"

"The Statue of Liberty and that what'ca ya call it building were some sites, huh?" Davis grinned as he checked the group photo. His mouth dropped when seeing himself. "Man, don't I look like a handsome devil or what?"

"That building is called Madison Square Garden, by the way, Davis," Ken corrected him.

"Right, right, that's where the Americans play basketball and hockey in, right?"

TK stared deeply around the city and smiled. "Mimi sure has it made here. Too bad she moved home... not that we aren't happy to have her home, but New York looks great to live in!"

"Her family rent a place here for summer season," Tai informed everyone. "I think Mimi also applied for a foreign exchange program just recently. So, she's able to come back here."

"Hey, everyone!" Came a voice that everyone was immediately familiar with. They whirled around to see Mimi Tachikawa with reddish brown hair embroidered with stars in them. She and Palmon came running out to greet them.

"MIMI!" The group exclaimed.

As Yolei greeted Mimi with a hug, the group reconvened with have a long chat and caught up on life like usual. Then, Tai and Agumon quickly shifted gears and asked Mimi about seeing any strange Digimon activities.

"Hmm, now that I think about it. Palmon did tell me she saw some shadow appear in Central Park and seemingly just vanished. She told me she felt a Digimon's presence."

"It was like a phantom. It was huge like a half-Big Boot and had long floppy ears. It kept saying muttering some name, but I couldn't make out what it was!" Palmon said, shaking her head.

Agumon folded his arms. "A big Digimon with floppy ears?"

"Strangely enough. That same day some boy with a Digimon called Terriermon stopped by to see me," Mimi said. "I don't know how he was able to find me. He asked me if I'm one of the Digi-Destined from Japan. He asked me if I could help him find his Digimon. He was carrying another Digimon with him, too."

"Wait, a boy with two Digimon partners?" Gatomon was befuddled when Mimi revealed this astonishing detail. "That's a first!"

"Hold up, two? I thought a Digi-Destined's supposed to have one!" Davis sputtered.

TK added. "Maybe he's a unique case. He probably has two Digivices to support two Digimon."

"No, he only showed us one," Palmon said.

"Where is he and his partner now?" Kari inquired.

Mimi answered. "He and Terriermon said they were heading out on the town to find their Kokomon friend. I tried warning him not to wander off on their own."

"Did you tell him about us?" Tai asked.

"Yeah, but he and Terriermon left when they couldn't wait any longer. They seemed really desperate for help, but that boy looked like he was holding out on more info on this Kokomon. It's like he doesn't want us to delve too deeply into this."

"Yet, he and his partner want help?" Cody blinked. "That doesn't add up."

"He's obviously withholding some finer details," Ken inferred.

Just then, Tai and Agumon heard X calling out to them telepathically. Both were interrupted during the flow of discussion going on with their friends.

Tai, can you hear me?

Glancing up, Tai and Agumon both heard the masked watcher contact them abruptly.

X? What's up? We're in the middle of some weird situation involving some American Digi-Destined. You know anything about this?

The masked watched replied. About the American boy named Willis Wallace? He's from Colorado with two partner Digimon named Terriermon and Kokomon. The latter of which abruptly vanished recently, but I'm led to believe this entity that Mimi and Palmon is without a doubt Kokomon, but he's evolved into his Champion-level form.

So, what Palmon sensed was Kokomon! Agumon said.

By the way, it's not unheard of for a Chosen to have two Digimon partners. X outright stated. These two partners happen to be brothers.

I see, but I doubt this is what you contacted us for.

Well, partially true. This is somehow linked to Kokomon's sudden disappearance. We have an urgent situation taking place back at New Planet Spira. Our good Spirian friends have had their planet overtaken by some entity of unknown origin. There's a massive planet-sized object consuming their world and if we don't act the Spirians will be without a home again!

"You're kidding!" Tai blurted out for everyone to hear. He awkwardly scratched his head. "Oops."

"What's going on, Tai?" TK asked. "You and Agumon missed out on the conversation."

"Did X just contact you?" Kari approached her brother and Agumon.

Gatomon nodded. "That's about the only reason why these two would look up and leave us in the dark."

Indeed, I'm sorry for keeping this between me, Tai, and Agumon. I know you guys are trying to find out more with Willis and his search for Kokomon. But, we have a greater urgency that far outweighs searching for this missing Digimon. Though, there might be some credence to my theory that Kokomon might be involved with this new crisis.

"A new crisis?" Cody asked.

Armadillomon blinked twice. "Might tellin' us, X?"

Certainly. Listen close...

As X explained the situation on New Planet Spira, the group was shocked to learn this and gathered together. Mimi walked back out of the studios with her laptop and opened it open to show X displaying a full view of New Planet Spira. Tai, Agumon, and the New Digi-Destined were distraught over the turn of events that plagued the once peaceful planet.

"Just look at the size of that thing!" Ken exclaimed. "That's a monstrosity if I've ever seen one!"

Wormmon stared deeply into the screen and frowned. "This is terrible! We have to do something!"

Davis pointed to the screen. "That big planet looks like it's about the eat the smaller one!"

Veemon quipped. "Yeah, talk about a big appetite. Yeesh!"

"Falcomon is there, TK! We have to help him and his people!" Kari pleaded. "Tai? Please!"

Tai nodded and griped his Digivice hard. He looked down to Agumon, who shared the same determined expression.

"Wait, guys. What about finding Willis?" Mimi asked. "He seems like he desperately needs our help."

"That'll have to wait. Besides, we have little time before New Planet Spira collapses," Tai stated. "Agumon?"

"I'm ready, Tai!"

Tread carefully when engaging the enemy. If the Olympian guardians weren't able to intercept the enemy, you guys will have a hard time. Tai, Agumon, you'll probably need Ascendant power to win the day. You have to infiltrate this planet, find the source, destroy it, and intercept the mastermind behind it.

Both Tai and Agumon nodded realizing what force was necessary to take down this mysterious enemy.

"Looks like a job for us then," Tai said, holding out his Digivice. He turned to the New Digi-Destined. "Ready? Davis, go ahead and open the Digital Gate. Looks like X just gave us the coordinates to their planet."

X quickly reminded them. I've sent my team over there. Since Tike's learned to use Instant Movement like Tai and Agumon, he and the crew are there. BanchoLeomon is with them. They're waiting for you, guys.

"Glad we've got back-up at least," TK said.

"I won't be able to join you, but Palmon and I are definitely rooting for you," Mimi said, giving them a thumbs up.

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai 3 OST – Twist of Fate)

Before the group readied for departure, a sudden commotion exploded behind them. Alarmed, the Digi-Destined turned around to see a blonde-haired boy exactly Davis, Ken, Kari, and TK's age running down a sidewalk with Terriermon. They appeared as if they were being pursued by something. Their concerns were answered as several cars were flipped over by an unforeseen force. But, Tai, Kari, and the Digimon instinctively sensed a presence behind this inexplicable entity.

"That's Willis!" Mimi pointed to the boy running down the corner.

"And that must be Terriermon with him! They're being chased by something that knocked over those vehicles!" exclaimed Yolei.

Davis declared. "Let's go after them!"

"Agumon, we'll go by air," Tai said as he and his partner flew into the air as they followed Willis' direction by airborne flight. "See him, Agumon?"

"There! And they're still followed!" Agumon eyed the direction Willis and Terriermon took to escape the 'invisible' assailant. "Ready for a double headbutt?"

"You're on!"

As Tai and Agumon dove toward the 'invisible' entity, they landed a double headbutt that knocked the assailant into the pavement. Tai and Agumon landed as the New Digi-Destined reconvened with them. Willis and Terriermon were shocked at the shocking turn of events.

"Wow, did you see that, Willis?!" Terriermon was awestruck by Tai and Agumon's over-the-top maneuver on 'Kokomon'.

"Aren't those...?!" Willis gaped. He quickly hollered out to the Digi-Destined. "Please, don't destroy him! Kokomon didn't mean it!"

"Hey, why is he chasing you two?!" Davis demanded, but before he could reach Willis, Kokomon stood as a portal opened in the middle of the street. "Huh?! A portal?!"

"Look, guys!" Yolei pointed to the portal.

From this portal came three large heavily-armored robots. They all shared the same outward appearances, including bodied armored of gray and white. They had massive torsos with elongated shoulder plated armor, and small heads equipped with one large, red eye. They were also equipped with long arms and legs. The robots slid across the street as they retrieved the invisible entity. The creature's cloaking power was disrupted as it was revealed as a large Wendigo-like creature covered in dark and thick coffee fur. An odd-shaped white mask with an imp's devious visage seemingly covered the top part of its head.

"Kokomon!" Willis called out to the Digimon. He and Terriermon hurried over to stop the robots. "Let him go!"

One robot turned around and pointed its left arm forward. The appendage seemingly disassembled itself and switched out to a gun that unloaded machine gun fire. The shots stopped Willis and Terriermon at their tracks. The bullets hit the ground near their feet. However, Tai and Agumon wouldn't have none of it as they charged the robots. The robots successfully nabbed their capture and glided through the portal.

"They must be those invaders attacking New Planet Spira!" Ken cried out.

Davis openly declared. "All right, gang! This is our chance! Let's jump through that portal!"

"KOKOMON!" Willis yelled as he grabbed Terriermon and without so much as a second thought hopped into the portal.

"After him! He has no idea what he's getting himself into!" Tai said as he and Agumon jumped into the portal next.

After Tai and Agumon hopped through, the New Digi-Destined and their Digimon partners jumped into it as well. The portal quickly closed leaving Mimi and Palmon behind.

(End theme)

Palmon looked up to Mimi. "I hope they'll be ok."

"Me, too, Palmon," she sighed deeply. Be careful, everyone!


Western Digiverse Sector/New Planet Spira

Upon landing, Willis and Terriermon surveyed their new location. It was painfully obvious by the environment that they were no longer on the streets of New York City. Little did they know they were on a far off planet in the Digiverse.

"Where are we, Willis?"

"You're asking the wrong guy, Terriermon. Are we in the Digital World?"

Terriermon nodded. "Maybe? How the heck should I know?"

Suddenly, Willis and Terriermon heard the wormhole they used to get to their current location open up followed by a beam of light hitting them. They turned around to see Tai, Agumon, and the New Digi-Destined assembled near them.

"You actually followed me?!" Willis gaped in shock as he instinctively picked up Terriermon. "We can find Kokomon on our way!"

"Yeah, nice try putting on the tough guy act," Davis dismissed him. "That's my job, by the way."

Tai frowned as he confronted Willis face to face. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. From here on out, it's serious business."

Tai! I can confirm that you've landed on New Planet Spira! X telepathed with Tai and his group. My crew should be meeting up with y'all soon. Unfortunately, I can see Willis and his Digimon are with you. You'll have to do your hardest to protect him from the enemy which you're about to face.

"Huh?" Terriermon blinked while both of his ears raised. "Am I hearing a voice? Tell me I ain't going crazy here!"

Veemon chuckled. "Relax, that's just ol' X chatting with us in our minds."

Patamon nodded. "You'll get used to it."

"And who is this X?" Willis wondered while looking around for the source of this 'intangible' voice. "Telepathy?"

Willis, if you can hear me, I am asking you and Terriermon cooperate with Tai and his group. They will help guide you to where Kokomon is, but I'm afraid when you confront him again he won't be the same friend you knew. He seems to be under some evil influence. Most likely a virus.

"Just what I though," Willis muttered.

Kari walked over and patted Willis' back, giving him some much needed encouragement. "We'll all find and save him together."


"This is really New Planet Spira?" Cody gazed around eyeing the lush and gorgeous green landscape covering the planet's terrain.

"The planet really does resemble the old Planet Spira, doesn't it?" TK smiled as he absorbed the beautiful surroundings.

Gatomon sniffed the air around them. "Yeah, it sure does..." She stopped for a moment as her nose picked up on the scent of embers. "I smell fire not too far off. I think I might have our first clue!"

"Strange, I'm not feeling any evil energies," Tai said. "The enemy must be concealing their presence well. Gatomon, you and the other Digimon use your noses to lead us on."

"Wait, but I do sense Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, David, and BanchoLeomon! They're heading this way!" Agumon pointed to the northeastern direction. "Guess they were able to pick up on our location right away!"

"That's where we'll meet and head to that location Gatomon smelt fire," the Bearer of Courage said as he and Agumon led everyone along.

Willis, however, stopped for a moment remembering Kokomon's last words before being captured.

Willis...! Destroy...!

"Willis? C'mon, they're going ahead without us!" Terriermon said, shaking his partner's shoulder. "Let's go!"

"Hey!" Davis called back as he, Veemon, Ken, and Wormmon hurried over to retrieve him. "We're moving along. What's up?"

"Nothing, we better get going," Willis said while running ahead with Terriermon.

Davis frowned watching Willis leave. "The heck is his deal?" He snorted and kicked some pebbles aside.

"He's stressed having spent some undetermined amount of time looking for Kokomon. Don't take it out on him. I'm sure you'd feel the same way if someone abducted Veemon, right?"

"Well, yeah, but... I'd never let that happen!"

Veemon smirked. "What Davish said!"

"Let's get moving. They're going too far ahead," the Bearer of Kindness said.

"Right!" replied the Bearer of Miracles.


"Guys! Over here!" Keke called out waving to Tai, Agumon, and company heading toward their direction.

Tike and Kara jumped up shouting together. "Over here, guys!"

David stood with Falcomon next to him.

"See? I told ya they'd come, Falcomon," David said.

BanchoLeomon and Sam stood watching the Digi-Destined run up to meet with them. Kari, Gatomon, TK, and Patamon raced over to greet and embrace Falcomon again. Kari saw the look of distress on Falcomon's face, who was still trying to overcome the stress of seeing his people being taken captive by the mysterious invaders. Falcomon recapped the Digi-Destined on exactly what had happened prior to escaping.

"The Grand Elder told me to escape. When I did, I was fortunate to find BanchoLeomon and his friends here," Falcomon explained.

BanchoLeomon frowned. "The part of Marsmon and Mercurimon in me wants to confront the ones responsible bringing misery to the Spirians."

"We'll all have our chance, BanchoLeomon," Sam reassured the Bancho warrior, who had assimilated with the two aforementioned Olympians during the Burizalor crisis.

"Oh, that's right. Mercurimon and Marsmon now share a body with you," Falcomon recalled.

"Say, who's that guy?" Kara pointed to Willis. "He's got a Terriermon."

"This is Willis," Tai introduced the blonde boy to BanchoLeomon and X's entourage. "He just happened to join us by accident when pursuing some robots that took his Digimon captive."

"Apparently, X thinks this Kokomon is being controlled by the enemy that's invading this world," Agumon said.

"I wonder why?" Keke scratched her chin.

"Perhaps there's some power that Kokomon has the enemy wants," deduced Sam as he looked toward Ken. "What do you think, Ken?"

"It's entirely plausible."

"Everyone," Willis addressed the group as he set Terriermon down. "I'm sorry some of us got on the wrong foot. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Willis Wallace and this is my Digimon partner Terriermon."

Terriermon waved happily. "Yo!"

"I'm Tai Kamiya, leader of the original Digi-Destined. The Digimon with me is Agumon."

"By the way, how are you two able to fly like that? I've never seen anyone without wings of the sort capable of flight on their own!"

"Well, Willis, that's a secret," the Bearer of Courage grinned. "Our friends behind us." He introduced Keke and her group. "They can fly just as well if not better than we can. So, don't start freaking out if you see some of us flying."

"But, how can they fight those machines that took Kokomon? These guys don't have Digimon."

"No, but we can fight just as well as any Digimon!" Tike boasted his own strength. "Don't you sell us short!"

"Relax, Willis," Kari reassured him. "Our friends here are plenty strong on their own. I wouldn't worry too much about them. By the way, I'm Tai's younger sister Kari. This Digimon with me is Gatomon."

Gatomon greeted Willis and Terriermon. "Hey, nice to meet you!"

"I'm Takeru Takashi, or just TK for short. This Digimon is Patamon."

Patamon perked his wings up and smiled. "Hello!"

"Over here are out friends," TK pointed to Yolei, Hawkmon, Cody, and Armadillomon. "First, here's Yolei Inoue and her Digimon Hawkmon. On her right are Cody Hida and Armadillomon."

"Hi, you know you're kinda a cutie," Yolei said trying hard not to blush.

Hawkmon coughed. "Excuse my infatuated partner here. She gushes over any cute boy she meets."

Yolei growled and crouched over to cover Hawkmon's mouth. "Way to ruin our first impression of me, Hawkmon. I'm not like that with every guy I see!"

"Don't mind them," Cody said, bowing politely. "Pleased to meet you, Willis."

"Howdy, Willis and Terriermon!" Armadillomon said.

"Over here," Kari turned to Davis, Veemon, Ken, and Wormmon. "Here are Davis Motomiya and his partner Veemon. Last but not least, Ken Ichijouji and Wormmon."

"Hello, Willis," Ken nodded.

Wormmon bowed as politely as Cody. "We'll be glad to help you find Kokomon."

Davis walked over and extended his hand to Willis. "I know we got off to a rough start, but let's make a fresh restart. Well?"

Willis acknowledged Davis' truce and shook his hand. "Sure thing, Davis."

"Now, that's settled," Tai said before Tike and Kara cut him off.

"Wait, you forgot about us! I'm Tike!"

"And I'm Kara!"

David pulled Tike and Kara apart. "Calm down, guys. You're scaring the poor guy. Hi, I'm David."

Keke giggled and walked over to shake Willis' hand. "Those three can be a handful. I'm Keke. The two over there are Sam and BanchoLeomon."

"Nice to meet all of you," Willis conveyed comfort being near some people he could entrust Kokomon's fate to. "I have to say the ladies here are cute."

Upon hearing this, Kari, Yolei, Keke, and Kara became somewhat flustered with his choice of words. Keke was quick to shake off those feelings and reminded herself her heart already belonged to someone else.

"All right, lover boy, knock it off," Davis scoffed.

"Listen up, everyone. Now that we got formal introductions outta the way," Tai directly turned and faced Keke's group. "Gatomon smelled embers from a location not too far from here. I noticed that me and Agumon couldn't sense any evil vibes."

"Yeah, that's because we're fighting some mechanized beings, but they're giving off some a ton of energy from the heat rays generated from their firearms," Sam said. "That might explain the scent of fire that Gatomon picked up."

"We know where to take you guys. We spotted machines abducting Spirians and dragging them out from their homes," Sam stated from his team's point of view.

"Did you see if there was a large Digimon with thick brown fur with them?" Davis asked the Digital humans and BanchoLeomon.

"We unfortunately didn't," replied BanchoLeomon. "We would've obviously seen one with these machines.

As the kids comforted Falcomon, Tai and Agumon stood and rallied the troops together.

"All right, let's take these overgrown tin cans down and save our Spirian friends!" The Bearer of Courage declared while raising his fist to draw a strong, enthusiastic reaction from his friends. "Willis, are you and Terriermon in? C'mon, let's go find where they're holding Kokomon."

"Thank you. We're definitely in," Willis said.

Terriermon smirked. "Count us in! Let's kick some tin can butt!"

As the group assembled near Tai and Agumon, the two prepared to use Instant Movement to teleport them to the exact location where the fire seemingly came from.


Unknown Location

After being taken by the three machines, Kokomon was tossed on the hard and cold floor of an interior inside the giant metal planetoid. Kokomon slowly raised his head to meet an ominous figure concealed behind a sheet of darkness. From the darkness a pair of red eyes that lacked empathy penetrated through as the figure regained 'control' of Kokomon and influenced the virus program incorporated in the creature.

Kokomon grimaced as he contorted in pain and bellowed painfully. He grabbed the sides of his face and pounded his head into the floor trying to fight the control over him, but it was not to be. The evil figure regained control over the beast.

"...must obey... destroy..." Kokomon growled as his eyes gleamed red. The virus took hold of the beast and reverted him to the obedient drone he was intended to be.

The ominous figure chuckled evilly, dropping his hand. "Let's greet our guests, my drones. We'll assimilate more for our Big Ghetti Star." He said in a cold, menacing tone mixed with a cybernetic filtered tone.


Spirian Village/Eastern Seiryuu Quadrant

Drone machines rounded up more Spirian prisoners and led them toward transports waiting to take them to the planetoid mothership. As this was going on, one prisoner, a SpiraKnightmon, managed to loosen the metal bindings and rolled out to attack one of the drone machines.

The drone machine whirled around and using quick reflexes intercepted the SpiraKnightmon. He blasted the SpiraKnightmon away and released a net that trapped the warrior. Several drone machines moved in capture the SpiraKnightmon. Another SpiraKnightmon loosened his bindings and raced in to save his colleague, but one drone fired a blast that paralyzed him.

As another drone moved in to fire a blast, someone swiftly intercepted the beam and batted it down. It was Tike. Kara and David showed up to save the SpiraKnightmon.

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai 3 OST – Battle Theme (Daybreak Battle))

"It's them!" A Spirian called out. "The heroes who liberated us from Burizalor!"

The New Digi-Destined, too, arrived riding on their Digimon. Davis arrived with Flamedramon. Digmon drilled his way through a rock face with Cody mounting his back. Halsemon descended with Yolei on him. TK and Kari were seen flying down with Angemon and Angewomon. Stingmon landed with Ken.

"Can you stand?" Kara asked as she and David helped the SpiraKnightmon up.

Tike took on a fighting stance, turning around facing the robotic drones. As a drone prepared to blast Tike, a barrage of bullets blasted its side. The machine pivoted his view and scanned a Digimon resembling a large bunny garbed in D-VI's 503xx jeans and wielding vulcans for arms. It was the evolved form of Terriermon, Gargomon. He stood next to Willis, who standing by his side were Keke and Sam. Finally coming out into the front were Tai, VictoryGreymon, and BanchoLeomon.

"SpiraKnightmon!" Falcomon cried as he flew down next to the SpiraKnightmon saved by the kids. "Thanks goodness. Where is the Grand Elder?"

"Over here, Falcomon!" Baronmon called to the child before he was barricaded by machine drones.

"Grand Elder!" Falcomon tried to save him, but Tike and David held him back.

"Can it really be? They've really come?" Baronmon noticed Tai and VictoryGreymon standing with the other Digi-Destined and the Digital Humans.

VictoryGreymon readily drew out his Dramon Breaker sword and brandished it, ready to skewer the machine drones into pieces.

"I'll say this once. Get off this planet," Tai demanded, evoking a serious and threatening tone.

"Thank goodness you've all come," Baronmon acknowledged them.

BanchoLeomon pulled out his Dankon sword. "The Spirian race is not yours to conquer."

"Yeah, you hear that? It's gonna take a lot more to take us down!" Davis boasted. "You're outmatched and outnumbered!"

Flamedramon coughed. "Um, might want to rephrase that, Davis."

After Davis made his boast, ten more machine drones dropped in next to the eight they were facing front and center.

"We're giving you a chance to leave quietly!" Tai warned the machines.

VictoryGreymon added. "We don't want this to delve into a fight. Take this chance and leave, or deal with us. What'll be?"

No response came from the drones.

"Are they deaf or what?" wondered Stingmon.

"Who knows?" Yolei shrugged. "Hey, metal heads! You better do what our friend says or it's the scrap heap for y'all!"

Tike popped his knuckles. "Ok, let's smashing time."

Kara added with an excited grin. "Me first. I wanna smash one!"

Keke called them off. "You two stay down."

"Awww! Bullshit!"

David rolled his eyes. "Relax. We'll get our chance to fight, guys."

(Cue theme)

"Spare me the theatrics. You've made your demands quite clear," Came the same cold and menacing voice with the filtered metallic tone. Several footsteps sounding like metal clapped the ground a few times.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – A New Foe Rears His Head)

A metal foot stepped forward. The machine drones made way for their leader to step forward to confront Tai and his cohorts. Tai and VictoryGreymon raised their heads immediately recognizing the voice that baffled them.

"It's a shame my Cyclopian Guards are unable to answer. But, even if they were, what would you really expect them to say?"

The mastermind behind the New Planet Spira invasion and Kokomon's kidnapping was revealed. Standing before Tai and his entourage was a seemingly once deceased enemy. It was Mutalior, but his entire body was modified into a full bodied metal body forged from a rare form of intergalactic Digizoid alloy. His red eyes pierced a gaze toward Tai and VictoryGreymon.

Walking up next to the 'Metal' Mutalior was Wendigomon.

Upon seeing his second Digimon partner, Willis shouted. "Kokomon!" Unfortunately, he wasn't able to get Wendigomon's attention as the behemoth stood still next to Mutalior.

"I-i-t can't be!" Tai stammered. "You're Mutalior!"

Outside Davis and the newer Digi-Destined, Kari, TK, their Digimon, the Digital Humans, and BanchoLeomon were shocked to learn the identity of the villain behind the invasion on New Spira and Kokomon's capture.

"You're kidding me! But, he's supposed...!" Keke was speechless.

Sam gulped. "Dead, right?!"

BanchoLeomon growled. "Indeed, you're supposed to be dead!"

Tai and VictoryGreymon stared right at a supposed ghost from the past having been reborn complete with a new body.

"Um, yeah! He looks pretty alive to me!" Davis said. "Is this really the same Mutalior you guys told me about?"

"And look! He has Willis' partner!" Kari observed.

Angewomon nodded. "He's not answering to Willis either. He has to be mind controlled by that monster."

"Kokomon! Please hear me!" Willis pleaded as Gargomon stopped him. "Let me go!"

Mutalior chuckled, ignoring everyone but Tai. "Yes, by all accounts, I should be dead. I was supposed to have been incinerated by the inferno of your Digiverse's sun. However, fate it would seem saw fit that I have a second chance. Thanks to the power of the Big Ghetti Star, I've been revived to be faster, stronger, and sleeker. I'm now new and improved as you might say."

Tai rebuked. "I wouldn't let that go to your head."

BanchoLeomon growled. "I see. Then, this Big Ghetti Star is the entity responsible for attacking this planet?"

"I would bother to explain, but you won't live long enough to care, mammalian filth. You and your friends survived me the last time, but my drones will correct that. I'd exterminate you all myself, but I have a debt to collect."

Keke rebuked. "You're a demented freak!"

"What she said. Let's get this over with!" Davis declared. "Let's show these tin heads what we're made of!"

"Wait! What about Kokomon?!" Willis exclaimed. He and Gargomon hurried over toward the New Digi-Destined.

"Cyclopian Guards, engage them!" Metal Mutalior ordered.

(End theme)

With that, the Cyclopian Guards advanced toward the New Digi-Destined. However, BanchoLeomon, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David interceded the mechanized drones.

"Go, spread out!" BanchoLeomon bellowed.

"We'll go after Kokomon then!" TK said.

Metal Mutalior turned to Wendigomon. "Go after the other Chosen. Destroy them."

"Destroy...!" Wendigomon roared and charged toward the New Digi-Destined.

"Heads up! He's coming this way!" Yolei cried out.

"Spread out and lure him to a new location!" Davis ordered while Flamedramon threw fire blasts toward Wendigomon.

"Fire Rocket!" roared Flamedramon while dodging Wendigomon's punches.

Stingmon flew over behind Wendigomon and planted a kick to his back.

BanchoLeomon and the Digital Humans lured the Cyclopian Guards away. All six took on three Cyclopian Guards each.

While Falcomon reconvened with Baronmon and the Spirians, Tai and VictoryGreymon were the only ones left facing Metal Mutalior.

"Now, I believe we have some unfinished business," Metal Mutalior addressed the duo.

The Bearer of Courage frowned and beckoned VictoryGreymon to ready his sword. "You did mention a debt."

"So, I did."

Metal Mutalior and VictoryGreymon were ready to throw down. Tai prepared himself and his Digimon for what will be another arduous battle to the finish.


Next act: Clash on New Planet Spira!


A/N: The stage is set and the remainder of the story will take place on New Spira. As you can see, I've seamlessly merged the stories of The Return of Cooler and Digimon Hurricane Touchdown. Figuring out the cause of the virus was simple enough. Mutalior needed drones and with the Big Ghetti Star he's been able to assimilate other planet's resources, including gather viruses to use to control and turn victims into mindless drones. You'll see some nasty results once our heroes enter the Ghetti star mothership.

Next time, multiple battles will commence! The New Digi-Destined vs. Viral!Wendigomon. BanchoLeomon and the D3s vs. the Cyclopian Guards. And the main event, Metal Mutalior vs. Tai and VictoryGreymon!

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