Hey everyone! This is the sequel to "Friends...or Enemies?" by Angel Abi.
I suggest you read it; she did a pretty good job in my opinion but doesn't want to make a sequel at the moment,
which is why I'm continuing it. It's not a yaoi, but this one MIGHT become one; give me feedback on whether it should be
or should not. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter. I'd really appreciate knowing what you think!

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The Betrayal
Part two in the "Friends... Or Enemies?" saga

"That camping trip was fun, Trunks!!" Goten said happily as the two boys flew to the Sky Mountain Range to train.
(AN: ok, not so original a name but deal with it^_^)

Trunks rolled his eyes. "Yeah, it was REAL fun having a fight..."

Goten looked sad suddenly, remembering what Trunks had said to him. "At least my dad loved me enough to stay around my
whole life!!!" But he and Trunks were friends again. And it wasn't true, anyway. Goku did love him, he was just busy...
So why did it bother him? "Hey Trunks?"


"You didn't really mean it, did you? About my dad?" Goten turned to him, a slightly anxious expression on his face.

It took Trunks a second to remember what exactly he'd said..."Ohh, that...no Goten of course not."

Goten immediately felt better. "Ok!" He flew ahead of Trunks. "Hah, I bet I can beat you to the mountains!!"

"No fair Goten, you got a head start!!!" Trunks yelled, putting on a burst of speed. The two friends laughed the rest of
the way to the mountain.


It was near the end of the day. Trunks was still stronger than Goten, but Goten was gaining on him, which annoyed Trunks.
So when Trunks got home, he went straight to his dad, who was in the Training Room. "Dad?"

Vegeta looked at him, then went back to his training routine, but he nodded once to show he was listening.

"Will you help me to become stronger?"

Vegeta was surprised. "I thought you were training with the youngest brat of Kakkarot's."

Trunks felt a flash of annoyance. "His name's Goten, and yeah, I am. But he's almost as strong as me, and I want to stay

Vegeta chuckled. "Just like Kakkarot's stronger than me, and probably always will be. I've learned to deal with it."

Trunks rolled his eyes. "Yeah, well, we're not talking about you two. This is Goten and me..and I can't let him pass me."

Vegeta looked at him. He understood why the brat wanted to stay stronger; it was the same with him. He had hated Kakkarot
for so long for being stronger....But still.. "Trunks, I will help you. Train with me, and I'll see to it that you'll stay
stronger than that other boy." A smirk formed on his lips. He would train Trunks because it would give him the feeling that
at least his son was stronger than Kakkarot's son.

Trunks felt a rush of pride that his father had called him by his name, and not as "Brat". He loved spending time with his
dad, because it gave him a feeling of importance. He hadn't trained with Vegeta lately, instead spending his time with Goten.
And as much as Goten meant to him, he just couldn't let him surpass him in strength. Not ever.


Ok i know it's not the most interesting story yet but i wanted to make a prologue. Anyway, please let me know
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