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Epilogue: August 1999

Draco rolled Harry onto his back and traced over the smooth toned stomach with the flat of his tongue.

"You know," Harry said, his breath coming in short pants now, "I think you like my belly better this way than when I was carrying Lily."

"Just different," Draco replied, pausing to dip his tongue into Harry's belly button. "You know I loved your bump. Not going to lie though. You look bloody fantastic like this. All smooth and hard. Your stomach, I mean." He smirked and gazed downwards. "Although I won't deny that other parts of you also meet that particular criterion right now." He dipped his head lower, causing Harry to cry out. "Shhh. You'll wake Lily Bud."

"She's-ah, that's amazing- gonna wake soon anyway," Harry panted. "Um, milk."

"Then let's be quick," said Draco. And as he took Harry into his mouth again, Harry didn't think speed was going to be a problem. They'd managed one hurried shag- whilst Narcissa was watching the baby and giving them time to 'catch up on some sleep'- and a couple of hand jobs in the three months since their daughter's birth, and that was it. They were both simply too exhausted at night, and during the day they were too busy. In fact, Harry was rather impressed with himself that it hadn't been all over the second Draco's mouth wrapped around him. This was the first morning in weeks that Lily had slept past seven, and her two daddies were making up for lost time.

Or so they thought.

Her timing really did suck. Just as Harry was beginning to lose himself, a persistent and unyielding whine, which developed almost instantly into full-blown screaming let both him and Draco know that a certain little lady was awake and demanding attention. He felt a huge wave of frustration crash over him and had to bite back a groan of annoyance. Harry could tell that Draco had considered carrying on regardless, but there's something about the sound of a screaming infant that acts as a mood killer. His grey eyes met Harry's, full of regret, and Harry nodded resignedly. Draco sighed deeply, reached for his hastily-discarded pyjama bottoms from the bedroom floor, and picked Lily up out of her Moses basket.

"I hope you're proud of yourself," he chastised in a joking way. "Your fathers are going to get a case of blue balls thanks to you."

"Draco!" Harry said. Draco raised an eyebrow.

"What? She can't understand me." He lifted Lily so her head was resting on his shoulder, her stomach pressed against his chest. "Come on, you little cock blocker. Let's get you some breakfast." And despite Harry's disapproval of Draco using language like that around their daughter, he couldn't help but laugh as he followed them downstairs.

He was just finishing a slice of toast with one hand, whilst feeding Lily a bottle with his other, when an owl swooped into the open window and dropped two envelopes on the table, before turning around and taking off instantly. Harry could see from where he sat that the envelopes were both sealed with the Ministry's stamp.

N.E.W.T results.

"You go first," Harry said to Draco. With obviously fake nonchalance, Draco slid open the envelope and teased the sheet of parchment from it. He opened it, and Harry's heart flipped pleasantly when he saw the delighted expression spread over Draco's face. He handed the parchment to Harry, looking incredibly pleased with himself. Harry took the slip and gazed down.

The bastard had all O and E grades. And couldn't have looked smugger if he tried.

"Congratulations," Harry said, delighted for Draco, but feeling incredibly nervous about his own results now. "You did brilliantly."

"Open yours," Draco said, taking Lily from him to continue feeding her. Harry took a deep breath, reached for his own envelope, and slid it open. He took the slip from it, opened it, and glanced down.

And beamed.

He'd achieved Exceeds Expectations in all his subjects- including Potions- with the exception of Defence Against the Dark Arts, where he'd achieved the Outstanding he'd so desperately wanted.

Today was going to be a good day.

When Harry had first brought up the subject of Lily's godparents with Draco back in July, he'd been a bit anxious. So he'd been both relieved and rather surprised when Draco not only consented to Harry's choice, but agreed with him that they were the best two for the job.

"Weasley and Granger may not be my friends as such," Draco had said at the time, "but I will never forget that Weasley willingly took a potentially life-threatening curse for you and Lily Bud. That's the sort of man I want looking out for our daughter."

"And Hermione?" Harry had asked.

"Lily doesn't have a mother. And we could choose a lot worse than Hermione to be her female role model. I suppose I can- grudgingly- admit she's super-intelligent. And she's, well, independent, and brave, and compassionate. There are poorer candidates," Draco had said, and Harry beamed, acknowledging the reluctant words for the huge understated compliment Draco was actually giving.

Hermione had burst into tears when Harry asked her and Ron to be Lily's godparents. Ron settled for a huge grin. And both had agreed straight away.

And now it was the day of Lily Eltanin's naming ceremony, the day after they received their exam results. Neither Harry nor Draco were especially religious so didn't feel comfortable with a full Christening ceremony, and had opted instead for a private naming ceremony which was taking place at the Unitarian church at Godric's Hollow in which Harry's parents were married. They both wore smart dress robes, and had clothed Lily in what Harry thought was an overly fussy garment of white lace and silver thread, interwoven with what he was sure were genuine precious stones that Narcissa had given to them. It was the Black family Christening gown, she'd said, and all Blacks for over two centuries had been christened wearing it. Harry had been uneasy at first when he realised this included Bellatrix, but the knowledge that Sirius, in addition to Draco himself at his own baptism, had worn the garment was enough to overcome that. He liked the fact that his daughter and godfather would have this link to one another.

Once Lily was dressed, Harry began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Draco asked.

"Nothing. Just trying to picture you in a sparkly dress," Harry replied. "I'll have to ask your mum to bring photos next time she comes to visit Lily."

"Wanker," Draco said, fighting back a smile. "Anyway, Lily Bud looks beautiful."

"She truly does," Harry agreed. "Ready to go?" He scooped Lily into his arms as Draco nodded. "See you in a second then." Harry turned on the spot and Disapparated. He landed next to the church a second later, in an area designed for Apparition and protected with Muggle-Repelling Charms, joined almost instantly by Draco, whose probation period had been completed a couple of weeks previously.

"I love having my Apparition licence back," Draco said. "Muggle trains were becoming intolerable. It almost makes me feel sorry for them."

They'd arrived a few minutes early, and instead of heading for the church, Harry led Draco over to the churchyard.

"Hi, Mum. Hi, Dad," Harry said, swallowing thickly, once they reached the grave he was looking for. "I've brought your granddaughter to meet you." He squatted down and positioned Lily on his knee. He leant forwards and gave his daughter a huge kiss on the cheek. "Here she is. Beautiful, isn't she. She has our eyes, Mum. Sadly not our hair though, Dad, but I think we can let that particular Potter trait end with me."

He handed Lily to Draco, drew his wand and performed a few charms to tidy up the grave. He'd not been here since the end of the War, when he'd come to tell them that it was all over and he'd won. It had become overgrown. Once it was presentable again he waved his wand and, as Hermione had done over eighteen months previously, conjured flowers for the grave. However he chose a vibrant bloom of summer flowers. There was also a small sprig of lily of the valley amongst the jasmine.

"For life and hope," Harry said. "You two gave me both. Thank you."

"Come on," Draco said gently.

By the time they made it back to the church, most of their friends and family had arrived. The Weasleys, Narcissa, and Andromeda sat in the front couple of rows. Fleur was due any day now. She looked uncomfortable and boiling, and Harry sympathised with her immensely.

Minerva was the only member of Hogwarts staff, besides Hagrid of course, who had been invited. She greeted Harry and Draco with her usual stiff formality as she took her seat, but melted when she saw Lily, and began cooing in that way that Lily, and Lily alone, made her do. To say Harry's former headmistress had a soft spot for his daughter was a huge understatement.

The naming ceremony was beautiful. The official from the Ministry who had married Bill and Fleur conducted it, and, despite Teddy shouting, "Cars! Brrm Brrm!" in the middle of the service, went off perfectly. At the end of the service, Minerva pulled Harry and Draco aside to inform them both that Lily's name had appeared in the book of magical children at Hogwarts, confirming her future place at the school, causing them both to cheer.

"I was saving it for today to tell you both," she said with a smile. "It just seemed appropriate."

"Not a Squib then," Harry teased to Draco, once they were alone.

"I'd have still adored her if she was," Draco replied bluntly. And the truth radiated from him. Because, Harry knew, that little girl was the absolute centre of Draco Malfoy's world. The cool, pure-blood loving elitist bigot he once was had gone. He was just Draco now. And Harry loved him for it.

Mrs Weasley had prepared a buffet, which was revealed when the Disillusionment Charm concealing it during the naming ceremony was lifted. And what a buffet it was. The next half an hour was spent happily with everyone eating and chatting.

Molly, Andromeda, Narcissa and Minerva all squabbled over whose turn it was to feed and change Lily- a phenomenon that Draco called the 'Menopause Crisis'. Champagne was poured when George announced that Angelina was pregnant and due around the following Easter ("There's going to be an entire cohort of them in a couple of years, isn't there?" said Draco), and Neville became blind drunk then fall asleep on a pew after drinking a glass of 'Champagne' that George gave him, causing everyone to laugh. In fact, Harry was having such a good time that it came somewhat as a shock when Narcissa pulled Draco and him aside and said, quietly, "Draco, your father is outside."

"I'll see him," Draco said. "But I'm not taking Lily Bud with me. Mother, will you take her please?"

Harry and Draco stepped outside, and there was Lucius, waiting.

"Father, what gift did you and Mother give me for achieving an Outstanding on my Potions O.W.L?" Draco asked immediately, wand drawn and pointing directly at Lucius' chest. He clearly wasn't prepared for a repeat of what had happened the day Lily was born.

"A phial of Acromantula venom and seven fluid ounces of unicorn blood- the rarest and most expensive Potions ingredients money can buy," Lucius replied without hesitation, and Draco noticeably relaxed, lowering his wand.

"I had to check. What do you want, Father?"

"To talk. I'd have preferred alone without Potter present, but I'm assuming you will not consent to that?"


Lucius sighed. "Very well, Draco. I… I came to offer my congratulations to you. And my apologies."

Whatever Draco had been expecting, Harry reasoned, it wasn't this. His mouth fell open.

"Apologies, Father? You owe me so many, I'm afraid you will need to be more specific."

"For threatening to cut off your Malfoy inheritance, for one thing. It was always meant as just a threat, Draco. I was so certain you'd turn away from Potter, and when you didn't I couldn't go back on my word without losing face." Lucius sighed again and Harry realised the man was looking old. "So I switched tactic- I tried to force you two apart with that article in the Prophet. And still you stayed with Potter and the child. And my damn Malfoy pride wouldn't allow me to just admit I was in the wrong."

"So what's changed? Why the humble pie now?" Harry admired the unyielding tone of Draco's voice. He also knew that Draco missed his father terribly despite what he told people, and whatever Harry's personal feelings were towards the man, he hated anything that made Draco miserable.

"You have become a father yourself," Lucius said simply, "and I want our family to rebuild, for your mother's sake if nothing else. And even if my granddaughter is not a pure-blood, I would like to meet her."

Draco didn't reply to that.

"I won't hurt her, Draco," Lucius said. "That was not me. Not what happened in May. I couldn't do that to either you or her."

"Harry, get Lily Bud," Draco said, not taking his eyes from Lucius. "Give me your wand, Father." Lucius rolled his eyes, but dutifully handed over his wand. Harry reentered the church and took Lily from Narcissa, refusing to say any more, and stepped back outside. He handed the sleeping baby to Draco.

"Father, may I introduce you to Lily Eltanin," Draco said, and Lucius' eyes widened.

"I'd seen photographs your mother has of course, but they don't do her justice," he whispered. "Draco- she's exquisite."

Harry knew- just knew- in that second that Lucius was a hundred percent genuine. There was something about their daughter that people fell instantly in love with, and it appeared her grandfather- a title Harry would have to bestow on the elder Malfoy, it appeared, seemed no different.

"Would you like to hold her?" he asked. Draco shot him a look, but didn't disagree. Instead he handed the baby over, and Lucius cradled Lily with a tenderness Harry was certain he'd never seen from him before.

"Precious Lily Eltanin. Born from two noble pure-blood lines, the Potters and the Malfoys. She makes a fine Malfoy heir," Lucius said, and Harry decided to let the fact that his mother most definitely had not been a pure-blood slide. This was about as accepting as Lucius Malfoy got.

"And my sexuality, Father? I will not have you making derogatory snide comments about that all the time," Draco said. Lucius tore his eyes away from Lily.

"I still find it… distasteful. But I will learn to be accepting," he replied grudgingly. "And you have my word that I will not try to marry you off to a witch."

Lily woke up then, and gave Lucius a smile, whilst reaching out and touching his cheek with a chubby hand, and in that moment it could not have been plainer that there was yet another person in the world that Little Miss Potter-Malfoy had wrapped around her (very) little finger. Harry began to laugh.

"Yeah, she does that," Harry said aloud in response to his own thought, not caring when Draco gave him a questioning look. "I'll take her back inside now. Draco, talk with your father, OK?" He gave Draco a kiss on the cheek, which Lucius ignored rather than scowled at, and returned inside with Lily, where he told a delighted Narcissa what had happened with his daughter and that Draco and Lucius were talking.

Twenty minutes later, Draco returned.

"It's not going to happen overnight," Draco said. "In fact, it will take us a long time to return to the relationship we once had, if we ever can completely. But we're making a start. He needs to accept me for who I am though. I've warned him- one more sneering comment about my sexuality or my choice in partner and that's it." He smiled. "But I won't deny it feels good to be talking to Father again."

Eventually the reception ended, and Harry and Draco Apparated home with an exhausted Lily, accompanied by Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville, who had been given a Sobering Potion produced from somewhere (and warned to never drink anything George gave him ever again). Once Lily was in bed and Harry set monitoring charms around her that would alert them if she woke up, or anything more sinister happened (like she stopped breathing), he headed back downstairs and joined Draco in the kitchen, who was preparing drinks for everyone.

"That girl is barely three months old and manipulates everyone around her," Harry said with a grin, taking the glass Draco handed him.

"Of course she does. She's a natural Slytherin," Draco replied.

"You can't possibly know that. She's a baby."

"Oh, but I do." Draco looked positively gleeful. "Harry, when you discovered the name Eltanin, did you research the etymology of the name?" Harry shook his head. "The name Eltanin comes from Arabic, and means, The Great Serpent. Trust me- with a name like that she's heading nowhere except Slytherin."

"You bastard," Harry said, but couldn't keep the laugh at bay. "You've been dying to tell me that for weeks, haven't you?"

"I was just waiting for the right moment, Harry," Draco replied. "Fuck, I love you."

"I love you, too," Harry replied.

"Hurry up, Malfoy! We're dying of thirst in here!" Ron's voice called from the living room. Draco planted a quick kiss on Harry's mouth, levitated the tray of drinks in front of him, and strode into the room with a, "Keep your ghastly vibrant freckles on, Weasley, I'm coming."

An hour later and Harry was stifling a yawn, despite the fact it was only seven in the evening. Hermione gave him a knowing look.

"Tired, Harry?"

"Um, yeah. Lily woke up three times for a feed last night, then refused to sleep past half five," he said.

"Sounds like you need a break," Ginny said, a mischievous glint in her eye.

"What are you lot up to?" Draco questioned.

"We've booked you a small break," Ron announced, beaming. "Some poncey five-star resort in Rye that Hermione recommended. For two nights. And you leave… now." Hermione beamed as she reached into that damned beaded bag of hers and pulled out a large envelope, containing all the hotel details and handed it to Harry.

"I don't know. Lily…" Harry said.

"Harry, she's seen Ron and me virtually every day of her life. We're her godparents now," Hermione said. "She knows us extremely well and is very comfortable with us. Besides, if there's a problem or she's upset and won't settle you can
Apparate home in seconds. Go. Enjoy yourselves for a couple of days. Get some proper sleep."

"It does mean that the next time I give you a blowjob, the only person who will be screaming during it is you," Draco whispered in Harry's ear, and he felt himself redden, much to Ginny's delight.

"If you don't want it, Nev and I will take it," she joked.

"Your Portkey directly into your suite leaves in, oh, two minutes," Hermione said, handing over a large pebble that Harry was quite sure came from their garden path. "So hurry up!"

"Um, luggage- clothes," Harry said, dazed.

"You're not going to be needing them," Draco replied with a lascivious grin. Harry felt himself give in.

"Fine. You're on!" he laughed. He grabbed one end of the Portkey as Draco grabbed the other, just as the stone began began to glow blue.

"Have fun. Happy shagging!" Ginny called.

"We will, and, no, Harry will not be telling you all about it when we return," Draco said. And then, for Harry's ears only, he said, "I hope the room has lube, as I have a feeling we're going to get through a lot of it in the next forty-eight hours."

"Ten seconds!" Hermione called.

"You're all brilliant," Harry said with a huge smile. "Thank you."

Then he felt the familiar hook behind his navel as the Portkey activated, and he and Draco were gone.




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