Harry Potter and the Crests of Hogwarts

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. Everything belongs to the wonderful J K Rowling. But I do own some OCs: Pixie, Shawn Livinsky, Amanda, Tabitha, the kitten, Star Sprite, the white unicorn, step-siblings: Yumiko and Chris, a mysterious wizard named Archarnas, Sandra and Pixie's older brother, Peter. Original figments of imagination include a title called 'Famous Figures in the World Known to Magic' (stupid title, isn't it?), the name 'Agnes Barnwell', Gryffindor password 'Phoenix Eyes', a random wizard's name 'Darius Silvermoon', a magical powerful jeweled pendant called the Potestria Star Jewel, the fictional history and creation of the Crests of Hogwarts, another title: 'Hogwarts: The Origins of Wizard Schooling' and the heavenly Fields of Caelastra. Asterix, Obelix, Getafix and Dogmatix: the key characters of the famous Asterix comic franchise are written by Rene Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo. And by the way, I know that Draco's eagle owl's name is speculated or known so far as Bupo Bupo but I'm going to add my original name for the epilogue: Regius.

19/5/2013: This is it! The epilogue is here! I m so proud to have finally reedited the whole story and now an epilogue! Now then...the Special Bookmarks? Been wondering why I placed them in certain chapters? Well...they'll be a part of a collection of M-rated Draco/Harry yummy loving since at the time I wrote this in 2002, I didn't have the courage to write yaoi :) so I'll be doing the same thing in my other story 'Unforgettable Memories' since these two stories along with 'A Blessed Union' are connected together. :) so that's something to look forward after I'm done with editing. I'll tell more details later in 'Unforgettable Memories' but now read to the end! Enjoy!

Epilogue: Looking Forward

Rating: PG

"Come on, Hedwig! It's time to leave!" Harry called out to the Snowy owl that was gliding above him as he stood in the courtyard. As soon as he extended his arm, the majestic bird swooped in as quietly as a ghost and landed gracefully on the crook of his arm. He brushed the downy feathers on her chest and got affectionate nips on his fingers in return. He traveled back to his dormitory and carefully placed her inside the cage, "You're going to have a new friend to keep you company over these summer holidays."

Hedwig cocked her head and hooted, which Harry interpreted as a questioning one.

"You'll find out once you're inside the train carriage," Harry promised as he checked that he had everything inside his trunk. Turning to his desk, he carefully took the lily from the vase, amazed that the flower hadn't wilted since Christmas...it must had a stasis charm of sorts to keep it looking fresh and beautiful. He poured out the water in the bathroom and cleaned the vase to put it back into the trunk, "Just so you know, the owl you're going to meet belongs to Draco. His name is Regius."

At this, Hedwig's cage rattled a bit and Harry found the white owl glaring at him. She screeched slightly. Harry sighed and quickly wrapped the lily carefully in some tissue paper and placed it in a secure spot among his belongings, which he hoped wouldn't crush the flower too much.

"Now don't be like that, Hedwig. I'm sure it won't be that terrible and it would be nice to have company. Draco's coming to stay with us so behave, okay?" Harry lightly admonished her. The sound of footfalls approaching the dormitory door made him look up.

"Hey, Harry," Ron greeted, "It's nearly time. You all packed?"

"Just about," Harry checked the lily to make sure it's safe before closing the lid of his trunk and retrieved his backpack. He grinned at his best friend, "Where's Hermione?"

"She went ahead with Ginny and Yumiko. Oh by the way, Draco's waiting for you outside, mate."

Harry's grin blossomed into a joyful smile, which made the redhead gaze in awe. In truth, he had never seen his best friend look this beatifically happy before...perhaps starting things over with the Slytherin was one of the better things he did for Harry's sake. It would take a matter of time before they would have to introduce the Slytherin to the rest of the Weasley family since Draco was going to be a big part of Harry's life. That would come later after he and Ginny would sort things out. He clapped his hand over the raven-haired Gryffindor's shoulder.

"Let's get going," Harry picked up Hedwig's cage and hefted his backpack over his shoulder.

"Right behind you, Harry."

Draco smiled lightly as he looked down to where his and Harry's hands were interlocked, subtly displaying his public affections to the shorter boy. He looked down to the cage he was carrying that housed Regius and then to Hedwig inside her cage. The birds seemed intent to not acknowledge each other but he hoped that would change once their cages are placed together in the storage carriage.

Their friends chattered animatedly before and around them. Hermione and Ginny were talking to Yumiko as they exchanged addresses for they wanted to owl each other during the summer. Ron, Chris and Neville were talking about their plans for the upcoming holidays. But what warmed his heart was the sight of a carefree Pixie strolling next to Shawn. She looked very different without her white cape and cowl for she was now attired in a violet sundress with matching ballet flats. He noted the little skips in her steps as she held onto Shawn's hand. The bespectacled Ravenclaw was smiling fondly at his girlfriend while he cradled a purring Tabitha in his other arm.

After what it seemed like hours, the group reached the platform. After depositing their extra bags and their cages to the porters, Harry and Draco joined the others to find a compartment.

The small group of friends managed to snag two nearby compartments so that they can switch between them if they choose to. After a few exchanges over the course of the journey, Harry, Draco, Shawn and Pixie ended up together in the first compartment while Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Yumiko occupied the adjacent one. Chris had eventually separated from the group to find Cho.

"I'm glad you didn't have to stay behind in Hogwarts," Harry remarked, noting the excited gleam in Pixie silvered eyes, "What are your plans for the summer?"

Shawn gripped Pixie's hand tightly, "We're taking a trip to Paris. So we'll be heading there by train. My parents have managed to purchase another ticket for her as soon as Professor Dumbledore's owl reached them."

"Wow...I bet that's something you'll really look forward to. Pixie?" Draco noticed that Pixie suddenly turned pensive, "Hey...is something the matter?"

"Sweetie?" Shawn brushed the back of his fingers against her cheek.

"I'm feeling so many things right now..." Pixie said as she continued to pet Tabitha who was currently napping on her lap, "Sometimes I feel like this is one those beautiful dreams I see only when I'm asleep...but it's all so real..."

She looked up to the three boys, her face holding a tinge of what it looked like to be fear and apprehension.

"At times, I can't believe that what I wished for have actually come true..." she turned to Shawn, "It makes my heart so full that it hurts...please tell me that this is all real..."

"Pixie, my love. Everything that we are doing now and everyday after that is all real...I'll never let you go again..." Shawn reassured her and wiped the tears edging her eyes, "Come now, where's your lovely smile? I promised mum and dad that they'll be meeting a sweet cheerful girl once we arrive back in London."

Pixie gave a watery smile and excused herself to go the lavatory to freshen up after placing the still slumbering kitten on Shawn's lap. Harry thought over what Pixie said...she had summed up all of his feelings he felt that night and every day after that. He could hardly believe that the handsome Slytherin was really by his side, deeply in love with him as he was to the other boy in return. He squeezed the pale hand in his.

"Harry?" the said boy looked up to Draco who leaned forward to kiss his cheek, "What's going on in that thick head of yours?"

The Gryffindor's green bespectacled eyes twinkled, "Thinking about how incredibly blessed I am to have the Slytherin of my dreams with me..."

"Sentimental git..." the said Slytherin chuckled as he drew Harry close to his shoulder.

"Those muggles relatives of yours, Harry. How are you going to put up with them once you see them?" Shawn asked as he continued to stroke Tabitha. He along with their other new friends had come to know about the Dursleys. Just like Draco, they were repulsed by how the Gryffindor was mistreated and neglected.

Harry and Draco looked at each other.

"We'll find a way somehow...I mean they also don't know about the nature of my relationship to Draco. They knew he was coming but I have no idea how they're going to react..." Harry shrugged, "In all honesty, I don't really care if they continue to act like I never existed. I just have to make sure Draco will be treated well by them at least."

"Now see here, I'll be angry with you if I'm going to get decent hospitality by these distasteful people at your expense. I won't have it," Draco shook his head, his eyes turning stony momentarily, "Like I said, I won't hesitate to use magic on them should they do anything stupid to you."

"Dray..." Harry's heart warmed at the protective tone and couldn't help but grin widely.

Just then, they heard the compartment door open and Pixie entered to slide back in her seat. Tabitha immediately perked up from her nap and clambered back onto her mistress's lap.

"Did I miss anything?" she asked as she reached into her small carry bag to retrieve some treats for Tabitha to nibble.

"We're still speculating on what would happen when my relatives see me and Draco together. I can't say I'm not looking forward to it..." Harry looked down and sighed.

"I'm very sure that things will turn out for the better," Pixie reassured them.

"Anything from the trolley, dears?"

The teenagers stood up and went outside to the lady with her Honeydukes trolley. They met their friends who already started picking their treats and paying her silver sickles and gold galleons for their purchases.

The rest of the train journey continued in merriment.

After arriving on the platform, Chris and Yumiko left first with their parents while the twins looked out for their and Hermione's families. Shawn and Pixie stood a distance away as the young Ravenclaw introduced her to his parents. Harry, Draco, Ron, Hermione and Ginny loitered nearby.

"Ginny and I will get the rest of the family ready before you guys come over near the end of summer. Hopefully Fred and George will cooperate in this matter too," Ron said as he looked around and found his parents talking to Hermione's parents. The twins were waving at them. It was time to leave, "We should get going. We were supposed to meet Bill and Charlie soon. Take care, guys."

"I should do the same too. My parents are taking me out to see a musical. So...be well and look after each other, Harry. Owl us often," Hermione hugged Harry before turning to Draco and embraced him too, "You too, Draco."

"We both will," Harry promised with Draco nodding in kind.

Ginny did the same to the two boys before joining their families. Harry and Draco looked at each other and smiled before glancing down at their cages with their owls inside. Hedwig was looking everywhere but Regius. The eagle owl was flapping his wings and hooting and screeching to get her attention.

"Your owl really needs to be more open to new faces, lion," Draco commented with humour.

"Give Hedwig some time," Harry petted his boyfriend's hand. Just then, they saw Pixie sprinting towards them with Tabitha in her arms, "Pixie?"

"Shawn and his family gave me a few minutes to see you two off," the three young people looked to see the Dursleys eying them impatiently, "Take care of yourselves, boys. You'll be fine."

She quickly hugged them and kissed their cheeks before running away to join Shawn and his family.

Draco tightly laced his fingers with the shorter boy's, "Trust me, my beloved..."

Harry closed his eyes momentarily and sighed. When he opened them, his eyes were bright and determined and he squeezed Draco's hand back, "Always..."

They watched as the little family came their way. Vernon was in the lead while Petunia and Dudley were tailing behind him.

"Finally! You took long enough, boy!" Vernon thundered before turning to Draco with an insincere polite smile, "You must be young Draco Malfoy. It's a pleasure to finally meet such an impeccable young man unlike my good-for-nothing nephew."

Draco's grey eyes glinted coldly when he felt the minute flinch through their clasped hands. He observed the clench of Harry's jaw and the flash of hurt shining in his green eyes even though the shorter boy looked impassive right now.

"Well now, Mr. Dursley...I wish I could say the same..." the Slytherin whipped out his wand and pointed it at the man's double chin, "I'm not having you grovel before me and ignore my boyfriend like that."

"B-Boyfriend?" Dudley muttered with wide eyes.

"You heard right...Harry is my boyfriend."

"Vernon!" Petunia looked at Draco with horrified surprise, "Are you threatening us?! What's the meaning of this?!"

"I'll get to the point, Mrs. Dursley. I've heard it all and I'm not happy with the way you have been treating your nephew since he was young. I may be your guest for this summer but Harry is and always will be my priority and it makes me angry when I hear he is treated like he is nothing. Believe me, you do not like me when I'm angry and I will not hesitate to hex you. If you are going to treat me well, then do the same for your nephew. Are we clear?" Draco fiercely demanded, stunning Vernon and Petunia into silence during his harsh tirade. They nodded quickly in agreement to Draco's terms. Then he pointed his wand at Dudley who drew back at the ferocity lining Draco's face, "And you. If I see you lay a hand on my Harry, you will pay dearly with your soul..."

Dudley nodded dumbly.

At this, Draco lowered his wand and put it away before giving his most charming smile.

"Good..." he turned to Harry and kissed his knuckles. At this, the Dursleys gaped comically at the gesture, "Let's get going, lion."

Harry laughed jovially and allowed himself to be led away.

Draco had never imagined that the Boy-Who-Lived would live in such deplorable conditions before Hogwarts and it made him boil in anger when the smaller boy showed him the cupboard under the stairs where he used to sleep in his youth. Draco had flat out refused to sleep in the pristine guest room and had opted to sleep with Harry in his room instead. And it was amazing that a change of sheets, blankets and pillows for his worn bed upon Draco's insistence could do wonders.

After a quiet and tense dinner and waiting after everyone was asleep, Harry and Draco sneaked out of the house silently with their owls. They strolled by several houses until the Gryffindor made a short turn to Wisteria Walk.

"Where're we going, Harry?" Draco asked as they strolled along Wisteria Walk, their owls perched on the crooks of their arms.

"You'll see, Draco. I'm taking you to a place where I often go to. It's also good for Hedwig to stretch her wings. She gets irritated when she stays in her cage for long periods," the boys passed by Mrs. Figgs' house, just in time to see the old woman herself opening the window for fresh air while carrying one her many cats in her arm, "Mrs. Figgs, beautiful night tonight."

"Don't be out too late, young man," she curtly said but nodded back in greeting before turning away from the window.

"She used to babysit me a lot. She was pretty boring and kept on talking about her cats. But all in all, she treats me better than my relatives..."

"I see..."

As the two boys continued strolling and sharing short talk, they journeyed to Magnolia Crescent and traversed through the alleyway. Draco gripped Harry's free hand as they walked through the near dark tunnel.

"Almost there...just need to go onto Magnolia Road..." Harry said as they exited the alleyway. Another short walk later, the two boys stood at the edge of a deserted playground, "Here it is, dragon...my thinking spot, if you will..."

There wasn't much to the playground, all shaved grass and a couple of swings. Most of them looked broken or rusty save for one left hanging. But on the summer night, the sky above them looked like a trove of diamonds glittering in their beauteous glory. The moon was high and full in a snow-white aura, bathing the space before them in an ethereal glow and the breezes were gentle and cool.

"It's beautiful, Harry..." Draco said in awe.

"I'm glad you think so," Harry beamed softly before turning to Hedwig, "Go on, Hedwig. Have a good fly and be back in about half hour, okay?"

The Snowy owl hooted and nipped his fingers gently before taking off into the air.

"You too, Regius. Up you go," Draco petted his downy back before allowing Regius to take off into flight from his arm.

The two boys watched the owls soar above them in what appeared to be an aerial version of tag. Then Harry strolled to the unbroken swing and sat down on the seat, allowing the soft rocking motions to sway his body. Draco came up behind him and gripped the chains to still the swing.

"It's the only thing that's the same about here and Hogwarts..." Harry commented as he looked up into the sky, "The stars shine as brightly as they do there. Whenever I feel down, I sneak out here just to look at the night sky..."

Draco gazed down at the smaller boy, momentarily mesmerised at how the moonshine made him glow angelically, "And your relatives?"

"They tried to lock me in several times before...iron bars and that cat flap you saw on my door," Harry smirked slightly, "But after living Dudley's room for some time, I somehow managed to get my way around..."

"Harry...I still can't get my head round on how you put up with those terrible muggles you call your relatives..." Draco bent over slightly and hugged him from behind. He gently kissed the back of the tanned neck.

"I'm fine now, Dray, really," Harry patted Draco's arms encircling him, "You're here with me...you make me whole..."

Draco's face softened into a tender loving look, one of many that would only be witnessed by his Gryffindor. He captured the other boy's lips in a passionate kiss before breaking away with flushed faces.

"So what happens now, my lion?" Draco asked as he watched Harry get up from the swing. The smaller boy snuggled up against the blonde who was now leaning against the rusty frames of the swing set. Draco wrapped his arms around his shoulders, tugging him close to his chest.

Harry looked up to see their owls still flying high against the starry sky.

"We look forward and we keep going forward, my dragon...that's all we need to do..."


Author's notes: I'm so happy that the epilogue turned out the way I wanted to. So now I'm off to rewrite and reedit 'A Blessed Union' which is a oneshot sequel to this long chaptered story and also 'Unforgettable Memories' which take place after the second story. And as for those Special Bookmarks? I will have to compile the chapters as I will also be adding them to 'Unforgettable Memories' to make a full checklist to see how many yummy Draco/Harry yaoi scenes I should write. Until then, see you my dears!