Chapter Six: Come Back To Me

Finnick's POV

I rush into the Justice Building, barely breathing, barely thinking. I need to get to Annie. My sweet, perfect Annie. I push past the guards, despite their attempts to stop me. I'm the great Finnick Odair. No one can stop me.

I find Annie sitting in a chair, her face blank, staring at the floor. She looks up when I walk in, and surprise crosses her face. "Hey, mentor," she says with a forced laugh, "Funny how my best friend ends up my mentor, huh?"

I walk over to her and kneel beside the chair. "It's not funny at all, Annie. I'm going to get you out, okay? I promise."

She shakes her head, tears filling her eyes. "No, Finnick. Save James. I want my brother to get out. Please, Finnick, don't worry about me. I just want him to be safe."

Tears blur my vision. "This is all my fault, Annie. I'm so sorry. I bury my head in her lap, sobs quaking my body.

"It's not your fault, Finnick. The odds just weren't in my favor, I guess."

I look back up at her, ignoring the tears that wet my cheeks. "No, Annie. Odds have nothing to do with this reaping. I caused this. You're going into the arena because of me. I'm so sorry. So, so sorry. . ."

She shakes her head. "How is that possible, Finnick? It's not. Stop it. It's no one's fault. The odds-"

"Stop it with the odds!" I shout. "There are no odds, Annie! The Capitol rigs everything. If a victor messes up, the Capitol gets revenge by taking someone we love, and throwing them in the games! You're going to die because I was selfish!"

Shock covers her face, and dread sits heavily in my stomach. She must hate me now. All I ever wanted to do was make her happy; keep her safe. But I had failed. I lay my head on her lap again and cry. She rubs my back gently, murmuring things I can't quite understand, but they calm me anyhow.

When my tears are spent, I look up at her, expecting to find contempt or disgust on her face, but instead I find compassion. She hugs me. "What did you do wrong?"

I don't understand her question at first, but when I do, it takes me a minute to answer. "I . . . I refused to spend my weekend with a high-paying Capitol citizen."

Annie furrows her brow. "What weekend was that?"

I hang my head. "The weekend before last."

Annie's breath catches. "That . . . that's the weekend you spent with me."

I nod, but say nothing.

We're quiet for a moment, before Annie says, "You must care about me a lot."

I look into her green eyes and nod. "You're the most important thing in my life."

Her eyes drift down to her lap, and she bites her lip, like she always does when she doesn't know what to say. I lift her chin up, so she has to look at me. "Come back to me, Annie. Please."

Annie nods. "Always."

This hurt so much. Is it even possible to kill your own feels? If so, I did. Well, hope you liked. If you did, you might want to check out the Finnick and Annie Webseries on Youtube. It's made by MainStayPro. ~ K.L.