Chapter One: Tug of War

Katniss' POV

I'm slowly going insane.

Having two guys fight over you may not be a big deal for some girls, but for me, it's a huge deal. Especially when they're literally playing tug-of-war with me.

Today started out normal. I went hunting with Gale, and then went to drop off a few squirrels at the bakery. Except now, after the Games, Peeta and I are supposed to be in love. So, I'm supposed to be all lovey-dovey with him. Apparently Gale didn't like that. So he grabbed my arm, pretty roughly I might add, and smiled tightly. Peeta didn't seem to like that, so he grabbed my other arm. And now I'm being pulled and tugged like some brand new toy.

"I was with her first," I hear Gale say, "So you can just back off, Bread Boy."

"Oh, yeah? Well, I'm fake-engaged to her, so I think I have more right to her than you do, Squirrel Face." Peeta says, pulling me towards him.

"Well, I'm her 'family,' so that means I get her!" Gale shouts, causing a few customers to turn around and stare at us. Neither Gale nor Peeta seem to notice.

"Whatever. I've been in love with her since-"

"GUYS!" I shout, causing both to drop my arms, "Could we please stop this? I am not some little toy that you can fight over and win, okay? Get used to it." I shift my game bag on my back. "I'm going to Haymitch's. Alone." I emphasis that word. With that, I walk out of the store, leaving Gale and Peeta stunned.

Good. They could use a good dose of what I've been feeling every day since I came home.