Harry Potter and The Crests of Hogwarts

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Chapter One: A Plan

Rating: G

It was night time at the Privet Drive estate. The moon shone high in the sky with the stars twinkling as bright as diamonds. Everything was so quiet and peaceful except the soft hooting of a brown owl that was soaring in the sky.
Just then two shadowed forms appeared from a particularly dark region of the pavement: a white cloaked individual and an elderly old man. They walked in silence, aware that there were residents sleep in their dreams. After strolling for some time, they stopped in front of a certain house. The one that had a dim glow coming from the top room, it seemed. The individual lowered the cowl to reveal the face of a young girl. She looked on with some certain hidden understanding and curiosity: first at the house then at her guardian.

"Why are we here, Grandfather?" the young girl inquired, pointing at the house.

The young girl looked no older than fifteen. She possessed a slight rounded figure, but her tall height made her look slim. Her fringe was parted to her right and her long hair was coloured a deep mahogany brown. Her skin was a light tan and her sparkling brown eyes were hidden behind purple framed spectacles. Underneath her cloak, she was dressed in faded jeans and a purple shirt with sparkles with plain trainers to match.

"Ah...my dear child. This is where the plan commences," the elderly man paused, making sure that she was paying attention to him. He turned to face her, "And I need you to help me."

The old man was slightly taller by centimetres and looked more than a hundred years. He was aging with white silvery hair with a bushy long beard and moustache. His sky blue eyes seemed to be smiling all the time with a twinkle present in the irises, hiding behind half moon shaped spectacles. He was attired in maroon wizard robes with a pointed wizard's hat to match.

"But...Grandfather...I thought you've said that...what's his name...Harry, yes that's it, will be safe here with his...family..." the last word was dripped with disdain and uncertainty as she kept her gaze at the dim light at the top of the house.

"That's all in the past, Pixie..." he replied, his bright expression turning slightly grim, "I think that he is old enough to handle the full responsibility of being The-Boy-Who-Lived."

"But how can you be sure?" Pixie questioned, "Won't he put his life in danger? You are Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Can't you help him in any way?"

"My magic, advice and knowledge are all I can offer to Harry," the old professor turned to face his granddaughter in a thoughtful expression, "But I cannot interfere with his life...and his destiny..."

Pixie nodded uncertainly, trying to make sense of his logic. Turning back to the house, she could see a shadowed silhouette of a boy with tousled hair.

"I trust that you will know your way back here, child," the old Headmaster inquired, receiving a nod from his granddaughter.

"Yes. But wha-" she was cut short when her guardian held up his hand so that he could continue.

"The Dursleys will be away in Florida for the remaining last week before the students return to Hogwarts. You will fill in as a temporary caretaker of the house. Make sure you take him to Diagon Alley to get his school supplies; he knows what to do. Check that he's well and that he's at the platform on time. And you, my dear, will be joining us," he finished, seeing the girl look slightly puzzled.

"But there is only one problem, Grandfather..." Pixie paused with unsure eyes, "I am not one of you. I can't go to Diagon Alley with Harry."

"Ah but everyone knows your name, my dear," his eyes twinkled with reassurance as he looked at the girl, "Everyone knows you because you are schooling in Hogwarts and being the only squib to do so."

At this, the girl blushed, feeling embarrassed of being praised or being the center of attention...even though she still felt a but uncomfortable being called a squib...

"If only your poor parents and big brother can see you now..." Professor Dumbledore watched as Pixie lowered her eyelids at the mention of her family, "They would've been so proud of you if they were to see you today..."


Her father was an Auror working for the Ministry of Magic. He was a pureblood wizard while her mother was a muggle, working as a nurse in a local hospital. Her brother was born a half-blood but made the decision to not to attend Hogwarts. Instead he was homeschooled by his father with his astounded mother as their witness. They were a good family and loved each other very much. But the young girl's life didn't have a good start. Pixie's mother had died just weeks after giving birth to her, leaving her in the care of her older brother and father. Her father had been heart-broken over his wife's death and couldn't muster the strength to look after his young children. Although he dearly loved his children, Pixie reminded him too much of his beloved wife so the poor girl never saw her father smile whenever he looked at her. He delved too much in his work and became too focused in capturing wanted wizards to quell his heartache. In his veil of sorrow and grief, he failed to see that his son and daughter needed the love of a father instead of a hardened Auror. But in the end, he couldn't return to his children as he ended up paying his life when he was pursuing a powerful Death Eater. Her brother, now a young man, became her sole guardian and they lived in seclusion in the woods for ten hard yet wonderful years of hardship. There, he showed her the wonders of magic for the first time and for a time, the child was truly happy. But misfortune struck when her brother died of exhaustion and sickness, finally leaving her an orphan with nowhere else to go.

Albus Dumbledore, sensing great potential in her, took the girl in under the guise of her grandfather and decided to have her educated in Hogwarts. But the Ministry of Magic wouldn't have any of it. After initially mistaking her for a muggle, they eventually classified her as a squib after tracking through her family history and intended to send her back to London after ridding her memories of her time in the wizarding world. Knowing that what the Ministry of Magic would do would only further traumatize the child further, the elderly Headmaster insisted that she was to officially take on his family name and reside in Hogwarts for her safety and education. from then on, the child lived in Hogwarts in secret and had her own quarters away from prying eyes. Despite her lack of magical ability, her inquisitive manner and love of books allowed her to absorb vast amounts of knowledge about magic and ancient artifacts.

Most of the time, she would traverse the school, wrapped up in her cloak; so the majority of the student body would know her presence but not her identity. Up until now, only her grandfather, the professors and a select few of the younger students truly knew of her existence. Pixie knew she was different from the rest of the new world she was thrust into. Similar to Argus Filch, she was quiet and preferred to keep to herself. The only people she opened her heart to was her family of professors in Hogwarts and a few students she personally befriended.

All Pixie remembered of her parents were brief glimpses of their faces and the faint echoes of their voices. They must have been wonderful people since they looked so warm and loving. But the mention of her deceased brother brought tears to her eyes and her face turned solemn. His memory of him remained strong but the one thing she ever regretted was being unable to find where her sibling was buried so that she could pay her respects to him...she had recently asked Hagrid to aid in her quest but there had been no success thus far...

"I am sorry for bringing it up, child," Dumbledore apologized as he squeezed her shoulder.

"It's okay, Grandfather," she replied, bringing him into a warm embrace.

"It's best to be on our way. It's late," he said, taking hold of her hand and leading her back to where they came from.

Pixie pulled the cowl back over her head to conceal her face. As they slowly walked away, she gazed back at the house where she was supposed to go the next day to execute her guardian's plan.

'Those Dursleys are horrible...it's so terrible to think his own family would to treat Harry like he meant nothing to them. I just hope everything goes according to Grandfather's plan...' her eyes turned soft, 'Please be well...Harry Potter...'

Before long, the two figures disappeared from whence they came...

To be continued...