A/N: The fic hits the mid-point. Omega X and Metalla X take on Metal Mutalior. Now, if one Metal Mutalior isn't enough, how about a 1,000?

Find out what happens now!


The Return of Mutalior

Act III: Ascendant Rivals vs. 1000 Metal Warriors!


New Planet Spira/Eastern Seiryuu Quadrant

Omega X sprang up next to Metalla X and held a firm stance as both faced Metal Mutalior.

"Didn't think you'd show up, Yamato, but thanks. How did you get here?"

"You can thank that masked watcher for this. I didn't come here out of the kindness of my heart."

"Yeah, why am I not surprised? But, I'm glad you're here."

"Yamato, you're an Ascendant, too?" The metallic overlord had a look of astonishment.

Metalla X scoffed and meticulously eyed Metal Mutalior, who grinned off both Ascendants.

"Your fight is with me now, Mutalior. Tai's fate is no longer your concern."

"Heh, congratulations on becoming an Ascendant, but you haven't changed at all, Yamato. You, like Taichi, show no substance."

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan)

"Yeah? We'll see about that!" Metalla X roared as he launched himself toward Metal Mutalior and engaged him in quick fisticuffs. He threw punches and kicks, all of which were evaded by the metallic tyrant. He caught Metal Mutalior with a kick that dazed him and came up behind Metal Mutalior.

Metal Mutalior rebounded and punched Metalla X back several feet. Omega X saw his rival being punched past him, but the prideful Ascendant launched right back at Metal Mutalior hastily ready to fight him hand to hand. The two fighters quickly went back into a an exchange of punches and kicks, leading to Metalla X narrowly missing a kick to Metal Mutalior's head. He went for another kick that was caught by the metallic fiend. He planted Metalla X to the ground and grabbed his face, preparing to blast him in the face.

"Yamato!" Omega X charged and kicked Metal Mutalior's face, knocking him off Metalla X while in the process. The charged blast that the villain tried firing shot through and carved a path across the landscape.

As Metalla X stood, he saw Metal Mutalior vanish. The villain rematerialized right in front of Metalla X and teleported again using Instant Movement. Metalla X looked around for the metallic fiend, but little did he know Metal Mutalior reappeared behind him. Omega X barely caught Metal Mutalior preparing to club the Ascendant's back.

"Yamato! Get down!"

As Metalla X ducked, Omega X threw himself into Metal Mutalior and tackled him to the ground. They rolled across the ground, which peeved Metalla X off.

"Argh! Enough!" Metalla X snapped as he put a palm out. "Big Bang Attack!" He howled and produced an icy blue Ki blast that engulfed both his rival and Metal Mutalior.

Fortunately, Omega X was able to teleport away using Instant Movement. The minute the blast ignited an explosion it caused a massive cloud of dust to enshroud the area. Metalla X stood with his guard down, leaving him wide open...


Metal Mutalior flew up and hastily ran a knee deep into Metalla X's gut. Feeling the air being driven out of him, Metalla X nearly lost breath and doubled over in excruciating pain. Metal Mutalior pivoted his view and scanned behind the cloud as he probed Omega X's Ki presence. His sensors firmly established Omega X's location and scanned his energy. He turned and sensed Omega X's presence relocating near him. He calculated Omega X's exact location and punched Metalla X so far into the waiting arms of Omega X.

"Whoa!" Omega X caught Metalla X as he raised his head and barely saw Metal Mutalior's eyes flashing.


An explosion erupted where the Ascendants rivals stood and seemingly enveloped them. Metal Mutalior fired beams that the Ascendants couldn't perceive and were quickly swept back. The earth shuddered throughout the proximity of the explosion that swept across the Spirian landscape.

(End theme)


Interior of the Big Ghetti Star/Prison Cell

As he started coming to, Sam awoke to find himself binded to a steel wall. Both his ankles and wrists were firmly locked under clamps. He tried moving, but an electrical shock shot through his body and subdued him. He heard childish grunts as he saw Tike, Kara, and David paralyzed by the shocks produced from the bindings.

Seems Mutalior really thought this through. Sam gritted his teeth. He tried slipping one of his wrists through the binding, but got shocked again. "Damn!

"This sucks royally! How are we gonna get outta here?!" Kara whined.

Tike clenched his fists and tried producing Ki into his palms. But, more electrical shot through his body and paralyzed him.

Tike cursed under his breath. "Shit, I can't even concentrate and make a Ki ball!"

"Mutalior knew we'd trying bust out using our powers," David said, turning his head and examining their prison cell. "I wonder what he wants from us?"

"[I'll tell you, Ascendant child.]" Came a robotic voice belonging to what the Digital Humans could describe as a tall yellow humanoid with red soulless eyes, which pierced a cold gaze at the four. "[You four have tremendous Ascendant energy that Lord Mutalior intends to utilize to produce his own army.]"

"Shouldn't be surprised he'd try something as outlandish," Sam scoffed, furrowing his brows as he listened to the robotic drone continue speaking.

"[The process will begin when we start dissecting your flesh and eviscerate the raw Ascendant energy from your bodies. Then, we will transfer said energy into our mass production of available robotic dolls ready to become our metal warriors. I, merely a prototype, will also receive an upgrade thanks to your Ascendant power. You should consider it an honor for us to assimilate your rare powers.]"

"Screw that noise! You're not taking our powers!" Tike snapped.

Kara frowned. "Tike my bro said, our powers are ours to keep!"

The drone chortled as he sauntered off away from the cell. "[It's almost time. Enjoy your last moments of life before your powers are ours and your bodies are grinded into pulp for fuel.]"

Sam growled when hearing the horrid notion of being reduced to grounded meat. "Sick bastard. Damn, I hope the others get here." He struggled to break free, but each attempt came up short as electrical shocks subdued him.


Meanwhile, somewhere within the ship, a group of Cyclopian Guards were taken out by BanchoLeomon and Keke. When one tried to blast Keke from behind, BanchoLeomon came up behind the drone and drove his Danton sword through its back. The drone seemingly shut down and collapsed much to Keke's relief.

"Thanks, BanchoLeomon," Keke said before turning around and spotting a prison cell. "Look!" She and BanchoLeomon raced toward the cell to investigate.

To their surprise, they saw the Olympian Digimon behind a barrier cell. Apollomon, Dianamon, Minervamon, and Neptunmon were each binded to the wall.

"Look, it's the Olympian warriors!" Keke said. "Hey, can you hear us?!" She got no response and the minute she stepped forward she was repelled by the barrier. "Damn!" She forged Ki balls and prepared to blast through the wall.

"That won't work and they're not conscious," BanchoLeomon said, gazing over each of the Olympian warriors. The Mercurimon and Marsmon sides of me are pleading for me to save them. Rest assured, I'll set them free. "Keke, we need to hurry and find the others. We can come back here and figure out how to shut down this barrier."

"All right then," she complied as they bolted down the nearest corridor to find Sam and the kids.


The yellow robot drone's sensors picked up on two active Ki signals and scanned them. "[We have intruders. Initiating security...]"


BanchoLeomon and Keke hastily flew through a reactor chamber. They swerved around and came through a narrow corridor that seemed endlessly. It wasn't until BanchoLeomon caught a shadow figure standing at the end of the hallway. He grabbed Keke and landed with her.

"What is it, BanchoLeomon?!" She frantically asked until she looked ahead and gasped. "It can't...!"

"How are you here?!"

Before the figure could answer, 'he' fired a quick beam toward them, which produced a blinding flash of light. They shouted together as the figure raced up to intercept them from advancing further.


New Planet Spira/Eastern Seiryuu Quadrant

(Cue Digimon Adventure 02 OST – Gekitotsu!)

Davis coughed while trying to find his way through the thick fog.

"Guys! Are you ok?! Can you hear me?!" Davis called out to his teammates as they got lost amidst a sea of black fog. He turned and bumped right into someone. "Hey, who's there?!"

"Davish, it's me!"Came the voice of Veemon.

"Veemon?!" The Bearer of Miracles saw his Digimon partner walking up to him. "Where's Kari and the others?" He tried peering through to find any signs of their friends. To his left, he spotted Willis and Terriermon.

"I de-evolved right when this fog covered us," Veemon said. "Could it be the side effects of this weird fog?"

"Kokomon's behind this," Davis frowned. "Willis! Over here!"

Hearing his name addressed, Willis recognized the voice and turned around.

"Look, Willis! There's Davis and Veemon!"

The American waved over to Davis and Veemon. "We're ok, but we can't find the others!" He and Terriermon hurried toward Davis and Veemon. Then, they heard a low grumbling emanating around them. "Kokomon! I know you're there!"

"Willllis!" hissed the aforementioned Digimon as the fog slowly thinned to reveal Kerpymon floating in the air with numerous black orbs. Each orb contained a member of Davis' team and their Digimon partner.

"DAVIS!" Ken yelled out hitting the bubble he was contained in.

"Surrender now or they're destroyed," Kerpymon forced an ultimatum. He noticed the distress etched on his former partner's face. He veered over to Davis. "Do you care to see what I'm going to do to your friends?"

"Fat chance!" Davis protested as he pulled out his D-3.

"Don't, Davis!" TK and Kari pleaded together.

Cody quickly warned him. "That's exactly what he wants you to do!"

"He's just going to slow time around you!" Yolei shouted before hers and the others' pleas fell on deaf ears once Davis made his stand.

Kerpymon's eyes prepared to glow, but Willis willingly threw himself in front of Davis. Terriermon, too, went along with his partner and firmly held his ground protecting Davis and Veemon.

"Willis?!" Davis was taken aback by Willis and Terriermon's brave stand.

"I'm the one you want, Kokomon," the blonde-haired child offered himself. "Take me and Terriermon. Leave the others alone! Keep them out of this way! I beg you!"

"Willis, don't do this!" Davis stepped right near Willis and grabbed him. "You're going to give yourself and Terriermon up to him?!"

Trembling, Willis protested toward Kerpymon. "It's the only way to save your friends, Davis! Kokomon really wants me." He said while removing Davis' hands off him.

Upon hearing out Willis' requests, Kerpymon lowered his hands and let the orbs containing his captives descend toward Davis. Willis and Terriermon were suddenly lifted off the ground by Kerpymon's telekinetic abilities. He pulled the duo forward ready to consume them into his being, but Davis reached into his D-3.

"Hey! This fight ain't over yet, you big freak!" The goggleboy adamantly protested as his D-3 glowed. As the D-3 released a beam, streams of light were produced from Davis' Digivice that ripped through the bubble-like containers sealing the other Chosen and their Digimon. "Ken!"

Standing up, Ken readily pulled out his D-3. "Let's do this!"

(End theme)

Kerpymon growled as he swung his hand forward and unleashed a shockwave that repelled the new generation kids. Davis and Veemon were the first ones to stand ready to fight. TK and Kari reached into their D-3s as they veered to their Digimon.

(Cue Digimon Adventure 02 Theme – Beat Hit!)



"Evolve!" The Bearers of Hope and Light united their Crest powers together to empower their Digimon partners.

Patamon flew up whilst being engulfed in golden light. "Patamon Mega Shinka! Seraphimon!"

Gatomon took to the air as a column of pink light bathed over her. "Gatomon Mega Shinka! Magnadramon!"

The two Megas swiftly took to the air and were bathed in purifying rays of holy light that radiated over the battlefield. Everyone present, including Kerpymon, noticed the two holy beings hovering and casting an immense holy light over them. Kerpymon veered his direction from the Chosen and painstakingly gazed at the holy beings. With a flick of his fingers, he threw a hundred black orbs that Seraphimon intercepted by projecting a golden aura over himself.

"Oh, man, look Davish!" Veemon pointed to Seraphimon and Magnadramon.

"It's not too often we see Seraphimon and Magnadramon in action," Ken said awestruck at the majestic sight of the holy duo. "But, more often we see Gatomon use her Ophanimon form."

"Maybe she's finally learned to control her Magnadramon form?" Wormmon wondered.

"I know what they're planning!" Davis gasped before facing TK and Kari. "You're going for those two unlocking the Golden Digieggs?!"

However, before TK could answer, Kerpymon flew up preparing to launch his attack on the holy duo. Seraphimon glided forward punching Kerpymon hard in the forehead, hitting a critical point and tearing through him like wet tissue paper. This resulted in Kerpymon losing Willis and Terriermon as both fell. Magnadramon dove down catching the two before they hit the ground. The dragon settled near Davis and the others while setting Willis and Terriermon down.

Yolei, Hawkmon, Cody, and Armadillomon recovered to their feet as they reconvened with Davis and company.

"Wow! Seraphimon and... Magnadramon?!" Yolei was mesmerized seeing the two holy monsters. "TK and Kari just went to drastic measures to get those two to come out." She saw Cody, Armadillomon, and Hawkmon hurry over to the others. "Whoa, wait for me!" She beelined right after her friends.

"TK, Kari, are you two planning to have Seraphimon and Magnadramon release the Golden Digieggs?" Cody inquired to the Bearers of Hope and Light.

Seraphimon and Magnadramon swiftly flew around Kerpymon and bombarded him with attacks to neutralize him.

Seraphimon dove down and clobbered Kerpymon's face with an orb of light. "Hallow Knuckle!" He moved away letting Magnadramon expel tornado-shaped green fire into Kerpymon's face.

"Fire Tornado!"


Both attacks hit their mark and blew off chunks of Kerpymon's soft body. However, the virus accelerated the corrupted Digimon's regenerative abilities.

"We better hurry, Seraphimon! Time to release the Golden Digieggs!"

Nodding, Seraphimon took to the air with Magnadramon as they revolved in a circle whilst forming a golden barrier. Davis and Ken stepped forward to receive the Golden Digieggs, but Kerpymon recovered just in time to launch an attack at the holy duo. Once Seraphimon and Magnadramon completed their ritual, two Golden Digieggs were released from white auras that seemingly bathed over them. Seraphimon and Magnadramon evaded Kerpymon's attack, but weren't able to intercept a stray blast that blasted the area where the new kids gathered. Davis, Ken, and Willis were the full force of the blast, which sent them flying back. As Ken was sent flying back, Davis and Willis were laying nearly next to each other as the Golden Digieggs hovered over to them.

"Look! One of the Golden Digiegg's floating over Willis instead!" Cody observed.

Wearing a confused look, Armadillomon wondered. "I wonder why?"

"Does it matter?! Davis, Willis, take the Golden Digieggs!" Kari encouraged the two boys, both of whom were barely moving.

Ken groaned as Wormmon tired shaking his partner. The ex-Digimon Emperor shot open his eyes and gingerly sat up, eyeing his friend and Willis' general direction. He saw Veemon and Terriermon were being drawn to the Golden Digieggs.

"Ken, the second Golden Digiegg suddenly just went to Willis instead," Wormmon pointed out to the second golden artifact floating into Willis' hands.

"Yes, but why him? I thought that was reserved for me?"

As Davis and Willis looked up, they saw the Golden Digieggs of Miracles and Destiny hanging over their faces. They became mesmerized by the shining golden light gleaming from the artifacts.

"What are those, Davis?"

"The Golden Digieggs," Davis blinked in awe as he reached over to grab the Golden Digiegg of Miracles. "Veemon, remember this?"

"Yep, like it was yesterday!"

Willis watched in astonishment as the Golden Digiegg of Destiny floated into his lap. Terriermon closely examined the object and looked up to his partner.

"Is it really ours, Willis?"

"I...I'm not sure. You call this a Golden Digiegg?"

"Guys! We don't have much time! It's time to use those Golden Digieggs!" Yolei called out from the distance.

The group witnessed Seraphimon and Magnadramon's momentum being cut short. Kerpymon hit them with a bombardment with lightning bolts.

"Willis, we've got to stop, Kokomon. I'm not sure how we're gonna remove that virus, but these Golden Digieggs might do the trick. What do you say? Let's do this!" Davis gave Willis the encouragement he needed to overcome his doubt.

Clenching the Digiegg of Miracles, the blonde-haired American stood firmly on his own with Terriermon.

"I'm ready, Davis. Just tell me what I need to do!"

"Repeat after me: Golden Digimental Up!"

Willis followed suit. "Golden Digimental Up!"

Both Golden Digieggs released beams of gold light that engulfed both Veemon and Terriermon.



"Golden Armor Shinka!"

From out of the golden sheen of light came a golden Chrome Digizoid armored humanoid blue dragon with massive shoulder guards and lean armor. Emblazoned on its lion-guard is the Symbol of Miracles


Then, a golden-schemed armored Rapidmon emerged following Magnamon. He wore two holy rings around his legs.


The Chosen were captivated by the series of events that unfolded before their eyes. Davis pumped his fist and boldly called to his partner.

"All right, Magnamon, time to take care of business! You and Rapidmon give Seraphimon and Magnadramon support!"

"We're on it, Davis," Magnadramon said as he immediately flew up into the current battle engagement.

"Rapidmon, you, too! Give it all you can and subdue Kokomon!" Willis wailed.

Rapidmon glided forward and pursued Magnadramon as they readily unleashed a quick array of attacks on the viral monster. Seraphimon and Magnadramon wove a giant golden noose forged from holy light and ensnared Kerpymon's waist. They binded the viral behemoth giving leeway for Magnamon and Rapidmon to blast him.

"Magna Blast!"

"Rapid Fire!"


Everyone was on edge as Kerpymon's body recovered from their attacks. He flung massive energy balls at the four Digimon, but Seraphimon intercepted with a golden barrier that enveloped them. This managed to cushion the impact and nullify the energy ball's effectiveness.

(End theme)

"Stay on your guard, everyone!" Magnamon declared as Kerpymon enveloped the Digimon into a dark thick cloud. "Oh no! Not this again!"

As the fog spread over the vicinity, the Chosen and the other Digimon were blocked off from taking active part in the battle.

"Terriermon! Kokomon!" Willis yelled as he tried putting his hand through the fog. Davis and Ken quickly intercepted him while pulling him back. "I have to know if they'll be ok!"

"Look, Willis, we can't tell for sure what will happen, but we hope they can save Kokomon," Ken said in a sad tone.

The group was on edge waiting out for the confrontation to see a quick resolution.

Within the fog container, Kerpymon extended both arms to ensnare Magnamon and Rapidmon. Seraphimon and Magnadramon flew down hitting Kerpymon with skin piercing blasts. Kerpymon hissed as the piercing blasts stung him and penetrated through his soft body. Magnamon and Rapidmon instinctively flew right into the mouth of Kerpymon.

"Magnamon! Rapidmon!" Magnadramon exclaimed.

Seraphimon blanched in shock. "What do they think they're doing?!"

However, unbeknownst to the holy duo, the golden-armored pair didn't enter the belly of the beast with a plan. Kerpymon immediately felt his body shuddering as the golden-armored Digimon delved further into near the bowels of the monster to find the viral source.


Meanwhile, Omega X and Metalla X emerged from the rubble following the aftermath of the explosion. They both looked worn and battered after tanking a seemingly life threatening blast. Both huffed and puffed seeing Metal Mutalior leisurely pacing toward them.

Breathing hard and heavy, Metalla X grunted. "That metal bastard. I can barely pick myself up and we haven't put a dent on him."

Omega X panted heavily and painfully. "Can you still fight?"

"What kind of stupid question is that?!"

Metal Mutalior continued his methodical march toward them.

"Listen, at this rate, we're not going to last much longer. I have an idea... we have to combine our powers and attack him at the same time."

"Don't give me orders!"

Omega X grinned nonchalantly. "Not surprised you'd say that." He pivoted his view and watched the metallic fiend picking up his marching pace. "Damn, he's coming! I need your help, Yamato!"

"Shut up!" Metalla X snapped while instinctively producing a golden aura.

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 OST – Crisis)

Omega X powered up simultaneously as Metal Mutalior gained ground against them. The Ascendant rivals launched themselves from their positions and roared together. They used their own momentum to shoot through Metal Mutalior's defenses whilst tearing off entire upper body from the waist, including tearing both arms off. As Metal Mutalior's body was torn in half, Omega X and Metalla X landed behind him watching the tendrils coming out from the wounds to begin regenerating the metallic villain.

The Ascendants fired simultaneous beams that tore through Metal Mutalior. Unable to piece himself together, Metal Mutalior witnessed more beams piercing through his internal wirings, which caused a malfunction in his system.

"DIE, YOU METALLIC BASTARD!" shouted Metalla X as he continued bombarding him with a barrage of Ki blasts.

"AUGH!" Metal Mutalior yelled as the blasts tore into his body and blew him into pieces. All that remained were wires and computer chips as they dissolved into dust.

Both Omega X and Metalla X collapsed on their backs and let out deep sighs of relieve. The battle had proven taxing and with their teamwork sealed Mutalior's fate for good.

(End theme)

Omega X barely sat up and panted. "See? I told you we could do it if we worked together."

Just then, two rocks fell from the edge of a rockface. An quiet albeit ominous presence was felt causing Omega X to lift his head. His features suddenly conveyed absolute fright as his eyes fell on...

...Metal Mutalior. He was fully repaired and casting a cold, evil smirk down at the Ascendant.

(Cue Dragonball Z OST - M1314)

Metalla X looked up and blanched at the sight of the seemingly revived Metal Mutalior. If that didn't rattle their minds, another Metal Mutalior walked up next to that one.

Then, another Metal Mutalior.

Then, ten more.

Then, twenty more.

Then, fifty.

Then, over a hundred.

The side cliff was quickly covered by a sea of shiny metal bodies that emerged in mass numbers. Omega X and Metalla X stood up ready to fight, but realizing the unfathomable numbers stacked against them.

"I've heard stacking the odds, but this is ridiculous," Omega X said with shocked look.

Metalla X grunted. "What the hell is this?!"

A powerful booming voice belonging to Mutalior himself roared out. "Don't be surprised. As I said, the Big Ghetti Star instantly corrects any flaws to my body's design. This even applies to just one body of mine. I wonder, if one Metal Mutalior gave you so much trouble, how would you fair against a thousand? Muahaha!" He finished with a low evil chuckle.

The Ascendants stood poised and ready to take on the 1,000 Metal Mutalior army.

"Guess we won't know until we tried," Omega X chuckled nervously.

"I can barely stand right."

The Metal Mutalior army immediately slid down the cliff like a stampede of wildebeest. They locked their sights on the Ascendant rivals and charged down the path ready to overwhelm them using their massive numbers to their advantage. Their feet pounded the earth as collective dust cloud filled the vicinity.

"Oh great," Omega X chuckled weakly. "It's been nice knowing you, Yamato."

"Oh, shut up!"

(End theme)

(Cue The Matrix Reloaded OST – The Burly Brawl by Juno Reactor vs Don Davis (0:00-1:26))

Both Ascendants weren't ready to go down without a fight. They rushed the incoming Metal Mutalior stampede. Omega X flew through five of them. Metalla X jumped over one and kicked another in the face. Omega X punched one back and turned around sweeping another off his feet. He turned and swerved out of another Metal Mutalior's reach. He kicked that one and spun around kicking another down. Two grabbed Omega X from behind while two others ran up to him. Omega X jumped up kicking the two advancing warriors in the face. He flipped around kicking the other two in their faces.

Metalla X caught two Metal Mutaliors' hands and smashed their heads together. Metalla X turned around and hit another with a spinning kick. One came charging behind him. Metalla X grabbed that Metal Mutalior and threw him into three others. Metalla X kept going and countered more punches while backhanding several.

Hundreds of more came spilling out through the cliff to add to the overwhelming numbers. One Metal Mutalior punched Metalla X into Omega X. The Ascendant rivals had their backs to each other while facing the sea of Metal Mutaliors ready to engulf them.

With no chance of survival, Omega X and Metalla X both unleashed their combined powers to create a golden wave that swept through the landscape. Everything around them was consumed by the gold light as the Ascendants' roars filled the vicinity.

Then, everything seemingly faded to white...

(End theme)


Interior of the Big Ghetti Star/Central Core Facility

"...augh..." Omega X finally came to as he barely opened his eyes. His vision was just slightly blurry, but he clarified it quickly. He surveyed his new surroundings and saw they were relocated within a dark and enclosed room filled with encompassing walls made of metal alloy.

Metalla X also came to and looked around his new location.

Both were alarmed by a low evil chuckle emanating beyond the endless black space far across the room.

"Welcome to the Big Ghetti Star, Ascendant scum!"

"Mutalior, where are you?!" demanded Omega X, noticing that his and Metalla X's bodies were hung by wire probes around them.

"A difficult question to answer. In one sense, I'm everywhere around you, but what you're looking for is right in front of your eyes."


Across from the Ascendants was a small cyan-colored orb hanging by wires from the ceiling and floor. From a closer view, the orb was a half-organic and half-cybernetic 'brain' sitting in a stationary position and doubling as the Big Ghetti Star's main controller. The organic portion of this core was... the left half of Mutalior's own organic face as his flesh was assimilated by the cybernetic parts of the ship, which doubled as his own life support system.

"Allow me to explain. Somewhere forgotten deep in the Digiverse, there existed a single sentient computer chip. It floated for many digicycles... likely hundreds of digicycles. Maybe a thousand. I have no way to determine its age, but it floated amidst a graveyard of abandoned ships and satellites. Then, one day, this consciousness devised a means of propagating itself... it began assimilating massive energy from all its surroundings. In time, it grew from a single chip to a giant machine. At some point, it incorporated some remains of me that drifted in space. This included my brains. With that, my consciousness was merged with the ship's main computer. I took control. So, in technicality, I am the Big Ghetti Star! Utilizing the technology to my disposal, I created a new metal body for himself, deemed the Metal Mutalior model. I think you've been introduced to my perfect bodies."

"What do you plan to do to us now?!"

"Taichi, let's just say I've decided to extract my revenge."

Metalla X growled. "What?!" He screamed in agony as the probes attached to him paralyzed him with shocks and began siphoning off his Ascendant energy as well as his own and Gabumon's life energies.

Omega X screamed in pain as he shared Metalla X's fate.

"What delicious irony that your energy is going fuel the destruction of the same planet you were trying to save!"


Elsewhere, BanchoLeomon was punched into a wall by a Metal Mutalior. Keke defiantly ran up and tried hitting the metal clone with a flurry of punches and kicks. Despite her valiant efforts, the Metal Mutalior secured the girl's neck and planted her facefirst to the ground.

"Augh!" Keke screamed painfully.

BanchoLeomon struggled to stand as the Metal Mutalior clone shifted its cold gaze toward him.

"C'mon..." BanchoLeomon gritted his teeth."

The metal clone walked right over to clobber the brave warrior more.


Omega X and Metalla X screamed in agony as Metal Mutalior's laughter filled the enclosed chamber.

"Yes, once I've taken your Ascendant energy, I shall use it to create an army of Metal Ascendants! I can't thank you enough for you and your friends to come! Now, in a few moments, you will witness the rise of my new Ascendant army ready to help me assimilate more Digital Worlds and soon Earth will become one with my consciousness! Haha!"


Next/final act (?): Escape from the Big Ghetti Star!


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