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"You smell like sunshine!" – "And gunpowder. Two of my favourite things"

Marty Deeks stared at the closed door as the realisation finally struck him. He had always known it, it had always been there, tucked away in a place he didn't want to venture for the good of their partnership, no- friendship, no- relationship? He never would have thought that it would take a day of a no good CIA agent hitting on his incredible, beautiful partner to make him realise that he wanted more. And Kensi showing him her vulnerable side; that wasn't something that happened very often. But when she walked out of the door, with a sweet goodnight and a sway of her hips, the realisation hit him like a truck. He was surprised he didn't see the headlights glaring in the distance as it closed upon him. He was in love with Kensi Blye.

And oh was he in trouble.