House of Cards

Ayme slammed open the cabin's door and stomped inside, earning herself an angry and annoyed growl from the cabin's other occupant. Her reply was to glare at him and huff angrily, before asking him, "What are you doing?"

The cabin's other occupant ignored her as he collected his fallen Magnus cards. He deftly gathered them all back in a pile before taking the top two cards and trying to carefully balance them against each other on the floor.

Ayme, now more curious than annoyed, approached the man and asked again, "Folon, what are you doing?"

"Entertaining myself." Came the short reply as the blue-skinned individual balanced two more cards against each other, standing them close to the first pair.

He was on the ground, lying on his stomach with one foot in the air swinging idly. He was concentrating fully on his task, which was, apparently, stacking Magnus cards next to each other at the moment, as he was already working on his third pair when Ayme approached and knocked the cards back down on purpose.

Folon once again growled at her, collecting the Magnus cards before starting again.

"You should be training." Ayme huffed at him and his silly game.

"Six hours this morning." Came the bored reply as he arranged his fourth pair of Magnus cards to stand up next to the other three pairs.

Unable to make a comeback in reply to such an impressive amount of training time, Ayme instead sat down opposite of Folon, watching him as he carefully placed Magnus cards horizontally on top of the already upright pairs of cards.

They remained in silence for a few moments before Ayme asked, "Why this?"

"I'm bored." Was the reply.

"I know, idiot. We all are. I meant, why this? There's other stuff to do."

"No. No there isn't." Folon replied, pausing in his project to look up at Ayme. "I've done everything and then some around here. I trained. I did the 'chores' you put me up to. I did your chores, even," he jabbed a Magnus card in her direction, "I distracted myself with everything around here and really, we've just been here too long." He paused for a while, returning his attention to his project, "Fighting Kalas had better be worth it. Because the wait is the most boring thing I have ever done in my life. Ever."

Ayme didn't reply; after all, she shared his sentiments. They've been stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere for a few days now, with nothing but the Caplin to keep them company. At first, exploration of the area seemed like a fun thing to do, but neither of them were allowed to go very far, seeing as Kalas might arrive at any moment and they needed to be there to confront him and his group.

…Still, Folon's new game struck her as ridiculous. Granted, she was impressed that he was able to use something as fragile and unsteady as Magnus cards as building blocks.

She watched him solemnly as he put the finishing touches on his house of cards, fully expecting him to knock it down and start over. She was mildly surprised that he didn't, but rather, he just shifted a bit and started building another one next to the first one.

Well, where was the fun in that?

She took a deep breath to blow down the completed house of cards, but Folon seemed to know exactly what she was thinking, as he suddenly pointed a finger at her, saying "Don't you dare" in warning.

Ayme was only taken back for a split second before deciding that fine, she wasn't going to blow down the house of cards. Instead, she knocked it down with the back of her hand.

…She barely had time to register the murderous look on Folon's face before he tackled her, hands aiming for her throat.

As she fought him off, she figured that, at least, neither of them was bored anymore.