A Will, a Way, and a Woman

Written by Phoebe

Chapter Fourteen

Sorry guys, but the story has gone NC-17 and so I cannot post the final chapter on this site. If you are underage and cannot read NC-17 fics or you do not wish to sully your minds with such filth then don't worry: this chapter has little bearing on the actual plot of the story. You can read chapters 1—13 and still maintain a sense of closure. However…if you are of age and you do wish to sully your mind then you can find the final chapter here (I just realized the other link I gave is broken, so maybe this one will work a little better for you guys).  http://www.spuffyonline.com/bscentral/story.php?no=116

Feel free to email reviews to me or to post your comments on ff.net. I have an idea for a sequel, but I need some feedback on the original to know whether I should pursue it. In other words, let me know if you are still sufficiently interested in human-Spike to read another 55,000 words about him. ;)  Thanks to everyone who read this story and offered me encouragement, I really appreciate all the kind words and suggestions. :-D