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The Return of Mutalior

Final Act: Escape from the Big Ghetti Star!


New Planet Spira/Eastern Seiryuu Quadrant

Looking on with despair on the sidelines, the Digi-Destined and their Digimon viewed the dark fog thickening over the vicinity. Behind the thick sheet, Magnamon, Rapidmon, Seraphimon, and Magnadramon were still locked in an engagement with Kerpymon. Davis, Willis, TK, and Kari became rightfully worried for their Digimon for obvious reasons.

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST – Aku no Shutsugen)

"C'mon, Magnamon!" Davis yelled out for his Digimon, whom hasn't responded since the thick fog covered them.

Willis struggled to not lose composure. "Are they going to be ok?!"

TK and Kari didn't say anything as they hoped for their Digimon partners' safe return. Ken, Wormmon, Yolei, Hawkmon, Cody, and Armadillomon turned as they saw Falcomon and the Spirian villagers running over to meet them.

"Look, Great Elder Baronmon!" Falcomon pointed to the dark fog spreading over the spacious land area. "TK! Kari!"

"Falcomon! You and your people better stay back!" TK ordered them back. "In fact, I'd advise we stay clear from that dark fog, too. I've got a bad feeling being near it."

"You, too, huh?" Kari said, sensing cold chills spreading over her body. She sensed their Digimon behind the dark fog. "I can barely make them out, but they're still in there fighting Kerpymon. But, Magnamon and Rapidmon's..." She gasped loudly, to which alarmed her friends. "...I can barely sense them anymore!"

"What?!" Davis blanched as he turned around and eyed the dark fog spreading out further. "Oh no! Magnamon!"

"Rapidmon! Kokomon!" Willis exclaimed.


Upon hearing the cries of the Digi-Destined, Seraphimon and Magnadramon were given a moral boost while blasting Kerpymon. Seraphimon unleashed a barrage of star-shaped projectiles that tore through the viral monster. Magnadramon spun herself into the air and released green fire that engulfed Kerpymon, neutralizing and delaying his regenerative factor.

Magnadramon curled up into a ball of golden light and regressed to Gatomon. Then, the feline evolved right away and switched to her more powerful, controlled Mega state.

"Gatomon Mega Shinka! Ophanimon!" She evolved and glided forward driving her javelin through Kerpymon's chest. She flew back and rejoined Seraphimon.

"We can't destroy him yet. Magnamon and Rapidmon haven't yet neutralized the virus."

"I know, but what's taking them long?"

Kerpymon recovered quickly and expelled a black energy beam from his mouth. The angels evaded the incoming beam and readied their next attacks.

"Hallowed Ascension!" Seraphimon summoned bolts of of powerful divine lighting that tore into Kerpymon.

Ophanimon swings her javelin. "Eden's Javelin!" She brought down a beam of purifying light that blasted through the monster.

(End theme)


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Zetsubou)

While the angel pair took the fight to Kerpymon, this gave Magnamon and Rapidmon enough time to explore within Kerpymon. They glided through an endless space of darkness with a claustrophobic vibe.

"Can you see anything?" Rapidmon asked as he looked around.

Magnamon turned and eyed a beacon of crimson light. "Over there!" He pointed to what appeared to be a floating orb giving off a not-so-subtle red aura.

As they came closer, Wendigomon materialize in front of the orb. The Golden Armored Digimon stopped and assumed battle stances, but then Rapidmon noticed Wendigomon acting very peculiar. Instead of attacking them, Wendigomon invoke any aggression and turned to Rapidmon.

"Kokomon, what is it? What are you trying to tell me?"

Magnamon witnessed the brothers interacting momentarily. Wendigomon pointed to himself.

"You? You mean you want us to to...?" Rapidmon said.

"...destroy!" Wendigomon bellowed.

"The virus! He wants us to destroy the virus!" Rapidmon announced to Magnamon. He and Magnamon watched Wendigomon pointing to himself and practically pleading them to blast him. "He's giving us the opportunity. Let's take it!"

"Are you sure, Rapidmon?"

(End theme)

"If my brother says it's ok, then I'll do anything to save him..." Rapidmon said with some regret. "Let's hurry!" He aimed and launched missiles from his shoulders. "Rapid Fire!" He then formed a golden triangle to accompany the incoming missiles. "Golden Triangle!"

"Magna Blast!" declared Magnamon, who directed his blasts toward Wendigomon.

As the blasts impacted Wendigomon, his image vanished and the red orb behind him cracked. As the orb shattered, the virus was destroyed. Magnamon and Rapidmon fled through the only entrance available to them: through Kerpymon's widening mouth.


Throwing his hands over his face, Kerpymon bellowed as the viral control within him was neutralized. His body changed as a white aura washed over him and purified the viral monster turning him into a white and golden-schemed long-eared cherub with holy rings around each ear.

The darkness fog was thinned out by the purifying light, allowing everyone to witness Kerpymon turned back to normal.

"Kokomon!" Willis cried out happily.

Magnamon and Rapidmon landed beside their partners.

"Willis, thank you," Kerpymon casted a smile on his face as his body shrank and regressed back to Lopmon, who fell into Willis' arms.

"He's back to normal," Yolei said genuinely.

Ken smiled. "Thank goodness." At least, he doesn't have to lose him like I lost Wormmon before.

Magnamon and Rapidmon turned back to their Rookie forms. Terriermon jumped up on Willis' right shoulder and gazed over his sleeping brother.

"Welcome back, brother," Terriermon smirked, patting Lopmon's head.

"Thank goodness we removed Mutalior's virus," Kari sighed with relief.

"Yeah, but we've got bigger problems," Davis turned the group's attention to the Big Ghetti Star. "That was just one problem solved."

"Davish, I'm ready for another go!" The blue dragon said, pulling on his partner's right arm. "Just let me and Wormmon become Imperialdramon. We can fly us up there!"

"Good idea," TK interjected. "Seraphimon, Ophanimon, give us a lift, too."

Yolei and Cody pulled out their D-3s. Hawkmon and Armadillomon nodded together as they evolved into their Champion/Ultimate-level forms.

"Falcomon, you and the villagers stay behind. We'll be back!" The Bearer of Light addressed the Spirians, to which they complied.

"Be careful, those metal men's strength are terrifying," Baronmon sagely warned them. "Tread carefully, Chosen."

"Let's get into high gear!" Davis declared as he and Ken lifted their D-3s.

(Cue Digimon 02 Theme – Target ~Akai Shougeki~)

"Veemon... Shinka! XVeemon! / XVeemon... Chou Shinka! Paildramon!"

"Wormmon... Shinka! Stingmon! / Stingmon... Chou Shinka JewelBeemon!"

"Paildramon/JewelBeemon... Jogress Shinka! Imperialdramon!"

"Hawkmon... Shinka! Aquillamon!"

"Armadillomon... Shinka! Ankylomon! / Ankylomon... Chou Shinka! Shakkoumon!"

As each Chosen mounted their Digimon, Davis, Ken, Willis, Terriermon, and Lopmon were beamed up by Imperialdramon where they safely landed atop of his massive frame.

"Ready, everyone?!" Yolei hollered. "Let's blast through that thing!"

"Right! Go for it, Imperialdramon!" The Bearer of Miracles openly declared. "Make an entrance for us!"

The Digimon advanced forward readily firing their attacks toward one side of the ship. As their attacks did little to open a hole, Imperialdramon unleashed a condensed beam from his cannon.

"Positron Cannon!" Imperialdramon roared as his beam made a gaping hole, which doubled as an entrance, for them to cross through.

Once they infiltrated the ship, little did they know that their friends were aboard somewhere. Moreover, the Metal Mutalior army were alarmed of an intrusion and immediately headed out to eliminate their new guests.


An army of Cyclopian Guards stormed the hall as the security alarms went off. Two Metal Mutaliors accompanied the robotic guards.

Sam, Tike, Kara, and David noticed the loud commotion. They quickly drew their own conclusions and realized their friends were coming for them.

"Looks like we'll be busting out of here soon, guys," Sam grinned.

David nodded. "I can't wait."

"Let's see you try taking our friends on now, you stupid tin cans!" Tike and Kara shouted together.

(End theme)


Interior of the Big Ghetti Star/Central Core Facility

As they seemingly lost consciousness, especially having their Ascendant energies sapped from them, Omega X and Metalla X fell limp. Their eyes were white and glazed over, indicating no signs of life to them.

An evil chuckle came from the villain as he savored every moment of their demise. "Yes, seems I've drained you two into husks. I'm astounded to realize the amount of energy you possess. Anymore and it would've begun to exceed my capacity."

Suddenly, unbeknownst to the villain, golden light seemingly began leaking from Omega X's body. And then...


A section of the interior wall exploded as this greatly alarmed the villain.

"Wh-What?! What was that?!"

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – Wrath of the Gods (Gohan's SSJ2 Theme))

More golden light leaked from the two Ascendants and channeled through the cables attached to their bodies. The quick surge of Ascendant energies channeled through the cables.

"How am I still drawing more power?!" The frantic Mutalior yelled out as panic was evident in his once calm tone. "Stop! The circuits are supposed to be closed! Why does it keep going in?!"

More explosions occurred and spread all over the central core facility. The facility began collapsing much to Mutalior's dismay. The Big Ghetti Star's outer shell began shuddering as the Ascendant energy spread and caused more devastation to the once impenetrable planetoid-sized spaceship.

"STOP! No... it's still overflowing! I-I'm at my limit! No... NO! STOP! STOP!"

Despite the villain's pleas, the Ascendant rivals grabbed the cables once attached to them and powered up whilst releasing more Ki into the cables. Their bodies became enveloped in thick cocoons of pure golden energy. Their powerful energies channeled through the cables and spread through the ship causing more devastation.

Whilst the spaceship began collapsing, the hundreds of Metal Mutaliors and Cyclopian Guards started blowing up in a domino effect one after the other. The ship's drills stopped drilling holes into the planet's pits. The ship slowly began lifting off the ground as the Spirians cheered in unison.

(End theme)


Elsewhere in the ship, BanchoLeomon and Keke held their ground ready to meet their end. The Metal Mutalior prepared to blast them.


The robotic clone exploded in a burst of explosive light much to their shock.

Keke was taken aback. "...what?!"

BanchoLeomon sighed with relief. "I don't know what happened, but take this as a good sign. The others might be behind this. C'mon!" He said grabbing Keke and running down the corridor to search the others. "Looks like we're not alone. I can feel Imperialdramon, Seraphimon, and the others aboard."

"That means they've stopped Kokomon and hopefully cleansed that virus."

"Perhaps, but we've got to find Sam and the others fast."

Keke added. "Yeah, we can't keep them waiting for long!"


The yellow robot arrived as it opened Sam and company's prison cell. The machine readied a saw blade to cut open the prisoners.

"[It's time we begin some dissection. Now, hold still. This will be quick... and... pain... less... errrr...]"

The robot shut down abruptly as the bindings holding the Ascendants loosened. Tike broke loose first and blasted the robot into bits.

"No one's dissecting us!" Tike spat out.

David nodded. "Glad we skipped out on biology."

"C'mon, guys, let's break out of here!" Sam led the kids out of their prison cell. He led them down a corridor and turned a corner to find Keke accompanied by BanchoLeomon. "Hey! Over here!"

"Thank goodness! You're all ok!" Keke was pleasantly surprised to see them. She and BanchoLeomon reconvened with the four.

"I just sensed Imperialdramon and the others not too far from here. It appears Davis, Ken, Kari, TK, and their friends managed to save Willis' Digimon," BanchoLeomon stated but before he could finish a powerful surge of energy blasted through the wall. Wall debris and broken parts from robotic guards scattered across the corridor.

Alarmed, the group took on battle stances and prepared for what was ready to ambush them. However, to their relief, they saw Imperialdramon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Aquillamon, and Shakkoumon carrying their partners.

Davis was the first one seen waving out to them.

"Are you guys ok?!" TK called to BanchoLeomon and company.

"About time y'all got here!" Kara called back.

"Looks like this place is about to come down! Let's get out of here!" BanchoLeomon exclaimed. "We need to find the Olympus warriors before we leave!"

With that, the group joined the Chosen and their Digimon partners. However, they stopped when an army of Metal Mutaliors headed down their direction.

"Great, so much for getting out of here!" David panicked.

"C'mon!" Imperialdramon dared the metallic army to come forward. But, as he and the others prepared to attack...


They all exploded together. This surprised the groups, but that didn't stop them from taking this opportunity to escape from the collapsing spaceship.


In time, Apollomon, Dianamon, Minervamon, and Neptunmon were freed from their containment. The barrier that sealed them went down as soon as the ship started losing power.

The Olympian Digimon quickly stormed out and met up with the Chosen once they went down the same direction.


New Planet Spira/Eastern Seiryuu Quadrant

As they observed the Big Ghetti Star floating into the sky, the Spirians lowered their heads and prayed for their heroes.

Falcomon looked up and muttered. "TK, Kari, everyone, make it out of there safely."


Interior of the Big Ghetti Star/Central Core Facility

As the core facility collapsed, Omega X managed to grab Metalla X and jumped through a blanket of explosions filling the enclosed vicinity. They landed in a heap near the main control chamber where Mutalior's half-organic visage was better visibly seen.

"The controls aren't responding! I can't maintain control on the planet!" Mutalior howled whilst panicking control over his own ship. "...urgh! It would appear I've grossly underestimated the amount of energy these Ascendants were capable of!"

Barely sitting up, Omega X gritted his teeth. "That's the same mistake you made last time, right?! You'd think some crazed idiot like you would've figured it out by now!"

"TAI!" Came a familiar girl's voice calling to him, to which Omega X recognized as he turned to see Kari with her friends, BanchoLeomon, the Olympians, and the others on the other side.

"TAI! We're coming over there!" Davis shouted.

Keke gasped upon seeing Metalla X laying next to Omega X. "Oh no, father!"

However, a wall of fire obstructed them from saving Omega X and Metalla X.

"You guys get out of here as fast as you can!" Omega X yelled back to the collective group. "We'll follow you as soon as we take care of things here!"

"Who's we?!" Yolei blinked as she barely noticed Metalla X laying near Omega X.

BanchoLeomon roared. "Wait, Tai! At least, let me help!"

"Hahaha! The shapes you're all in, how do you plan to make any difference?!"

Another giant wall of fire erupted from from the lower chambers below the core reactor. This managed to cut everyone from reaching Omega x and Metalla X, leaving them to confront Mutalior.

"C'mon, Kari, we have to get out of here!" Ophanimon said, picking up Kari.

"NO! TAI!" The Bearer of Light screamed.

"FATHER!" Keke cried out as Sam dragged her along.


New Planet Spira/Eastern Seiryuu Quadrant

Just in time, Imperialdramon carried nearly everyone out. The ones capable of their own flight flew out with Imperialdramon as they landed where the Spirians awaited them. Falcomon raced over to TK and Kari happily hugging them.

Everyone looked up witnessing the Big Ghetti Star ascending upward as more explosions filled the sky.

"I hope they can get out of there in time!" Sam exclaimed.

Ken looked up nervously. "You and me both."

Kari and Keke worried most for their loved ones.

"C'mon, Tai/brother," the girls said together.


Interior of the Big Ghetti Star/Central Core Facility

Omega X finally stood on his own power and defiantly faced Mutalior, looking the villain dead in his eyes.

"Laugh all you want, but unless you're blind, you're not in any position to defend yourself. I don't see any of your Metal Mutaliors protecting you!"

"Hn, I'm not nearly as defenseless as you'd think. Once I'm done with you, who's going to stop me from devouring this planet? After this dump, I'm coming to assimilate your world next!"

"Unlike like you, I learn from my mistakes! There's only one way to deal with pricks like you!" Omega X bellowed as he powered up and took on a stance.

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai 3 OST – Ultimatum – Surrender or Perish)

Mutalior scowled in response. "I've heard enough from you!" Hundreds of cables and metallic parts emerged from the core to create a body for to move on his own. He stood a staggering six meters in height.

Poised and ready to attack, Omega X cupped his hands together preparing a Terra Beam.

Mutalior stormed from his core chamber and punched Omega X, which stopped the Ascendant's momentum. He unleashed a bunch of cables that ensnared Omega X and tightened his hold on the Ascendant. The more he tightened his cables, the deeper they seemed to dig into his skin and inflicted cuts that spilled blood out.

"Realize now that you can't win!" Mutalior taunted Omega X as the familiar Shredder-like visage formed over his face.

"You'd like to think that?! I'll die trying to take you down!"

Suddenly, Metalla X rebounded as he launched an energy disc that sliced off Mutalior's right arm. Omega X was ultimately freed from the villain's grip. Mutalior's eyes widened in shock as he saw Metalla X standing up.

"That's the last you underestimate an Ascendant," Metalla X growled.

As the cables snapped off of him, Omega X finally cupped his hands and completed his attack. "Super Terra Beam!" He fired and blasted through his chest.

Mutalior felt a pulsating surge of energy expand within him. Then, in an epic explosion, his body quickly imploded along the core reactor behind him. Omega X grabbed Metalla X and swiftly used Instant Movement to escape. As the explosion engulfed the entire vicinity, the remaining piece of Mutalior's flesh dissolved, sealing the villain's life for good.


The Big Ghetti Star finally unattached itself from New Planet Spira and exploded in a blinding flash of light. The ship and Mutalior's ambitions vanished.

(End theme)


New Planet Spira/Eastern Seiryuu Quadrant

The Chosen, the Digimon, and the Spirians covered their eyes from the giant screen of blinding light that brightened the sky. After a few moments, the blinding light dissipated and shrank into a tiny flaring beacon of light before ultimately fading away. Everything seemed still and quiet.

"Dad..." Keke murmured.

"Man, where the heck are they?!" TK exclaimed.

Worrying over her brother, Kari looked up to the sky. "Where are you, Tai?" Her worried look faded as a smile adorned her face. "Look! It's my brother and Agumon!"

"I see Matt and Gabumon, too!" Cody cried out.

Falling from the sky, Tai, Agumon, Yamato, and Gabumon were quickly secured by Imperialdramon before hitting the ground. As they landed, everyone who were exhausted from their battles were fed Digi-Vitamins by Sam.

"Good thing you brought those Digi-Vitamins, Sam," Tai said with a relieved smile. He turned to Agumon, who was fully recovered after a Digi-Vitamin intake.

"We're just glad you're ok, brother," Kari said, hugging him.

Watching Tai from the distance, Willis conversed with Davis shortly thereafter.

"Wow, so he defeated that villain who took Kokomon?" Willis inquired. "I really want to thank him."

"Then, do it. Don't have me stop ya!" Davis encouraged him as he pushed Willis forward.

Tai and Agumon watched Willis approaching them with Terriermon and Lopmon. The American boy extended a hand to Tai, who kindly took his hand and gave him a handshake.

"I can't thank you or your friends enough for saving Kokomon."

"Sure, it's nothing. I'm just glad you have your partner back."

Lopmon opened his eyes to see Willis and Terriermon. He embraced his human partner and Digimon brother. Though he tried apologizing for his actions, Willis just shrugged it off and openly forgave him.

"You weren't the one doing all that. You controlled."

"He's right, bro!" Terriermon said. "We're together again. It's that all that matters."

Lopmon was assured nothing would come between him and his friends again.

"Say, where's Matt and Gabumon?" Yolei looked around, noticing their absence.

Hawkmon added. "Perhaps they went off to do the number one?"

"Nah, they're not too far. I'll go get them," TK said as he and Patamon left to fetch Yamato and Gabumon.

"Pfft, if you ask me, that Yamato side of his was never one for happy endings," Yolei rolled her eyes.

Sam shrugged. "Well, that's Yamato for you."

Keke nodded. "Yep, just like him."

"Heh, funny, because I think it's his fault that we even have a happy ending to begin with," Agumon said.

Tai chuckled a bit. "You said it. Wherever you are, thanks Yamato and Gabumon. We couldn't have done it without y'all."


Not too far off, Yamato stood on a hill with Gabumon as they stared off toward the lush and beautiful landscape. Gabumon looked up and eyed the tiny computer chip on Yamato's right palm.

"What will you do?" Gabumon asked.

Yamato answered his question and crushed the computer chip. "This."

"Yamato! Gabumon! We're leaving!" TK called out not too far from where they were at.

Yamato and Gabumon turned around as they followed TK and Patamon back to the location where the others waited.

After saying their goodbyes to the Spirian natives, the Chosen returned to Earth via Tai and Agumon's Instant Movement.


New York City, New York/5:30 PM

(Cue Digimon the Movie OST – All My Best Friends Are Metalheads by Less Than Jake)

After returning, the group went out for Coney dogs as Willis and his Digimon decided it was time to depart.

Tai, Agumon, and the New Digi-Destined watched Willis preparing to board a bus with Terriermon and Lopmon.

"You sure you don't want me and Agumon to teleport y'all back using our Instant Movement?" offered the Bearer of Courage.

Willis nodded. "Thanks, but I'd to use this long trip to back being with Lopmon again. We haven't see each other in weeks."

Terriermon waved to everyone. "Later, dudes and dudettes!"

"You guys take care!" Tike and Kara shouted.

"You take care of yourselves," Ken said.

Veemon gave them a thumbs up. "See ya, guys!"

"Oh, one more thing," Willis smirked as he ran over sneaking in kisses to Kari and Yolei. He laughed and slipped into the bus.

As Kari and Yolei blushed, Tai and Davis instinctively yelled out at Willis

"Hey, what the heck was that for?!" Davis yelled.

"I stop Mutalior, save your Digimon, and you pull a fast one on my sister! You better be happy I don't Instant Move my foot up your ass!"

Willis laughed and waved to everyone as the bus departed. After Tai and Davis cooled down, they and the others, minus Yamato and BanchoLeomon who merely watched, waved back to their new friends.

"Gotta say. He's a nice guy, but quite a womanizer," Cody remarked.

Yolei shook her head. "Uh, yeah..." She turned to Ken and chuckled. "Don't worry. He might be a nice guy, but I'm not interested in him."

"Why would I be worried?" Ken shrugged.

Sam shook his head. "You were blushing, Yolei."

"It was a momentary reaction was all!"

Kari walked over and patted Davis' head. "Relax, Davis. It was just a harmless peek on the cheek. Nothing more."

"I hope you're right..." Davis nearly sniffled.

Tai folded his arms and watched the sunset. "Willis Wallace, eh? I hope you and your Digimon pals have a pleasant trip. No force should ever come between a Digi-Destined and their Digimon."

"You said it, Tai," Agumon added.

With Mutalior's defeat, the conflict with the Corrupts and the Buriza Empire's legacy was resolved. A Chosen was reunited with his Digimon and New Planet Spira was saved. Now, the group prepared to finish their New York vacation and head back to their normal lives.

And with this, another chapter in the saga closes for our good Odaiba friends!


(Cue Dragonball Z OST – Kimi Ga Hero by Hinoboru Kageyama)


The end


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